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    Why did the Flames discontinue this great alternate jersey? The western style shoulders yokes were great. The unique collar laces were also great. The simplified number font and striping fixed a multitude of problems the current Flames primaries have. And now they ditched all of that in favor of the poorly executed edge jerseys that are still being worn. Whoever's in charge of the design department over there hasn't done a very good job, imo. Also, a shame that this logo is gone too...
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    identity crisis. He's a whale...and a whaler...and whalers hunt whales, whalers kill whales, but he's a whale, and a whale is on the shoulder of the jersey, so the whale on the jersey is hunted by the whalers in the jersey and I need to sit down for a minute because my head hurts.
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    The new Marvel vs Capcom game looks great.
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    Off topic again but isn't this a kick ass drawing? If SJ Sharkie, Al the Octopus and Nyles the Fisherman together aren't cool. Then I don't want to know what cool is.
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    When I first re-did the Northwoods League logo I struggled with coming up with a solid containing mark for the N logo. I think I've got it now. I might pick the team rebranding back up in the coming weeks.
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    Here is one with the other mascots (unfortunately its watermarked) I can't make out the Canadiens one. Colorado's yeti is beyond badass and how come Ottawa isn't Justin Trudeau smoking some weed and holding a smartphone at the end of his hockey stick taking a selfie? Also a few defunct teams
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    A little off topic here (although we can all make an exception because we are dealing with one of the greatest logos of all time) check out this cool neon sign I just bought.
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    Nope, sorry. Can't follow that. I have no allegience to the cities of San Diego or Los Angeles. I'm a fan of the Chargers, and I'll root for them wherever they play. I have no interest in rooting for a completely rebranded LA team that dumped the record books and brand I'm loyal to.
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    I like how Fox isn't putting the 49ers and Rams' records in the Fox Box.
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    Man, the Niners-Rams game looks so good. There's something really cool seeing the Rams' classic uniforms in the Los Angeles Coliseum.
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    Meanwhile... That'll teach the coyote to crowd the plate.
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    Of course it was the Chargers who were the first team to lose to the Browns. That's such a Chargers thing to do.
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    Looks like Johnny Canuck and the Blue Jacket are the only ones not in jerseys. That's interesting. The flaming horse for Calgary goes into that "things they'd rather forget" category. It's a great picture, certainly blows away that whole NHL Guardian Project the whole league would rather forget.
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    Actually, on second thought, moving the Chargers to LA and changing their name to something stupid therefore killing the Chargers as a franchise is ok with me.
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    I'd guess 99% of fans don't know and don't care about that. All they know is the team played in Los Angeles at one time. I don't see the stats having any affect on people liking or not liking the Chargers name in Los Angeles. As an old San Diego Clippers fan, as bad as they were, I'd take the San Diego Clippers back in a heart beat.
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    Is the Montreal one a ghost of the Forum? Also, I like that the buffalo is dual-wielding a sabre and a hockey stick, crossed kinda sorta like the logo... badass.
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    They played in LA for one season, where they were the fifth-priority tenant at the Coliseum, averaged only 15,768 at a 100,000-seat stadium (that's not a typo), and lost over $900,000. Not exactly the optics I'd want following my franchise into LA, especially since history is going to repeat itself anyway.
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    A rhino wouls be a fun route to go down. You can't do horse imagery since the Broncos are in your division. No Big 4 team uses rhino imagery. Rhinos "charge." It works with the name. Not a huge fan of the mockup, but the use of the lightning bolt on the horns is a fun idea.
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    Is that a modified Rochester logo? Looks familiar. I like it. A rhino is an inspired choice for a football team; powerful, relentless and unstoppable. The perfect symbol for a team with a nebulous mascot. Even if if they stay in San Diego I'd like to see them adopt it. If anything, the zoo connection helps; San Diego is known for its animal attractions.
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    For what its worth, I've done a number of jersey swaps in my time, and instead of creating a new thread I'll just share what I have in here if people are interested in them. I never thought of this forum of being the place to share these but I'll be doing quite a few as draft season approaches. Here's DeShaun Watson as a New York Jet
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    The Capitals need to face facts... Neither the current wordmark nor the retro version are strong enough to serve as the team's primary logo. What they need is a compact, patriotic logo, in the vein of the screaming eagle, on a traditional, red, white and blue sweater. They should also definitely keep the multicolored stars.
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    Up next is the final team of the original 20, the Winnipeg Lakers. The Lakers are a classic Canadian team that believes in tradition, so they kept the same look the entire time, with only one alternate. The Lakers wore this uniform starting in 1990: In 2009-10 for their 20th season, the Lakers used this alternate from Winnipeg hockey history: Up next we'll be going through each season, and adding the expansion teams as they come up. Stay tuned!!!
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    The LA Silver Bruins. (Nike talk here) LA represents what the majority of people refer to the city as, as well as distancing themselves from the Rams. Silver represents the Silver Bruins becoming the second fiddle to the Rams in LA, because second place gets a silver medal. Bruins represents the owner's passion for UCLA. The colors will be a weird grey/teal because it makes sense with "silver", black because everyone has black, and blue and gold because UCLA. Also, the Dodger Stadium (after the owner got rejected for both the Rose Bowl and StubHub Center) video boards failed playing the intro video the first time before playing on the second time - because silver = second.
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    That's also known as grass...
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    No replies to the Astros, so moving on. Grizzlies set is basic, not much to it. BP is the rainbow Astros template, but I added a Tacos alternate identity. this is another set that could be used along the Grizzlies identity, as almost an alter-ego of sorts. Something the Grizzlies have dabbled with the past couple of years. hopefully there is some feedback, but the next team will be the Corpus Christi Hooks.
