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    Not really a uniform but a warmup, Drexler and Robinson wore the famous Magic 90's warmups for the 1992 All Star game.
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    Yes, waiting would have been a good idea. But they didn't, and now that we know what we know, they should reconsider. They can absolutely go back on the decision. Change plans quietly if they must, but change plans nonetheless.
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    I think it's a little shortsighted to ditch the memorial at this point. If anything, I say keep it (permanently) as a reminder of what can happen if you make such poor decisions. Instead of burying his legacy and history like the NCAA takes bowl wins away years later (which honestly does ZERO good in the long run), use it as a teaching tool and a cautionary tale. Dude was probably the best pitcher they've ever had, and bad decisions cost him EVERYTHING. Keep the number retired and the patch so years later when kids ask why the number is retired/in a black circle, the story can be told. Humans are are flawed creatures that make bad decisions. Some make worse decisions than others. Instead of dehumanizing them for those decisions, do the opposite and learn from those decisions.
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    What happens in the clubhouse if management comes in and says "Actually, we won't be honoring your beloved teammate anymore?" The new information doesn't lessen the loss for Gordon and everybody else who actually knew Fernandez and it might even make it tougher.
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    You can't go back. Then you get into a thing where you're codifying how someone needs to die to get honored (or how they have to die to not get honored.) Waiting a bit would have been better, I think we can all agree there, but like FC said, it's even worse to go back on what they said and publically announce that they've decided his life is not worth honoring anymore. That makes them look worse, IMO. Now of course I am in the camp that doesn't want to see a big deal made for him, so I hope (and kinda suspect) that they are just saying this because it's the right thing to say, but then in reality they phase the memorial out. Also - the others are somewhat responsible. They saw he was wasted and didn't stop him. They allowed a crime to be committed and it resulted in their deaths. Sounds a little familiar, no?
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    I can see both sides of the question here. As a bicyclist, I hate drunk drivers; and so I perfectly understand the idea that honouring someone who died while piloting a vehicle in a drunken state, and who killed others in the process, is problematic. However, the decision has already been taken and publicly announced. To reverse it now would not really be appropriate. We may justifiably denounce Fernandez's behaviour on the grounds that he failed to show proper respect for human life. But we should be aware that the message "human life is precious, so you should stop honouring your beloved dead guy" is a little tone-deaf. If the Marlins had waited before announcing a tribute, then there almost certainly would be no patch, given what we now know. But having already committed to to the patch, they cannot very well go back on that decision. So the lesson here is to wait a while before announcing a tribute to a player who has died in such circumstances.
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    From the days when game devs weren't given new uniforms before the games came out, here's 3 examples of "Inaccurate Colours/Uniforms In Video Games That Didn't Know Better": -Probably the most well known one; Before the Atlanta Thrashers hit the ice in 1999-2000 they only revealed their home jersey, leaving EA Sports to have to make up a fake one for NHL 2000: -The one that inspired this post: I picked up NHL Faceoff '97 for PS1 at a flea market today and came across this. It seems Sony wasn't made aware of the then-newly relocated Phoenix Coyotes' new uniforms, leaving them to have to make up their own: They more-or-less used the same template the Coyotes would wind up using, just with the Phoenix Suns' colours...? Oh, except for the green numbers on the home jersey. -And probably the ultimate case, that time EA left out an entire team... sort of. The Colorado Avalanche came into existence before the 1995-96 NHL season, but for one reason or another - maybe because the team unveiled their identity late (the fact that the team had to unveil and then shelve the Rocky Mountain Extreme name could support that) or that the game's season mode was stuck using the full (unused!) 1994-95 schedule - EA Sports released NHL 96 still featuring the Quebec Nordiques instead of the Avalanche: Leading to "uniform matchups that never happened" such as this one.
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    I don't know how you can include the best road and the best script in all of baseball, in the worst uniforms...
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    Right - but now they do. He isn't worthy of that praise since he killed two people plus himself. This was avoidable. He chose to disregard a situation that could have, and did, result in the death of three people. Real life outweighs sport in this case. Or at least it ought to.
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    When Steve Chiasson got drunk and went on his adventure through the windshield glass, the Hurricanes took his number out of circulation but didn't raise a banner for him. Probably the right thing to do for Fernandez as well.
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    You are completely wrong. That's all.
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    Yes, you do have to do something. Public condemnation, long suspensions (longer than PED suspensions), and mandated public service/drug awareness campaigns should be in effect.
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    Manslaughter, alcohol , cocaine. Meh this player doesn't deserve to be publicly memorialized. If the players want to remember him, do it somewhere other than the uniforms. Just my 2¢
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    I don't think any stadium in baseball can match PNC Park:
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    If you switch the blue and green in the levels of the park, making the walls blue, I'll accept that. For that matter, why are the colors in that order? Shouldn't the green go between the blue and yellow? Yeah. Read that on my phone yesterday. Changes everything, and I take back anything I said giving him the benefit of the doubt. This is worse than the OT patches. I don't expect the Marlins to change anything, but they've been the Scumbag Steve of the sport since their first fire sale.
