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    It has been years since I've posted on here but, I Just wanted to say congratulations to a former poster on this site. Troy Grosenick his username is lets_go_red not only did he record a shutout in his NHL debut last year, but he is in the ahl all-star game tomorrow. You can see him right now in the skills competition. Way to go Troy!
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    And you see where that type of thinking gets you... a few years back, the Buccaneers "refined" their jerseys into a steaming pile of crap.
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    I think that Senators is vague enough that it can basically apply as "Ottawa HC." I think the best look for them would be to go red instead of black on the barberpole, ditch vintage white, and put the profile senator on the front. Like this:
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    I like seeing colored alternates against each other in baseball, as long as they are different enough from one another where they can be appealing to the eye.
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    That's not how this works here. YOU design the concept and WE offer comments and criticism to help you get better.
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    Best 49ers uniform of all time. And I equate that more with latter-day Steve Young and the Garcia/Owens TD machine connection than I do sad days that followed. Plus outside of the Super Bowl run with Kaepernick, it's not like the new/old set is equated with any great success.
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    That's nice, but I want to see them bring back the classic stripes. Blue/white/blue.
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    I was thinking the same thing. The old wordmark had a few visual connections with the jersey number font... You can see it mostly in the bite/clawmark/notch in the upper corner. If it's gone from the wordmark you'd expect it to be gone from the numbers also. As to the hint you're getting of the small curved point on the Vikings' number font, I agree. Here's a comparison... Count me in as someone who is very glad to see the black gone. Unnecessary IMO. Damn! I love to be a member of this board when an NFL team announces an upcoming change. RAMP UP THE UNFOUNDED SPECULATION!!! YEEEHAW!
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    Unpopular opinion: I'm going to miss the black. It was a nice update, and their most recent set was really good.
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    I like the Lions ditching the black and I don't mind the new wordmark, it's not great but I hated their old one and the number font that mimicked it. That font ruined their jerseys for me. Might just be the nostalgia talking but I wouldn't mind if they brought back this wordmark:
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    Why can't you let fun and happiness into your heart?
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    Hi, Happy new year to y'all , I don't know if I post my thread on the right place. I really like the graphic posters, since I've seen some I wanted to try to do one! after practicing for days and few tutorials I come to u guys with this..... Tell me what u think about it French lad!
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    It seems the Lions are getting a new look together, and this is what I'd like to see...
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    We don't need a political thread. There are about eleventy billion other places to talk politics. The only reason the last political thread stuck around (and it was never intended to be a political thread*) was because by some miracle we managed to stay civil for a while. *admiral titled the thread in French and no one understood the reference.
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    Before this thread gets fully Padre-jacked, I'd say that this uniform style has received a small degree of rehabilitation over the years: I would say that the renewal of interest in this Lightning uniform set is partially due to the backlash towards the current "Maple Wings" set, memories of the 2004 Stanely Cup team, and its relatively unique colorway in the NHL (black/white/blue/silver). It's not particularly good-looking, but its reputation has improved.
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    Now we've got one that's been sitting in the vault for a while: Calgary. In another rivalry matchup we have the Swap of Alberta, and the Flames in the style of the Oilers. This one is pretty self explanatory, I just recreated the typography inside the circle, and the oil drop turns into a flame. C&C appreciated as always!
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    Hello Everyone and welcome to my brand new project. The National Volleyball League I have been planning this project out since mid July and I am so excited to finally start it. Basically what this is, is a world where Volleyball is one of the most popular sports n North America and there is a 30 team processional mens league that spans through United States and Canada. It is basically the volleyball version of the NBA,NFL,MLB and NHL. I personally play high school volleyball and I absolutely love it. I always love watching Volleyball in the Olympics and I think that it is a thoroughly enjoyable game to watch. I think a major league in volleyball would be amazing and I wanted to bring my ideas to life on these boards. this will be a big change of pace for me as I am creating all original logos and uniforms for all 30 franchises. This is by far my most ambitious project that have ever done but I really feel like I am up for it. So here we go with the title page for the league. This title page features the official league logo which features a silhouette of a player smashing a volleyball. The NVL abbreviation follows with the shield design and the two blue lines beside the player represent the borders of a volleyball court. The red, blue and white color scheme follows the NFL,NBA and MLB because I felt that it should really feel like it is an elite league like those ones. The league wordmark is below the logo and is fairly simple but uses a powerful font. The 30 teams are shown on the side of the page in their 5 teams divisions and conferences. The Easter and Western Conference logos are shown at the top to show what conference each team will play in. I chose 8 Canadian cities and 22 American cities for this league. Volleyball is very big where I come form and I think that Canada would do well with 8 teams in this league. Here is also a bigger version of the Eastern and Western conference logos These logos go together well as they point opposite ways and have opposite gradients and colors. I really like how these turned out and I hope you guys like them. So there is the introduction to the league. The first team is already finished and I may post it later tonight. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this idea because I know that it will be fairly unique for these boards as volleyball is not brought up very much. Each team will be posted with logos, jerseys and a court. Without further ado, I officially declare this project started.
