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    With the Rams returning to L.A. and now gradually changing their uniforms to remove the gold color by 2019, perhaps their current logo could use some inspiration from their past one.
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    For the Clippers to go back to their pre-Steve Balmer era uniforms from 2010-2015.
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    I took the liberty of cleaning that logo up. I made a few changes, and may make some more and post over in concepts.
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    I just want Virginia Tech to honor the the 10 year anniversary of this historic event with special uniforms November 1, 2007 Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech, who usually wears white at home is wearing gold. Virginia Tech is wearing white and 4 players jerseys have been stolen. Georgia Tech supplied the 4 players with white Georgia Tech uniforms and this is the result. Like I said I'd love to see uniforms that commemorate these amazing jerseys.
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    "Hey guys. I intentionally bought stuff that is technically illegal to sell in the U.S. What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?"
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    Hey guys. Some of you might remember this unfinished series. It was a long concept of if high profile international baseball was started in the 50s, and by this time it would be a massive event. I did like 10 full recaps of the fake tournaments up to 1989, then stopped. The reason? I created my highly popular soccer template and it changed my whole view on templates, and since this was on my old one, and I had so many done for 1993 onwards, it would have been a bitch to remake. Since then I learned illustrator and realized how truly hard I made it on myself without using clipping groups on the sleeve and stuff. Anyways, I've been looking at these concepts forever and wanting to post. I believe the document with all my plans are on my old laptop which crapped out and was replaced. So I think this series is dead. But capitalizing on the WBC trend, I'm gonna show off some stuff. I'll post my event logos, then maybe some highlights for the uniforms. They're all designed to fit that era, and was one of my favorite projects ever. 1993 - South Korea New super power Korea brought the game back to Asia 1997 - Florida This was pre-Rays hype for Tropicana Field, with games in Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville 2001 - Latin America A massive 4 country bid with Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Venezuela hosting in their best stadium. 2005 - Taiwan They had 4 stadiums new enough to host games, and would host for the first time 2009 - Caribbean I believe the second time these two would host. A joint bid since they don't have the 4 stadiums they'd need individually. 2013 - California LA, San Francisco, Anaheim, and San Diego. So that's where we are now! Might do 2017 with Australia or Mexico. Who knows. Here is all the logos together.
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    Hands down: Turn THIS from a reality that I have to live with into a memory that I can repress. No one takes this franchise seriously as it is and now they wear on their heads the worst thing to happen to pro sports. Just black is more than fine.
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    We may not know who will own the Coyotes, but we know who owned Gary Bettman.
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    A majority of these are not bad. Mark Martin's 2003 Viagra car: An objectively clean design. You might laugh at the sponsor (which I'm sure was the purpose of its inclusion), but the design is good. Michael Waltrip's 2013 Aaron's/Alabama car: Again, a clean, simple design. Most likely, this was posted because Alabama Crimson Tide = bad guys. Dale Earnhardt's 2000 Peter Max car: It was designed by an artist famous for his pop art of the 60s and 70s, for a one-off exhibition race. Loud? Sure. Bad? No. Ryan Newman's 2015 Caterpillar throwback car: This was created for a throwback race. Since Caterpillar didn't sponsor a car decades ago, they made a "What if?" scheme with their old logo. Not a bad design at all. Lake Speed's 1998 Cartoon Network car: The only design on the car at all is a cartoon cloud behind the front wheels. If anything, this is underdesigned, but not bad. Neil Bonnett's 1994 Country Time Lemonade car: It's literally the sponsor's colors. Yellow and pink for lemonade. AJ Allmendinger's 2013 Phoenix Racing car: This was Bonnett's team, paying tribute to him at his home track after his death. Identical scheme. If you're going to talk about the "worst Nascars" (and, holy crap, "NASCAR" is an acronym, not a type of car), at least be creative or descriptive and don't just post "lol it's pink."
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    Not to be outdone, the Chargers are going to wear all mismatched blue at home this season.
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    I mean, if the Cubbies get to flaunt their WS Champs patches the whole damn season, so should the umps, right?
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    Given that I watch this team more often than any others I'd wish for the Reds to wear this until the end of time
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    I think I know where this is gonna go
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    Andrew Bogut, a Cavalier for 58 seconds.
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    I never really liked any of those AHL league logos they have used so far. So I decided to modernize the mark, making it once again much simpler and cleaner. Gone is the rather cluttered look from the early 1970s roundel, including the explanation that AHL is the abbreviation for American Hockey League. I think the league has been popular enough to go without it. Colors remain the same: Royal Blue (PMS 286 C), Red (PMS 185 C) and white. Current AHL logo
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    Hey guys! Derrick here from DaseDesigns.com BACK with another Sports Logo Project. What started out as a side project for a fantasy sports team, has been taken into the hands of the gaming world for an eSports Team named "Deep Contact"! As always I hope you all enjoy the logo designs and clean presentations as well! Apparel Mock-up Templates: YellowImages For better Quality images be sure to check out the Presentation on our site here: Shark Sports Logo Check out more via Social Media: Instagram Youtube Twitter
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    The New York Liberty at Radio City Music Hall
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    this uniform is going to look so weird. like it's stuck halfway in a time portal.
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    I love it when NFL teams wear white socks with their stripe pattern when they wear colored pants instead of wearing a solid colored sock that makes the uniform look like a unitard.
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    The Reds from Cincinnati have one of those classic marks with a very high recognition value. However, the black 3-D shadows the club has added when they rebranded back in 1999 are very outdated. Therefore, they had to go – plus my mark now got a slightly thicker outline.
