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    La La Land wins Best Pic - *glass shatters* OH GOD KING, THAT'S MOONLIGHT'S MUSIC
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    If they go through with that they'll be the owners of one of the worst logos in professional sports.
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    CCSLC Post of the Day goes to nash61, for this *mod edit* LMU is now the real winner of POTD, I'm sorry there was a mix up
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    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIE-END... AND WE'LL, KEEP ON FIGHT-ING, TIL THE END... WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, NO TIME FOR LOSERS, 'CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS... ...OF THE WORLD!!!!! Sorry for the showboating, but I am THAT elated...after all this time of following sports fanfiction on this site, FINALLY a Milwaukee team is the champs! I LOVE this series and look forward to the potential dynasty ahead... As for you @New York's Greatest, your 'Cordes put up a great fight...you'll win the Cup very soon! (PS: How does that bratwurst taste?)
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    Even if they only built to the street, they would have gained at least 50 feet to play with and would have lost what looks to be about 30 parking spaces.
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    So they're ditching an iconic, synonymous-with-winning logo for a bland shoulder patch that was the primary logo of the failure of a team that was in Denver before them? Ok....
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    Waldo Jersey the Answer to US Soccer's Identity (via https://br.app.link/get-the-app ) http://teamstre.am/2lOT21m Was reading this article today and I must say I agree with what they are saying.
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    I'd like to thank the Majestic XII... Ah, crap.
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    thank you, sir. that idea of the stripe has been in my head for years. this is the first Lions concept i've ever done that i can recall, but im always looking for something unique to use as a stripe. and i always like pulling things from history that people have forgetten about or only hardcore fans would know. for the Lions, this just seemed like a natural choice the second part of the above answer addressing the stripe is i felt it was important to do something that separated this team from the Cowboys as much as possible. maybe a blue mask? maybe no stripe at all? (this is also why i used blue pants )but i think going back to a Braisher stripe would be a bad move for that Cowboys tie-in reason. the Lions haven't had that stripe in, i don't know when they changed. . .15 years or so? so, the middle of the helmet presents an opportunity for an original brand identifier. Plus, you have to think of these things as part of a set– so the 4th part of my set would be a Sanders era throwback uniform. and i believe when you have a throwback, it has to be different enough from the primary that people notice it. if it's only a slight change, then whats the point? so here's the full set one more note: the NOB is smaller than usual and the wide tracking of the "Detroit Lions" wordmark on the chest was all inspired by old car badges. going back a few pages, this is what i was talking about with using the auto industry to inspire an idea without screaming it
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    The Capitals have acquired Kevin Shattenkirk. The Wild have acquired the mumps.
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    I kind of wish the angels would add more blue to their uniforms. I also think their red alts are ugly
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    Ugh, we really need to fix that stupid auto-formatting. I have never wanted to use a shortcut for sunglasses smiley emoji, but I often would like to include a secondary point in a list!
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    I know this has been brought up before, but I was talking about this with a friend the other day, and now that it's come up again, I guess I should ask... Why are the Avalanche even bothering to remember the Hockey Rockies, anyways? What legacy is there that's worth paying tribute to with a stylized alternate/possible new home jersey? Like, let's really dive into this: the Hockey Rockies existed for 6 seasons, and they stunk in all 6 of 'em - the most wins they ever had in a season was 22, and the best average attendance they had was 9,788 (in an arena built for 16,399, and one the Avs had no problems selling out, BTW). Don't forget, they were the same franchise that Gretzky decried as a "Mickey Mouse organisation"; one that, between Kansas City, Denver & New Jersey, missed the playoffs in 12 of their first 13 seasons. In that one playoff season, 1976-77, they somehow finished 2nd in their division despite only managing 19 wins & a team record 59 points before getting swept 2-0 by the Flyers. Arguably their most famous player - Lanny McDonald - was only there 'cause he was exiled out of Toronto, and even then Denver was just a stopover before moving on to Calgary. Their most famous coach - Don Cherry - proved past his prime in the only year he was there; and their one lasting legacy, the widespread use of their goal song, doesn't even matter anymore 'cause its singer turned out to be a pedophile! And on top of all that, they're not even the most famous sports team to be called the Colorado Rockies! Seriously, the Avalanche's own 21-season history blows the Hockey Rockies' out of the water, with 2 Stanley Cups and 9 division titles compared to absolute bupkis. It's a little like the NY Mets' new stadium paying more attention to the NY Giants & Brooklyn Dodgers' histories than their own - except the Giants & Dodgers actually had histories worth remembering. Admittedly the Rockies' identity was the only thing they had going for them - their logo was quite clever and fit the team's name, and I personally love red-blue-yellow colour schemes - but even then the Avs are half-assing it; the logo's been simplified from "Colorado Flag Carved Into A Mountain" to "C Inside A Frost-Tipped Triangle" and their muted colours don't work as well with it, in my opinion at least. Hell, if the Avs straight up stole the Rockies' away jersey and made it a vintage alternate, I think I would've liked that better. But then again... a pale, inferior imitation of something that was already done much better in the past... maybe that really does suit the Avalanche right now!
