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    I guess I'm the only one that likes the GIANTS helmet. The ny is just a weak "cute" mark. NY would work too.
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    The Giants' road uniform is their best uniform. The "ny," no blue, Northwestern stripes, and association with two championship-winning teams make it a really classic look: The fact that there's no red on the home jersey, yet no blue on the road jersey is a nice quirk. It evokes the vintage character of the franchise, much in the same way that the Canadiens' mismatched red and white sweaters do in the NHL. "Big blue" still works at home, and the blue helmet gives it a small presence on the road uniform. The LT-era look is generic trash.
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    The Texans, like the Wild, have a subpar name saved by a fantastic uniform and logo set. I hate histories not following teams (the Thunder are the Sonics of old and always will be), but if it must happen? The ship's sailed on the Texans getting the Oilers' history. When the original Browns left Cleveland and were forced to abandon their IP and historical records it sucked. At least the break was clean though. The old Cleveland Browns were suddenly the Baltimore Ravens and a brand new team would become the Cleveland Browns and pick up where they left off. Dishonest yes, but at least it was straightforward. With the Oilers and Texans? Never mind that the Titans have been the ones to hold the Oilers' history while the Texans founded an entirely new franchise, thus making the break not so clean. There's also the fact that the Oilers remained the Oilers for two seasons after moving to Tennessee. That complicates things further. If the NFL "sends the Oilers' history" (a truly stupid term that highlights how ridiculous this discussion is) to Houston then what does it entail? Do the two years of Tennessee Oilers history then reside with the Houston team? That doesn't seem right. After all, isn't this about keeping histories with locales? And yet those are still Oilers football seasons. So what happens if the stats from those two seasons stay with the Titans? We'll get a situation where 99% of the Oilers' stats are in Houston but 1% reside in Tennessee? This, like the "sending history" phrase, ought to illustrate just how ridiculous this whole discussion is. It's far too late for the clean break that made the "Cleveland Deal" somewhat palatable. Organisations have histories. There's no magical spell that reboots a part of reality when those organisations move to another city to do business elsewhere. For all this talk about the Winnipeg Jets 1.0 and 2.0? I think they got it right. The records for the original Jets reside with the Coyotes. Where they should reside. Yet the new Jets have the old team's IP for throwbacks and honour the legacies of the old team's greats without pretending they own the record book. The team's own history page reflects that they're the Thrashers, but that doesn't stop them from honouring the Jets of yesteryear. It's a great system that lets new teams respect what came before while also keeping the record books where they ought to be kept.
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    When I first re-did the Northwoods League logo I struggled with coming up with a solid containing mark for the N logo. I think I've got it now. I might pick the team rebranding back up in the coming weeks.
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    No, it sucks, it's terrible. I'd do this. "Big" elements are blue (front numbers, back numbers, middle stripes) while "small" elements are red (TV numbers, nameplate, front wordmark, outer stripes). Socks are blue because there's no need for red socks though I could be talked into white socks with stripes that match the sleeves just so there's no mistaking them for the Cowboys.
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    Okay.... what? As a Canucks fan and season ticket holder who attended that game 7 i can most certainly say there is no way any canucks fan inside that building or watching it anywhere spared a thought about McSorely for even a second. The Canucks lost that game because they were tired, injured, and simply beaten down by a better team who deserved the cup. No one blames anyone for that loss except for the fact the team was done mentally and physically after game 5. There is no McSorely voodoo with the Canucks at all. The "many people" you claim believe that are probably tweekers on Hastings and Main. And If YOU genuinely believe that, i want what your smoking.
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    Next up is the Tri City Americans. I think that this logo is very average and the same goes for their jerseys. They are Blue Jackets clones and I think that the Jackets ave one of the blandest looks in the NHL. I went with a fairly busy striping pattern that follows that logo. The arms cut off just like the logo for a cool looking design. The third jerseys uses their fairly nice eagle logo with new modern template design that I tried out. I am very happy with how this one turned out and this may be one of my personal favorite sets in the series. Tri City Americans
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    I think SDSU would look better with white numbers. not the best picture but I think it pops more.
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    A little off topic here (although we can all make an exception because we are dealing with one of the greatest logos of all time) check out this cool neon sign I just bought.
