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    Last thanksgiving, I spent the wee hours of the morning coming up with a logo. The logo had been in my head for a few days, and it was a Virginia Tech logo of a turkey incorporating the shape of Virginia. Made it, got a couple of likes, and that was it. I saw it the other day and thought it was cool, so I tweeted it back out. It was really well received and a few people told me I need to make more. That's what I did! I made the California one a few weeks ago, and the Tennessee one today. They feel like Nike shirts to me, so I'm calling this the Nike State Mascot Series Feel free to suggest some if you have an idea!
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    This is the best Minnesota look IMO. Perfect balance of gold and maroon. Ski-u-mah
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    Hahhahah I still owe someone a Tennessee one, but here you guys go.
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    So I fixed some stuff in the panhandle for Florida State, and the front leg of Tennessee And also while I'm at it, Oregon.
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    My sister gave me a Wacom tablet for my birthday a few months back. I painted the Cincinnati skyline to teach myself how to use it. Liked it so much I had it printed on canvas.
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    Chris Creamer's Real Problems Community
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    Here's the first team! Burbank Soccer Club Established: 1948 Joined CALPROSOL: 1951 Championships: (1) 1966 Home Grounds: Yoyodyne Park Kit manufacturer: Umbro Kit Sponsor: Dinoco Oil and Gas Say hello to the Shooting Stars! Burbank S.C. was formed by a group WWII military veterans looking for a little fun after Lockheed Corporation's production began to slow at the close of the war. The club grew quickly in following and was invited to join the then California League during it's second wave of expansion. The nickname "Shooting Stars" was chosen by new club owner Walt Disney Company in 1971 as a way to link the city's aerospace and film industries. Burbank historically wears Blue-White-Blue as their primary kit. The club crest features a hexagonal shape derived from the city seal. Recently, Burbank have built a tradition of wearing third kits evocative of popular Disney movies. This trend first began in 1995 with the premier of "Toy Story", but became an annual occurrence after the 2003 blockbuster "Finding Nemo". 2015-16's third kit pays homage to the return of "Star Wars" with a reference to Poe Dameron's helmet.
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    You've been solid, liquid, and gas?
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    Have you ever heard those stories of people having their cell phones explode and sending them to the hospital or causing serious property damage? I just lived it. I've been having problems with the battery on my iPhone 6 for a few weeks now. It would randomly die at 75%, would take forever to charge enough to turn on, ect, so I ran a diagnostic test on it that basically said the battery was on its last legs, and I needed to get it replaced immediately. I took it to one of those larger phone repair chain stores (ubreakifix) and they said it would be about $75 and about 45 minutes to swap the battery. I couldn't believe my luck that it was that simple and easy of a fix, so I dropped it off and went to grab some lunch. Welp. I came back to find smoke billowing out of the front door of the building and the dude who was working on my phone screaming in agony as two others were getting him moved to a car to take him to the hospital. Apparently during the repair something happened and the phone straight up exploded. I arrived just as the fire was put out, and they took me in back to show me the incinerated work table and the melted remnants of my phone, which was literally all over the shop. They're going to replace my phone free of charge, and it sounds like aside from a pretty serious burn on his hand, the guy who was working on my phone is going to be ok. I just thank my lucky stars it didn't happen while the phone was in my pocket or on my nightstand while we were sleeping or something.
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    Tonight was one of the ugliest NBA uniform matchups I have ever seen, possibly THE ugliest NBA matchup I have ever seen in my 20+ years of watching: Boston in their gray sleeved alternates at Indiana in their "Hickory" uniforms. Not only the ugliest, but possibly the most unnecessary and incongruous, which just adds to the actual ugliness.
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    Just finished this commission for someone... I think it was a Christmas present for a wife/GF...
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    I miss having the Super Bowl logo in the middle.
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    The Lansing Lugnuts do not need to dress like the Toronto Blue Jays. The Burlington Bees do not need to ditch yellow for red to mimic the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Chicago Wolves do not need to dress like the St. Louis Blues. The Kane County Cougars sure as hell do not need to dress like the Arizona Diamondbacks. You would do well to refrain from speaking in absolutes on your sartorial preferences.
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    Cousin's husband: "Why do they have to be some kind of Knights?" "The owner is really into West Point." "But if they said no, he should just find something else he's into and call them that." "Apparently that's all he's into." "Well apparently he's an idiot."