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    No. He's saying that the Wild are going Cup or Bust with this trade and sacrificing a bit of the future. If you're giving up that much, you better win the Cup because of or at least with that player to make the trade ultimately worth it. Otherwise, you gave away a year of prospects. Stop that. No one's saying it's a fluke. We're just saying 1) this is the Wild and 2) more importantly, this is Bruce Boudreau. The Ducks and Capitals did everything in multiple regular seasons you just described about this season's Wild, and with better players, but ultimately all met the same playoff end. And what's the common thread through the Capitals, Ducks, and now Wild? It's Bruce. Regular seasons with Bruce are fun, but don't go expecting the playoffs to be the same carnival.
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    Funny how the look of the team and the on-ice product have had such a perfect correlation over the years. This teams fall from grace has reached biblical proportions.
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    Exactly. They invented a problem for themselves so they could solve it with purposefully quirky dimensions. I liked that center field was so deep because somewhere in the park needed to be a tough home run, but the hill was the worst contrivance of them all. It was built in a time when quirky dimensions were all the rage and that stadium has more quirky dimensions crammed into it than any of them. I'm glad the Reds don't have to go there for 9 games a year anymore. Left field is the cheapest home run in baseball. "there is a city street lined by trees" So you move the city street and the trees. It's a major league baseball team, not me trying to get a permit to put an extension on my house.
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    Renting a 4th-line center for the rest of the season cost Minnesota a 1st-rounder, a 2nd-rounder, and another conditional 2nd-rounder.
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    SANTA BARBARA GAUCHOS DESIGN: -Took inspiration from the name Gauchos. -Pattern is a traditional Argentine pattern HELMET: -Pattern stripe on each helmet -Blue, gold, and white matte helmet -Primary logo on helmets JERSEY: -Pattern on the sleeve cap. Similar to Florida State - Number font similar to the ones they have for basketball PANTS:- Pattern stripe down the leg Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is greatly appreciated.
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    Ok so then yeah - they solved a problem that they intentionally created.
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    Is there a French Canadian Day?
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    So the Broken Hardys are free agents? This news is..DELIGHTFUL!!
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    To be fair, most theme park merchandise is. If it doesn't have Marvel, Looney Tunes or Disney I don't expect it to survive a week at home.
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    On one hand...Jericho never really got a chance to be "the guy" in either promotion. And I do think he could have if given a chance in his late WCW/early WWF runs. On the other hand? For whatever reason it just didn't happen, and history's history. Not a game of "what if?" I give HBK a lot of crap and think he's overrated because his main runs atop the card in the WWF as World Champion saw the WWF drop down to the number two promotion in the world for the first time since the national expansion. Sure, it's not all on Shawn, but he was the standard-bearer when WCW was crushing them every week. Then Austin gets the belt and whattaknow? The WWF comeback really gets going in earnest. Now I've argued that about HBK before, and I still stand by it. And as much as I love Jericho? Well I have to be fair, right? At least Shawn got the ball. Jericho was never the standard-bearer for a major promotion. Even as World Champion in the WWF/E. He was never "the" guy. In the bottom half of a top ten list of the MNW era? Sure. No complaints. Ahead of nearly everyone else? Sorry. No dice.
