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    I'd say somewhere between none and zero.
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    Wayne Brewce is a philanthropist, socialite, playboy, and chairman of the American diversified multinational conglomerate known as Brewce Enterprises. He is credited with becoming the youngest billionaire in the world after his parents were murdered, when he was just eight. He's had little hand in the 'family' business, with decisions being made by a trusted advisor on his behalf, but his net worth has grown to several billion dollars even though is wareabouts were unknown. Just recently he has been spotted around the Brewce Tower, appearing to show an interest in the company. Especially the "applied sciences", "energy", and "defense" sectors. The Brewce Foundation, the holding company for the Thomas Brewce and Martha Brewce Foundations, is the largest transparently operated private foundation in the United States. He has been named 'Most Eligible Bachelor" by several major magazine publications and he once considered putting together an expansion bid for a PHL franchise. Ultimately, he decided against the bid as he simply did not have the time nor energy to dedicate to running a hockey team, given the ventures he is currently focused on. But he did joke that if he did own a team their uniforms would be "all-black". His votes are: 1. Houston, TX 2. Cleveland, OH 3. Portland, OR
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    I just think as a matter of principal you should be wearing your colours at home. Its your home.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Wolves got it right with these:
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    I've had an idea for a realistic golf game, but done with putt-putt. So I made some menus based on a 20 year old joke from The Simpsons because creating a video game is out of my reach. https://www.behance.net/gallery/42586049/Lee-Carvallos-Putting-Challenge
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    Wyoming wins since they use the state outline to cover the entire court.
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    This has to be a joke, right? You've never seen Cheers?
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    Doesn't work in the real world. Two problems: 1. Nobody wants a white third jersey. Most third jerseys aren't white because color jerseys sell better. (In 2002-2003 the last season of white at home there were 16 teams with alternate jerseys. 15 were color, Toronto's white was a throwback) 2. Teams aren't trying to sell alternates to the road fans so wearing it on the road makes no sense. They wear it at home to show it off to their key demographic, which leads us to teams wearing color jerseys at home. Instead of restructuring how jerseys are sold to fans at the sake of convenience for the equipment managers they just said "everybody wear your dark shirts at home." Problem solved. Teams don't have to carry two sets of equipment, franchises get to sell whatever they want to their home fans. Everybody wins, well except for people who have a stick up their butt because white jerseys were the home jerseys when they were 11. It's pretty simple really.
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    If you notice, Costanza's uniform is made of cotton. It seems blousier and softer because it is a natural fiber.
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    Texture limitations. Uniforms in video games couldn't really be "accurate" until the sixth (PS2) generation.
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    Because these colors don't run. Love it or leave it. Cowboy up. I'm lovin' it. Just do it.
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    It sure did. Although with the navy blue shorts, we can have blue v. red. As the gods intended.
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    Mark Davis is the real life Kathy Geiss
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    I apologize if this was mentioned and I overlooked it, but the Cardinals are going with a 3D logo on their helmets this year. http://www.12up.com/posts/4582925-cardinals-making-significant-change-to-helmets-for-2017-season?a_aid=36534
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    "Two corners." I love it. Billionaire children who've never created anything should be more like weirdo Mark Davis rather than mean old Jim Dolan.
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    I'm wondering if that was intentional, given the top-heavy number font.
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    Minnesota turned out pretty nice I'd say. For all the talk about them getting kinda off-the-rack kits, this is pretty distinctive with the sash and two unusual colors. Would prefer the Target wordmark (the bullseye alone is too tall and looks off-center), and something needs to be done about those numbers, but this mostly works rather well.
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    I'm not TOO surprised to see Kramer and George in Dodger gear. After all, Jerry didn't want to be a pirate ...
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    The Raiders don't belong in Los Angeles, but let's be clear, the Raiders are extremely cool and I will not stand for these allegations of unpopularity and scumbagginess.
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    Why are you stealing someone else's work? Sorry, but that's not cool at all. It actually sucks! It just took me three minutes to find out that this is not yours. I don't get why people keep trying to do that. You get caught sooner or later anyways! Link to the entire Behance project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41081493/Last-Kings-Branding
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    That's one thing that's disappointed me with the lime green direction. I've been dying for a green alt for years but there's no way a full lime green uniform will look good. Also count me among those who love everything about this identity. I proudly wore that blue Garnett jersey to the preseason game in Louisville last October.
