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    Let me know how it turns out, because NBCSN's busy running a marathon of "Poker After Dark" reruns Saturday night.
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    Hey Guys, I decided to take another route redesigning the Wallabies Logo. I took some inspiration from the kangaroo on the team's coat of arms. But it still feels as if something is missing. The yellow background is what it'd look like on a guernsey.
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    A year ago, the Indiana Pacers purchased the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the D-League. Since many NBA teams have put their brand identity stamp on their respective D-League teams (e.g. Bulls, Spurs, Raptors), I decided to do the same with the Pacers: the Fort Wayne Mad Ants have become the Summit City Pacers. Why did I choose Summit City instead of Fort Wayne? Two reasons: Firstly, I didn't want to call them "Fort Wayne Pacers" because that sounds too much like "Fort Wayne Pistons" – and they existed from 1948-57. And secondly, because it's one of Fort Wayne's nicknames (when the Wabash and Erie canal was constructed, the highest point, summit, on the canal was at Fort Wayne). I think it also kind of sounds nice.
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    The Broncos should of stayed with navy as the primary Jersey instead of orange and should wear navy pants on the road instead of white.
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    Next up is the logos for the Las Vegas Venom. I went with a scorpion theme for this desert city and I wanted a unique name to go with it. I think that Venom just sounds cool and is a lot more exciting than just calling them the scorpions. The colors are sand,orange and black and the secondary and wordmark are also scorpion themed.
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    Do you think there could be a change to something that looks like the Color Rush jerseys? A mesh of old school and their current look/colors?
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    As for me being on the uniform good guy team, I'm glad this happened. It protects piracy and keeps knockoff work out of here. I've never even considered buying one because I'm so anal about the little nuisances that are incorrect. The devil on my shoulder says 1. How are you going to stop all counterfeit websites? 2. Why are you feeling bad for billionaires losing money? And 3. If they didn't charge upwards of $500 for an authentic or $150 for a half ass replica, they wouldn't have this big of a problem.
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    I couldn't disagree any more. The D is ok as an alt logo, but the horse head is VASTLY superior to the D. Honestly, the Broncos really aren't that far away from looking totally iconic. If they brought back the navy jersey as the full time home, tweaked the side stripes just a bit, and added just a bit more red to their orange (The color rush set seems to do this), they'd be perfect.
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    With apologies to the late Douglas Adams: "Ah. This is obviously some strange usage of the word 'fantastic' that I wasn't previously aware of."
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    The shield is also the shape of US Route signs, not Interstate signs. My thought (guess?) is that the US Route shield is a bit of shorthand for "Road Trip!"* * -- Interesting(?) side note -- If you do a Google Image Search for "road trip", the vast majority of the images are of old school two lane roads (with lots of deserts) rather than Interstate highways.
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    Hey Blue Jackets fans, stop being excited about our first good team ever. We haven't won as many Stanley Cups as the Penguins.
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    I can't stand what Oklahoma State has done to their look. They looked like a movie football team tonight particularly with the helmets. Seems like it's been years since they've worn the all white helmets that we're used to seeing with Ok State. Or worn orange for that matter. Their original rebrand with Weeden/Hunter/Blackmon was awesome. But this last one is awful. Every time I see them on tv, Oklahoma State is never my first guess on who is playing.
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    Why do people want the Broncos to be a primarily navy team? NFL has a plethora of navy teams. If I counted correctly, there are 8 teams with navy as its primary color. The Broncos should own the orange.
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    As a Jaguar fan, I pushed him far out of my memory.
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    The White Sox's 1990 redesign was a genuine trendsetter, producing two clones (or teams that evolved into clones): Heck, the Rockies and Marlins both got a bit cheeky with their inspirations: The elements of their design also profligated throughout baseball in the 1990's (i.e. re-emphasized pinstripes, block standard font largely replacing Wilson's varsity font, and black/silver accents dominating design): You could argue that there were once many "White Sox clones," but the design cues of that 1990 redesign have faded from popularity. Also, just because I have this damn thing on standby: Doesn't that reduce the White Sox-ness of the design?
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    I personally don't like Michigan with pride stickers on their helmets. With as much space as the maize wings/wolverine stripe takes up, pride stickers just seem unnecessary.