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    I wonder what the Padres would say if someone showed them those pics. Probably something about "studies show that those ideas suck" and "way too interesting for us" and "but how does that honor the military?"
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    Screw you guys, thanks to those ads I'm seeing a beautiful Russian lady.
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    "She will be missed" -Storm Trooper
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    I feel like it's almost a guarantee that the Pistons are changing their logo. It's been said they were waiting for Nike to come in, and now not only is Nike coming in, they're also moving back to Downtown Detroit. Perfect timing.
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    Alright here we go with the first team. Before I talk about the team I will talk about the uniforms throughout the league. The leagues main jersey and shoe supplier is Mizuno. The league will use sleeved jerseys and each team must have a home,away and alternate set. Each team will also have their own custom shoe that every player on the team must wear. So onto our first team, the Charlotte Royalty. I went with a very unique name for Charlotte and wanted to go this route because of the city's nickname(the queen city). I found this to be a perfect opportunity to use the crown that is always used as an icon for the city. No certain reason for the purple and silver color scheme but I thought that it fit the name. The home and away jerseys use some curved sleeve striping that also shows up down the side of the shorts. The alternate jersey uses a large secondary logo on the front with a sash design to fit the Royalty name and here is the court design So there is the first team, I'm glad to hear that I have got some people's attention and I would love some great C@C on this
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    Gaslamp ball did a mockup on what they say should be the Padres uniforms in 2018, and they look great! http://www.gaslampball.com/2016/12/16/13986836/how-to-bring-back-the-brown-in-2-years
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    Maybe the panhandle could be a covering in the front or back. Or, the schooner could be flipped over. EDIT: Maybe the horses? It would probably look weird AF but it could be worth a try.
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    Happy Holidays everyone! Since I'm at home for the next few weeks I have a chance to work on a new project. Inspired by 72freebie's awesome CHL series, I'm going to undertake a full rebrand of the Ontario Hockey League. Some of you might remember my NHL series, which isn't completely dead, but spending a lot of time in OHL barns this year has made me think about how outdated and often inexplicably weird a lot of their branding is. I really like older junior logos that are simpler and more to the point, without growling mascots or cartoons - the ones that stand the test of time. That's the style I'll be going for here. #1 - Barrie Colts The Barrie Colts have existed in the OHL for over 20 years, always with the same logo. While I applaud that consistency, their cartoon horse mark doesn't do it for me at all. The mascot looks on the verge of tears, and it suffers from unnecessary hockey stick syndrome. My new mark - undeniably inspired by the Montreal Canadiens - uses the horseshoe as a C and simplifies things a lot. Like the Habs, I chose not to use a distinct secondary logo and let the primary stand on its own. The secondary on the logo sheet is a jersey mark, and the tertiary is to be used on the pants as well as a possible future third jersey. As for the jerseys, Ontarians will notice that they might be more appropriate for a Kingston uniform, but the combo of navy red and gold looks best in my opinion without being diluted by white. I used the front stripe on the home jersey but chose to accent the arms instead of the chest on the aways. C & C appreciated as always. Next up, the Erie Otters.
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    And they did an even better impression than ASU themselves do!
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    Yeah, same. Conversation avec sister's boyfriend going to school for marketing, about Point #3 of mine up there: "Well, the league wanted Las Vegas and Seattle to buy new teams, but no one in Seattle wanted to buy one, so it was Las Vegas and Quebec, and the league didn't want Quebec." "But that's where hockey is from!" "I know, they want to go where hockey isn't from." "I guess that makes sense in theory but wouldn't they still want to go where they know it's popular?" If nothing else, it's reassuring to know that people who really like hockey but don't deep-dive into NHL stuff can figure this self-evident stuff out. Used to be a time when the diehardiest of diehards were the ones banging the drum for Quebec/Winnipeg/Hartford, now the hockey nerds are the ones who are like "NYEEEEEERRRG, Canada sucks, PK Subban is much better off in a state that once fought a war to preserve slavery, in a city whose primary industry is making music for racists"
