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    This was inexcusable. Played with fate and got punched in the mouth.
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    I was watching what was supposed to be Pistons vs Spurs on Friday night, but all I could see was the Pistons players. When they didn't have possession, the ball was moving by itself!
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    I retweeted this: Bartolo Colon and Turner Field made their major league debut in the same season. He will pitch in the Braves' new stadium this season. Bartolo Colon outlasted a stadium.
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    They certainly caused a Fuhrer on the runway.
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    Sign me up for that list, in advance of the list we'll all inevitably be put on. And yes, I'm sure the sudden enthusiastic contributions and victimization complex of a tenured board member with a long-standing affinity for German design elements of a particular niche had a small bit to do with that thread being locked.
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    I'm sad the thread is gone. I know it's an uncomfortable topic, but there are so few places on the Internet to have political discussion that Facebook-level discourse. If you think I'm reading politics on reddit, you're crazy. For the most part, we do pretty well. There are a couple of people who turn over the chess board once in a while, but most of us know where the lines are. And, to be honest, it was cathartic to talk about the election on this site. Can't do it on Facebook. Can do it IRL, but it's a different conversation. So I hope you reconsider. Or maybe make a closed topic only visible to a handful of people. Or maybe that group PM has moved on without me????? My feelings would be hurt.
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    Hi, I cheer for a team that has scored 9 points in a win...twice. Fire Jeff Fisher.
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    I mean, is that really hard to predict? For all of the potential for calamity the political thread risked, closing it down (especially this soon after everything happened and the dust hasn't even quite settled yet) did kind of kill a fairly effective outlet for all of that. There are some pretty groundbreaking things going on in our society right now, and being able to at least discuss that here is what makes this place unique and prevents the boards from being too one dimensional. And despite how left-leaning the majority are here, I really do think that we've been able to show a surprising amount of decorum, even in our bickering (at least in comparison with the majority of the internet). It feels like a really unfortunate loss at best and, dare I say it, at worst, it almost feels like a certain level of censorship that I wish wasn't insisted upon, I guess? And really, I'm not trying to be "that guy" or be disrespectful. That's more observational than accusatory. Just my 2ยข, though.
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    Hey everyone! I'm Nate, part of the NeatO Gang and Creative Lead with Sporting Kansas City. Next up is the Kansas City Royals my local team and submission to this great concept series started by Michael. This set is a fauxback to the Royals 1985 jersey. The hat features one of my favorite and relatively unseen Mr. Royal logo. Left sleeve also features a "City of Fountains" circle patch.
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    Speaking of California NFL teams, I think these were the chargers best look
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    Hey gang, my name is Matthew, another key part of the NeatO Gang and a graphic designer in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. This is my first post on here but I've been a casual observer for a long time, and when Michael mentioned this project I definitely wanted to be on board. Starting with the A's, their colours are so beautiful and perfect for a colour rush campaign. They are the only team that can use true green as their colour, and the yellow accent is a perfect touch. Plus, I got the opportunity to use the incredibly rad elephant logo that they used as a spring training alternate for a few years.
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    If we could set something up to civilly discuss politics, that'd be awesome. We actually had some truly good discussion there, I thought. There were a few times where things toed the line a little, but I never thought it went over the edge by any means. It was much, much better than virtually any other forum online that I've seen in that regard. It's a shame there's a limit on group PMs, since there's definitely more than 10 people who could contribute. C'est la vie... it was fun while it lasted.
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    This one is actually a throwback. In the 70s, the Indians wore this logo set. The script and cap logo is probably the best they've had, and pairing them with their correct uniform. They had an all red uniform option from 1974-76, so other than being worn by a winning team, this wouldn't be too different.
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    I'm no longer interested in discussing politics because it's all gotten too scary and surreal so I'm taking a break from the News and I'm not that upset to see the politics thread go away. I will say I appreciate that that thread that was allowed to go on. I'm not getting into it on facebook and twitter with some friends and family members on there to see my political leanings aren't monstrous. It's much easier to discuss with strangers who I don't see in real life. Also, I'm not interested in seeking out message boards that are strictly devoted to politics. I don't want to get that in depth and these boards had a good amount of distance from that level of discussion. I did a lot of participating and name calling in that thread, but considering what just happened and who is the President Elect I don't feel like I crossed the line. If a politics thread is ever allowed to come back I'll try to be more civil. If the actual politics themselves try to be more civil, that is.
