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    Canadian Man Drives Zamboni Through Tim Hortons Drive-Thru
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    ANH ESB RO TFA RotJ RotS TPM The Holiday Special That one time my friend and I played with our Star Wars toys when we were 8 AotC
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    When I first re-did the Northwoods League logo I struggled with coming up with a solid containing mark for the N logo. I think I've got it now. I might pick the team rebranding back up in the coming weeks.
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    Tonight was one of the ugliest NBA uniform matchups I have ever seen, possibly THE ugliest NBA matchup I have ever seen in my 20+ years of watching: Boston in their gray sleeved alternates at Indiana in their "Hickory" uniforms. Not only the ugliest, but possibly the most unnecessary and incongruous, which just adds to the actual ugliness.
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    That uniform is pretty good; as I have mentioned before, every team looks great in all white. Regarding the Giants' primary pants: at first I didn't like the switch from grey to white. But now I think the white looks good. It helps that there is historical precedent for that combination. But the Colour Rush helmet is bad. The Giants' wordmark always was a terrible helmet logo; I was delighted when they dumped it and brought in the classic "ny" logo. The helmet logo that they should use -- perhaps only for Colour Rush, or even permanently -- is the 1975 logo. Not only is that logo brilliantly constructed, but it looks great on a helmet.
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    Why did the Flames discontinue this great alternate jersey? The western style shoulders yokes were great. The unique collar laces were also great. The simplified number font and striping fixed a multitude of problems the current Flames primaries have. And now they ditched all of that in favor of the poorly executed edge jerseys that are still being worn. Whoever's in charge of the design department over there hasn't done a very good job, imo. Also, a shame that this logo is gone too...
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    The Giants' road uniform is their best uniform. The "ny," no blue, Northwestern stripes, and association with two championship-winning teams make it a really classic look: The fact that there's no red on the home jersey, yet no blue on the road jersey is a nice quirk. It evokes the vintage character of the franchise, much in the same way that the Canadiens' mismatched red and white sweaters do in the NHL. "Big blue" still works at home, and the blue helmet gives it a small presence on the road uniform. The LT-era look is generic trash.
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    I wonder what the Padres would say if someone showed them those pics. Probably something about "studies show that those ideas suck" and "way too interesting for us" and "but how does that honor the military?"
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    I guess I'm the only one that likes the GIANTS helmet. The ny is just a weak "cute" mark. NY would work too.
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    I think that's where you're not understanding the dynamics of Southern California. San Diego and Los Angeles are not in the "same cluster" of cities. They are separated by 140 miles and several natural and man made barriers. Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, yes they are all part of the same cluster of cities. You can drive from one to the other without leaving the same urban/suburban conglomeration, they share the same media market, etc... Not so with San Diego and Los Angeles. The more apt comparison is Philadelphia and New York. If Philly didn't have a team in the NHL for example would everyone in Philly naturally gravitate toward the Rangers? Possible. But then the Rangers also didn't move from Philadelphia either and in the process alienate, or downright piss off, just about everyone in Philadelphia on their way out of town.
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    Hey Guys! It has been awhile since I've put up a concept, so here we go. This is a concept for the MLS Chicago Fire. I tried to make it more modern so it can fit with the new "feel" of the MLS. I kept a few touches from the old logo and some from around the MLS. I hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome! Thanks!
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    Completely disagree. The navy blue pants and equipment goes well with the rest of the uniform. If it were red, that would be way too much red.
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    A little off topic here (although we can all make an exception because we are dealing with one of the greatest logos of all time) check out this cool neon sign I just bought.
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    Gaslamp ball did a mockup on what they say should be the Padres uniforms in 2018, and they look great! http://www.gaslampball.com/2016/12/16/13986836/how-to-bring-back-the-brown-in-2-years
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    It needs a yellow face mask. THE YELLOW FACE MASK IS THE SECOND BANANA.
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    identity crisis. He's a whale...and a whaler...and whalers hunt whales, whalers kill whales, but he's a whale, and a whale is on the shoulder of the jersey, so the whale on the jersey is hunted by the whalers in the jersey and I need to sit down for a minute because my head hurts.
