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    Speaking of the Steelers, I love the rounded numbers and think they look immensely better than the old block ones.
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    Sorry for the late upload, but here are the two Los Angeles teams for today! First up are the Los Angeles Barons! Uniforms -Inspired by the suave baron of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian, these uniforms feature the color scheme of his iconic uniform. The color scheme is also inspired by nearby UCLA. -The script is elegant and smooth, and put in an arch so as to combine two different uniform elements into a unique set. -One of my favorite uniforms so far is the 2nd alternate, inspired by Lando's gold outfit. Lando has not yet appeared in any of the new movies, so no Force Awakens or Rogue One alternates. Next up are the Los Angeles Ghosts! Uniforms -These uniforms feature three different shades of blue, inspired by the appearance of force ghosts in Empire and Jedi. -Every element on each uniform gets lighter as it grows outward, so as to imitate the glow of a force ghost. -I thought the font, Harlow Solid Italic, worked really well because it's very smooth and graceful. -No force ghosts in Force Awakens or Rogue One, but I have a feeling we might see one or two in Episode VIII... I'd like to hear what you guys think about today's teams!
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    Why are y'all talking about pumpkin spice lattes?
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    The Steelers need to go back to block jersey numbers immediately. This is the most intimidating sports uniform of all time
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    Ah that makes things clearer. Also yeah I noticed that too. It's very strange. Btw, @hendocfc NYCFC looks gorgeous! They only change I would make is making the Adidas stripes orange or white on the jersey, for the shorts, the Dark Blue/Navy/*insert another dark shade of blue here* blue Adidas stripe works, but I personally would put orange. As for the socks...White is perfect for the stripes. Also as for the Pink Cows...er...I...uh mean Red Bulls, I agree with @Paul Lucas the "New York" from the Red Bulls . As for an unbiased view, lets get crazy! How about making the jersey have stripes like the Old Metrostars (RIP) but instead of Black and Red, how about Red and white( maybe with a yellow trim as well) and make the stripes go diagonal instead of vertical.
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    I miss having the Super Bowl logo in the middle.
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    I feel like it's almost a guarantee that the Pistons are changing their logo. It's been said they were waiting for Nike to come in, and now not only is Nike coming in, they're also moving back to Downtown Detroit. Perfect timing.
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    This season got off to a bit of a slow start, but it is finishing strong. Week 16 was another week of solid uniform match ups - and another week of really tough choices for the best list. As @the admiral predicted, one of this week's games is a contender for game of the year, there were a couple train wrecks, and for the first time, a game that made the best list based solely on the strength of a jersey. Put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play our game. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may vary. Best: 1. Colts - Raiders: The one thing that drives me nuts with these lists is being unable to find a picture that does justice to the game. This is one of those games. Anyway... A few weeks back, the admiral said to keep an eye on this one as a contender for game of the year. I'm thinking he was right. Two classic looks and an easy choice for the top spot this week. Every game should look this good. I wish I could have found a picture that does this game justice. 2. 49ers - Rams: I'm not as big a fan of the Rams throwbacks as most people are, but put the throwbacks in the sunshine matched up with the 49ers and I like them a whole lot more than I usually do. The drab dome lighting in St. Louis really sucked the life out of this great uniform. Maybe the poor lighting was my only issue with them. In any case, this was a great looking game. Put this one on the "any other week" list. 3. Vikings - Packers: Great looking match up of modern and traditional. Loved how the colors popped in this one - which is no mean feat in Green Bay in December. The Vikings should be on page one of any "this is how you modernize/update your uniform" manual. 4. Indigenous Peoples - Bears: At the start of this season, I didn't much care for Washington's white over burgundy combo. Fast forward to week 16 and here I am liking it quite a bit. It really works against the right teams and the Bears are one of those teams. Great looking game that would easily take the top spot in a week with less competition. 5. Steelers jersey: Can't say I cared for the monochrome black uniform, but the jersey was all sorts of awesome. I'd be the last person to suggest the Steelers change their current look, but if they wanted to wear this jersey full time, I wouldn't complain. Come up with some gold pants to match the jersey and dare I say it, the Steelers might look better than they already do. 6. Lions - Cowboys: Time for the Lions to make their weekly appearance. Good looking game. Worst: 1. Cardinals - Seahawks: Going back to the "this is how you modernize/update your uniform" manual, these two teams should be pages one and two in the "this is what you don't want to do" chapter. Seattle has some good looking combos and this one isn't any of them. The Cardinals need to read page one of the "this is how you modernize/update your uniform" manual and go from there. 2. Buccaneers - Saints: The Bucs look bad because they don't have a choice. The Saints chose to look this awful. That's it for this week. I hope you all are having a great holiday season. Thanks for taking a look.
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    "Cra", "cray", or "crae" is slang for "crazy", meaning good. While I like the block-numbered uniforms, the stylized font they currently use is now consistent with the helmet numbers (which have been stylized since at least the 60s). What slightly irks me with the Steelers is that the jersey numbers are italicized. Normalize them and I'd be 100% satisfied.
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    In fact, the original plan at MetLife was to have Giants and Jets logos at midfield during their respective home games. During training camp in the inaugural season of the new stadium (2010), before a single game was even played there, Domenik Hixon tore his ACL on a seam near the midfield logo. (link) Out went the idea of switching logos at midfield depending on the home team, and they decided to just use the NFL shield at midfield instead. Obviously makes converting the stadium from one team to another quicker as well. While I generally would prefer a team logo at midfield, I can excuse it at MetLife Stadium given the circumstances. Also helps that neither the Jets nor the Giants have logos that are terribly conducive to being placed as midfield (the Jets' oval logo would look awkward, though the Giants' "ny" logo would probably look okay). Outside of that situation, though, I really wish the Panthers' would put their logo at midfield, especially because it would align so much better with the end zones and seat color. And I really wish the NFL would go back to using the Super Bowl logo at midfield - put the shields at the 25 yard line if you must, but the event logo should be front-and-center.