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    Yesterday I looked through all the Boston Red Sox logos here on CCSL and realized that I never really liked the club's alternate circular logo. I've never been a fan of the two red sox which have become the primary mark back in 2009 – although it's pretty comprehensible (I wish the "B" would become their primary one day). I'm also not happy with the dominance of the color white in that logo. However, I decided to ditch the sox and replace it with the very famous and popular "B". I created two versions, a navy- and a red-heavy logo. I didn't change the basic design of the original mark from 2009, simply because it's a classic. Link to the current circular logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/0bzkkgggeec16jy2ktp8jl7ej/Boston_Red_Sox/2009/Alternate_Logo
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    Conan: Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that the Philadelphia Eagles go back to Kelly Green & Silver... That's what's important! Kelly Green pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me Kelly Green and Silver Eagles uniforms! And if you do not listen, then the HELL with you!
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    If it's the Eagles I'll upload a vid of myself rolled-up backwards urinating into my own mouth. Not gonna happen.
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    This is such a bad idea, but on the flip side I would absolutely love to see the Patriots play in an stadium full of 87,000 screaming people who would probably not be sad to watch the Patriots die. Tom Brady is going to have bags of flung at him and that is going to be awesome.
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    In the really, really good old days (like 2004ish), we had various threads on political topics. And I agree that we don't want that. I felt like the one-thread solution worked out nicely. Nobody has to go to the thread. You can essentially come here and have the same experience you have right now (maybe better since there would probably be less danger of politics* spilling into other threads). Headly's point of "why would you go to a sports-themed message board to discuss politics?" is a valid one but that's the beauty of it; it's just one more topic to skip. For the most part it worked out well. It was getting chippy at the end but I felt the plug was pulled kinda quickly. For me it was a nice way to dip my toe into the topics of the day but for the most part keep my sanity with sock colors, and why people I don't know cheer for teams I don't care about. But that's my problem. I now choose whether or not to go into different places...While I think there should be a politics* thread, I don't think it's important that there be one. * "Politics" being a general term because the issues of the day are moving well beyond "politics."
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    Fresno State Bulldogs (current uniform) Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate Uniform: -Got rid of all the Miami Hurricanes' Dade Bold font -Dots on neck collar represent the spikes on the collar on their bulldog logo -Added interlocking "F" and "S" logo to sleeve -Added "V" logo underneath collar to somewhat look like the dog tag in the logo -Changed helmet stripe and changed helmet logo to only the head of the bulldog (instead of the full body) Up Next: Georgia Tech
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    The reason I don't like the idea of blue pants on the road is that they would inevitably eventually be paired with the home blues. If you guarantee that doesn't happen, I'm good with white over blue or white for a game or two.
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    I asked ColorWerx about the color changes on Twitter. Was happy he replied! His response: "I can confirm there are 2 so far…1 is so subtle, it probably won’t count. Wash tweaked their Burgundy in 2015 & no one noticed."
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    Why wouldn't he do that at Mania too? The way I see it... Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar for the Universal title Winner and new unified WHC+UHC+USC = Roman Reigns Undertaker vs. Reigns. "It was noted to us that Vince McMahon had been wanting to make this match for some time. With Undertaker’s condition the way it is, this could have been the last chance to do it. There is the idea of a generational passing of the torch." Winner = Roman Reigns HHH vs. Seth Rollins. "Obviously this is in jeopardy right now." Samoa Joe takes Rollins' place. Winner = Roman Reigns Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title Winner and new WHC + USC = Roman Reigns Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens Winner and new USC = Roman Reigns John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse Winner and new husband to both Maryse and Nikki = Roman Reigns Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal Winner = Shaq (even Roman Reigns wouldn't go near this one) Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks for the women’s title Winner = Roman Reigns
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    I hope the helmet stripe also goes back to it's normal size. Never liked the 5 stripe pattern narrowed down to the area of a single stripe.