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    To be fair to David Samson, as much as the mere thought of that makes me want to vomit all over myself, that sounds like the kind of thing you say before you quietly go about not making such a big deal out of the guy. I think you'd have seen the Marlins go forward in a manner much different from what they'll actually do now that we know he wasn't a victim. He won't be Chris Benoited out of history, but they'll hold back at times.
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    Here's a rarity since Reeves never played for the MEMPHIS Grizzlies in the regular season. He played two preseason games in Memphis before being put on the IR and eventually retiring.
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    This was my entry into HockeyJerseyConcepts' Pairs Competition. I teamed up with one of their former writers, William, and we decided to do a CHL version of an all-star weekend as the top prospects game could be better organized and an all-star weekend could help young players get ready to compete at the NHL level. For the location, We decided on Calgary as it has a rich hockey heritage and it hasn't hosted a major event since I believe the 1988 Olympics. The competition will be a 3-on-3 tournament like the NHL, with 4 teams: The OHL, QMJHL, WHL, and a team of players under 17 years (Nicknamed the 'Young Guns'). For the full presentation click here. The main logo (Designed by William, not me. Mods, please tell me if it isn't properly credited) takes the shape of a maple leaf and a star to show the event is truly international. The font and cowboy hat reflect Calgary's western heritage, and the Calgary Tower and red colors display city pride. My main part of the project was jersey design. Each of the designs is inspired by the respective league's logo. Each jersey has the same basic pattern; a chest stripe, cuffs, and a shoulder yoke. OHL: QMJHL: WHL: Young Guns: C&C is appreciated!
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    I've never had the experience personally, but my friend had a friend who killed himself. My friend shrugs him off now with no reverential feelings. He did something so incredibly stupid and selfish. At least that guy didn't take someone with him. I'd thought there were four total on the boat, but even so. He killed himself and his girlfriend while driving down a freeway. Fernandez killed himself and two other people speeding a boat blindly in a dangerous rock-filled area. That would be like if Taveras drove up a windy mountain road with a blindfold on. I hate to say this, but in the world we live in now, with the knowledge we have now, one can say brain damage due to multiple concussions took away OJ's ability to function as a rational human being. What excuse is there for Fernandez's taking of two lives? On a side note, OJ isn't the best example, because while his death is unlikely to earn him a memorial patch... although I don't feel it out of the realm of possibility, this is kind of a thing.
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    I call it the Honda Ponda
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    Did you really just compare OJ murdering his wife and her lover in a cold blooded rage to Jose Fernandez? I get where you're coming from to an extent (I mean, BARELY), but, come on now.
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    Because they're ugly.
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    To be honest, the thought of erasing Tony La Russa from the history of organized baseball is making me feel kinda funny like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.
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    They're not honoring his death, they're honoring his life. Fernandez was a guy who could've been created by screenwriter, both good and bad. Part of what makes this so tragic is who Fernandez supposedly was before that fateful night The middle ground is probably honoring Fernandez while also raising awareness of drug abuse (which is not to call Fernandez a drug abuser) and boating safety.
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    His teammates should have enough common sense to realise that their friend died in a way that doesn't deserve to be honoured. Impaired driving is a heinous, selfish act. I'm not saying everyone who knew him needs to disown his memory. Plenty of good friends die badly. I'm just saying it's very scummy for an organisation with as much clout and media coverage as a MLB team to memorialise and honour such a death.
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    I could really see both sides of the argument here, but I have to admit that I'm deeply uncomfortable with permanently memorializing a person who was criminally responsible for the deaths of two other people. His number was retired precisely because he died so young and tragically, and yet the very cause of his death was a criminal act that killed two others. If he had survived the crash, he'd likely be in prison for a number of years, and his career would certainly be over - and there'd obviously be no retired numbers or permanent memorials. The most tasteful approach would be a simple black armband mourning the loss of life - Jose Fernandez's included. Unfortunately, they're well past the point where they can reverse course and use a black armband (which wouldn't work on their oft-worn black alts anyway, from a practical perspective). A simple patch would suffice though - it would allow teammates and fans to mourn Jose Fernandez without lionizing him. They can't go back on the retired number now, though it goes to show that retiring a number shouldn't be done in haste in the immediate wake of a tragedy.
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    If I'm the Marlins, and this many people despise the patch- remove it so t doesn't become a talking / heckling point throughout he season on the road. Heck- put the patch on the INSIDE of the jersey above the heart- so only they know it's there.... because realistically- it's for the players who consideredd him a friend anyway.
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    Devils looked good last night in those old time green uni's.
