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    Los Angeles Rams uniform evolution: 2016 2017 2018 2019
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    1. Move the Avs to Vegas and keep the name. 2. Make the logo a mountain of cocaine. 3. Watch as players flock to play for the Las Vegas Avalanche. 4. ??? 5. Profit.
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    I just want Virginia Tech to honor the the 10 year anniversary of this historic event with special uniforms November 1, 2007 Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech, who usually wears white at home is wearing gold. Virginia Tech is wearing white and 4 players jerseys have been stolen. Georgia Tech supplied the 4 players with white Georgia Tech uniforms and this is the result. Like I said I'd love to see uniforms that commemorate these amazing jerseys.
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    I was 14 (almost 15) years old the day I launched this website -- I turned 34 a couple of months ago. You folks practically raised me, Mowgli style
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    The furthest one on the left is the best, should have gone with that one.
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    We may not know who will own the Coyotes, but we know who owned Gary Bettman.
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    Here's a fun one I found dinking around Getty Images. This is the logo of the Toronto Towers -- the relocated Cleveland Cavaliers -- that Ted Stepien was going to use if the team was allowed to relocate. Of course the team was eventually sold to the Gunds, teams weren't allowed to trade First Round Picks in consecutive drafts, etc., etc. I never knew there was a mock up logo for the relocated Cavs. OH -- and it should be noted that in the caption the team colors were to be red and white.
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    I think I know where this is gonna go
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    This is the uni-equivalent to Stan Kroenke's hair piece
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    Not difficult to understand but his answer made a lot more sense than yours. I learned from him that there are different variations. I'm a collector of many things too but if I have duplicates of something there's usually a reason why, hence my question to him. Thanks for your input though, it sure was helpful.
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    I never really liked any of those AHL league logos they have used so far. So I decided to modernize the mark, making it once again much simpler and cleaner. Gone is the rather cluttered look from the early 1970s roundel, including the explanation that AHL is the abbreviation for American Hockey League. I think the league has been popular enough to go without it. Colors remain the same: Royal Blue (PMS 286 C), Red (PMS 185 C) and white. Current AHL logo
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    No, I think Boston's logo is much better with the serifs lining up with the spokes. The stick-in-rink can't be saved; there's nothing to save.
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    From left to right: should've kept it, night club, night club for teens, Scotty's hat from the Sandlot, rainbow pitchfork, convention center, Acclaim, somehow the best option.
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    The Reds from Cincinnati have one of those classic marks with a very high recognition value. However, the black 3-D shadows the club has added when they rebranded back in 1999 are very outdated. Therefore, they had to go – plus my mark now got a slightly thicker outline.
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    I'd love for Pepsi to bring back its real logo, which could have (should have) remained intact essentially forever. (Not that I drink the stuff. I drink Coke products Caffiene Free Diet Coke and Sprite Zero. Though my favourite sodas are Diet 7-Up and, best of all, Fresca. I am writing here solely out of one opinionated blowhard's concern for the visual universe.)
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    Deciding what should be important to other people is what's "utter nonsense". Please explain to me how an appealing visual presentation is less adult than "city pride"... just typing those words made me feel 12.
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    Can we stop with the best/worst threads. We don't need one for every specific thing. It feels like every time I get on here there is a new one. These threads do nothing other than allows people to circle jerk over each other's opinions.
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    I'll say what I've been saying for years. With proper ownership, and a little winning, any metro area of 2 million or more, in the US could work, for the NHL. Some places are going to be more of a fight. Some places can sustain bad, mismanaged teams, but "non-traditional" markets NEED to be well managed, if they want a chance. The Coyotes' problem is two-fold. Their team is poorly managed, which would make it a struggle anywhere in the metro area. Take a struggling team, put them on the outskirts of town, and you're compounding your problem. Phoenix is an area that could have worked, but it hasn't. It still could work, but that's incredibly unlikely. I want to see the Coyotes succeed, for three reasons. I live in Tucson, where their affiliate is. I am dating a die-hard 'yotes fan, and their continued existence allows me to go see my team once or twice, a year, without turning it into a big trip. Objectively, though, it's probably time to pull up stakes and move.
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    I don't know if this counts as a concept or not - it's not a full jersey, if that matters - but a few years back I tried my hand at combining the two Bruins logos, recolouring the modern serifed logo in the simplified, classic style. I coloured them a bit rough, but I think they look really good that way: I was actually inspired by someone on this very board, though I forget who; they had an avatar that was basically the yellow logo.
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    Actually Taker will make lightning strike Reigns, who blocks it a la yoda blocking Palpatine's force lightning, and sends it back at Taker who disintegrates into thin air never to be seen from again. Reigns now has lightning powers.
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    Sorry, no. The Rams asked if they could switch to blue and athletic gold between now and the 2019 redesign, and the league said no. So all they're doing now is trying to de-St. Louis-ify their look until they can unveil their new 2019 uniforms, which will probably be some form of blue and athletic gold. So much "the sky is falling!" over what's obviously a short-term stopgap.
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    I guess this thread will start off with Charlottetown's new alternate for next season
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    some are more sensitive to the appearence of the world than others. thats why we have artists and designers. or musicians, chefs, and poets. but it's human nature to judge our surroundings by appearence. you wouldn't eat a black banana or drink yellow water right? every color, shape, sound, and taste around us forces us to make a judgement on it. this includes packaging at the grocery store, the clothes we buy, and even uniforms which are designed not inly for recognition and distinction, but to make the wearer feel good and prideful- or sometimes invinsible and brave. all that happens with shape and color
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    People are seriously pissed at NE? Really? It was the :censored:ing 32nd pick in the draft. That means literally every team besides dummy Minnesota could have had him. Even a top 2nd rounder may have gotten it done if a few days ago. Quit with this juvenile jealousy over NE. Your team just didn't want him as much.
