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    This set was greatly improved when the stripes were tweaked in the '90s. It even looked nice in monochrome!
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    Message board police ruin this community. He made 27 different uniform concepts and you guys are bitching because he didn't create his own logo? Have you ever considered maybe people are better at uniform concepts than creating logos? He's not submitting this anywhere. He's not selling this. He didn't trademark these logos. This is not real, people. Have a little fun instead of being so god damn critical.
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    Why don't you just go by Mike instead of Michael?
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    Best comment on Deadspin:
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    Next up for me is the Giants. I decided to go with the pullover and really embrace the colour rush by putting the Giants in all orange. I wanted to keep it simple though, and just throw in strokes of black and cream. Perfect for the California sun.
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    Let's just take a look at each team's first attempt at adding an alternate jersey and choose the best (or worst): Celtics: Clippers: Hornets/Pelicans: Wizards: Bulls: Cavaliers: Mavericks: Nuggets: Pistons: Pacers: Heat: Bucks: Lakers: Timberwolves: Jazz: Nets: Knicks: Magic: Warriors: Suns: Blazers: Kings: Spurs: Rockets: Sonics/Thunder: Raptors: Hawks: Grizzlies: Bobcats/Hornets: Sixers:
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    I always loved those. Yellow and teal work good together.
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    I'd love to see this combo.
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    Could you do the Whalers...assuming you are doing defunct teams
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    I honestly can't believe I'm watching someone get so cheesed over a classic-look team with white in their color scheme wearing a white-on-white away uniform. (NTM that Cincy already made this matchup a lost cause from the start)
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    Staying on the NFL, I honestly wished that The browns would wear the orange pants more in their previous set
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    Panthers-Saints may have just snuck into the top spot for best Color Rush matchup this season.
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    I think you're over thinking this... If it's Las Vegas, they'll be LV. If they're Vegas, it'll be VEG. The team name wont play into it, just like TB.
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    Listen, I'm not saying you straight ripped off a singular logo. My guess is that you used some sort of existing logo as your base and made your edits from there. I see a lot of sports logos in my line of work. There are bits and pieces of several logos mashed up in this design. Loyola Marymount for sure, the Jacksonville Jaguars logo in the nose/teeth/whiskers... Even the font/wordmark, I know I've seen somewhere else. Let's take a closer look at your logo: (Expand to full view, compare/contrast the sampled parts in the same color) Red - The sharpness of the edges. In some areas they are very crisp, other areas are very blurred. Yellow - The pixelation around the transition of colors. The edges are burned in some areas, other areas are precise. Green - The some lines are geometrically precise, while some lines are just plain sloppy and aren't even fully connected to the body of color. Not only do those little details support my claim, but as a whole, there is very little consistency in your line weights and stylistic choices between the two logos. The amount of detail in the first 3/4-profile logo compared to the simple forms of the second full-profile lion doesn't really make much sense if both logos were truly 100% original designs created by the same artist... Next time just be upfront with everyone about your process and what you're trying to accomplish. There's nothing inherently wrong with mashing up logos because you're studying the forms of how a lion looks and how to illustrate one... that's how every artist gets better to some degree. Just don't be defensive because someone called you out on what you (very likely) did. This forum is a great place to learn and grow as an artist, but no one (including myself) is above critique.
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    This is my understanding. Because they own the trademark, Foley wouldn't be able to use it for a hockey club in Canada. And his team would have to visit the Great White North from time to time. Now, it doesn't explain why they couldn't work out a deal....
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    ?well they don't look like the Dodgers anymore.
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    I got you. Never underestimate the power of Google.
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    What the hell is that the little red ball at the end of the logos?
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    Those blue Sixers alts are my favourite Philly jerseys. Keeping with the Iverson love, I dug those navy Nuggets alts too.
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    Except for the Celtics and Jazz, they all have at least some redeeming elements which make them at least not terrible, with most being very good. IMO the highlights arethe Sixers, Blazers, Magic and cavs. what the hell happened, NBA?
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    I feel like the logo was originally head-only, and then the university decided they wanted the full body the day before the reveal. The rest of the body doesn't seem like it was handled with the same care that the head was IMO.
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    "How do you imagine your ballpark?" One that isn't a dome.
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