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    I wonder what the Padres would say if someone showed them those pics. Probably something about "studies show that those ideas suck" and "way too interesting for us" and "but how does that honor the military?"
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    Tonight was one of the ugliest NBA uniform matchups I have ever seen, possibly THE ugliest NBA matchup I have ever seen in my 20+ years of watching: Boston in their gray sleeved alternates at Indiana in their "Hickory" uniforms. Not only the ugliest, but possibly the most unnecessary and incongruous, which just adds to the actual ugliness.
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    Alright, big post coming... Here is the full redwood Ewoks set for now: I might make it a lighter shade as a possible compromise, to provide more contrast. Here is the split-style set for the Stormtroopers. I also made the outline of the logo on the black cap white for both sets for better visibility.
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    So essentially, it's Springtime for Hitler, Bolts edition.
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    In situations where a team elects to leave their identity behind when they move, I think the best way to handle it (rather than the Cleveland Deal) is: 1. League officially declares the franchise dormant and revokes the franchise. 2. League officially announces expansion (with the relo fee counting as the expansion fee) to the new city and awards the team to the moving owner. 3. Players on the "dormant" team are subject to an expansion draft - the moving team gets to select one or two players from a pool consisting of their former players and unprotected players from other teams. Then either they could just keep drafting their old players, or maybe even allow the rest of the league one-round through the now teamless players. Contracts would still be honored though, which could make it so that even good players aren't drafted and just end up back with their old team in the new city. The NFLPA might allow this because it could result in higher contracts for some players because a team that knows it is moving might overpay someone so that they're not drafted away. 4. At some point in the future, the original franchise is awarded to a new owner who re-stocks the team either via traditional expansion draft or maybe a North Stars / Sharks type deal. History / records are clean, the re-located team essentially keeps most of their players but is still a legit expansion team.
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    Here's my first stab at a team rebrand. The Mankato Moondogs have a very unique name, and a very meh logo. Here's my first draft of a rebrand. It's got a ways to go, so criticize away!
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    That's also known as grass...
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    @CC97 You mentioned wanting to see the unused Mavs concepts that were considered too close to the Broncos. Looks like they've been found.
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    The problem with the Giants' wordmark as a helmet logo is not the associations; obviously it was worn by great teams and great players. The problem is the dimensions. It's too long relative to its height, and so sits terribly awkwardly in the space on the side of a helmet. It's not a bad wordmark; but it doesn't belong on the helmet. The classic/current ny logo is far superior as a helmet logo in that its height-to-width ratio is perfect for that application. And the same goes for the 1975 NY logo. Those logos fit on the helmet so beautifully because they are equally tall and wide, just as are the logos for the Steelers and the Raiders. The ny and NY logos fit on the helmet in a manner similar to the fit of the Packers', Bears', and 49ers' logos, which are all just a little longer than they are tall. But a helmet logo that is too long really does not work -- which is why the current Broncos' logo is so much worse than the classic one, and why the new Dolphins logo, with the changed orientation of the dolphin, is a downgrade from the old one. This dimensional problem should rule out the Giants' wordmark as a helmet logo. A great helmet logo can also be taller than it is long, such as the Colts' logo and the old Oilers' logo. And, of course, there are helmets whose designs operate from a different principle, and which do not seek to present a logo in the standard manner, i.e., centred on the helmet, such as the helmets of the Rams, the Eagles, and the Vikings. But the only helmet that I can think of which gets away with a logo that is much longer than it is tall is the Seahawks. Regarding the uniforms: the uniform in which the Giants played last night, which is the same as the uniform in which LT is pictured above (apart from the socks), would be a fine road kit. While I like the stark simplicity of the classic/current white road jersey, I nevertheless understand the argument that it doesn't go well with the helmet. However, last night's uniform does not need the "GIANTS" wordmark helmet; it should be paired with the current/classic ny helmet (or, in the ideal world, with the 1975 NY helmet).