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    Leafs get Boyle from Tampa for Froese and Tampa's Second
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    Having red numbers on red shirts doesn't make sense.
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    One good thing is that last night's win for Moonlight feels a bit redemptive for the terrible choice of Crash over Brokeback Mountain. I was fortunate to have seen Moonlight yesterday afternoon -- before the Oscars -- so there was no weight (as @McCarthy described) over BEST PICTURE hanging over it. I actually didn't know the plot or the thematic structure at all, so I was able to go into the entire movie fresh. A day later, and Moonlight is sticking with me more than La La Land did. La La Land was a movie to experience, to be sure, while Moonlight is a statement film that's saying something (redundant, but I think important). I was one of the simpletons who thought Avatar should have won Best Picture (Hurt Locker did instead; neither are all that remarkable in hindsight) due to its technical achievement, and I was/kind of still am willing to give La La Land that same benefit; La La Land was an impressive, exciting movie to watch and one best experienced in a theater (like Avatar). But I'll remember Moonlight in 20 years and I think La La Land will be eclipsed by the next great twee film (much the same way Hurt Locker has been forgotten in place of our world's general antipathy to Jeremy Renner). (And looking back at the 2010 Oscar options, District 9 or Inglorious Basterds should have won.)
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    Building on the above three posts, I think WWE having an authority figure is fine. Just not Stephanie McMahon. She never puts anybody over, never gets her comeuppance in the end (with the possible exception of Vickie Guerrero and the mud pit) and is always out to make herself look strong. She gots to go! Even Vince knew when it was time to take the Mr. McMahon character off of TV. And speaking of Mr. McMahon, Vince McMahon has his flaws for sure, but his on-screen character almost always put over somebody big in the end. Sure, Mr. got some (relatively) meaningless handicap match wins and stuff on Raw, but by and large, Vince did good business. Steve Austin would not have been the cultural phenomenon he was without Mr. McMahon. Mick Foley got over on a different level after his interactions with Mr. McMahon. Kurt Angle, Triple H, the Undertaker, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan...all got the better of Mr. McMahon in high profile matches. Stephanie can't put anybody over in the ring and she's not putting anybody over on the mic or in other programs. She's a selfish character and the crowd doesn't even love to hate her from what I see. Daniel Bryan is good in his role. He's around and has a purpose to his actions beyond "it's time for the Authority figure promo, I guess."
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    Does SC even have top 10/not top 10 anymore? That was the only reason I watched, and then they started skipping that segment so I gave up.
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    Bret Hart gets a pass in WCW because a) they had no idea what to do with him, Goldberg ruined his career, c) his brother died midway through and d) WCW began its death spiral shortly after he joined. Jericho may be top 10, but Hogan, Hall, Nash, HBK, Goldberg, Hart, Austin, Rock, Flair, Sting and Savage were all more accomplished and important during that era. I'd love to see the vote totals if possible.
