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    That's not how this works here. YOU design the concept and WE offer comments and criticism to help you get better.
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    It seems the Lions are getting a new look together, and this is what I'd like to see...
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    My "hope" for the Lions: 1. Billy Sims Era jersey (but updated - pic for reference below). Loved the silver, not white numbers. 2. Barry Sanders Era. Classic. With some modern updating this is would work. 3. Throwback. The throwbacks with an updated helmet. I dig this. Although it might be too "Raideresque" only in blue. I drive by the Lions training facility every day. I'll keep an eye out on any other changes.
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    Also black isn't a team color. Also it's an ugly jersey. The 1997-2001 Mets were a lot of fun. 1997 felt like they finally turned the corner and became respectable again. They were alive until game 162 in 1998 (I still have nightmares about Jay Payton's baserunning that last weekend). They finally made the playoffs again in 1999, and won the pennant in 2000. They were 10 games under .500 in late August 2001 but got red hot in September to get right back in the race, capped off by that Piazza homer at Shea, before the wheels came off that last week. There was also 2006, where maybe if they had a healthy Pedro Martinez and El Duque, they could've beaten the Cardinals and won another pennant. There are a lot of good memories from this era. But none of that makes this a good look. It's an even worse look for a team never had black as part of its color scheme. And it's even worse when that team's color scheme was chosen for a specific reason (blue from the Brooklyn Dodgers, orange from the New York Giants). They were a good team in a bad jersey that I hope to only see again in highlight videos and never on the field.
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    I hope the helmet stripe also goes back to it's normal size. Never liked the 5 stripe pattern narrowed down to the area of a single stripe.
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    I hadn't thought of the Saints, but that'd be awesome if they went to the brassy gold again! Those old helmets have always looked so, so good.
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    Technically, there might be more than one other team. Paul's comment doesn't put a limit on it. Likewise - I was thinking Jets, Eagles, Skins, or Saints.
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    Kudos to the Lions for progressively updating their logo ever so slightly throughout their history to finally get to, what I believe, is their best logo. On the flip side, it's a shame that NFL wordmarks are becoming more and more generic.
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    Ogdenville, Brockway, North Haverbrook
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    I am SO glad the Lions are dropping the black. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had been a new team and we weren't aware of how they looked (better) beforehand. The worst part of it, though, was the black stripes on the sleeves. They looked very forced and ruined the whole thing for me. Maybe if they had been thinner?
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    Really unpopular opinion: This is the best the Patriots have ever looked. I would change the pants stripe (as I think the stripes within the stripe which mimic the logo are a little too busy) to something simpler. Otherwise, that's it. The contrasting numbers and grey facemask MAKE this uniform for me. I mocked it up on a modern template just to get a better feel for it if it existed today:
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    Im a lifelong dodger fan and have had this as my avi since they introduced the logo im a huge fan of it
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    True but when it's a confirmed brand overhaul for a particular team we've given it their own thread. I'm excited to see what the new uniforms look like. I didn't hate the current ones but the stripes just never really did it for me. Looked forced for some reason. Hopefully the number font will go back to something more traditional.
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    That's nice, but I want to see them bring back the classic stripes. Blue/white/blue.
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    I loved that teal-flake helmet, but hated everything from the neck down. It wasn't hard, Jacksonville; teal-flake helmet over late 90's set. That's it. You had one job and you botched the crap out of it.
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    Oh, I like those suggestions, FinsUp! Would love if it is the Jets. I think their color needs tweaking the most.
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    "The Lions aren’t the only NFL team with an upcoming color tweak, incidentally. More on that soon, maybe tomorrow." http://www.uni-watch.com/2017/02/02/were-talking-about-batting-practice/ According to this article, there is another NFL team making a color tweak. Wonder which one?
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    I know the Panthers love the all white look, but to me it just doesn't work with the silver helmet. They need start wearing silver pants on the road, at least occassionally. Also they need to bring back the mono-black with blue socks at least once per year. Other than that. I wouldn't touch their uniforms. Their blue alts are one of my favorite jerseys in the league. I even like their color rush and think they would look great with black socks.
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    Chivas USA didn't work also because a lot of Mexicans don't like the Mexican Chivas so they weren't gonna support an Americanized version.
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    And there's the winner! Great job!
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    You won't see the real deal for a while yet, but that won't stop a bunch of people from jumping in here and claiming to have some inside scoop. Back when Nike first took over, there was a guy on here who swore he had the goods from some Reddit insider... Vikings in gray pants, Cowboys chrome helmet, yada yada, none of which was true. He inventually got himself banned but set up a dupe account when the Browns speculation was rampant, just so he could come back on here and spout about his Reddit connections all over again. Which, once again, turned out to be total BS. And then he was re-banned. Good times.
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    Yeah that Giants logo is dated. The Jets even had a similar logo at the time and they both just scream 70s. I think it's best we keep both logo where they died.
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