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    There's nothing...wrong... with the current set (they did fairly well for themselves, considering the great debacle of almost 10 years ago.). It's just that the vintage look jumps off the TV and is more evocative. The current set and wordmark have this muddy look, to me. The home seems unnecessarily dark, and the navy buckets just darken the look even more. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but teams looked better when they had brighter helmets that match the body of the sweater. The Devils and Caps (to me) just look better with red helmets. Same with the Flames. It completes the look. The helmet can make or break a set for me. Like Colorado's alternate jersey, which I imagine will become the primary soon, would look LIGHT YEARS better with burgundy buckets. The navy's fine, but there's not a lot of contrast between the navy and the burgundy, and the dark helmets make them just look like a generic navy team with burgundy accents. Now if someone could whip up a rendering of the atls with a burgundy helmet, I think you'll see it ties everything together and makes it a more passable sweater. Just my humble opinion !!!
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    This topic comes up every so often, so I'm going to quote a gentlemen who's initial advice sums up my feelings: In regards to tools of the trade? Illustrator and Photoshop are must-haves for when you go professional. Inkscape is a great vector-based alternative which you can download for free and has many similar aspects as Illustrator. Those programs are the bread and butter for most graphic designers and are used across aspects of the design realm. Can't say that I've ever heard of "Logomaker" or "LogoSmartz", but most professionals stay within the Adobe family of products. The only limit to design "fields" is your imagination. Tips and tricks you learn creating sports logos can transfer to making corporate logos and vice-versa. Check out some of the great artists out there; they don't limit themselves to one sphere of expertise. The aforementioned programs can alter the canvas size to make different items (banners, business cards, CD covers, etc). Once you learn some of the programs, there's a whole world of design to explore! Hope this helps!
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    I hope SJ changes. Go back to the light teal from the early 90s. Swap out orange for grey and put that cool new logo on the front. This one
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    Concordes seem like one of those teams that like staying trendy.... that being said I fear for the look of your organization hitting right around the 90s.
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    Unsustainables 7, Yinzers 1. That was… what’s the word? Fun. This is more so:
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    Seeing the Giants uniforms makes me think that Color Rush should be replaced with Throwback Thursday. Teams get to wear Throwback uniforms for all TNF games.
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    Take the 2004 Cup look and replace the horse snot shoulder patch with the mountain patch from the previous alternate and they're in good shape.
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    Right team, wrong uniform. Piazza in a traditional Mets uniform without black looks weird to me. By 1998, every Met uniform had black except the pinstripes which were rarely worn. Next season they added black shadows on the pinstripes.
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    You remember the color blind complaint about the jets bills color rush game last year right.
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    After this year, I'm just tired of the "just want to see the world burn" sentiment. It's not funny anymore.
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    A take from Billy Johnson... "The Vegas Golden Knights have said they want to make the team a ‘global brand’. They have hired people dedicated to do that. New York Yankees caps can be seen in all corners of the world, because of the classic ‘NY’ logo playing off existing perception that NYC already has (and not because the Turks have any understanding of the game of baseball). The biggest property VGK acquired for its $500 million expansion fee is the perceived legitimized reselling of the name ‘Las Vegas’ as their own. Initially, it has been squandered. First off, the marks they have settled on, to sell as a ‘global brand’, pay homage to an American military institution, a tough sell in most parts of the world. Secondly, the mark of a knight is not an icon that global markets associate with America, much less to Las Vegas. While the reference to symbolism is respected, and the nod to the Army is admirable, it is medieval, not modern, and not representative. It’s too far a leap for the merchandise buyer in Rome. Thirdly, it does not sell Las Vegas, as a destination, to the world. And this may be its biggest failing. Great global sports brands create more than a ‘handshake’ between the world market place and a community, city, location and lifestyle. They create an emotional connection. Here are some great global sports brands and why they have become so: New Zealand All Blacks. The use of the ‘silver fern’ brings New Zealand to the world. It represents their culture, heritage and mystique. The All Blacks are adopted my millions world wide. New York Yankees. Simple; “NY” and all that it means – good and bad – to the world. Dallas Cowboys. It reflects the world’s view of America; Cowboy movies, big, obnoxious. It’s a lone star on a helmet. Los Angeles Lakers. Hollywood, Movies, Rappers, Nicholson. “LA”. Las Vegas should be in this company. Raising the team’s global profile to compete with FC Barcelona, for example, will be a tough leap. The initial tools and brand (logo, team name, word marks) to do so don’t stack up on a global scale because they do not bring Las Vegas to the world. Years and years ago the Las Vegas Wranglers toyed with dropping ‘Las’ from the name because we wanted to think this was how locals referred to our town. We were not from here ‘yet’ and ‘Vegas’ was not how locals referred to our city. Replica jerseys (and all merchandise) that had ‘Las Vegas’ on the front sold twice as well as jerseys that did not have the name of our town – so the name, or at least ‘LV’ and ‘NV’ were incorporated into the logo/uniform; this was about maximizing sales. Wranglers’ customers resided in Las Vegas; Las Vegas – simply – is the name of our city."