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    1988 Lewis Cup Finals http://phlnetwork.blogspot.ca/ For the first time since 1982, the Lewis Cup Finals would feature two teams who had never won the championship before. The Long Island Concordes were making their second appearance in the finals after losing their first one to the St. Louis Spirits in 1984. The Milwaukee Choppers were making their first appearance in the finals after entering the league as the Dallas Metros in 1974 and relocating to Milwaukee eleven years later. There was a fair amount of hype surrounding the series just prior to game one in Milwaukee. Some fans were even making bets about the series. When game one finally got underway it was the Choppers who managed to draw first blood. Travis Curry’s goal late in the second period proved to be the winner in an eventual 5-2 Choppers win. Long Island stepped up big in game two as the game went into overtime. Stuart Burns scored the winner for the Concordes to steal home ice advantage and tie the series. In game three the lead went back-and-forth until Bruce Gratton banged in a rebound to give Milwaukee a 4-3 lead. Scott Daffney made several big saves late in the third to preserve the lead as the Chops re-took the series lead 2-1. Long Island responded two nights later with a big game from Doug Macintyre, who scored two goals as the Concordes tied the series yet again with a 6-4 victory. Game five would be critical as neither team wanted to climb back from a 3-2 deficit. The game was tied 3-3 until a big goal from Curry gave Milwaukee the lead. With only 43 seconds to go, Long Island pulled Pascal Renaud for the extra attacker. Bruce Gratton fired the puck down the ice just missing the empty net by about a foot and Craig Davidson took it up the ice. Davidson found Bryan Trask who whipped the puck past Daffney to tie the game with only 28 seconds to go. Just seconds later, Alan Chadwick stunned the Milwaukee crowd with another goal to put Long Island up 5-4. The lead held up and the Concordes found themselves just one home win away from their first Lewis Cup. Game six was another tight one as Milwaukee kept getting leads and Long Island kept erasing them. Both Renaud and Daffney played spectacularly throughout the third period as the clock wound down and the game went into overtime. Halfway through the first overtime, Stuart Burns found himself on a breakaway. The Long Island crowd roared as Burns lifted the puck over Daffney’s glove. The cheering immediately turned to dismay when the puck hit the crossbar and fell on the goal line where Daffney quickly swatted it away. Just two minutes into the second overtime, Joe Pickard, who had been relatively quiet throughout the playoffs, beat Renaud to win the game for the Choppers and send the series to a seventh game. For the third year in a row, the Lewis Cup Finals would be decided by a winner-take-all game seven. Long Island fans were already emotionally exhausted after coming so close to victory in game six. The front page of Newsday featured a photo of Burns’ shot just before it hit the crossbar with the headline “That Close!” above it. Nevertheless, Burns and the Concordes remained focused. “If you told us at the start of the year that we’d have a chance to play game seven of the Lewis Cup Finals, I think we’d take it” said Burns. The Choppers, meanwhile, were just relieved to still be alive in the series. “We put ourselves in a hole, we managed to climb back out, now it’s time to finish the job” said captain Bruce Gratton. Milwaukee arena sold out in minutes for game seven. The lineup at the box office began forming nearly 40 hours before puck drop. Both teams came out fast and aggressive. Curry opened the scoring for the Choppers, before Gratton made it 2-0. The fans were ecstatic, but Long Island refused to quit. Macintyre brought the game to within one early in the second, before Terry Hawkins restored Milwaukee’s two-goal lead. Toward the end of the second, however, the Choppers got into penalty trouble. Shayne Boggs was assessed a roughing minor and the Concordes wasted no time taking advantage, with Burns scoring the goal. Less than a minute into the third period, Theo Sprouse tied the game with a hard point shot. The building, which had been shaking with noise all night, was now silent. Long Island had a chance to go ahead halfway through the third when Olivier Meloche was called for a slash. The Concordes pressed hard but Daffney was up to the challenge, preserving the tie. As the clock approached five minutes remaining, Meloche sprung Curry on a breakaway. Curry deked Renaud, convincing him to drop before flipping the puck over his left pad. The crowd erupted. The Choppers now led 4-3. Long Island pushed hard for the tying goal with a barrage of shots during an extremely hectic final five minutes for Scott Daffney, but the 27-year-old goaltender once again passed the test. As the crowd chanted out the final seconds, Daffney’s teammate’s mobbed the exhausted goalie. Just three years after moving from Dallas, the Milwaukee Choppers had won their first Lewis Cup. Travis Curry was named playoff MVP, and when Bruce Gratton accepted the Lewis Cup, he immediately handed it to defenseman Cliff Lyle, who had announced prior to the game that it would be the last of his career. For the Concordes, it was a bitter ending to such an incredible season. “There’s no doubt it hurts” said Stuart Burns. “But we’ll be back.”
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    The Avalanche had a charity floor hockey game recently and used very generic jerseys for the event. The logo on both the navy and the white jersey were the Mountain C. No sign of the normal A anywhere; and that is pretty much the norm for all marketing and merchandise for them this year. I think its pretty safe to say the Avs are going to the C logo full time next year.
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    As she should. It wasn't her fault; it was PWC's for mixing up the envelopes. Someone had the job to keep those straight and that someone :censored:ed up big time. In the end, the La La Land produced handled the snafu with extreme grace and we have a fun moment to remember. However, I'm not looking forward to all of the "hilarious" memes to come. Once we get a Jordan face on Beatty or the envelope, we can all call this episode done and move on to the next thing.
