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    Deciding what should be important to other people is what's "utter nonsense". Please explain to me how an appealing visual presentation is less adult than "city pride"... just typing those words made me feel 12.
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    Can we stop with the best/worst threads. We don't need one for every specific thing. It feels like every time I get on here there is a new one. These threads do nothing other than allows people to circle jerk over each other's opinions.
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    some are more sensitive to the appearence of the world than others. thats why we have artists and designers. or musicians, chefs, and poets. but it's human nature to judge our surroundings by appearence. you wouldn't eat a black banana or drink yellow water right? every color, shape, sound, and taste around us forces us to make a judgement on it. this includes packaging at the grocery store, the clothes we buy, and even uniforms which are designed not inly for recognition and distinction, but to make the wearer feel good and prideful- or sometimes invinsible and brave. all that happens with shape and color
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    People are seriously pissed at NE? Really? It was the :censored:ing 32nd pick in the draft. That means literally every team besides dummy Minnesota could have had him. Even a top 2nd rounder may have gotten it done if a few days ago. Quit with this juvenile jealousy over NE. Your team just didn't want him as much.
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    Something so simple makes this mark exponentially better! Great stuff!
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    The Reds from Cincinnati have one of those classic marks with a very high recognition value. However, the black 3-D shadows the club has added when they rebranded back in 1999 are very outdated. Therefore, they had to go – plus my mark now got a slightly thicker outline.
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    The best uniforms in baseball, and I don't think I'm being a complete homer when saying that. The cleanest, crispest uniforms in baseball.. and THOSE SOCKS! (Specifically with the blue undershirts and striped socks) Love the cream, love the way the orange and black play off one another, and the striped socks should be worn by every last player on that team. I've always loved the Phillies' fauxbacks (much more than their actual home unis): Though given their historical relevance, I also wouldn't mind the Phils wearing these as their primaries: The second-best pinstripes in baseball (behind their crosstown rivals):
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    These aren't particularly "rare" pictures, but if anyone isn't familiar with the ABA, check out the saga of the Baltimore Claws, as told by Remember the ABA. These are the only two known photographs of a Baltimore Claws game - the Claws (essentially a relocation of the Memphis Sounds) only played three exhibition games in 1976 before folding. Check out how the sewn-on "Claws" nameplate doesn't quite match the rest of the jersey (sweat?). It's not like the team was made up of scrubs either - #9 on the Claws in both pictures is HOFer Mel Daniels! Someone, somewhere, has more pictures. I think they'd be fun to see.
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    I'm going to be that "Old School Guy".
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    Design is more than just typing words in a font you have on your computer. So far, with these concepts I don't see much more than text that's extra squeezed or randomly placed. You should really take your time and research other logos to really see how characters and type can work together to make shapes and monograms. Look for design blogs. There are plenty out there... read the comments and critique about designs and identities. Check out designs on Instagram, Behance, or even Dribbble (3 b's). You will learn some principles and see why simply using the first font you see on your computer isn't always the best option. Personally, I'm not a fan of monograms that use every single initial in a company name, but in this case, you may have something...combine your name with design, and you have Isaac Perlich Design (or Designs). I, P, D. You may be onto something with your I/P monogram. What if you combined it with a D, or even a lowercase d? You could have a symmetrical design (which are generally stronger as icons), since the lowercase d and p are identical when rotated. Put a capital I in the middle, like dIP. Maybe expand on that idea. Redraw some shapes to really bring out the symmetry. Strong iconography paired with clean fonts can be the beginning of a very strong identity.
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    I guess this thread will start off with Charlottetown's new alternate for next season
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    Best ever? Yankees. I don't think that's something we can really debate.
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    Yankees, Red Sox, 1970's Oakland, 1970's Brewers, Cubs, all greatness.
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    Coincidentally, I've been to the Hustler in Baltimore.
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    This. I'm not voting until you show that you've followed slapshot's advice.
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    Can you imagine if they had survived and expanded? Maybe best not to. That could lead to some nightmares.
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    A while ago I discovered the whole soccer/football culture community. All over the world there are various clubs, that I guess would be considered "amateur", that create and play in these stunning and unique kits. I really took an interest into these types of teams because their team crests and jerseys are always so cool. There are a bunch of different leagues these teams play in across the globe, one of the is France's LeBallon FC. What's also so special about these kits is that most of them aren't made available online, so their super unique and rare. I've seen some clubs make their jersey available to purchase but the best one's are always not for sale. Here is an article on someones list of the 10 best kits from this "community" scene: http://www.guerrillafc.com/magazine/jerseys-top-10 The Bled FC kit shown in the article is definitely my favourite kit of all time. Also wondering if anyone on here has ever heard of/follow this scene like I do? If you don't want to click the article link I've provided pictures below:
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    I would fully expect random props to be thrown out by the driver of this car mid-race
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    These make my mouth water every time I see them
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    As for the logo, I like it. Work on the weights of all part of the letters, and I like the mountain idea. However, it feels a bit forced. I'd suggest trying to make the letters mesh into the mountain, or try to make letters part of a new mountain design.
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    Considering their brief history their "rare" for sure. The sewn on "Claws" is great! You know kinda who this team was in bad shape when their first choice of a nickname was "HUSTLERS"
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    that sounds exactly the same to me. . . . unless you're a masochist
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    Those WBC grays are just too dark. I don't like it.
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    The Spurs should really switch back to the rounded collar and re-add the waistband striping on their shorts.