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    Back at it again, I decided to do the royals instead of the Indians because I liked the concept I had in my head for the royals. The Royals have had the same logo concept in the K and C since they have entered the league in '69. It's not a terrible logo, but to me it's a bit dated so I thought I'd change it a bit. My logo keeps the same K and C concept but modernizes the crown logo a bit to give it a little more style, I also tried to add a little bit of a hidden R in the K part. This logo would most likely be used as a cap logo but I would also keep the jersey logo relatively the same. Let me know what you guys think of this as I'm still kind of on the edge on how this looks.
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    You won't see the real deal for a while yet, but that won't stop a bunch of people from jumping in here and claiming to have some inside scoop. Back when Nike first took over, there was a guy on here who swore he had the goods from some Reddit insider... Vikings in gray pants, Cowboys chrome helmet, yada yada, none of which was true. He inventually got himself banned but set up a dupe account when the Browns speculation was rampant, just so he could come back on here and spout about his Reddit connections all over again. Which, once again, turned out to be total BS. And then he was re-banned. Good times.
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    I'm actually disappointed that they're removing the black... I thought they used it perfectly in the current set. The minimal amount was just enough to make the blue and silver POP. I think it'll be a little too bright with just the Honolulu Blue and Silver...
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    Same style but different colored jerseys? What is this? The Little League World Series for grownups?
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    I disagree.. the teal vs purple was a good color matchup. But it is confusing since Charlotte wears purple too. Other than it looks like a glorified scrimmage.
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    Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (current uniform) Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate Uniform: -Got rid of wordmark on pants and subtle patterns/logos on uniform -Changed tribal pattern on uniform -White and green helmets are glossy. Black helmet is matte with chrome decals and facemask. -They are called the 'Rainbow Warriors' so it only makes sense to have a rainbow on at least one of the uniforms. Up Next: Houston
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    That's a good point. It's normal, whatever your views, to want to talk about this stuff in November of an even-numbered year. The President-Elect just retained a white-nationalist advisor; it seems worth discussing. I've already joked that "oh now where will someone find a place to talk politics on the internet?" Nevertheless, I actually pretty much agree with this post. I am on another message board that has a full political page; problem is, if you are away for a few hours, you've missed 200 posts. It's too busy of a board. Given the size of this board and that the thread was just one of the many, it really was my internet political discussion / lurk place. We're anonymous (why it beats facebook) but generally respectful. I cannot deny that it got heated in the final 24 hours or so but I think overall we do pretty well and I hope it comes back. I think it makes the rest of the board "a safe space" and I've even learned a thing or two. In the good/bad old days, we had topical political threads. I think that caused our political angst to spill. I think the "one political thread" model worked well.
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    For the record, Mings was a reluctant decision and we tried looking at other options but our hand was forced. I talked to him on Twitter last night and it's a head scratcher why that version of him couldn't be the one on the boards.
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    Kudos to the Lions for progressively updating their logo ever so slightly throughout their history to finally get to, what I believe, is their best logo. On the flip side, it's a shame that NFL wordmarks are becoming more and more generic.
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    My "hope" for the Lions: 1. Billy Sims Era jersey (but updated - pic for reference below). Loved the silver, not white numbers. 2. Barry Sanders Era. Classic. With some modern updating this is would work. 3. Throwback. The throwbacks with an updated helmet. I dig this. Although it might be too "Raideresque" only in blue. I drive by the Lions training facility every day. I'll keep an eye out on any other changes.
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    So, the Chargers would move from being an afterthought in the #2 media market in the country to an afterthought in the #6 media market in the country, allowing Mark Davis to strut into the vacuum? How does that make any sense?
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    That's a downgrade from the current wordmark, which matches the current logo much better.
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    Cosmic, That's like quitting cocaine to start using heroine.
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    You can say we are denying entry to political topics on these boards. Ha. Ha. Ha.
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    These uniforms are associated with the 1979 NFC Championship Game, which is amongst the very best-looking match-ups in all of sports history.
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    Politics on the internet is rarely civil unless there is a complete echo-chamber which there was in that thread about 97% of the time.
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    The USA Bacon strip is a pretty solid representation of our core values