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    The Mighty Ducks are an interesting case in regards to this thread. They're so "love/hate" across the board that I dont know that either opinion is particularly unpopular. Seems for every person who adores it, there's another that hates it. Just sort of evens out all the time. As for me? I'm in the "freaking love it" camp. All the things that bother others about it are just frankly non-factors to me (like the "too Disney" argument; I mean yeah, it's Disney, but so what? I don't care. It still looks great to me). And the identity is one of the biggest sources of childhood nostalgia rush in all of sports for me. Truth be told? I was something of a Mighty Ducks fan as a kid, but legit stopped caring much for them when they rebranded. Dead serious, I hated the rebrand that much. It was awful then and is still awful now (only now it's also aged). The Mighty Ducks identity was precisely what roped me in in the first place; being a kid in the 90's meant you were their target market as far as the brand was concerned, and hey, it worked on me and tons of other kids in my neck of the woods. And just to to be clear, I'm perfectly fine with them being just the "Ducks". The name isn't the problem at all. Whether "Mighty" is in there or not really doesn't make a difference to me. I just want the colors and the duck mask to come back permanently, and for the webbed-D and regurgitated-candy color scheme to be shot back to the dark demonic hole from whence it came.
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    Alright, thanks again for the feedback. Here are the finalized event marks: And the uniforms C&C always welcome
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    The Mighty Pond of Honda?
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    I really liked the alternate third jersey black unis for the Chicago Blackhawks they had for about a decade Seriously, I wouldn't mind the Hawks bringing this back on occasion.
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    All of these are excellent...probably better without the anniversary patch under the logo, too.
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    I don't see anything wrong with the fish being there.
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    Sorry to dredge this back up, but their full report was just released yesterday, and the conclusion is exactly the opposite - yes, he was driving. He was intoxicated with alcohol and cocaine in his system and was driving the boat at full speed and with impaired visibility when it crashed. Not sure that those Marlins tribute patches are really appropriate to commemorate the death of somebody whose recklessness cost not only his own life but two others with it.
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    What's the point in naming a team after an animal, if a logo featuring said animal isn't in the identity?
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    So, this concludes the school presentation portion of the project. Below is a sort of recap similar to the preview on page one, showing the teams' letter logos and mascot logos side by side. ----------------------------------------------- Obviously, this took me a bit longer than I had hoped. However, now that all identities are complete, I will post uniforms from various sports. Each sport will follow a similar structure. On day 1, All teams in the Eastern Division will be posted. On day 2, Western Division teams will be posted. Hockey, which does not feature all 14 teams will be posted together in a single day. Generally, there will be a few days between sports, though there should not be extended breaks in between. First up, will be Football, which should be up tomorrow.
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    So do we get college credits for reading this?
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    I'm Jewish. And trained as historian. I'm also the son of a man from a Jewish family and a mother who converted to Judaism. I think I have a healthy perspective and a solid handle on what Jewish ethnicity and faith "is." See, Judaism is both a religion and an ethnic group. "Race" isn't technically correct, for a number of reasons. Still? "Judaism" as a group represents a distinct ethnic group within the Semitic subsect of the "Caucasian race." Now race itself is a social construct, but if you want to use those terms? Well that's how it fits together. The thing with Judaism is that it's an old concept. It predates "universal" faiths such as Christianity and Islam. Judaism is better understood in terms of Hinduism, or old polytheistic faiths of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Nords. The faith (Judaism, in this case) and the ethnic groups (the Jewish people) are inherently intertwined. That's why you get terms like "the children/people of Israel," because part of the faith is embracing the heritage that traces back to, yes, the ancient Israelite nation and faith. There is conversion, but it's celebrated as welcoming a newcomer into the "tribe" as it were. So no, Judaism isn't just a religion. It's not a race either, but "ethnicity" certainly qualifies. Further, DNA and archeological studies have both pointed to contemporary Jewish populations having genetic and cultural ties to the ancient Israelite nation and region. So again. If an Italian-American player who has never even been to Italy can play for Team Italy than a Jewish American playing for Team Israel isn't this huge issue. If you want to argue that the qualifications for national team selection in the WBC across the board are too broad? Ok. I don't disagree. Baseball is siding with a liberal interpretation to promote the game globally though, and that's fine if the long-term goal is the global expansion of the sport.
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    Sometimes its imperfections are what make a logo perfect.
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    I apologize if this has been used before, but here's Richard Jefferson as a member of the Utah Jazz:
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    Introducing your Minnesota Vegas Green n' Gold Wild Knights! (Of Anaheim)
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    I agree with you on all counts. But I think the fix is as simple as eliminating green outright. Give the blue letters (and cap logo) a single gold outline, and you're done.
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    The font 2K uses for the RunDMC set is the Friz Quadrata font used on the Warriors' navy/orange/yellow jerseys. Stupid mistake to make, but they probably thought "heh...sort of close enough".
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