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    They were all delightfully bad - part of the appeal. I loved Orlando. Goofy logo and horrible font, but I did like the general idea. Now the USFL - I really miss those unis - And "decent" Spring football.
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    Or it could be that he simply recognised that neither the Magic set to which he alluded nor the Raptors' original uniforms were fit for adults to wear in public.
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    Kansas City Twisters Unveil Logo, Uniforms http://phlnetwork.blogspot.ca/ On September 13, 1988, the first day of the PHL pre-season, the expansion Kansas City Twisters unveiled their Logo and Uniforms in front of 12,000 fans in downtown Kansas City. The logo features a stylized swirling tornado with the initials "KC" inside it with the name "Twisters running up the side of it in the team colors of Black, Blue, and Silver. "This is a very exciting day for our franchise" said owner Ken Milliken. "Our team finally has an identity and we're very happy with it, and I think our fans our excited about it as well." Twisters Jerseys did indeed prove to be very popular with the fans, as retailers sold out in just a few hours. The Twisters' expansion cousins, the Miami Stingrays, are not expected to unveil their logo until the early summer of 1989. Both teams will begin play in October, 1989.
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    Chicago, New York and Las Vegas had very good looks. The only one that was "bad" was Orlando, and that's only because of the numbers. I'm sure this was started as a joke but if you were trying to do that picking the worse NFL Europa jersey would have made more sense. A bunch of New England Patriot clones with Tennessee Titans numbers on them rather than individual identities for each team in the league. In fact, if New England went with the New York Hitmen design their look would improve greatly.
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    You're not really funny posting pictures of all 8 teams. There's been plenty of afl teams that have looked worse and even nfl teams (browns, jags, buccaneers).
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    The Oklahoma City Thunder. Never did give a damn about the Sonics, but when THAT became THIS... ???
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    Jerry Jones' shoddy construction broke chairs. I just provided the foot.
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    Well, for what it's worth I've never seen Kabel as a 70's or 80's font at all, but instead more as a 20's/30's, pre-Depression and Depression-era font - that's when it was invented*, after all, and that's precisely why, just as an example, the board game Monopoly uses it for all of its branding. And on that note, now that it's been almost a full season, I think I've settled on my opinion about the Leafs rebranding: I don't really like it at all. I'll concede that the logo's a slight upgrade - though I'll probably always prefer the simpler, modernised-without-being-outrageous Kabel leaf I grew up with - but the uniforms are just bland. To me it's like they took the old jersey template, one that itself was already a throwback to the 50's, and got almost every aspect of it - the new, only-slightly stylised font, every set of stripes except the arms, the shoulder patches - wrong. It's like, the team has new management that's heavy on tradition, so they tried to bring tradition to something that largely already was very traditional, and they botched it as a result. All they really needed to do was put the new leaf on the existing jerseys and it would've looked great. But evidently that wouldn't have sold as well, which I guess brings us to the worst-case scenario of modern uniform design, doesn't it? A great uniform design is shelved for being too similar to past sets, in favour of something very similar; not as good but just different enough that it'll sell better with fans. * - in fact, doing some slight research, I found that Kabel was first released in 1927 - the same year the St. Patricks renamed themselves the Maple Leafs. So, that font's actually as old as the team name itself!
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    Atlanta's slated to play at Minnesota on Sunday, with cold weather and snow expected. Break out the orange ball!
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    I'm gonna rip into this one. I apologize in advance. First off, I understand you're new here. We all make mistakes. But you need to post a concept with your original post. Some of us read the rules, others learn the hard way. Obviously, you decided to pull a 180 in an 'Oh! You caught me!' kind of sense, but that doesn't make it any better. I'd advise reading the rules before you make any more mistakes. Next, I'm gonna criticize the logo. I know you're probably a beginner, and hell, I know my initial logos were terrible too, but I wish someone had told me how to fix them. What you need to do is choose a more unique font. Anybody can find the same font and produce the same thing. I also think there needs to be more spacing between the letters in 'FHL', less space inbetween the 'Since 2017' and 'FHL', and a more unique shield. I found that exact shield in Google right here. I know it seems like the easier thing to do, but be unique. Building on that 'be unique' idea, you need to differentiate yourself from everybody else. A better name, a better logo, and something that doesn't seem bland and generic would help you out. Something I've learned is not to pump out designs just because you need to. Get inspired, and go from there. Make some sketches, scan the paper, and trace over it in whatever program you're using. Anything to get a good idea from your head to the screen. Lastly, a non-logo related thing. Why the hell did you put a hockey team in Phoenix, New Orleans, and Las Vegas instead of Denver? I know I only had to list one team to replace, but all three of those are cities in which hockey cannot survive. That's all. I know it seemed rough, but don't let this hurt your graphic design career. I got all this too when I started, and I continued. I'm nowhere near professional, but I've grown a lot. Stick with it if you love it.
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    Nice. Really nice. There are a million "Stars and Stripes" shields out there, but the hockey stick makes this unique. Very well done!
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    These make FAU actually look like a sort of legit football team. Who here thinks Lane Kiffin should use these? I do.
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    The Memphis Grizzlies, at least one time, bring back the original Grizz jerseys from The Pyramid
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    "YOUR Vegas Golden Knights!" *Vegas Uniform Placeholders*
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    These just keep getting better!
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    Penny Hardaway's last season in Orlando wearing a uni he's not associated with. You think of him in Orlando and the pinstriped unis, not that.
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