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    New? Oh, they've been the undisputed champs in that department since '99, son.
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    I agree with pretty much all this. I understand why everyone bitches about the Cowboys' mismatched colors, but I don't get why it seems most people's go-to solution would be to redesign the white jersey in the dark jersey colors. Navy and silver is a nice enough color scheme, I suppose, but it's not exactly unique. But if you go back to the 70's, Dallas had a truly unique color scheme... royal blue and metallic blue-silver. Back then, they had no trouble getting the colors to match. This was before they went with the nasty greenish pants. Check it out... That helmet definitely has a bit of blue in it... not just a standard silver shell... and matches the pants very well. And my perfect would, Dallas cleans up their color scheme by revisiting this classic look. All blues would be a slightly dark royal, all grays would be a slightly blue silver. And as for the occasionally needed dark jersey, just update this awesome look... (And I hear it's safe now for me to bring up how great those sock stripes are.)
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    I feel like I've improved quite a bit over the course of this series. As a result, some of my earlier logos look pretty poor compared to some new ones. So I'm going back and updating a few identities. I'm not sure how many I'll get to, but here's the first one. For reference, here's the progression the logo has gone through since I first attempted it a year ago. C&C appreciated! If you have a suggestion for a team that needs work, feel free!
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    These are so nice. Best they've ever looked.
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    A pretty out of the box design. Philadelphia Flyers I went and used Icethetics as inspiration for this one. Apparently, the Flyers considered using teal in the '90s, so I figured "Why not?" and implemeted it in a Flyers/Kings mashup. I know it's a lil' freaky, but what so you think?
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    Look on the bright side. At least they didn't send you a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey*. *And if you young in's don't get the joke google "The Hockey Sweater" (1980).
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    They're hiding it in their team's space aged dressing room no one wants to enter. Space aged from 1949.
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    I'm always of the mindset of "If you're going to be bad, be really bad and/or really entertaining". And going 0-for the season does fall into that. But it's just sad. We knew they didn't have much of a chance entering the season. They've used six QB's this season...you don't even have that many QB's in camp. This is the team that's basically closest to the capital of football. One of the legacy franchises in American football history. To see them reduced to a punchline for the last 20 years is painful. I mean, it's funny to see that woman's Browns jersey with all those QB's names on it, but I can't imagine just seeing my team whiff and whiff and whiff on finding that long-term answer at quarterback. They've tried drafting the QB's that were awesome in college, including a Heisman Trophy winner. They've gone the free agent route, including a couple QB's that played in, or even won, the Super Bowl. They've gone after the traditional QB's, the athletic and mobile QB's...you name it, the Browns have tried it. And they've been wrong answers each time. They've had to have cycled through 20+ QB's since they came back in 1999. One playoff appearance, two winning seasons, am I right? It's hard to do something 20+ times and not have at least one attempt be successful. I feel for them and their fans. It's just so hard to explain. The Colts had one bad season in 20 years, and they happen into Andrew Luck. The Packers took Aaron Rodgers after he fell hard in the first round. The Patriots lucked into an all-timer with Brady. The Saints got lucky in that Brees failed a physical in Miami. The Cardinals were able to talk Carson Palmer to keep playing. Hell, the Cowboys caught fire with Dak Prescott. The Redskins drafted two QB's in one draft...and have had success with both. We've seen other Heisman QB's do well in recent times. But the Browns, for whatever reasons, just haven't found that luck. Does anyone remember the Cleveland Cavs back in the early 80's? The team was so bad, their front office was just so inept....the NBA gave them extra picks just to get their crap together. At this point, I wouldn't care if the NFL gave the Browns some free supplemental draft picks so they quit becoming a joke. The Falcons gave the Browns five picks in order to draft Julio Jones. If I remember correctly, not only are those five drafted players no longer with the Browns...they aren't in the league at all.
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    Also, I thought Egg McMuffin had a strong design
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    If it's ok, I would like to change the Dallas Droids colors to Black, Silver, White, and Blue. I've made some word marks for the team, based off r2d2's "eye?" I used a very slightly modified version of the font, bionic-kid
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    Does anyone else feel like the Cowboys, I guess road jersey, is too busy and dated? The two outlines around the numbers, the wordmark that could be white instead of white-bordered, the 5-striped collar, and the sleeve caps with stripes AND a logo... the jersey feels more like a cousin of the 9ers old look than it does contemporary, and I think it gets more credit than it deserves simply because the colors match.
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    This logo is garbage. The inaugural logo should still be around.
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    I agree that Michael Jordan is better than John Wall.
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    Thank goodness. I thought I was the Only one who liked that look
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    That St. Louis goaltending legend... ...Martin Brodeur. ?
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    Yes, because I was referring to the Military group as being terrible.
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    And tear down a perfectly good mall and Lowe's?!