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    When Dallas and New England are the league's two best teams
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    For all of the talk of the Warriors running away with the season, we're an eighth of the way through and it's been a lot of fun! - Charlotte is good! - Utah is good! - The Lakers are exciting! - The Clippers might be the best team in basketball! - Embiid is awesome! - DeRozan is earning his money! It's said that the Wizards are a mess, the Pelicans still stink and the Timberwolves haven't quite figured it out yet, but anything still feels possible right now. Or, at the very least, you've got four solid contenders in each conference (GSW/Spurs/Clips/Thunder; Cavs/Raptors/Hawks/Hornets). The Warriors might yet run away with it, but those two loses make the whole season look a lot less predictable.
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    Next up for me is the Seattle Mariners. Being from Vancouver, Seattle has always been the local MLB team and though I am a devoted Jays fan, because Canada, I've always enjoyed the experience of seeing a game at Safeco, a truly beautiful ballpark. Some of my favourite sports memories have happened in that ballpark, so I definitely have a soft spot for them. They are moving into their 40th year, so I decided to go with their trademark teal and use "Seattle" on the front instead of "Mariners" like is typically on the teal uniform, to pay homage to the city. Another quirk is using the full Mariners logo on the cap, something they never do but, I've always wished they had.
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    These are the wordmarks I'll be using: The home uniform will have blue pinstripes, and the cream and the light teal uniforms will be fauxbacks.
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    WWE branding is permanently 7 years behind the rest of the world.
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    The facemask on Beasley that wasn't called had me livid. That's one of those things that always goes in the Steelers' favor. I'm glad they gave the refs a chance at redemption on the next play. Also, every passing play of considerable yardage for Pittsburgh comes with an egregious holding violation that doesn't get called. Every game. It's easy to complete passes when holding isn't called.
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    "All they are is dust in the wind". Time for the Oklahoma Dusters. Not too much to explain here. I decided to use triple trimming on the uniforms given I've not used it for any other team. Apart from the wordmarks and logo already posted, I've used a "D" with an "OKC" inside for the home alt design, and a swinging tornado as sleeve patch.
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    Raiders at 3% to win the Super Bowl, as per...FiveThirtyEight?!? BET EVERYTHING YOU OWN
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    Actually, the main problem with those is that the red the 49ers wore with that set was actually more of a cardinal (i.e., darker) red. Have them use the traditional, candy-apple red they've worn outside of that set and you have a great modernized 49ers look...and there's even some justification for using black!
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    Other than the redundancy of having the same logo on the helmet and shoulder caps, that's a damn good look for UNLV
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    Politics on the internet is rarely civil unless there is a complete echo-chamber which there was in that thread about 97% of the time.
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    Because that attitude about it helps things. It's also hard to talk politics around here because this is a left-leaning board. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. The problem arises when someone of a conservative view goes in, they usually get talked down by the majority thought to allow the like-minded people to talk. The conservative posters that make any dent in the conversation are the crazies or the yellers. There's been plenty of times I've thought about posting in there and just haven't. Because even if I think I have a well-reasoned, logical thought, I'll probably just be told it's wrong with no allowances several times or I'll get lumped in with the darker side. So as someone that's been an outside observer of the thread, I think it's served its purpose and we're probably okay without it. If you think there's a select few people that you could engage in conversation with or "are equipped for it," there's a group PM function, I believe. Go nuts.
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    This was the second one I did. Of course I had to bring back the most colorful baseball uniform of all time. So this uniform is all orange with enough of the tequila sunrise uniform to know that's what it's referencing. I made a simple pull over look to switch out the buttons look that the template came with, and the navy bands to help balance out the colors. Don't know how many people remember this, but those tequila sunrise uniforms had a number on the pant leg. That font was curly, and too good not to also put on the back of the jersey. Finally, some stirrups to match on navy.
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    i dig it GFB. let's get rid of that helmet stripe and cut down the width of the pants stripe though.