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    While I haven't lived in Washington or Baltimore, I fully understand that they are separate cities, and that they are separated by much more than the 40 miles between them. I have visited each city on multiple occasions to explore it by bike. (Washington is a superb bicycling city, by the way!) And I once rode my bike all the way from New York to Washington, spending a day in Baltimore on the way. Anyway, the point is that a team in a major league typically has a huge catchment area, sometimes with a radius of hundreds of miles. You can find people who consider the St. Louis Cardinals or the Dallas Cowboys their home team (note: not just their favourite team, but their home team), yet who live far in excess of 100 miles away from those teams' parks. For Washington to have a Major League Baseball team again is very nice; but, if it didn't have a team, then that city would fall firmly within the Baltimore team's territory. And, likewise, when Baltimore doesn't have a team in any given league, that city is in the zone of the Washington team. In that particular area, this holds true for leagues of all sizes. Consider the MLL's Chesapeake Bayhawks (formerly both Baltimore Bayhawks and Washington Bayhawks), which is the home team for both cities and for every place in between. Honourable mention goes to the USFL's Baltimore Stars: having arrived from Philadelphia and being unable to find a place to play in Baltimore, this team played its home games just outside Washington in College Park; and its ownership saw no need to call the team anything but "Baltimore". Again, this does not mean that anyone thinks that Washington and Baltimore are the same culturally or any other way. It only reflects the fact that the two cities sit geographically close to one another. This is so wrong it's almost offensive. While no fans like to lose a team, the relocated team's act of retaining the name and uniforms pays a great homage to that team's history, which is something that the fans must appreciate. The Ravens can erect a statue of Johnny Unitas because he played in that city, and can elect not to give out no. 19; but the Colts honour the retired numbers of Unitas, Art Donovan, and Gino Marchetti. And rightfully so, since that is the team for which those players played. The uniform and name emphasise the team's continuity, and keep the memory of the team's entire history alive. (Example: Indianapolis native David Letterman wore an Art Donovan jersey to celebrate the Colts' appearance in the Super Bowl in 2007.) The Los Angeles Dodgers cemented their awareness of their history when they held a Roy Campanella Day in 1959, and when they proudly displayed their 1955 World Champions banner at their press conferences during that year's World Series. The Dodgers have in recent years worn the B cap several times, and always include the living Brooklyn players in their Old-Timers' Day celebrations. Try to tell Vin Scully that the Dodgers' Brooklyn history should be ignored. Try to tell that to Sandy Koufax. And I pity the fool who tries to tell that to Tommy Lasorda! The San Francisco Giants have never stopped basking in their New York history. Look at the cover of the team's 1983 yearbook. Look at the video that the team put out in 1987, called "A Tale of Two Cities". Look at their outfield wall, which lists John McGraw and Christy Mathewson with the retired numbers, but shows "NY" because those two men go back to before the existence of uniform numbers. Look at the Giants' GM Larry Baer, who issued a replacement 1954 World Series ring to Monte Irvin. Baer has brought the Giants' World Series trophy here to New York after each of the team's three recent wins, each time describing this city as the Giants' "ancestral home" and referring to the team as "the San Francisco, formerly New York, Giants". And under Baer the team contributed to the refurbishment of the John T. Brush Stairway at Coogan's Bluff, an outdoor stairway that once provided access to the Polo Grounds. You want to see the "classiest" move (putting aside this class-conscious proletarian's dislike of that descriptor)? Look at how the Dodgers and Giants treat their histories; that is the correct way to do it. The Chargers should be no less respectful; they should definitely not follow the terrible example of the Browns, a practice which shows a shameful contempt for history.
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    Thanks for the input guys! I'll look at possibly updating the jerseys, although I prefer the way the logo looks with the red chest stripe. #2 - Erie Otters If you thought the Colts had a messy identity... The Otters similarly have kept the same logo for two decades and it's even worse than the Colts'. The cartoon doesn't even look like an otter at all, there's a huge hockey stick and about 5 colours that blend like crazy. The jerseys are even worse; it's a shame that Connor McDavid had to wear a bucket-fill edge template for his dominant years in junior. Their gold third jersey, however, is actually pretty nice, and forms the basis of this set. For the logo, I went a lot simpler. Rendering an otter that doesn't just look cute is tough, and I went more for dignified. I added in a brighter blue as the third colour to gold and navy and used a more traditional template. Thanks guys, and keep the C&C coming!
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    Happened in Seattle with the Sonics. - Ownership tears apart team and is combative with naysayers - Ownership makes player interviews to local media very difficult - Ownership moves radio broadcasts to an obscure station no one knows - Ownership demands the public pay for a new arena - Ownership moves the team saying they tried everything they could but the community just wouldn't support the team
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    I'd rather make a million dollars doing it my way than make a billion dollars doing it anyone else's way.
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    I would really like to sit down and have an honest talk with whomever makes this decision within the organization. Get a real, candid, honest answer as to why they want navy/white vs navy/yellow or navy/orange or brown/yellow or brown/orange. Truly perplexing.