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    I don't know how unpopular this is (the second Raptors logo might be more unpopular), but this is the worst Raptors logo. If you took away the wording, the first thing I would have told you this logo was for would be Predators or something more generic; there is no coorelation to a Raptor. They completely eliminated the Raptor from their branding. Both other primaries, even the purple one, were better than this. At least you could tell they were for a team called the Raptors. This logo is another uncreative logo with a basketball. If you wanted to do something with a basketball, use this: This is a better logo. You bring back purple yet still have red, black, and grey. It has an actual raptor as well. Refine the outline a little, especially on the head, and you got yourself a winner. --------------------------- This: is better than this: The first one shows refinement. It looks like an actual Florida Panther. Both have flaws, but the first one flows better, too. The giant paws in the latter make it seem like the panther is jumping at you, but in the end distort the logo. The worst thing about the second logo are the legs, feet, and tail. The tail swoops in front of the legs (or appears to) and the paws look like little stubs facing off to the left. Maybe he isn't jumping but rather tripping...? Neither logo is perfect; the first one has a weird cut-in in the back of the neck. But this design is all over, making the logo flow better. Florida made a good call with the first one as the primary.
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    Re: Atlanta Hawks' new D-League Team http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/11/10/atlanta-hawks-will-have-local-nba-d-league-team/ Personally, I think Thrashers would be great. It's too good a name to not use again. Has local meaning being the state bird and there's a lot of 'thrashing' going on in the paint of a ball game.
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    I'm no fan of Trump, but that logo is infinitely better than any of his campaign graphics. A little too much open space below the White House, but that's not a significant hindrance. Not that it'll be used in these formats, but it would look great as a lapel pin or a plaque. I still love the simplicity and beauty of Obama's "Office of the President-Elect" logo (which was the first time the President-elect ever used special graphics, I believe). Gorgeous font, and the rendering of the coat of arms is beautiful:
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    And I know he's part of the organization now, but seeing Martin Brodeur in that Blues alumni jersey is going to be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.
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    These are the Dusters' wordmarks: For the uniforms I'll be using triple trimming on the placket and sleeves.
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    I tried using the "LV" monogram for the purple uniform, but given its font is different to Las Vegas wordmark font, the set looked weird. So I'm going to stick to the the original option. Here the home and home alt uniforms without the front numbers:
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    I found some leaks of what their uniforms will look like...
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    St. Louis Blues announce Alumni Roster Larry Patey (#6), Keith Tkachuk (#7), Dallas Drake (#10), Adam Oates (#12), Brett Hull (#16), Gino Cavallini (#17), Scott Mellanby (#19), Bernie Federko (#24), Peter Stastny (#26), Terry Yake (#27), Kelly Chase (#39), Scott Young (#48), Pierre Turgeon (#77) and Wayne Gretzky (#99). Al MacInnis (#2), Bruce Affleck (#4), Barret Jackman (#5), Garth Butcher (#5), Jamie Rivers (#6), Paul Cavallini (#14), Jeff Brown (#21), Bryce Salvador (#27) and Chris Pronger (#44). Mike Liut (#1), Martin Brodeur (#30), Ed Staniowski (#31) and Chris Mason (#50). Roster is missing ALOT of fan favorites: No Curtis Joseph, Grant Fuhr, Tony Twist, Geoff Courtnall, Brendan Shanahan just to name a few. VERY Shocked to see #99 joined the group. Bernie Federko unveiled the Alumni Jersey in the pre-game broadcast. It's beautiful!
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    The Chicago White Stockings wish to say hello.
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    In defense of the practice, if is a ONE DAY thing. The Royals went full year because it had been so long, gold's in their color scheme, and quite frankly out of the last three champions they had the least iconic and sacred uniform. I don't expect the Cubs to wear gold around their logos on their home uniform the whole year. Also, the comment on the blue at home for Opening Day was a joke, although considering they won in those uniforms, the more I think of it the more I wouldn't put it 100% out of the realm of possibility.
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    I know it's not a popular opinion around here... but I actually agree with this sentiment. Block's aren't bad, but I like some of the more unique fonts out there. The Lions' number font looks great imo:
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    Blue is good. My best friend is a blue starfish His name is Starro. But we call him "Bluey" which he hates. But its all in good fun.
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    I really don't like these despite every one liking them over the pinstripes
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    Subtitle could've been "Everybody's Injured" since a lot of the top incoming Freshman are hurt.
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    I think i might prefer this to the regular font.
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    Hell, I already forgot that he actually suited up for the Blues. He should be banned from Blues' alumni events. Edit: Just for reference, Brodeur played in 7 games for the Blues and 1,259 for the Devils.
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    So far I have templates and plans to do the following for each school: Fall- Football, Soccer, Marching Band Winter- Hockey, Basketball, Wrestling, Pep Band Spring- Baseball, Track & Field
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    That last one is incredible, a perfect alternate for the Devils IMO!
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    So essentially Foley wants the same colors as the Robo Penguins uniforms accept the gold will most likely be Vegas Gold. Ugh. Such a waste of a potentially cool color scheme.
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    You do the pledge of allegiance at home?
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    I think the Las Vegas 51's organization would have to make a rule that no player could ever wear that number.
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    When I was a kid my Dad had a book (from 1964) called "How To Watch Football On Television". It was a really good book about what to look for from the eyes of a TV production crew.
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    My dad's an eye surgeon. And I talk about sports regularly with him. He said "won't that be an issue for colour blind people?" when I first told him about the Jets and Bills going green vs red. It's almost like it was a bad idea to start with!
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    I plan to remain seated at any sporting events I am at for the forseeable future.
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    That's exactly what they should have done.
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    None of those are very good imo. The skyline screams "lets be like the Cavs", the throwback screams identity crisis. Can they just get a new set entirely? So dated at this point.
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    Christ, just slap DUUUVAAALLLL on the jersey it makes just as much sense.
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