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    Gotta bring this back just to show y'all Cris Collinsworth just murdered Bill Simmons on Twitter (yes he deleted it but still):
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    This doesn't sound suspiciously vague or duplicitous at all.
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    Alshon Jeffery gets suspended for 4 games due to failing wellness test. Reports circulating that Bears locker room has given up on Cutler 2 weeks after rallying behind him. It's a great time to be a Bears fan. 2-14, please.
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    No wonder the Pistons lost. They couldn't find their opponents.
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    So then does this mean that the turning Gila Bend Arena into a parking lot project is a go?
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    Great color scheme, when I saw your first recoloured logo, I Wasnt a fan, but when I saw the others with it, man I loved it.
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    ha ha i get it because they were wearing camoflauge rofl that is an original and creative joke
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    The cardinals haven't gone white over red over red since 2010 so i will be shocked if they do go white over red
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    So, the next team is Montreal. After thinking about it, I'll be bringing back the Expos. Not only because the language issues, but also because they had one of the best baseball logos of all time. I'll be using a colour scheme inspired by the Asheville Tourists:
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    Disagree... that Saints uniform is probably the best thing to come out of this color rush garbage. Beats any of their standard combos, hands down.
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    Then that's a real problem with the shoulder caps. Not Nike-green bad, but bad.
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    I actually wanted a simple style for the wordmarks. Any ideas for them? Thank you! Thanks, and sure, here you go: A friend sent me the design. He told me it doesn't belong to any team, so he decided to re-colour it with the Dusters colours.
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    Love the alternates. Could we see the sleeve patch enlarged?
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    The Dusters turned out really nicely. I like the color scheme and a lot of the other ideas, like the "D" with the smaller vertical "OKC" inside, as well as the monogram logo. However, in the context of the uniforms, I'm not sure how much I like the wordmarks. They just look a little generic. I'm not sure what other style to suggest, though. I also think you could think about maybe giving one of these new expansion teams pinstripes.
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    This is all based off of matches I've seen at Allstate Arena, if you're sitting floor, I would suggest being within the first few rows. Anything behind the fourth row is difficult to see. Also, try to get as close to the aisle as possible if you're on the floor. It's difficult as hell squeezing past people if your sitting in the middle of a section. But it's really awesome to be the close and if you're part of a good crowd, it's really fun. I lost my voice every time I sat ringside. Plus you get to bring your chair home if you sit ringside, which besides for making you look like a huge nerd, is a cool souvenir for the amount your likely paying for the seats. You couldn't go wrong sitting in the lower bowl either. Depending on the arena you're in, behind the commentators usually sits a little farther back, but the sides usually have great sightlines.
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    You have to grade the refs on a curve these days. Edit: How they missed that Exorcist-like face mask penalty, I don't know... but the Steelers were nice enough to give them a make-up opportunity a couple plays later.
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    By any chance, is this what you hang them out to dry on?
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    I wanted to break up these concepts to different posts. Anyway, I'll start with my first one. I've wanted the pirates to do this for YEARS. I think white lettering with a thick black outline makes the white pop on colors like yellow and orange. This is the same idea for the Buccos. Nothing really crazy other than that outline pattern. I created a stirrup with yellow stripes, and thought the current Pirates cap was good enough to use to balance it all out.
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    I surprisingly like the darker gold more than the athletic gold they use now.
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    I agree with pretty much all this. I understand why everyone bitches about the Cowboys' mismatched colors, but I don't get why it seems most people's go-to solution would be to redesign the white jersey in the dark jersey colors. Navy and silver is a nice enough color scheme, I suppose, but it's not exactly unique. But if you go back to the 70's, Dallas had a truly unique color scheme... royal blue and metallic blue-silver. Back then, they had no trouble getting the colors to match. This was before they went with the nasty greenish pants. Check it out... That helmet definitely has a bit of blue in it... not just a standard silver shell... and matches the pants very well. And my perfect would, Dallas cleans up their color scheme by revisiting this classic look. All blues would be a slightly dark royal, all grays would be a slightly blue silver. And as for the occasionally needed dark jersey, just update this awesome look... (And I hear it's safe now for me to bring up how great those sock stripes are.)
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