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    The incredible thing is that the alternate navy somehow isn't even their worst alternate.
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    Peach? Orange? Papaya? Mandarin? Well, at least, according to Nike, it's a fruit, so everybody was close: http://www.eastbay.com/product/model:268781/sku:54551417/jordan-extra-fly-mens/blue/red/ Deep Royal Blue/Bright Mango/Concord/Barely Volt
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    Smackdown is consistently and definitely destroying RAW, in storylines, in-ring action, characters and development... It's by FAR the best program WWE is putting out there right now, NXT included.
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    The black stripe on the black helmet is kind of odd. Minnesota did its best ASU impression at the Holiday Bowl against Washington State.
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    I get where you're coming from, but essentially requiring a team to abandon their look every time their affiliation changes is bad doctrine for two reasons. 1: Fanbase continuity. For those teams that are geographically near the parent organization, owned by them and have a local fanbase that generally also supports the parent organization, go for it. Memphis, Gwinnett, Pawtucket, even Louisville, go for it. For Nashville, Charlotte, Buffalo and other teams that have changed hands more than three times, you sacrifice creating a local identity and history for those fanbases to be proud of. All for an aesthetic tie-in that the majority of your fanbase couldn't care less about. Fans in Nashville don't care about looking like the A's, Brewers, or Pirates. 2: Taking a step backward. Say you have a team with beautiful uniforms based on team A. Their affiliation changes to a team that has a horrendous uniform set. Your doctrine leaves no room for them to keep their set, especially since it now looks like a different farm system. Overall, I'm more open to the idea if it is just uniform style and text, but parent clubs often force horrible color schemes for the identity, as part of the deal. Leaving room for it, where it works, but not applying it, as a hard doctrine, is best. Since this is a baseball thread, I'll leave it at that, and not go off into a tirade about how this irks me even more in minor league hockey.
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    They've been doing fine in San Diego until their owner via his mouthpiece Mark Fabiani decided to play scorched Earth with the city of San Diego. Now they're reaping the rewards of that policy and trying to make it look like it's San Diego's fault.
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    "Princess Leia" was always going to be the first line of her obituary, but there was so much more to Carrie Fisher than just Princess Leia and the Star Wars movies. It's a shame more people don't know that. R.I.P. Carrie. You were a real talent.
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    Another gem, from my sister. "What's going on with the Las Vegas team?" "They got their trademark denied. Some small university in upstate New York has the same name." "Don't they have lawyers to figure this stuff out?" "You would think." *she rolls her eyes*
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    My dad still doesn't understand why they only expanded by one team. "Why would they only expand by one team?" "Well they really didn't want to give Quebec a team." "Why?" "Well they don't want a team in a small, predominantly French, city." "But it was the only other bid." "Yeah." "That's stupid." He's not wrong.
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    The First School off the list are the Anchorage West HS Eagles. What I changed from the original uniform is more stripes on the shoulder. I also used a lighter orange than the team and recolored the 'A' logo from Black to Orange. Also on the Shoulder is the State of Alaska, but I don't know if I want to keep that there. Tell me what you guys think! C&C is appreciated.
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    a difference is that in the St. Louis and Dallas examples, there's pretty much nothing else around for a great distance, rather than the Baltimore / Wash example where Wash is a large city in its own right. If you're in some little trailer town in rural Texas, then Dallas would still be the center of the sphere of influence (for lack of a better term) and essentially "represent" Texas to you. Not so in Washington, or (just about) any other large / semi-large Northeast city (not sure about Hartford for example.)
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    To be nitpicky . . . because that's what we do here . . . 1969-2018 is the 50th Season, not the 50th Anniversary. Otherwise, that is a great looking patch, particularly in the fauxback/homage context.
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    Very well done. No brainer, but it seems Padres' management lack brains.
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    I don't believe this is a problem today. Hell, Brown seems to be one of the few colors Nike can actually make.
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    They could rename to the Vegas Gladys Knights featuring the Pips in the owners box...I'm sure Gladys would be willing to work out a resonable deal. Didn't Atlanta have a team called the Knights in the IHL years ago? I think the evidence is plainly clear that Foley and Company are about as competent to run a professional sports franchise as a particular Bloviator In Chief is to run the US Government. I never thought Foley would make the Magoof's look competent. SMDH.
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    Saw this on twitter That placement is really stupid.