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    From your example, it seems that you are asking for a sports uniform-related wish. If that's the case, I'd wish for the banning of advertisements on sports uniforms. But if the wish has to be strictly about logos, then I'd wish for the football Giants to adopt their 1975 logo.
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    They're equally brand-conscious, just in a different way. There the brands are drawn in broader strokes - Arsenal is a red shirt with white sleeves. Chelsea is blue shirt and shorts with white socks. Barcelona is red and blue stripes. Keep in mind that it's also extremely rare for teams to change color schemes; most go back for many generations, if not over a hundred years. Because clubs change designs so often, but not colors, they can experiment within those wide parameters. So Barcelona's stripes can be even or of varying widths. They can be thin, or so wide that the shirt essentially becomes quartered. The stripes can have clear, distinct lines or be gradient-fuzzy. They can even be hoops for a cycle, although I understand that hasn't gone over so well with the supporters. So within those broad strokes, they're extremely brand-conscious. Each of those pictures is identifiably Barcelona, although all the details are different. That's because as brand-conscious as they are, they're also used to a certain amount of experimentation, which is again tied to the predetermined lifespan of every uniform.
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    I'll say what I've been saying for years. With proper ownership, and a little winning, any metro area of 2 million or more, in the US could work, for the NHL. Some places are going to be more of a fight. Some places can sustain bad, mismanaged teams, but "non-traditional" markets NEED to be well managed, if they want a chance. The Coyotes' problem is two-fold. Their team is poorly managed, which would make it a struggle anywhere in the metro area. Take a struggling team, put them on the outskirts of town, and you're compounding your problem. Phoenix is an area that could have worked, but it hasn't. It still could work, but that's incredibly unlikely. I want to see the Coyotes succeed, for three reasons. I live in Tucson, where their affiliate is. I am dating a die-hard 'yotes fan, and their continued existence allows me to go see my team once or twice, a year, without turning it into a big trip. Objectively, though, it's probably time to pull up stakes and move.
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    I don't know if this counts as a concept or not - it's not a full jersey, if that matters - but a few years back I tried my hand at combining the two Bruins logos, recolouring the modern serifed logo in the simplified, classic style. I coloured them a bit rough, but I think they look really good that way: I was actually inspired by someone on this very board, though I forget who; they had an avatar that was basically the yellow logo.
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    For me it's more about the legality of it all. All the arguments on the morality of it and jerseys being too expensive is something that I'm not trying to get into. Your full disclosure instantly rubs me the wrong way, though, as it seems to try to excuse (and encourage) knowingly purchasing illegal merchandise. I think buying merchandise that is illegal to sell is not the same as buying off brand cereal. A better comparison would be rather than buying a $100+ jersey from a jersey retail, instead going to Kohl's or Target and buying a $30 jersey type shirt that is a jersey but isn't really a jersey. One is generic, the other is real. As opposed to one is an illegal fake, the other is a legal real. But seeing that counterfeit jerseys are getting better to me isn't a good thing. It just means that more and more crap is going to go up on eBay and more and more people are being deceived into buying stuff that they think is legit. It's not something I'm going to celebrate.
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    Don't start this
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    For the Canucks to solve their identity crisis once and for all by ditching the former Orca Bay ownership-inspired logo with the cluttering 'VANCOUVER' and making Johnny Canuck, the inspiration for the Canucks name, the primary identity. "What the HELL is a CANUCK??" Well, here's your answer:
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    Pittsburgh sports media has been frothing about it, because it's Lemieux country and Pittsburgh is America's second-dumbest sports media market, behind Boston.
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    Couldn't disagree more. Boston has never had a better logo in their history. Might even be the best in league. The updated stick n' rink is also a massive improvement as you can now make a case for the "C" being present. The thicker white area and updated stick do wonders for that previously lack-luster logo.
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    Side profile primary with O shoulder patches.
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    Yeah guys should sign with crappy teams and be miserable coming to work every day.
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    Well I'd outline everything in white so it's consistent and I think it looks more professional, but we've been down this road a million times. I like a white outline on gray baseball shirts. SORRY!
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    Wow. I wish we actually lived in a world where a sports league cared this much about the aesthetics of uniforms beyond making a buck. Here's my guess on how this all went down... Rams: "hey, can we change our uniform now and then again in two years?" NFL: "nope, against the rules." Rams: "ok, well, can we do a few other things?" NFL: "are these other things against the rules?" Rams: "no." NFL: "ok, knock yourselves out." At which point everyone but us kinda stopped thinking about it.
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    We haven't had a good "fans tossing garbage into the ring" moment in awhile. Reigns beating Taker might do it.
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    This was actually a couple of days ago, but... I was writing a story for a class, and I choice to write a hockey story. I had to create an arena name, and I decided to use the name Gardens instead of Arena or center. I knew that Madison Square Garden used to hold garden shows, and the Circus, but I was curious about the old Maple Leaf Gardens... I researched into it a little bit, and just saw that that is what it was called. I saw lots of pictures, both inside and out, and kinda got a feel for the historic place. (Well at least online...)The next day, I was looking up Leafs sweaters for a concept of mine, and I specifically looked up the Conn Smythe era Leafs. I got mostly pictures of the Conn Smythe Award instead. It then dawned on me that the Conn Smythe Trophy is the Maple Leaf Gardens with a giant maple leaf behind it...
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    There's a difference between "people won't notice that the jerseys have an accent color not on the pants or helmet" and "people won't notice that the retail jerseys aren't the same as the onfield."
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    Bring back this, and change nothing else. It's designed so much better than the new logo. (while we're at it, clean up the new FSU logo)
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    Can't believe a professional football team is going to trot themselves out on the field with this mismatched uniform. Absolutely hilarious.
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    I love that Friar logo. Wow.