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    Here are today's two teams, who definitely have two different methodologies about life in the galaxy! First up are the Minnesota Jedi! Uniforms -The Jedi are my absolute favorite characters in Star Wars, so hopefully this set does them justice. -The colors are based off of the two main lightsaber colors, bright blue and green, which also work well with Minnesota's 10,000 lakes and overall nature feel. -Sand and brown are added as accents based off of the Jedi robes. -The home uniform features an off-white look in order to be more natural and aged if you will. The away is all sand to be like Jedi robes. -The striping is white in the middle and bordered by the two common lightsaber colors on the respective sides. -The font is the one used in the branding of the prequel trilogy, which featured many more Jedi and I chose it because of the stoic, traditional feel it has. -The Force Awakens alternate is based off of Luke's outfit seen as the literal cliffhanger of the movie. -During the time of Rogue One, the Jedi are obsolete and have been banished from existence, so this alternate reflects that by being based off of the one fallen Jedi statue seen in the movie and in trailers. Up now is the New York Empire! Uniforms -I promise this set is not in any way based off of any real life team nicknamed the "Evil Empire"... -The Empire set features a pinstripe home uniform, with the Imperial insignia as the main logo and black and gray as the main colors, with red as an accent. -The number and wordmark font is from the Shadows of the Empire project, and perfectly matches the evil, menacing look of the Imperials. -A black alternate is added to complete the look. -The Empire was (spoiler) defeated at the end of Return of the Jedi, so no Force Awakens alternate. -However, the Empire is at the height of its power and has an enormous presence in Rogue One, of which the alternate is based on the main villain Director Krennic's uniform. The look is completed with a white hat. I'd love to hear what anyone thinks about the series so far!
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    Just purchased this Dalton jersey at a store for $20. It has embroidered numbers and looks like an on-field cut. Any idea where this jersey is from?
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    Those were such great uniforms. I wasn't as keyed in on uniforms at the time and they wore them so often that I fully believed they had gone through with a full on rebranding. That was a few years after the Jets had gone back to their 1960's uniforms so there was precedent for it. I very much doubt the league would allow a team to play a full season in a throwback uniform ever again. In 94 a few teams just decided to keep on wearing the throwbacks even after the designated anniversary period was over and that includes the 49ers who wore their throwbacks in the GD Super Bowl. That would never fly today.
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    Let's start off with the reigning champs, Cieux City Cieux City are considered one of the two historical powerhouses of Vorticoan football, being extremely successful in the defunct Ligue Nord, they continued their form over into the Championnat and have managed to win the title a record 8 times. The city of Cieux is located on the banks of the Great Lake among many other smaller cities and towns, however despite these local derbies many fans consider Lavoisie FC to be the arch-rivals due to the two being the most successful clubs in Vorticoa. Winning their eighth title last season earned them a new sponsorship deal with Hyundai and they've been with kit manufacturers Under Armour since 2011. Jon Fonseca is one of the high caliber players in the league who re-joint the champions in the off season after spending time in other European leagues, he chose the number 21 for two reasons, firstly that was his age when he first won the league with Cieux and secondly the same number was worn for Cieux City by club legend Bruce Saymak. All C&C is Welcome
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    I think that's exactly it. The goal being to promote the idea of road tripping to watch games in different parks in either Arizona or Florida. Fans and teams alike traveling by highway to the games.
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    It's the end of the year. Many teams do this to stock for the next season.
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    I'm so torn on this topic. I love the old OC template, but the current set has all the success. My happy medium would be the color rush tops with white pants and the current helmet. No changes to the helmet, please.
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    re: The Belk Bowl VA Tech would look so much better with stripes on their pants.
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    I'm going to take a random guess...they use the highway shield because teams don't fly during spring training.(?) If I have it correct, everything is by bus.
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    I couldn't disagree more: I actually think that the Steelers have the best stripes in the NFL. The way the gold and white play off of one another, without ever touching, is perfect. The Steelers have perfected the white/gold color balance. All they need is to go back to block numbers, and they'll be all set.
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    After Denver's color rush game my dad asked me to show him what a uniform package based those uniforms would look like. This is what I came up with. First concept I've posted here.
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    I don't mind short-run dynasties. The Cowboys, Broncos and Bulls of the 90s, the Yankees and Red Wings of the 90s/early 2000s, and even the early 2000s Patriots were fun in their own ways. The problem is those other teams had the decency to bottom out (or at least miss the playoffs some times). The Pats, however, have won their damn division every year but two since 2001. This Patriots run hasn't been seen since, I don't know, the Boston Celtics when there were just six teams. It's an unprecedented run, and sucks if you root for a team they whip twice a year (Bills) or in the Super Bowl (Hawks). Plus they're dirty cheaters, and they even beat their punishment. They're so frustrating. Plus Bill Simmons is an ass about them. Plus Belichick's politics.
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    Much better than your first go at it. I feel like you fixed everything that needed fixing. No complaints here.