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    They need to do something. At least have a new sweater template. Behind the Senators and Flames(among other teams I'm sure I missed), these things are the most dated looking in the league.
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    Tonight was one of the ugliest NBA uniform matchups I have ever seen, possibly THE ugliest NBA matchup I have ever seen in my 20+ years of watching: Boston in their gray sleeved alternates at Indiana in their "Hickory" uniforms. Not only the ugliest, but possibly the most unnecessary and incongruous, which just adds to the actual ugliness.
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    I think that's where you're not understanding the dynamics of Southern California. San Diego and Los Angeles are not in the "same cluster" of cities. They are separated by 140 miles and several natural and man made barriers. Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, yes they are all part of the same cluster of cities. You can drive from one to the other without leaving the same urban/suburban conglomeration, they share the same media market, etc... Not so with San Diego and Los Angeles. The more apt comparison is Philadelphia and New York. If Philly didn't have a team in the NHL for example would everyone in Philly naturally gravitate toward the Rangers? Possible. But then the Rangers also didn't move from Philadelphia either and in the process alienate, or downright piss off, just about everyone in Philadelphia on their way out of town.
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    In my opinion, by far the best part of the jawas set is the hat. That's awesome. And the brown set works perfectly too, it's an identical homage to the jawas themselves. They're my favorite set so far. The Wampas look good too, I also like their hat, although I don't think the away set needs blue pants. What are your plans for Boston?
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    Ugh, I gotta relive that ugly loss to Cologne all over again?
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    It still bugs the hell out of me that VaTech has similar stripes on the helmet but are tapered northwestern stripes compared to the jersey's UCLA stripes. They are too close to not be the same. The stripes should be consistent if they are going to be that similar.
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    Next up is the Tri City Americans. I think that this logo is very average and the same goes for their jerseys. They are Blue Jackets clones and I think that the Jackets ave one of the blandest looks in the NHL. I went with a fairly busy striping pattern that follows that logo. The arms cut off just like the logo for a cool looking design. The third jerseys uses their fairly nice eagle logo with new modern template design that I tried out. I am very happy with how this one turned out and this may be one of my personal favorite sets in the series. Tri City Americans
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    To be nitpicky . . . because that's what we do here . . . 1969-2018 is the 50th Season, not the 50th Anniversary. Otherwise, that is a great looking patch, particularly in the fauxback/homage context.
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    Right team, wrong uniform. Piazza in a traditional Mets uniform without black looks weird to me. By 1998, every Met uniform had black except the pinstripes which were rarely worn. Next season they added black shadows on the pinstripes.
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    Relocating I'd think. I mean if they're dead to you either way it would seem much worse to have their zombiefied corpse living on in another city.
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    Very well done. No brainer, but it seems Padres' management lack brains.
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    Absolutely everyone looks great in that A's uniform, even guys you wouldn't think of as wearing it. Willie McCovey Orlando Cepeda (Note: It's amazing what lighting can do. Those jerseys above are the same colour.)
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    Next up we have the Spokane Chiefs. I am a pretty big fan off this logo and you can never go wrong with red white and blue. This team does have some good jerseys but that is only because they are exact copies of Montreal. They desperately need something to stand out better and I there are many different ways they could go. I went with some striping that is big and bold and uses the red and blue pretty evenly. The alternate is fairly wild and features the design from thew logo in the striping down the arm and on the cut off hem. This may look a little 90's but I think the team could use something like this to really get noticed. Spokane Chiefs
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    Up next are the Helsinki Icebreakers. They took to the ice in 1990 wearing these uniforms: In 1995, the Icebreakers added a sky blue alternate: In 2001, the sky blue alternate was redesigned to match the anchor logo: In 2003, a new home and away uniform were designed based on the previous alternate:
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    Every one of the concepts posted is better than Tampa Bay's current, character-less trash. The 2007 logo is far and away the best they've ever had.
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    The more I look at the other options I actually like the cartoon letters more and they are based off the Simpson's isotopes so they have some background story.
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    The next team is the Albuquerque Isotopes. Here I wanted to use a unique combination of hats with options changing throughout each uniform. The striped socks flip colors depending on the undershirt. "Isotopes" is used on each uniform because, well, Albuquerque doesn't fit well on a jersey. On the BP hat an alternate "I" logo is used but recolored to match the Rockies template along with the wordmark. C&C is appreciated and the next team will be the Hartford Yard Goats.
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    The next team really has the potential to rock the purple. The Colorado Rockies have such a great color scheme that is misused. The key is to find the right mix between the Black, purple, silver, and white. A silver accent has been added to the logo to give the mountain more definition. The purple brim hat has been promoted to primary and is the only hat. The purple pinstripes remain on the home and purple road pinstripes are back because IMO they could pull them off and it makes them unique. Striped socks have been added with purple and white striping that also matches the new sleeve piping on the alternate jerseys. BP utilizes the mountain logo on the cap. The next team will be the AAA affiliate ,the Albuquerque Isotopes.
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    The next team is the Columbus Clippers the AAA affiliate of the Indians. Three hat options using each version of their C logo. Navy is the predominant color here with sky blue accents. The away uses white lettering similar to the Miami Marlins away uniform which I think works here. Alternate uses the C as a crest logo and the home alternate flips colors. BP recolors logos and hat to match the Indians BP template. Please C&C and the next team will be the Akron Rubberducks.
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