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    Ho Ho Ho! Here is a little Christmas treat for all you NFA fans! Hope everyone has a great holiday! Ottawa will debut a new look for the 1981 season. A new focus on black, as the Capitals will wear a black home jersey. The striping elements are simplier but remain inspired by historical Ottawa uniforms (including last years), as well as some yoke striping taken from traditional hockey sweaters. A streamlined maple leaf and new number font ties together the new set. Thoughts? 1981- 1978-1980
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    I would really like to sit down and have an honest talk with whomever makes this decision within the organization. Get a real, candid, honest answer as to why they want navy/white vs navy/yellow or navy/orange or brown/yellow or brown/orange. Truly perplexing.
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    I wonder what the Padres would say if someone showed them those pics. Probably something about "studies show that those ideas suck" and "way too interesting for us" and "but how does that honor the military?"
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    Right team, wrong uniform. Piazza in a traditional Mets uniform without black looks weird to me. By 1998, every Met uniform had black except the pinstripes which were rarely worn. Next season they added black shadows on the pinstripes.
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    Gaslamp ball did a mockup on what they say should be the Padres uniforms in 2018, and they look great! http://www.gaslampball.com/2016/12/16/13986836/how-to-bring-back-the-brown-in-2-years
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    I was browsing the logo section of the site and came across some logos from the OHL. I struck some inspiration when I saw the North Bay Battalion. I felt like it'd be a cool identity to redesign. The old logo here, Just felt too cartoonistic for my taste and I thought it could be made into a much stronger mark. So without further ado, here is my attempt at a full identity package for the battalion. Few things to point out here: -I kept their main mascot, "Sarge" while updating him a bit. His face was perhaps the thing I refined the most. I wanted him to appear more stern and dignified. The other logo is just cheesy. -I got rid of the shield, simply because I didn't think it fit here. I decided a shirt collar would work better. -I got rid of the black (I really do not like black do I ?) and replaced it with a brown. I thought it worked better with the military theme. Kept the rest of the colors the same. -I tried to keep the wordmark similar to the original, but giving it my own style. I really like how it turned out, considering I mostly suck at wordmarks. - The alternate logo is pretty self explanatory. So what do you think? Feedback is always welcome! I think I might do the Sudbury Wolves next; team suggestions are welcome. Should I do jerseys or not? Let me know!
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    Saints have the cruddiest looking field turf
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    Edwin Encarncacion playing for the other Ohio team in two different numbers. Also, he's probably more known for the number 10 he wore for the Blue Jays, but the guy also wore number 7 and 12.
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    The Revs logo kinda reeks of mid-90's Film Production logo, BUT I do think if they sharpened it up and filled up the paint strokes, it would be pretty solid.
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    Double points for the white-on-white Chargers look
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    I really wish "Concepts" wasn't cluttered up with simulations (simulated games, simulated statistics, simulated tournaments, simulated whatever with no new concepts) and with fantasy leagues listing team names but no logo concepts (until maybe 10 plus posts).
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    That first Padres pic with the burlap is absolutely PERFECT.
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    I would like to see them rebrand for the sole reason of wanting to see what kind of crap they can come up with.
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    Back on topic, here's an unpopular opinion: bowl cuts were cool! Of course that racist dickhead whose name shall not be mentioned had to ruin them for us...but here are some pics from back in the day, featuring yours truly:
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    I like the color combo but not for the Chargers and not for a team in Los Angeles. Too close to smog.
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    Here's another reason to keep the Chargers' name; it has LA roots. "According to the official website of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Barron Hilton agreed after his general manager, Frank Leahy, picked the Chargers name when he purchased an AFL franchise for Los Angeles: "I liked it because they were yelling 'charge' and sounding the bugle at Dodgers Stadium and at USC games." -1960 Los Angeles Chargers Wikipedia
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    What's worse if you are a diehard Chargers fan: your team relocating 2 hours north or your team not existing at all?
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    Here's my sloppy mockup of the dark grey/yellow recolor, the scheme distinguishes the Chargers enough from the Rams, and keeps the beloved Southern California yellow. Powder blues could be used as the throwbacks.
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    I'm surprised minor league teams haven't started wearing ads on their jerseys yet. Minor league hockey teams do, I figure baseball will as well within the next 3 years.
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    So just roll over and accept something that ugly? No thanks.
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    Nice thanks for your service and how much does the tuba weigh
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    I'll be posting an update of Buena Vista soon. Here's the next team from the state's capital. CASCADES SOCCER CLUB TALLAHASSEE Founded: 1940 Championships: 2 Kits By: Nike Sponsor: Winn-Dixie Derbies: Locomotive, Sporting Crest: Triangle with stripes and blue crown to show capital Home: White with blue pinstripes Away: Blue with sublimated checkers The name comes from the park in the city that has been a part of the list of US historic places since 1971. The club was originally named Tallahassee Soccer Club until they decided to re-brand in honor of the historic park in 1980.
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    Because we all remember RG3 as a Redskins bust, not a Browns wash-up...
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