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    I've said for years that the Palmer Moose should have an antler on the helmet instead of the "P" they currently have, I know a player on the team currently and he agrees. Both my parents went to West back in the day and even when I lived up there, I never heard people call it "Anchorage West" or "Anchorage East", just "West Anchorage" and "East Anchorage". Other than these comments, I think you did an overall good job so far.
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    Wow Houston couldn't win with 2 chances at the playoffs this year, it's understandable though I would be pretty beat up in the second game in two days. (I know you meant Miami for one of the games)
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    I know we've seen all our success with Robohorse, but I wish they'd bring back the D. Hopefully we don't get anything like the Browns and get something similar to the color rush.
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    The Florida teams seem to have picked up a bunch of 'washed up' All-Stars over the years. Some more shocking then others. Maybe it's Florida's no income tax or the chance to play with Orlando's Shaq & Penny or Miami's Shaq & D-Wade or Big Three. Here are some former All-Stars in Magic uniforms later in their careers (with the exception of Big Ben of course ... still odd seeing him in any uniform other than Detroit).
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    Northwestern looked good as they have all year.Pittsburgh on the other hand....
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    Welcome to following the Chargers... They're a contender for most poorly managed sports team in North America. Top 3 for sure. Their ownership is short sighted, cheap, completely out of tune with their market, delusional, has no clue how to win (on or off field), and frankly if they did nothing it would be an improvement over their current management scheme.
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    First up is Ohio State. I really enjoyed the jerseys that the Buckeyes wore against Michigan in The Game this year. The helmet was a cool look for them, but something was off about the uniform as a whole. It seemed like there should be something else on the helmet, and the helmet didn't really match the pants. It was a good concept that wasn't really executed very well. I decided that I wanted to come up with a better looking concept using the helmet and creating a different set of pants for the uniform. Here is what I came up with. I kept the jersey and socks the same. The first big change I made was with the helmet. The side helmet decal is a large modified version of the buckeye stickers worn on the normal helmets. "Ohio" is spelt out across the back of the helmet, reminiscent of the Maryland Pride helmets that the Terps wear. The pants are the other modification. Instead of their silver color, they match the helmet. They are also emblazoned with an outline of the state of Ohio. This uniform is my take on a pride uniform, only to be worn in big occasions like The Game. It is crisp and classic, staying true to Ohio State's identity while changing up some elements of the jersey. All C&C is greatly appreciated. Suggest schools that I should take on next below!
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    I'm kinda surprised Pitt didn't go navy/white/white...Yankee Stadium and all...
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    And they did an even better impression than ASU themselves do!
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    The Lansing Lugnuts do not need to dress like the Toronto Blue Jays. The Burlington Bees do not need to ditch yellow for red to mimic the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Chicago Wolves do not need to dress like the St. Louis Blues. The Kane County Cougars sure as hell do not need to dress like the Arizona Diamondbacks. You would do well to refrain from speaking in absolutes on your sartorial preferences.
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    I have spent the past few days listening to and watching broadcasts of baseball games from the 1930s through to the 1980s. While I was looking around on YouTube, I came across this, a telecast of an International League game between Syracuse and Columbus from 1992. Beautiful! This is exactly what a minor-league baseball game should look like -- anyone can see at a glance that it's a Blue Jays affiliate against a Yankees affiliate. (The block numbers on the Columbus uniforms don't look as good as varsity numbers would. But the uniform as a whole clearly succeeds in conveying the look of the Yankees.) And this broadcast further demonstrates that the Syracuse Chiefs of that period were the best-dressed minor-league team of all time. A couple of years later, upon the switch to button-downs and belts, they would achieve perfection. I really cannot praise these Syracuse uniforms enough. Not only are they beautiful in their own right, but they also demonstrate an important design principle, namely, the importance of looking like the organisation that you represent. Finally, uniforms such as these allow players to look like professionals, and to present themselves with dignity.
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    that is an interesting point, the Monster logo replacing the driver names. i hope it doesn't stay that way, but if it does Monster really made out on this deal. that's not something i think should have been sold to Monster–it takes away from the raceday experience. meaning, for a casual Nascar fan like myself, i find it very helpful to have the driver names there as guys switch rides and run multiple liveries each year
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    And now that Bud Adams is in the grave, the Texans execs should reach out to the Titans to work out a Charlotte Hornets-style deal for the Houston Oilers' return.
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    USA! USA! USA! USA! Seriously though, besides the stars & stripes, for some reason, I've always like Great Britain's Union Jack: I'm also a fan of the state flag of Tennessee:
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