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    The new Marvel vs Capcom game looks great.
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    The Texans, like the Wild, have a subpar name saved by a fantastic uniform and logo set. I hate histories not following teams (the Thunder are the Sonics of old and always will be), but if it must happen? The ship's sailed on the Texans getting the Oilers' history. When the original Browns left Cleveland and were forced to abandon their IP and historical records it sucked. At least the break was clean though. The old Cleveland Browns were suddenly the Baltimore Ravens and a brand new team would become the Cleveland Browns and pick up where they left off. Dishonest yes, but at least it was straightforward. With the Oilers and Texans? Never mind that the Titans have been the ones to hold the Oilers' history while the Texans founded an entirely new franchise, thus making the break not so clean. There's also the fact that the Oilers remained the Oilers for two seasons after moving to Tennessee. That complicates things further. If the NFL "sends the Oilers' history" (a truly stupid term that highlights how ridiculous this discussion is) to Houston then what does it entail? Do the two years of Tennessee Oilers history then reside with the Houston team? That doesn't seem right. After all, isn't this about keeping histories with locales? And yet those are still Oilers football seasons. So what happens if the stats from those two seasons stay with the Titans? We'll get a situation where 99% of the Oilers' stats are in Houston but 1% reside in Tennessee? This, like the "sending history" phrase, ought to illustrate just how ridiculous this whole discussion is. It's far too late for the clean break that made the "Cleveland Deal" somewhat palatable. Organisations have histories. There's no magical spell that reboots a part of reality when those organisations move to another city to do business elsewhere. For all this talk about the Winnipeg Jets 1.0 and 2.0? I think they got it right. The records for the original Jets reside with the Coyotes. Where they should reside. Yet the new Jets have the old team's IP for throwbacks and honour the legacies of the old team's greats without pretending they own the record book. The team's own history page reflects that they're the Thrashers, but that doesn't stop them from honouring the Jets of yesteryear. It's a great system that lets new teams respect what came before while also keeping the record books where they ought to be kept.
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    Ho Ho Ho! Here is a little Christmas treat for all you NFA fans! Hope everyone has a great holiday! Ottawa will debut a new look for the 1981 season. A new focus on black, as the Capitals will wear a black home jersey. The striping elements are simplier but remain inspired by historical Ottawa uniforms (including last years), as well as some yoke striping taken from traditional hockey sweaters. A streamlined maple leaf and new number font ties together the new set. Thoughts? 1981- 1978-1980
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    Off topic again but isn't this a kick ass drawing? If SJ Sharkie, Al the Octopus and Nyles the Fisherman together aren't cool. Then I don't want to know what cool is.
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    I would really like to sit down and have an honest talk with whomever makes this decision within the organization. Get a real, candid, honest answer as to why they want navy/white vs navy/yellow or navy/orange or brown/yellow or brown/orange. Truly perplexing.
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    ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaheheahea;lhael;hael;blbjlbewlwww wl why am I crying?
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    Right team, wrong uniform. Piazza in a traditional Mets uniform without black looks weird to me. By 1998, every Met uniform had black except the pinstripes which were rarely worn. Next season they added black shadows on the pinstripes.
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    Even if the Sens just clean up their current look like this it'd be a vast improvement. Though of course a greater change would be welcomed
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    A rhino wouls be a fun route to go down. You can't do horse imagery since the Broncos are in your division. No Big 4 team uses rhino imagery. Rhinos "charge." It works with the name. Not a huge fan of the mockup, but the use of the lightning bolt on the horns is a fun idea.
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    That's also known as grass...
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    No, it sucks, it's terrible. I'd do this. "Big" elements are blue (front numbers, back numbers, middle stripes) while "small" elements are red (TV numbers, nameplate, front wordmark, outer stripes). Socks are blue because there's no need for red socks though I could be talked into white socks with stripes that match the sleeves just so there's no mistaking them for the Cowboys.