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    Please stop doing that.
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    I'm gonna rip into this one. I apologize in advance. First off, I understand you're new here. We all make mistakes. But you need to post a concept with your original post. Some of us read the rules, others learn the hard way. Obviously, you decided to pull a 180 in an 'Oh! You caught me!' kind of sense, but that doesn't make it any better. I'd advise reading the rules before you make any more mistakes. Next, I'm gonna criticize the logo. I know you're probably a beginner, and hell, I know my initial logos were terrible too, but I wish someone had told me how to fix them. What you need to do is choose a more unique font. Anybody can find the same font and produce the same thing. I also think there needs to be more spacing between the letters in 'FHL', less space inbetween the 'Since 2017' and 'FHL', and a more unique shield. I found that exact shield in Google right here. I know it seems like the easier thing to do, but be unique. Building on that 'be unique' idea, you need to differentiate yourself from everybody else. A better name, a better logo, and something that doesn't seem bland and generic would help you out. Something I've learned is not to pump out designs just because you need to. Get inspired, and go from there. Make some sketches, scan the paper, and trace over it in whatever program you're using. Anything to get a good idea from your head to the screen. Lastly, a non-logo related thing. Why the hell did you put a hockey team in Phoenix, New Orleans, and Las Vegas instead of Denver? I know I only had to list one team to replace, but all three of those are cities in which hockey cannot survive. That's all. I know it seemed rough, but don't let this hurt your graphic design career. I got all this too when I started, and I continued. I'm nowhere near professional, but I've grown a lot. Stick with it if you love it.
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    We haven't had a good "fans tossing garbage into the ring" moment in awhile. Reigns beating Taker might do it.
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    The current B's logo is better, IMO.
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    This is the only sport that does this nonsense too. If a baseball player wears #24 nobody accuses them of disrespecting Willie Mays.
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    Did a drunk fan wander on the court in full uniform or something?
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    That's not how work cited works Anyway I have no doubt that the success of Jurassic Park led to the team adopting the Raptors name. And I have no doubt the team picked a little girl's entry as the "winning" entry to whip up some positive PR. What I'm having trouble with is why any of this is a bad thing.
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    Assuming that that one tweet posted earlier in the thread holds water, it should be pretty clear that their end goal is blue and athletic gold. The point of everything they've done so far is so that in the meantime (meaning: until they can change to blue and yellow for good), they can use colors that they already have in their scheme to: A. De-emphasize the vegas gold, which is a relic of the St. Louis era (because STL=BAD for LA folk). B. Create a temporary color scheme that is reminiscent of a memorable era of LA football history (because just about anything related to LA=GOOD). They've been denied to make the changes that they ACTUALLY WANT to make, so they're exploiting whatever leeway that they do have with the leagues branding rules to change things up to something that is a little better to them in the meantime.
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    The best uniforms in baseball, and I don't think I'm being a complete homer when saying that. The cleanest, crispest uniforms in baseball.. and THOSE SOCKS! (Specifically with the blue undershirts and striped socks) Love the cream, love the way the orange and black play off one another, and the striped socks should be worn by every last player on that team. I've always loved the Phillies' fauxbacks (much more than their actual home unis): Though given their historical relevance, I also wouldn't mind the Phils wearing these as their primaries: The second-best pinstripes in baseball (behind their crosstown rivals):
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    This. I'm not voting until you show that you've followed slapshot's advice.
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    I would fully expect random props to be thrown out by the driver of this car mid-race
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    These aren't particularly "rare" pictures, but if anyone isn't familiar with the ABA, check out the saga of the Baltimore Claws, as told by Remember the ABA. These are the only two known photographs of a Baltimore Claws game - the Claws (essentially a relocation of the Memphis Sounds) only played three exhibition games in 1976 before folding. Check out how the sewn-on "Claws" nameplate doesn't quite match the rest of the jersey (sweat?). It's not like the team was made up of scrubs either - #9 on the Claws in both pictures is HOFer Mel Daniels! Someone, somewhere, has more pictures. I think they'd be fun to see.
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    Those WBC grays are just too dark. I don't like it.
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    So exactly what part of sports loyalty isn't "completely arbitrary"? I'm not sure how someone cheering for a team based on colors and shapes is any less logical than doing it because some billionaire put a nearby cities' name on their shirts.
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    But proper ownership and the NHL tend not to go hand-in-hand. The guy who bought the Lightning for next to nothing is considered one of the greatest men who ever lived just because he didn't leverage the team for a real-estate scheme or turn out to live in his car.
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    Something so simple makes this mark exponentially better! Great stuff!
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    Who is the little asian guy?
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    As was the case with the facemasks they can't use a color not in the team's designated primary color palette. So, they can't add athletic gold since it's not in the primary palette. Metallic gold is directly tied to Georgia. Compromise? Drop the gold in as many possible applications as possible until the team's allowed to change everything and by extension embrace another part of the team's LA history in the process.
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    Whenever someone prefaces their concept with "done in paint", I go in lowering my standards a little bit. These, however, are absolutely fantastic! I really love your BC uniform and the striping constistency gets me all giddy😂. I love the Clemson uniform, too, but I think that if you're going to have the sublimated tiger motif, maybe carry it somewhere else throughout the uniform, because otherwise it looks out of place IMO. But overall great work!