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    Let me know how it turns out, because NBCSN's busy running a marathon of "Poker After Dark" reruns Saturday night.
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    Next up is the logos for the Las Vegas Venom. I went with a scorpion theme for this desert city and I wanted a unique name to go with it. I think that Venom just sounds cool and is a lot more exciting than just calling them the scorpions. The colors are sand,orange and black and the secondary and wordmark are also scorpion themed.
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    Do you think there could be a change to something that looks like the Color Rush jerseys? A mesh of old school and their current look/colors?
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    I can't stand what Oklahoma State has done to their look. They looked like a movie football team tonight particularly with the helmets. Seems like it's been years since they've worn the all white helmets that we're used to seeing with Ok State. Or worn orange for that matter. Their original rebrand with Weeden/Hunter/Blackmon was awesome. But this last one is awful. Every time I see them on tv, Oklahoma State is never my first guess on who is playing.
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    I think that's exactly it. The goal being to promote the idea of road tripping to watch games in different parks in either Arizona or Florida. Fans and teams alike traveling by highway to the games.
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    It's the end of the year. Many teams do this to stock for the next season.
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    I'm so torn on this topic. I love the old OC template, but the current set has all the success. My happy medium would be the color rush tops with white pants and the current helmet. No changes to the helmet, please.
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    re: The Belk Bowl VA Tech would look so much better with stripes on their pants.
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    I'm going to take a random guess...they use the highway shield because teams don't fly during spring training.(?) If I have it correct, everything is by bus.
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    I couldn't disagree more: I actually think that the Steelers have the best stripes in the NFL. The way the gold and white play off of one another, without ever touching, is perfect. The Steelers have perfected the white/gold color balance. All they need is to go back to block numbers, and they'll be all set.
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    After Denver's color rush game my dad asked me to show him what a uniform package based those uniforms would look like. This is what I came up with. First concept I've posted here.
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    I know we've seen all our success with Robohorse, but I wish they'd bring back the D. Hopefully we don't get anything like the Browns and get something similar to the color rush.
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    The Florida teams seem to have picked up a bunch of 'washed up' All-Stars over the years. Some more shocking then others. Maybe it's Florida's no income tax or the chance to play with Orlando's Shaq & Penny or Miami's Shaq & D-Wade or Big Three. Here are some former All-Stars in Magic uniforms later in their careers (with the exception of Big Ben of course ... still odd seeing him in any uniform other than Detroit).
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    Northwestern looked good as they have all year.Pittsburgh on the other hand....
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    Welcome to following the Chargers... They're a contender for most poorly managed sports team in North America. Top 3 for sure. Their ownership is short sighted, cheap, completely out of tune with their market, delusional, has no clue how to win (on or off field), and frankly if they did nothing it would be an improvement over their current management scheme.
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    First up is Ohio State. I really enjoyed the jerseys that the Buckeyes wore against Michigan in The Game this year. The helmet was a cool look for them, but something was off about the uniform as a whole. It seemed like there should be something else on the helmet, and the helmet didn't really match the pants. It was a good concept that wasn't really executed very well. I decided that I wanted to come up with a better looking concept using the helmet and creating a different set of pants for the uniform. Here is what I came up with. I kept the jersey and socks the same. The first big change I made was with the helmet. The side helmet decal is a large modified version of the buckeye stickers worn on the normal helmets. "Ohio" is spelt out across the back of the helmet, reminiscent of the Maryland Pride helmets that the Terps wear. The pants are the other modification. Instead of their silver color, they match the helmet. They are also emblazoned with an outline of the state of Ohio. This uniform is my take on a pride uniform, only to be worn in big occasions like The Game. It is crisp and classic, staying true to Ohio State's identity while changing up some elements of the jersey. All C&C is greatly appreciated. Suggest schools that I should take on next below!
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    I'm kinda surprised Pitt didn't go navy/white/white...Yankee Stadium and all...
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    And they did an even better impression than ASU themselves do!
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    The Lansing Lugnuts do not need to dress like the Toronto Blue Jays. The Burlington Bees do not need to ditch yellow for red to mimic the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Chicago Wolves do not need to dress like the St. Louis Blues. The Kane County Cougars sure as hell do not need to dress like the Arizona Diamondbacks. You would do well to refrain from speaking in absolutes on your sartorial preferences.
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    I have spent the past few days listening to and watching broadcasts of baseball games from the 1930s through to the 1980s. While I was looking around on YouTube, I came across this, a telecast of an International League game between Syracuse and Columbus from 1992. Beautiful! This is exactly what a minor-league baseball game should look like -- anyone can see at a glance that it's a Blue Jays affiliate against a Yankees affiliate. (The block numbers on the Columbus uniforms don't look as good as varsity numbers would. But the uniform as a whole clearly succeeds in conveying the look of the Yankees.) And this broadcast further demonstrates that the Syracuse Chiefs of that period were the best-dressed minor-league team of all time. A couple of years later, upon the switch to button-downs and belts, they would achieve perfection. I really cannot praise these Syracuse uniforms enough. Not only are they beautiful in their own right, but they also demonstrate an important design principle, namely, the importance of looking like the organisation that you represent. Finally, uniforms such as these allow players to look like professionals, and to present themselves with dignity.
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    that is an interesting point, the Monster logo replacing the driver names. i hope it doesn't stay that way, but if it does Monster really made out on this deal. that's not something i think should have been sold to Monster–it takes away from the raceday experience. meaning, for a casual Nascar fan like myself, i find it very helpful to have the driver names there as guys switch rides and run multiple liveries each year
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    And now that Bud Adams is in the grave, the Texans execs should reach out to the Titans to work out a Charlotte Hornets-style deal for the Houston Oilers' return.
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    USA! USA! USA! USA! Seriously though, besides the stars & stripes, for some reason, I've always like Great Britain's Union Jack: I'm also a fan of the state flag of Tennessee:
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