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    Anyone clamoring for 16 team playoff can stand over there. Way. Way. Over there. No. Further.
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    it sickens me in a way that people know the marketing names of templates. Nike has won. I get that it started (I think) with Edge, but that was more of a "system" comprised of several templates and a new material / cut.
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    Should have known that a team that couldn't win their own division or conference would take it up the shorts.....
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    Fake or not, that's a beautiful uniform. Love the shoulder yoke.
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    As for me being on the uniform good guy team, I'm glad this happened. It protects piracy and keeps knockoff work out of here. I've never even considered buying one because I'm so anal about the little nuisances that are incorrect. The devil on my shoulder says 1. How are you going to stop all counterfeit websites? 2. Why are you feeling bad for billionaires losing money? And 3. If they didn't charge upwards of $500 for an authentic or $150 for a half ass replica, they wouldn't have this big of a problem.
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    I don't know why, but something on the dog head logo makes me think cat instead. Maybe the eye is a little too narrow or something in the mouth is throwing it off
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    Yep. It's good for them but the Yorks running the team will never let them be a success.
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    not sure if this was already posted but here's 98 jets vs (Tennessee) Oilers.
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    Quoiting myself just to share this pic... take notes, Nike:
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    Alabama sucks the fun out of college football. They're like the Patriots of CF.
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    Yeah, this. The jerseys are that expensive because that's what the market will bear. The mere presence of counterfeiters doesn't signify much of anything. Drop the price of authentics to $30 and there'll still be those who buy $20 fakes.
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    I haven't followed sports in years so I hope I'm not too outdated here. I'm assuming these teams are all still around. Stanley Cup= Hartford Whalers NBA Championship= Seattle Supersonics World Series= Montreal Expos Super Bowl = Baltimore Colts
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    Those were such great uniforms. I wasn't as keyed in on uniforms at the time and they wore them so often that I fully believed they had gone through with a full on rebranding. That was a few years after the Jets had gone back to their 1960's uniforms so there was precedent for it. I very much doubt the league would allow a team to play a full season in a throwback uniform ever again. In 94 a few teams just decided to keep on wearing the throwbacks even after the designated anniversary period was over and that includes the 49ers who wore their throwbacks in the GD Super Bowl. That would never fly today.
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    Hey Guys, I decided to take another route redesigning the Wallabies Logo. I took some inspiration from the kangaroo on the team's coat of arms. But it still feels as if something is missing. The yellow background is what it'd look like on a guernsey.
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    That is one gorgeous color on color matchup...
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    Next up is the Montreal Nationaux or Nationals. I went French name because I think that it still sound good and t would represent the province and city better. The Logo is fairly simple. Just an M with a stylized maple leaf i the background and a volleyball. The maroon color comes from the old Montreal Maroons Color scheme and the light blue is there because I thought it went well as an accent color with the maroon.
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    Hoping Maryland goes back to the white pennant helmets. That's the best helmet they've had in recent years.
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    I'm kind of being a traditionalist here, but the oilers jersey would be a great alternate, but not a primary. Switching the blue and orange would be a great jersey. For the second set, I have no complaints. Good stuff.
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    Why do people want the Broncos to be a primarily navy team? NFL has a plethora of navy teams. If I counted correctly, there are 8 teams with navy as its primary color. The Broncos should own the orange.
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    Now, for a hopefully less offensive concept, the University of Hawaii. Hawaii's old throwback uniforms are probably the best jerseys in college football history. They're crisp, unique, and have great tradition and history behind them. Their current uniforms are nice too, but I think their old set just stands out more and has more character. I set out to modernize the throwback uniforms for Hawaii to use as their full time set. I wanted to mix some of the current Hawaii logos and elements while mostly readopting the rainbow design. Here is the jersey I came up with. Starting with the helmet, I liked the look of a white helmet for the set but didn't really like the retro UH logo. I had a lot of different designs, but I went with a rainbow design on the bottom similar to the Navy Dress Whites alternate uniform from a few years back, with a Hawaii H logo on the sides. I felt like this represented both sides of the program's history in a pretty modern and unique way. Next, the jersey. I used the shade of green Hawaii currently uses instead of a brighter kelley green. As sleevecaps are becoming more and more popular, I moved the rainbow pattern to the sleeves. The numbers are white in a classic typeface. The pants are a simple white, with a half rainbow stripe design. The socks are green, featuring a rainbow pattern on the back. Overall, the uniform incorporates both modern and retro looks to bring both eras of Hawaii football together. C&C and suggestions for teams to design much appreciated.
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    Another one from Blitz '99: Arizona with black facemasks vs Baltimore in mythical purple pants!
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    No way?! The next Raw? Couldn't they have just waited till that Raw? Too funny! Really interesting stuff though, thanks for posting the link to that video.
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