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    Cujo, make like a Chicagoan and take the L, you're utterly out of your gourd calling Shaq with the Magic an aberration.
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    i like a lot of what is going on in that concept... but the silver/white/blue stripe on the silver pants and silver helmet just doesn't do it for me. the silver and white are too similar in tone, the silver-on-silver gets lost, and you end up having what appears to be a single off-center blue stripe from a distance. i understand the desire for a houston oilers level of stripe consistency, but i think i'd explore the idea of inverting the stripe when on a silver background... so it would go white/silver/blue on a silver background, but silver/white/blue on a white background... and white/blue/silver on a blue background. just to keep the background color and the middle color in tune, as to avoid the off-center look i get from these pics. other than that, it's amazing as always, sir.
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    Don't get me wrong -- varying outfield dimensions, wind/air conditions, and even grass length are part of why baseball is great. But a hill with a flagpole for the sake of a hill with a flagpole takes you from navigating the natural idiosyncrasies of the physical world to Family Double Dare.
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    Michael Jordan never played for the White Sox
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    This will forever be my favorite alternate jersey of all time. I hated the Sixers look during the Iverson era,but I always loved this because of the soothing classic blue contrasting with the modern logo.
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    Those Mavs throwbacks annoy the piss out of me with that inaccurate wordmark & number font. If you're not gonna bother doing a throwback right, don't do it at all. This is how it should have looked:
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    Shaq's Magic beat Jordan's Bulls. It really happened, even if we all pretend it didn't.
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    Miss these fantastic unis. Either font is nice, like the Gus Williams look the best (with long shorts please). C'mon NBA, the stadium deal is in place...
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    This concept is interesting. Especially the Silver / White / Blue combo.
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    Red Sox vs. Dodgers at LA Coliseum 7 years ago.
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    Are we seriously debating if Shaq in a Magic's uniform is wrong? It's where he made his name! There's no debate.
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    I think some of you guys need a quick reminder as I've been seeing quite a few of these:
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    Hi, I'm Boof Dongwipe from Boof This House. Would you like to make tens of thousands of dollars flipping houses right here in the [ recorded in different session ] CHICAGO [ /recorded in different session ] area, without having to invest any of your own money?
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    Oh, and the Calgary Flames should eliminate black. Fire is not black.
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    That Thunder uniform is not better than anything from Seattle's history.
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    Just scored this bad boy for $7.99
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    I could really get behind this. If you're purposely using a darker shade of red though, I'd like to see the crest and MLS logo recoloured to match. I much prefer when TFC use either of their greys as a base for their clash, and this is a nice new take on it.
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    Haha, Calgary and Ottawa fans would probably agree as well. I did end up running a full re-sim of the Western Conference beginning from the second round and in terms of results, nothing really changed. Same matchup in the WCF, still Milwaukee/Long Island in the Lewis Cup. The only difference will be the second round in the West. I even left the Appleby injury in since the story basically played out the same way anyway. I'm just fixing the presentation and write-up now and should have it posted soon. Thanks for your patience everyone. **UPDATE** The playoffs have now been fixed.
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    I prefer the A to any of their other logos personally
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    Yes yes yes. 4 more wins to sit atop the league. Milwaukee will be tough but I believe! ✈
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    It looks like a logo for a budget executive retreat where fat people play golf.
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    Hmm I always heard it was a horse racing reference, but I guess they're both true. Via the Pacers website "According to Indianapolis attorney, Richard D. Tinkham, the nickname “Pacers” was decided on through a collective decision of the original investors. Tinkham, one of those investors, recalled that the nickname was a combination of the state’s rich history with the harness racing pacers (investor Chuck Barnes was a horse racing enthusiast) and the pace car used for the running of the Indianapolis 500." http://www.nba.com/pacers/history/pacers_name_history.html
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    But they are "wrong" uniforms because we're not used to them yet and we can only go off of how we feel right now. Brandon Phillips in a Braves uniform is his wrong uniform. Maybe he has a huge comeback and the Braves unexpectedly win the World Series while he wears that uniform. At that point it won't be a wrong uniform, but RIGHT NOW as of this post it doesn't look right.
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