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    Next up is the Tri City Americans. I think that this logo is very average and the same goes for their jerseys. They are Blue Jackets clones and I think that the Jackets ave one of the blandest looks in the NHL. I went with a fairly busy striping pattern that follows that logo. The arms cut off just like the logo for a cool looking design. The third jerseys uses their fairly nice eagle logo with new modern template design that I tried out. I am very happy with how this one turned out and this may be one of my personal favorite sets in the series. Tri City Americans
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    To be nitpicky . . . because that's what we do here . . . 1969-2018 is the 50th Season, not the 50th Anniversary. Otherwise, that is a great looking patch, particularly in the fauxback/homage context.
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    Very well done. No brainer, but it seems Padres' management lack brains.
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    Next up is the Swift Current Broncos. I can't say that this teams logo and jerseys are my absolute favorite. I think that they look just a bit outdated by today's standards. I am not a fan of their previous logo either so I decided to adapt their very recent 30th anniversary logo to primary status. I love this logo and I think it could easily be put on the front of their jerseys. I kept their design similar to what they have with the full length arm yoke but made it suit the logo more and made the design a little more modern. The third jersey uses a very simple B from the primary logo with some classic bold striping on that beautiful green color. Swift Current Broncos
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    Next up we have the Spokane Chiefs. I am a pretty big fan off this logo and you can never go wrong with red white and blue. This team does have some good jerseys but that is only because they are exact copies of Montreal. They desperately need something to stand out better and I there are many different ways they could go. I went with some striping that is big and bold and uses the red and blue pretty evenly. The alternate is fairly wild and features the design from thew logo in the striping down the arm and on the cut off hem. This may look a little 90's but I think the team could use something like this to really get noticed. Spokane Chiefs
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    So yeah, here's another one. This one is a landscape of a place named Eggum in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. Visited in September during my trip, and it's a great place to watch Northern Lights, there are more sheep than people, and it was a Nazi radar station at one time. The amphitheater and new architecture are by Snohetta. I think I finished tonight but may be some small tweaks.
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    I just saw Rogue One and...
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    Which is... nothing????? http://www.fieldofschemes.com/2014/04/18/7147/privately-funded-mgm-aeg-arena-in-vegas-actually-breaking-ground-in-may/
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    A true Torontonian: if it's not here, it must be nowhere. Home Hardware is much more popular outside of urban areas than the other big box stores, I'm guessing that is their key to survival. No one's putting a Home Depot in Weyburn, SK. They also seem to be well established in older, big cities. I would assume they're losing out in newer suburbia, big-box stores are too much competition.
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    Here's my first stab at a team rebrand. The Mankato Moondogs have a very unique name, and a very meh logo. Here's my first draft of a rebrand. It's got a ways to go, so criticize away!
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    Actually, on second thought, moving the Chargers to LA and changing their name to something stupid therefore killing the Chargers as a franchise is ok with me.
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    Here is one with the other mascots (unfortunately its watermarked) I can't make out the Canadiens one. Colorado's yeti is beyond badass and how come Ottawa isn't Justin Trudeau smoking some weed and holding a smartphone at the end of his hockey stick taking a selfie? Also a few defunct teams
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    No replies to the Astros, so moving on. Grizzlies set is basic, not much to it. BP is the rainbow Astros template, but I added a Tacos alternate identity. this is another set that could be used along the Grizzlies identity, as almost an alter-ego of sorts. Something the Grizzlies have dabbled with the past couple of years. hopefully there is some feedback, but the next team will be the Corpus Christi Hooks.
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    Only in our hearts and minds. (Actually it was a pseudo-fantasy league) Up next are the Halifax Bombers. They had a pretty classic look, and held on to it without any changes until they relocated in 1995: In 1995, the Bombers moved to Houston to become the Houston Stealth: In 2000, after the Stealth failed to bring in fans despite some success on ice, the team was purchased and moved back to Halifax: In 2006, the Bombers introduced their first ever alternate uniform:
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    Revenge of the Sith is AT LEAST ahead of The Phantom Menace.