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    They both have the same logo on the front!
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    Worst jersey in league histoey
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    Cujo, make like a Chicagoan and take the L, you're utterly out of your gourd calling Shaq with the Magic an aberration.
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    I've been going to a lot of Federal Hockey League games living here in Watertown, NY, and I've been very underwhelmed by the uniforms I've seen, so I decided to redesign some of them. Up first are the Watertown Wolves. They have a really decent team this year, but they use a ripoff of the Tampa Bay Lightning's boring uniforms, so I came up with these uniforms that use more black which is currently only used in the logo.
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    Definitely the worst one in *Pelicans history. *technically speaking
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    Not sure where to put this...
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    Eh, the NHL did it to themselves when they shot the finger at ESPN and went to the Outdoor Life Network. Having a strike/lockout every other goddamn year doesn't exactly boost fan popularity either.
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    Yet another early 90s sports star with a bad video game:
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    Very nice work, Brandon. Your concept would be a fine choice. (and it would spend plenty of time on my best list ) Just curious, did McCarthy's mention of the old Lions logo inspire the pants and helmet stripes?
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    Concordes win you have to eat a New York style hot dog, Chops win I'll eat a Milwaukee Bratwurst. That sound fair?
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    i like a lot of what is going on in that concept... but the silver/white/blue stripe on the silver pants and silver helmet just doesn't do it for me. the silver and white are too similar in tone, the silver-on-silver gets lost, and you end up having what appears to be a single off-center blue stripe from a distance. i understand the desire for a houston oilers level of stripe consistency, but i think i'd explore the idea of inverting the stripe when on a silver background... so it would go white/silver/blue on a silver background, but silver/white/blue on a white background... and white/blue/silver on a blue background. just to keep the background color and the middle color in tune, as to avoid the off-center look i get from these pics. other than that, it's amazing as always, sir.
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    Don't get me wrong -- varying outfield dimensions, wind/air conditions, and even grass length are part of why baseball is great. But a hill with a flagpole for the sake of a hill with a flagpole takes you from navigating the natural idiosyncrasies of the physical world to Family Double Dare.
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    Michael Jordan never played for the White Sox
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    This will forever be my favorite alternate jersey of all time. I hated the Sixers look during the Iverson era,but I always loved this because of the soothing classic blue contrasting with the modern logo.
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    Those Mavs throwbacks annoy the piss out of me with that inaccurate wordmark & number font. If you're not gonna bother doing a throwback right, don't do it at all. This is how it should have looked:
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    I don't like defending NY(AL), but there's a big difference between removing the mound and converting the field for a one-off soccer game or during the offseason for football and doing it around 20 times during the baseball season. New York City Soccer Club Football Team SC FT NY just isn't important enough compared to the baseball team. Pitchers would not be happy if the mound wasn't consistent each time they went out there. If Dave Mlicki Field is going to host both baseball and soccer during the spring and summer, the soccer team is going to have to make some sacrifices to make sure their presence disrupts the primary tenant as little as possible. If it was a minor league baseball team, it would be different.
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    Is there a French Canadian Day?
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    Go chase some more RTs, Chester. The grownups are talking.
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    Removing the ability to add comments from readers is probably one of the best moves you could ever make as a sports news website.
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    Someone else who loves bright colors! Where have you been all my life on this board?!
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    Anytime Chuck's being annoying on TV, his co-hosts should show this picture and say, "This is what Chuck used to wear!"
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    I'm not a Pacers fan, but at this point I think that Pacers "P" is pretty iconic and I hope they never change it, other than maybe a tweak here and there. I feel that it's one of those logos that is instantly recognizable and that the Pacers are one of those "classic" teams that doesn't need to force an image of their nickname into their logo to make it work. If anything, I think if they came out with a primary logo that featured a race car, it would look extremely gimmicky, silly, and forced. Maybe have some alternate logo that is a subtle nod to racing (something along the lines of featuring a checkered flag, or something like that), but not something so in-your-face as a literal race car. If they ever wanted to do that, they should have done it in the 90s during the cartoony/uber-animated NBA logos era. But I'm glad they didn't.
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    You need to visit Central and Eastern Europe to see how you can cheer at a basketball game I like that, I understand that after eating you can keep a helmet and take it to the home. Am I right?
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    Shaq's Magic beat Jordan's Bulls. It really happened, even if we all pretend it didn't.
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    Miss these fantastic unis. Either font is nice, like the Gus Williams look the best (with long shorts please). C'mon NBA, the stadium deal is in place...
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    This concept is interesting. Especially the Silver / White / Blue combo.
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    Red Sox vs. Dodgers at LA Coliseum 7 years ago.
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    Are we seriously debating if Shaq in a Magic's uniform is wrong? It's where he made his name! There's no debate.
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    I think some of you guys need a quick reminder as I've been seeing quite a few of these:
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    Hi, I'm Boof Dongwipe from Boof This House. Would you like to make tens of thousands of dollars flipping houses right here in the [ recorded in different session ] CHICAGO [ /recorded in different session ] area, without having to invest any of your own money?
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    Oh, and the Calgary Flames should eliminate black. Fire is not black.
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    That Thunder uniform is not better than anything from Seattle's history.
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    Just scored this bad boy for $7.99
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    I always wanted the NFL to start doing all Preseason games at Neutral Sites.. I want to see Raiders backups vs Cardinals backups in :censored:ing Melbourne Cricket Ground or the Bears play a home game at Wrigley. Would add a lot of content to this thread.
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    Oh I see. Disregard my post then.
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    WTF is this show with the horns and the old hispanic fellow? I caught a few minutes of it on consecutive days and wanted to puncture my ear drums.
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    So one more year of that same Nike template then?
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    This concept is awesome Brandon. The full player models look great, is that your own template?
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    I could really get behind this. If you're purposely using a darker shade of red though, I'd like to see the crest and MLS logo recoloured to match. I much prefer when TFC use either of their greys as a base for their clash, and this is a nice new take on it.
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    Haha, Calgary and Ottawa fans would probably agree as well. I did end up running a full re-sim of the Western Conference beginning from the second round and in terms of results, nothing really changed. Same matchup in the WCF, still Milwaukee/Long Island in the Lewis Cup. The only difference will be the second round in the West. I even left the Appleby injury in since the story basically played out the same way anyway. I'm just fixing the presentation and write-up now and should have it posted soon. Thanks for your patience everyone. **UPDATE** The playoffs have now been fixed.
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    I prefer the A to any of their other logos personally
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    Yes yes yes. 4 more wins to sit atop the league. Milwaukee will be tough but I believe! ✈
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    It looks like a logo for a budget executive retreat where fat people play golf.
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    Hmm I always heard it was a horse racing reference, but I guess they're both true. Via the Pacers website "According to Indianapolis attorney, Richard D. Tinkham, the nickname “Pacers” was decided on through a collective decision of the original investors. Tinkham, one of those investors, recalled that the nickname was a combination of the state’s rich history with the harness racing pacers (investor Chuck Barnes was a horse racing enthusiast) and the pace car used for the running of the Indianapolis 500." http://www.nba.com/pacers/history/pacers_name_history.html
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