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    Why would they think it's a failure? Because some people on an internet message board are complaining? I doubt there's any tangible measure that indicates it's a failure. I guarantee that if SB merch sales were down they'd scrap it. Why I think it's good (at least conceptually - I do think some of these could have been executed better) 1. It "brands" the superbowl. You see a mark with the Lombardi trophy and roman numerals and you instantly think Super Bowl. You're not looking at flowers or mardi gras hats or other stuff and having to read the words SUPER BOWL. To sports nerds you'd see it once and then associate it with the Super Bowl, but it's probably not that way for everyone. 2. It creates a genuine icon for the Super Bowl. It's tough to have an iconic logo with something that changes every year (the numbers, subtle color shades, etc.) but they've given it an iconic element (the trophy) and iconic theme if not an iconic mark. 3. It's special to see the logo on the jerseys now. It's like you play every year for the right to wear the Lombardi patch on your jersey. It's kinda like the Stanley Cup patch in the NHL. Also in photos you can instantly tell what SB it is by the patch. You don't have to stare at it for more than a second. 4. It's just classy and IMO looks more prestigious on a jersey. Now if you want local logos for use in the host cities or as alternate marks (kinda like the hosting committee logos) then maybe that would be OK, but I fear that it would dilute the brand.
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    And I like the name "Timberwolves". There's no need to limit it to just "Wolves".
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    Marlins using this on their Twitter page for Spring Training. The ST cap logo but with the ocean blue as the background color. I like it.
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    To be totally fair, it's a real shame that Kramer isn't a hall of famer. With that slider and the way he constantly held the 8th, I think only his public issues with racism are what's keeping him out of the hall. Costanza I can understand, though. He couldn't even properly handle fitted hats.
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    I really didn't like the Dodgers raised helmet logo last year at all, but this one on the Cardinals helmet is hitting me somewhat better. I guess I'm just being an old fogey, but I wish they'd all just stick with shiny helmets and decals, though.
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    The original Blitz games were usually color-vs-color unless the teams had similar uniform colors (Eagles/Dolphins, Chiefs/Redskins, etc.).....which doesn't explain Arizona vs Baltimore at all
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    I know these aren't new but Kansas should just go ahead and make these the primary home uniforms.
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    Yeah...I don't think Charles Dolan ostracized his son in the same manner Al Davis did with Mark, at least that we know of. To me, that's what makes Mark more endearing. Hell, I wish we had more Mike Bidwills and Stephen Joneses in the NFL--multi-generational owners (or owners-in-waiting) that have some level of common sense in regards of running a team. Pretty much if your name is Jim, and you inherited Daddy's businesses (or in Dolan's case, just outright given to him), the moral of the story is that you're pretty much gonna be a f***-up.
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    Ehhhh. I hate jerseys like this where the front is a completely different color from the back. Its hard to watch. Makes it look like there are 3 teams on the field. I don't know why Dallas ever went away from red/white hoops primary kit and blue/white hoops secondary kit.
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    Yeah, it's definately in Portland, most proabably the 1985 preseason - Xavier McDaniel's first season was '85-86, which was the same season Golden State switched to white homes. Weird looking game. This might be a niche thread, but threads like this are why I come to this forum. NBA uniform history's my obsession, particularly the 80s. Compared to the other major sports, there's so little information out there that threads like this are invaluable to spods like me.
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    The road gray is the best of the bunch, and that's not saying much.
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    Thought for sure this thread was going to be about these guys from '71
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    I understand Elaine is an old St. Louis Browns fan. Just kidding. If Elaine is the same age as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she was born 7 years after the Browns moved to Baltimore. Plus, she is from Baltimore (well, Towson, actually . . . which means she grew up somewhere in close proximity to my office).
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    MNUFC kit teaser leak. https://twitter.com/conradburry/status/832239446200352768
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    Yeah, I'm amazed at the nostalgia for such a dated looking set. The wordmark and number font is completely emblematic of the xxx-treme 90s. Color scheme was better, but the uniforms were totally amateur.
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    Kramer going to fantasy camp. His whole life is a fantasy camp. Doesn't work, falls ass-backward into money. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week.
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    I can see how some people would have gotten bored like thirty years ago or so, when going to the games or watching a local channel cover home games was the only way to see the team play. Me though? I've never been bored. For the longest time? I could only see the Leafs live if they played in Buffalo or Detroit. So I never saw their home blues in person. That never bothered me though, because I grew up in the era of mass media. By the time I finally did get to go to a Leafs game in Toronto? Well seeing the home blues wasn't this great experience because I already knew what they looked like, and had seen them on tv more times than I could count.
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    you wanna gimme some credit for that? and the color comparison, lol:
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    Hi all, it's been awhile, but I've been working on a slightly different version of the previous Predators logo. I've scrapped the perspective of the previous one, and gone with a strictly profile view, keeping true to their past logos. I've also switched up the colours a bit to keep in line with their actual brand, but I'd like to hear which colour way you guys prefer. Let me know what you think, whether or not this one is an improvement, etc. Thanks for checking back in!
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