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    If you notice, Costanza's uniform is made of cotton. It seems blousier and softer because it is a natural fiber.
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    They might as well have. They used to have my favorite identity in the NBA when I was a kid. The trees surrounding the court and on their uniforms, I loved it. Their uniforms were beautiful in the KG era. And the team was actually pretty good! Even their original identity when they joined the league was great. But since then... oh man, it's all been just atrocious. It irks me and breaks the middle schooler in me's heart. Minnesota, you keep searching for something great when you already had it all along: Look at this wood! Look at the trees! It's glorious.
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    These are just the jerseys worn by celebrity softball players. (Please don't tell me that you don't recognise those people!)
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    To be totally fair, it's a real shame that Kramer isn't a hall of famer. With that slider and the way he constantly held the 8th, I think only his public issues with racism are what's keeping him out of the hall. Costanza I can understand, though. He couldn't even properly handle fitted hats.
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    Here's a pic of the sponsor and the announcement video. Great move by the Jazz and Qualtics. Bonus it's in the colour scheme and relatively unobtrusive.
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    I'd say somewhere between none and zero.
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    Hi all, it's been awhile, but I've been working on a slightly different version of the previous Predators logo. I've scrapped the perspective of the previous one, and gone with a strictly profile view, keeping true to their past logos. I've also switched up the colours a bit to keep in line with their actual brand, but I'd like to hear which colour way you guys prefer. Let me know what you think, whether or not this one is an improvement, etc. Thanks for checking back in!
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    Lest we forget, Costanza was integral in developing Derek Jeter as a hitter...
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    The jazz are probably going to have the best sponsor patch in the NBA. I'd still prefer it not to be there, but if something does have to be there, a small team colored patch raising awareness for cancer is about as tasteful as it gets.
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    I've had an idea for a realistic golf game, but done with putt-putt. So I made some menus based on a 20 year old joke from The Simpsons because creating a video game is out of my reach. https://www.behance.net/gallery/42586049/Lee-Carvallos-Putting-Challenge
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    I just think as a matter of principal you should be wearing your colours at home. Its your home.
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    At the end of the day, Elaine was truest fan of them all.
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    Jeter "Hey, we won the World Series." Costanza "....6 games."
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    Marlins using this on their Twitter page for Spring Training. The ST cap logo but with the ocean blue as the background color. I like it.
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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I don't think the '29 Yankees ever played Bo's Raiders. I'm sure you're all shocked.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Wolves got it right with these:
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    Talk about 'Players in the Wrong Uniform' -- Costanza will always be a Yankee in my book.
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    you wanna gimme some credit for that? and the color comparison, lol:
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    damn dude, did the T'wolves kick your dog or something?
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    Doesn't work in the real world. Two problems: 1. Nobody wants a white third jersey. Most third jerseys aren't white because color jerseys sell better. (In 2002-2003 the last season of white at home there were 16 teams with alternate jerseys. 15 were color, Toronto's white was a throwback) 2. Teams aren't trying to sell alternates to the road fans so wearing it on the road makes no sense. They wear it at home to show it off to their key demographic, which leads us to teams wearing color jerseys at home. Instead of restructuring how jerseys are sold to fans at the sake of convenience for the equipment managers they just said "everybody wear your dark shirts at home." Problem solved. Teams don't have to carry two sets of equipment, franchises get to sell whatever they want to their home fans. Everybody wins, well except for people who have a stick up their butt because white jerseys were the home jerseys when they were 11. It's pretty simple really.
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    yea, thi uni mock up looks great, but you have to think of it in the big picture. how does navy/white/gray look next to all the other teams? how does their apparel and jersey stand out? can they claim a color palette as their own? this isn't passing the test. they need yellow/gold so they have something that anyone can recognize them for in any application
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    Wyoming wins since they use the state outline to cover the entire court.
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    If hitting coaches could make the Hall... Cosmo Kramer is more suited for the golf HOF, as evidenced by the hole in one he scored into that whale.
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    I miss the days where a US kit might have varied in style from year to year, but you KNEW you'd get red, white, and navy blue. Always looked American. Once they started tinkering with dark gray, black (current men's and women's and women's), neon (doubled down on black and neon!), royal blue, this kit with just red and no blue...they start to look unlike a traditional US squad. Like I've said before, I think the kit market is oversaturated when we get subpar designs like this.
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    The Rockies purple is much brighter. I like it!
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    It's = it is Its = the possessive of it. If you type it's and can't read it as 'it is', you're doing it all wrong.
