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    Here's the first team! Burbank Soccer Club Established: 1948 Joined CALPROSOL: 1951 Championships: (1) 1966 Home Grounds: Yoyodyne Park Kit manufacturer: Umbro Kit Sponsor: Dinoco Oil and Gas Say hello to the Shooting Stars! Burbank S.C. was formed by a group WWII military veterans looking for a little fun after Lockheed Corporation's production began to slow at the close of the war. The club grew quickly in following and was invited to join the then California League during it's second wave of expansion. The nickname "Shooting Stars" was chosen by new club owner Walt Disney Company in 1971 as a way to link the city's aerospace and film industries. Burbank historically wears Blue-White-Blue as their primary kit. The club crest features a hexagonal shape derived from the city seal. Recently, Burbank have built a tradition of wearing third kits evocative of popular Disney movies. This trend first began in 1995 with the premier of "Toy Story", but became an annual occurrence after the 2003 blockbuster "Finding Nemo". 2015-16's third kit pays homage to the return of "Star Wars" with a reference to Poe Dameron's helmet.
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    Cousin's husband: "Why do they have to be some kind of Knights?" "The owner is really into West Point." "But if they said no, he should just find something else he's into and call them that." "Apparently that's all he's into." "Well apparently he's an idiot."
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    The Lansing Lugnuts do not need to dress like the Toronto Blue Jays. The Burlington Bees do not need to ditch yellow for red to mimic the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Chicago Wolves do not need to dress like the St. Louis Blues. The Kane County Cougars sure as hell do not need to dress like the Arizona Diamondbacks. You would do well to refrain from speaking in absolutes on your sartorial preferences.
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    Happened in Seattle with the Sonics. - Ownership tears apart team and is combative with naysayers - Ownership makes player interviews to local media very difficult - Ownership moves radio broadcasts to an obscure station no one knows - Ownership demands the public pay for a new arena - Ownership moves the team saying they tried everything they could but the community just wouldn't support the team
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    Hahhahah I still owe someone a Tennessee one, but here you guys go.
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    My dad still doesn't understand why they only expanded by one team. "Why would they only expand by one team?" "Well they really didn't want to give Quebec a team." "Why?" "Well they don't want a team in a small, predominantly French, city." "But it was the only other bid." "Yeah." "That's stupid." He's not wrong.
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    So I fixed some stuff in the panhandle for Florida State, and the front leg of Tennessee And also while I'm at it, Oregon.
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    I've painted and decaled a few helmets for myself
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    My sister gave me a Wacom tablet for my birthday a few months back. I painted the Cincinnati skyline to teach myself how to use it. Liked it so much I had it printed on canvas.
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    Another gem, from my sister. "What's going on with the Las Vegas team?" "They got their trademark denied. Some small university in upstate New York has the same name." "Don't they have lawyers to figure this stuff out?" "You would think." *she rolls her eyes*
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    Yeah, same. Conversation avec sister's boyfriend going to school for marketing, about Point #3 of mine up there: "Well, the league wanted Las Vegas and Seattle to buy new teams, but no one in Seattle wanted to buy one, so it was Las Vegas and Quebec, and the league didn't want Quebec." "But that's where hockey is from!" "I know, they want to go where hockey isn't from." "I guess that makes sense in theory but wouldn't they still want to go where they know it's popular?" If nothing else, it's reassuring to know that people who really like hockey but don't deep-dive into NHL stuff can figure this self-evident stuff out. Used to be a time when the diehardiest of diehards were the ones banging the drum for Quebec/Winnipeg/Hartford, now the hockey nerds are the ones who are like "NYEEEEEERRRG, Canada sucks, PK Subban is much better off in a state that once fought a war to preserve slavery, in a city whose primary industry is making music for racists"
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    I feel like it's almost a guarantee that the Pistons are changing their logo. It's been said they were waiting for Nike to come in, and now not only is Nike coming in, they're also moving back to Downtown Detroit. Perfect timing.
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    I'm not much of an artist but I'd like to put some time into it if I could only find the time. I took an introductory art class to fill an art credit at my old school and for the last project we had to put two or more separate photos together and paint them with respect to a certain color grouping. I chose the complementary colors orange and blue, using a photo of an iceberg, choppy seas, and an orange and gray sky and came up with this. It's not perfect but for a first time painting, I'm pretty proud. I think the left side of the water is pretty solid while the right side is pretty bad.
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    Tonight was one of the ugliest NBA uniform matchups I have ever seen, possibly THE ugliest NBA matchup I have ever seen in my 20+ years of watching: Boston in their gray sleeved alternates at Indiana in their "Hickory" uniforms. Not only the ugliest, but possibly the most unnecessary and incongruous, which just adds to the actual ugliness.
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    Yes, this is exactly what I was referencing. I just didn't look up which teams wore it, but remember reading about it, hence my exempli gratia
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    2016 Buccaneers Fields 1. No-fill end zones with red script/black trim (College season) 2. Red end zones with black script/grey trim (Post-college)
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    Peach? Orange? Papaya? Mandarin? Well, at least, according to Nike, it's a fruit, so everybody was close: http://www.eastbay.com/product/model:268781/sku:54551417/jordan-extra-fly-mens/blue/red/ Deep Royal Blue/Bright Mango/Concord/Barely Volt
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    Upon further inspection i would say Mandarin, around 40% into the ripening process. Edit: 43%
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    Pet peeve for me last night: Clippers (wearing black) playing at the Kings (wearing baby blue throwbacks), and the ESPN score bar is red (LAC) and gray (SAC). As visual cues go, not helpful at all. ESPN absolutely has the capability to switch the colors to match what the teams are wearing (and there are lots of examples of them doing it in the past). Wonder why they didn't bother here.
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    Super Bowl XXXIX Cedric Cobbs Pat's jersey. Ironically he was inactive for the game. 2009 Saints Brees jersey that I made myself for a Halloween costume. Cobbs, Polomalu that I made for Super Bowl XL, and Brees.
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