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    The Ravens primary looks are really nice. They should stick to the basic purple over white and all white and throw the rest in the trash. The occasional black alternate jersey over white would be OK too.
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    I just spoke with a friend who lives about an hour from NOLA. He and his wife liked to catch the occasional Zephyrs game. He swears that they will continue to cheer "Let's go Zephyrs," come hell or high water.
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    Cousin's husband: "Why do they have to be some kind of Knights?" "The owner is really into West Point." "But if they said no, he should just find something else he's into and call them that." "Apparently that's all he's into." "Well apparently he's an idiot."
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    Another gem, from my sister. "What's going on with the Las Vegas team?" "They got their trademark denied. Some small university in upstate New York has the same name." "Don't they have lawyers to figure this stuff out?" "You would think." *she rolls her eyes*
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    Yeah, same. Conversation avec sister's boyfriend going to school for marketing, about Point #3 of mine up there: "Well, the league wanted Las Vegas and Seattle to buy new teams, but no one in Seattle wanted to buy one, so it was Las Vegas and Quebec, and the league didn't want Quebec." "But that's where hockey is from!" "I know, they want to go where hockey isn't from." "I guess that makes sense in theory but wouldn't they still want to go where they know it's popular?" If nothing else, it's reassuring to know that people who really like hockey but don't deep-dive into NHL stuff can figure this self-evident stuff out. Used to be a time when the diehardiest of diehards were the ones banging the drum for Quebec/Winnipeg/Hartford, now the hockey nerds are the ones who are like "NYEEEEEERRRG, Canada sucks, PK Subban is much better off in a state that once fought a war to preserve slavery, in a city whose primary industry is making music for racists"
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    My dad still doesn't understand why they only expanded by one team. "Why would they only expand by one team?" "Well they really didn't want to give Quebec a team." "Why?" "Well they don't want a team in a small, predominantly French, city." "But it was the only other bid." "Yeah." "That's stupid." He's not wrong.
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    Does this count as DIY? I made these for my LSU alum brothers. They have Tulane grads over all the time.
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    That Indians' set blew hard. It took a classic set and made it worse in pretty much every way. The addition of silver (which looked white on the jersey numbers from a distance). The shrinking of Wahoo on the caps, the triple-outline Wahoo on the sleeves. The swapping red for navy piping on the homes (which persists today). The forcing silver into the sleeve piping so it didn't match the plackets. Maybe the worst of it was the change to the lighter navy caps. The lighter navy absolutely doesn't look good with red. and the caps suffered big time with that switch. Luckily, they switched back to the dark navy on all caps a year or two ago. I've said it before, but the '90s Indians set was pretty much perfection. Their current set is every bit the Sabres/76ers/Suns "We made a mistake, so we'll go back to the great look we had. Except we'll change it in several inane ways to make it worse than that set just to say we're different." The Mets are the only recent team I can think of which was smart enough to go full-sail back to a previous great set without "modernizing" it in some stupid way. Teams shouldn't be afraid to go back to something which was great.
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    . . . except it appears that it was never actually worn as a game cap. At most, it might have been a batting helmet, but I don't think that's clear either. Anything is better than the O's cap. See above. I just quoted this post to show the picture. It is a great looking hat. However, as noted above, it apparently only exists now because Buck Showalter took a liking to it, not because it was previously used as a game hat. That is correct . . . but the Expos and Braves had one before the Orioles.
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    Start spreading the news... I'm back today... New York... New York... OK,I'm going to let you cringe freely for a few seconds,and now we move on to the New Yorkers. First up the blue part of New York,the one that actually is there. So... NYCFC. The shirt itself has a gradient from a sky blue shirt to white shorts; the gradient is made up of five blocks representing NY's five boroughs. The back of the shirt is solid blue. White shorts and navy blue socks complete the ensemble; I originally used orange socks but I found out that I couldn't place orange anywhere on the kit without making it look like someone let their 5-year-old and some crayons free in Adidas' design offices. So I,naturally,switched it to navy blue. Why navy blue you ask? Because... erm... I don't have a reason,I just thought it looked good. I'm open to suggestions. The left sleeve cuff features a graphic with the abbreviations of the 5 boroughs,taken from their neck tape contest thing. The back neck features the "This City Never Sleeps" sign-off from this year's change top. So we move on to the red part of NYC. Or should I say New Jersey? Anyway,the New York Red Bulls... the shirt itself features a PSG/Ajax Amsterdam-ish look; a broad central red stripe bordered in gold. I know some of you are going to say it looks like the Philadelphia Union... let's say I didn't take that into consideration. The stripe was originally thinner,to the right and housed the Red Bull logo; however,I thought Red Bull themselves wouldn't want people to risk snapping their necks in order to figure out what that logo was; see,they need customers! Anyway,not much else to comment here,red shorts and white socks completing the kit and the back features the "New York Red Bulls" wordmark. Yes,there intentionally is no crest on the shorts. Next up: Philadelphia Union... hopefully without a Bruce Springsteen reference.
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    Great Grandfather's 1946 World Series Ring. He was the manager of St. Louis Cardinals in 1940s. Eddie Dyer. My uncle gave it to me for my college graduation gift. Had it for 4 years. Over 70 years old. Cardinals have been my favorite team since I was 6 because of him. - Jack Link: To Contest The local radio station is running a Show and Tell contest and one of the entries is a 1946 World Series Ring. /edit: No, that's not me.
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    Little break there, but we're back at it. CBS: Honestly, I don't have much reasoning behind this. I just felt like this looks like a CBS team.
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