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    Since the NFL went away from the unique designs, they've all been screwed up.
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    I really hate giant midcourt logos.
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    Wayne Brewce is a philanthropist, socialite, playboy, and chairman of the American diversified multinational conglomerate known as Brewce Enterprises. He is credited with becoming the youngest billionaire in the world after his parents were murdered, when he was just eight. He's had little hand in the 'family' business, with decisions being made by a trusted advisor on his behalf, but his net worth has grown to several billion dollars even though is wareabouts were unknown. Just recently he has been spotted around the Brewce Tower, appearing to show an interest in the company. Especially the "applied sciences", "energy", and "defense" sectors. The Brewce Foundation, the holding company for the Thomas Brewce and Martha Brewce Foundations, is the largest transparently operated private foundation in the United States. He has been named 'Most Eligible Bachelor" by several major magazine publications and he once considered putting together an expansion bid for a PHL franchise. Ultimately, he decided against the bid as he simply did not have the time nor energy to dedicate to running a hockey team, given the ventures he is currently focused on. But he did joke that if he did own a team their uniforms would be "all-black". His votes are: 1. Houston, TX 2. Cleveland, OH 3. Portland, OR
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    ...like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.
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    I'll say this: there's absolutely nothing wrong with the template. It's a traditional style with contrasting sleeves. It beats the heck out of this arbitrary and meaningless design. But, I thought that shot above was an age where Nike and other manufacturers were trying to emphasize their tech and show what they can do with different materials and cuts. We're past that now. We know all these new designs are nice and lightweight and have mesh holes and all that stuff. What's disappointing is that Nike can offer this template with custom designs. Granted, I don't think it comes with the mesh chest construction but they still offer custom designs for their premier teams. Nike is clearly choosing NOT to bother with international kit design right now. Maybe the return on investment isn't there...I can't explain it. However, it's extremely disappointing that we don't get kits like these below every cycle now. This was peak Nike. Templates, yes...custom designs, yes. Win-win. Now Nike is more about promoting Nike rather than the squads. They actually look like the countries they are supposed to represent.
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    Vermette used to be a high-IQ player, but Randy Carlyle forms a Cone of Ignorance:
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    Has anyone seen the old Canucks logo coloured this way before? This is the first I've ever seen of it. Source
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    the light blue is very odd considering it doesn't reflect anything on the host team's color scheme. It could have to do with Minnesota itself considering the color of the flag, but that's a massive stretch at best. What we will have to wait and see is the informal official logo schemes that come out. It wasn't really discussed much but LI had a whole slough of different logos that no one's really pointed out. Granted it's mostly on merchandise but it was also found on the Conference Champion gear and a lot of the signage around Houston: If anyone cares ,I made a quick and dirty composition plugging in some of the unofficial official logos in with the rest and it still helps differentiate them...some of them anyways
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    There's really not a lot to complain about in the NFC North anymore. We can nitpick at some things (particularly on the Vikings) but overall, it's traditional teams looking traditional. This is, of course, assuming the Lions don't throw some kind of a Nike curve ball, but I tend to think their uniform will be on the tame side. EDIT: No pun intended with "tame."
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    Thanks guys for the comments. The next team up is Creighton CREIGHTON BLUEJAYS Helmets are both matte. Blue helmet has a chrome facemask Unique tapered stripe on helmet and pants. I got inspiration for the stripe from the indents in the C logo Sleeve design is from the feathers in the logo Number font is the font they use for basketball
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    I apologize if this was mentioned and I overlooked it, but the Cardinals are going with a 3D logo on their helmets this year. http://www.12up.com/posts/4582925-cardinals-making-significant-change-to-helmets-for-2017-season?a_aid=36534
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    And now the full shirt:
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    I'm not TOO surprised to see Kramer and George in Dodger gear. After all, Jerry didn't want to be a pirate ...
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    Kramer going to fantasy camp. His whole life is a fantasy camp. Doesn't work, falls ass-backward into money. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week.
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    Talk about 'Players in the Wrong Uniform' -- Costanza will always be a Yankee in my book. Kramer, too. Don't forget that he punched Mickey Mantle at a Yankee fantasy camp.
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    This is def my favorite thread - mainly because I have so many unpopular opinions and I love sharing them. Guess what -- here's another: Brooklyn Knight was awesome
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    The sea was angry that day, my friends...
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    Five hats, and none of them is the hat the alligator is wearing in the primary logo.