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    Took a year off from watching Formula E, and watched some races this weekend and MAN that's a great looking series now. e.DAMS Mahindra ABT Dragon Racing Techeetah Jaguar Virgin NextEV Venturi Andretti
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    They (they is apparently PriceWaterhouse Cooper) gave Beatty the best actress envelope. He opened it, saw that the award was for Emma Stone and panicked a bit on stage. He asked Faye Dunaway to look at it and she announced La La Land for the win. So Beatty looks the fool, but he actually didn't screw up. While La La Land guys were giving their speeches, some Academy Award producer came out with the right envelope and basically told the La La Land group to GTFO. It was amazing to watch live. Moonlight is a phenomenal movie and is amazing to look at. But the scope is so much smaller than La La Land. I'm also fatigued by Hollywood giving itself self love, but I'll make an exception for La La Land because I thought it was so good. Plus it was directed by a 32 year old! Amazing.
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    Here are the alternate eyes: I'm really happy with the fact that there is a menacing look to these, but it doesn't have to look like it's roaring as many grizzly bear logos do.
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    Oh man I'm taking sooooo much celery to the ballpark that day!
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    Here are the final results: Repeated Wrestlers Territory Wrestlers: (Pre-1982) Andre the Giant Bruno Sammartino Harley Race Jerry Lawler Superstar Billy Graham Lou Thesz Terry Funk Bob Backlund Antoni Inoki Pat Patterson Tully Blanchard Nick Bonkwinkel The Original Sheik Dutch Mantel Ernie Ladd Austin Idol Golden Age (1982-1994) Ric Flair Randy Savage Hulk Hogan Bret Hart Dusty Rhodes Roddy Piper Ricky Steamboat Mr. Perfect The Undertaker Jake Roberts Rick Rude Ted DiBiase Honky Tonk Man The Ultimate Warrior Arn Anderson Magnum TA Monday Night Wars (1995-2001): Stone Cold Steve Austin Chris Jericho Bret Hart The Rock The Undertaker Kurt Angle Sting HBK Triple H Mick Foley Goldberg Hulk Hogan DDP Edge Kevin Nash Rey Mysterio Brand Extension (2002-2010): Chris Jericho The Undertaker Chris Beniot Kurt Angle John Cena Edge Eddie Guerrero CM Punk HBK Brock Lesnar Triple H Randy Orton Samoa Joe RVD Booker T Jeff Hardy Reality/Network (2011-Present): CM Punk AJ Styles Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens Bray Wyatt Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose Finn Balor Cesaro The Miz Sami Zayn Rusev Sasha Banks Charlotte Kenny Omega I will now start to create new surveys based on these results. Hopefully I'll have them ready by the end of the week.
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    Or maybe they'll use the opportunity to highlight whatever new thing they have to replace it.
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    Yet another early 90s sports star with a bad video game:
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    Removing the ability to add comments from readers is probably one of the best moves you could ever make as a sports news website.
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    Cujo, make like a Chicagoan and take the L, you're utterly out of your gourd calling Shaq with the Magic an aberration.
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    Don't get me wrong -- varying outfield dimensions, wind/air conditions, and even grass length are part of why baseball is great. But a hill with a flagpole for the sake of a hill with a flagpole takes you from navigating the natural idiosyncrasies of the physical world to Family Double Dare.
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    My two favorites are Golden State's The City and the Lakers MPLS
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    mini helmets? Cleveland and Pittsburgh have full-sized helmets (it fits on your head!) full of nachos! In Pittsburgh, it had buffalo chicken and all sorts of supreme stuff in it, and everyone around me was aghast at the size and quantity...in Cleveland, they were like "oh, you got the medium. that's cute." I couldn't finish either of them, that's how many nachos were involved. It was glorious.
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    It looks like a logo for a budget executive retreat where fat people play golf.
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    Army is the only one that can pull off camo. It works for them because it's not just an excuse to wear camo by pulling the "Military Appreciation" card. They are the Army after all. Anyway, I much prefer this set compared to the camo head-to-toe:
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