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    I retweeted this: Bartolo Colon and Turner Field made their major league debut in the same season. He will pitch in the Braves' new stadium this season. Bartolo Colon outlasted a stadium.
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    Hi, I cheer for a team that has scored 9 points in a win...twice. Fire Jeff Fisher.
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    Hey everyone! I'm Nate, part of the NeatO Gang and Creative Lead with Sporting Kansas City. Next up is the Kansas City Royals my local team and submission to this great concept series started by Michael. This set is a fauxback to the Royals 1985 jersey. The hat features one of my favorite and relatively unseen Mr. Royal logo. Left sleeve also features a "City of Fountains" circle patch.
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    Hey gang, my name is Matthew, another key part of the NeatO Gang and a graphic designer in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. This is my first post on here but I've been a casual observer for a long time, and when Michael mentioned this project I definitely wanted to be on board. Starting with the A's, their colours are so beautiful and perfect for a colour rush campaign. They are the only team that can use true green as their colour, and the yellow accent is a perfect touch. Plus, I got the opportunity to use the incredibly rad elephant logo that they used as a spring training alternate for a few years.
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    When Dallas and New England are the league's two best teams
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    For all of the talk of the Warriors running away with the season, we're an eighth of the way through and it's been a lot of fun! - Charlotte is good! - Utah is good! - The Lakers are exciting! - The Clippers might be the best team in basketball! - Embiid is awesome! - DeRozan is earning his money! It's said that the Wizards are a mess, the Pelicans still stink and the Timberwolves haven't quite figured it out yet, but anything still feels possible right now. Or, at the very least, you've got four solid contenders in each conference (GSW/Spurs/Clips/Thunder; Cavs/Raptors/Hawks/Hornets). The Warriors might yet run away with it, but those two loses make the whole season look a lot less predictable.
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    The facemask on Beasley that wasn't called had me livid. That's one of those things that always goes in the Steelers' favor. I'm glad they gave the refs a chance at redemption on the next play. Also, every passing play of considerable yardage for Pittsburgh comes with an egregious holding violation that doesn't get called. Every game. It's easy to complete passes when holding isn't called.
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    "All they are is dust in the wind". Time for the Oklahoma Dusters. Not too much to explain here. I decided to use triple trimming on the uniforms given I've not used it for any other team. Apart from the wordmarks and logo already posted, I've used a "D" with an "OKC" inside for the home alt design, and a swinging tornado as sleeve patch.
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    Raiders at 3% to win the Super Bowl, as per...FiveThirtyEight?!? BET EVERYTHING YOU OWN
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    Actually, the main problem with those is that the red the 49ers wore with that set was actually more of a cardinal (i.e., darker) red. Have them use the traditional, candy-apple red they've worn outside of that set and you have a great modernized 49ers look...and there's even some justification for using black!
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    Other than the redundancy of having the same logo on the helmet and shoulder caps, that's a damn good look for UNLV
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    This was the second one I did. Of course I had to bring back the most colorful baseball uniform of all time. So this uniform is all orange with enough of the tequila sunrise uniform to know that's what it's referencing. I made a simple pull over look to switch out the buttons look that the template came with, and the navy bands to help balance out the colors. Don't know how many people remember this, but those tequila sunrise uniforms had a number on the pant leg. That font was curly, and too good not to also put on the back of the jersey. Finally, some stirrups to match on navy.
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    i dig it GFB. let's get rid of that helmet stripe and cut down the width of the pants stripe though.
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    Love the alternates. Could we see the sleeve patch enlarged?
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    Absolutely beautiful. That black alt is the best of the bunch.
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    The Dusters turned out really nicely. I like the color scheme and a lot of the other ideas, like the "D" with the smaller vertical "OKC" inside, as well as the monogram logo. However, in the context of the uniforms, I'm not sure how much I like the wordmarks. They just look a little generic. I'm not sure what other style to suggest, though. I also think you could think about maybe giving one of these new expansion teams pinstripes.
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    You have to grade the refs on a curve these days. Edit: How they missed that Exorcist-like face mask penalty, I don't know... but the Steelers were nice enough to give them a make-up opportunity a couple plays later.
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    By any chance, is this what you hang them out to dry on?
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    I wanted to break up these concepts to different posts. Anyway, I'll start with my first one. I've wanted the pirates to do this for YEARS. I think white lettering with a thick black outline makes the white pop on colors like yellow and orange. This is the same idea for the Buccos. Nothing really crazy other than that outline pattern. I created a stirrup with yellow stripes, and thought the current Pirates cap was good enough to use to balance it all out.
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    I surprisingly like the darker gold more than the athletic gold they use now.
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    They're putting lipstick on a pig. Those are improvements, but the uniforms are still inherently hideous. Just removing some of the more radical/unconventional elements from the uniforms doesn't change the fact that the color balance is way off, the gradient is completely unsuited for a baseball uniform, the wordmark is poorly designed and only shows half the team's name, and they can't decide whether they're a red team, a black team, or a teal team. FWIW, if your uniforms need to undergo significant tweaks after only a year, that means they were terribly designed to begin with.
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    I agree with pretty much all this. I understand why everyone bitches about the Cowboys' mismatched colors, but I don't get why it seems most people's go-to solution would be to redesign the white jersey in the dark jersey colors. Navy and silver is a nice enough color scheme, I suppose, but it's not exactly unique. But if you go back to the 70's, Dallas had a truly unique color scheme... royal blue and metallic blue-silver. Back then, they had no trouble getting the colors to match. This was before they went with the nasty greenish pants. Check it out... That helmet definitely has a bit of blue in it... not just a standard silver shell... and matches the pants very well. And my perfect would, Dallas cleans up their color scheme by revisiting this classic look. All blues would be a slightly dark royal, all grays would be a slightly blue silver. And as for the occasionally needed dark jersey, just update this awesome look... (And I hear it's safe now for me to bring up how great those sock stripes are.)
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    I hope you're right. I really want to see the Raiders back in the playoffs. It's exciting locally, and even though they're not my "team", I'd love to see Derrick Carr get the opportunity to make a name for himself on a national stage. I still just dont don't trust them. They're in a lot of ways just as recklessly stupid as they've always been (but it's finally working out for once), and that defense still feels alarmingly suspect. Kahlil Mack is an absolute beast, but can you really trust that secondary? They still feel like a team that could just as easily drop 5 straight as they do a team that could end up with 10 or 11 wins.
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    Not sure if you're just making a joke at the low hanging fruit or not but I'll post a literal response anyway. lol. wife beater: New nike/jordan template in college:
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