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    Updated the dog to be more doggie and less beary.
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    I had a pretty awesome project going on for awhile here in which I had a part-sim, part-fantasy, part-historical thread that ended up getting shut down by our benevolent mods. I decided to come back to the league and post uniform histories for each franchise as if the league continued. For those interested, check out the thread here. First up are the Amsterdam Royals: The Royals started the 1990-91 season in these jerseys: For their final season in Amsterdam, the Royals changed to these unis: For the 1995-96 season, the franchise moved to London, England to become the London Crown: For the 1996-97 season, the Crown added a third jersey:
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    These look great. A minor gripe is that parts of the C should have a white outline, just where it touches the rest of the jersey. Also, could we see that Sens jersey in cream? I think that would look a lot better than white.
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    Thanks @kerlonmoura! Now onto Montreal Impact -- one thing I'd like to try to avoid is the all-white-with-team-color-trim thing that many MLS teams fall into with their away kits by default. For Montreal I looked back to their days in the USL and modern NASL, where for at least part of that time they had a pink and black third kit. A little risky, but seems to fit Montreal I think!
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    Interesting concept. The Clippers look great! Hopefully the Nets stay the New York Nets or at least don't go Black for Blacksake when they go to Brooklyn...maybe a championship will suffice
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    That first Padres pic with the burlap is absolutely PERFECT.
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    Right, but they've never used an inverse of their current home jersey (i.e. without any red whatsoever). The closest they've ever come was 1968-1974, which is probably the best Giants' look in history, IMO:
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    Gaslamp ball did a mockup on what they say should be the Padres uniforms in 2018, and they look great! http://www.gaslampball.com/2016/12/16/13986836/how-to-bring-back-the-brown-in-2-years
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    Rohan Riders Team colors and logo are heavily based on the stendard of the king of Rohan which sports a white horse on a green background with a sun in the upper right corner. You can see the sun in my identity as a golden shoulder pacth in the yoke. As Rohan is based on the viking world I thought that a viking vibe to the uni was quite right.
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    Up next is Stockholm. They had a very simple and classic look that stayed mostly the same throughout their history. The Stockholm fans were very superstitious about their look after some early success. They wore this uniform set for the first 7 seasons: In 1997, the Norsemen added a yellow jersey. It was popular with fans and the team did well while wearing them: In 2003, the Yellow jersey became their full-time home jersey: In 2009, the white jersey returned:
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    Up next are the St. Petersburg Horsemen. Their original uniforms actually featured a logo using the city's old name of Leningrad (the city changed it's name to St Petersburg in 1991) nobody picked up on that in the original thread, so I figured I'd point that out: They updated their uniform when the city changed it's name, and used this look for the next ten years: In 2001, the team was sold to a new owner, and in an effort to distance itself from it's rival Riga, the Horsemen changed their color scheme to black and orange: In 2003, the team added its first and to date only alternate uniform: In 2012, the team went through a rebrand tying together different parts if the team's history:
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    I think San Diego wants to keep the name and history for themselves...I also think this gives them a chance at a new fan base. More people would get on board with a hip new team especially because the rams suck. A lot of young people 25 and younger have no connection with the Rams.
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    A little bit of useless trivia: The Texans have not worn red socks with the navy pants since Sep 28, 2008 at Jacksonville. They were on a four game losing streak to open the season, went to the leotard look (navy pants, navy socks) and won. Unfortunately, we never saw the red socks again with navy pants again until today.
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    Hey NHL, those gambling references are looking a lot better now, huh?
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    You mean to reverse the image? Maybe, that might be a good idea. I have one suggestion BTW. The way your center stripes are, they look like they end in the middle of the back. Unless that's on purpose you might want to continue them down to the bottom like so.
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