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    Can't wait to hear your rationale. Notable things he did with the Reds: - Made his major league debut - five seasons - 383 career appearances, 324 with the Reds - set the world speed record for a fastball - four all-star games
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    Next up is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I went with the robo penguin on this as it is very 90's. This set is based on their third jersey from the mid 90's but with a few personal adjustments. The chest stripes now appear on the arms and the triangular yoke is back but is ow plain black. There is also half and half pants and two different socks. I think that this would have looked pretty cool and been very unique.
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    first off, i want this thread to be helpful for anyone looking to start a career as a Graphic Designer (specifically in sports), any Designers who are independent looking to improve their business, or anyone who may be looking to hire a Designer/Studio for their project. Because there are many industry professionals that frequent the boards, i hope they will jump in here as well and add to anything I might miss or anything they can expand on. But i feel this could be a good thread for this forum because i'm seeing more and more people ask about portfolios, logo design, and design careers– the timing seems right. a bit about me: i graduated from Full Sail University in 2009 with an AD in Graphic Design, though my focus since has been in Logos and Branding/Identity. Since graduation, my independent design career has always been important to me, though i have held a few full-time positions. the first was with a timeshare company in Orlando doing mostly web design, then a year with J.America creating Ohio State apparel, and i am currently a Graphic Designer with the Miami Dolphins where i've been since Feb 2016. i do hope whatever experience or knowledge i have can help (or at least entertain) the community here. i will answer as open and honestly as i can, though i will get a couple of things out of the way first. 1.) the Dolphins have no plans to change their logo and/or uniforms that i am aware of, and they seem happy with where they're at now 2.) yes, i wish they would wear the throwbacks full-time too 3.) while in Columbus, i learned to love Ohio State, but i also like Michigan too. i'm not one of those kinds of Buckeyes! other than that, AMA
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    This logo set has been getting attention on Behance lately, so I figured I'd bring it back to life! Just finished the Maple Leafs, based on Carlton the Bear with a shoutout to Jacques Plante:
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    Considering he's back with the Yankees I'm going to say that likely stays at ONE
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    For those who don't want to click through: Not a fan. The home is overly busy and doesn't work with the huge sponsor block. The road isn't bad - I like the checkerboard.
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    We're on the last day of the WBC and have seen every single uniform in action, most multiple times over. Not a heck of a lot to discuss there. Discussions roam and digress. Not a bad thing, IMO.
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    I loved that Utah color palette. It "screamed Utah" more than that stupid double blue that everyone said screamed Utah.
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    Good call! I will update! I prefer the Toronto version, but thought I would float this out there for any Boston/Cheevers fans:
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    Glad to see more teams doing this. Always loved the Pirates batters eye treatment.
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    As long as you keep those stars on there then yeah I could take an upgrade of the wordmark. I love the stars.
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    So the Jazz are intriguing me a bit. Tonight's game features a '97 team reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first Western Conference Championship. At first, they shared some pictures here and there of different players leading up to the event, but over the past couple of days they've gone so all-out with the era-specific colors and graphics that I'm really wondering if (well, more like hoping) they're going to surprise us with one-time throwbacks. I'm fuzzy on the uniform rules and maybe I'm just reading too deep into it but they seem to be doing a lot for even a team reunion. They've changed the profile pic on both Facebook and Instagram to the '97 logo, and (the big kicker for me) posted a video with tonight's matchup featuring the '97 logo instead of the current: Again, it may just be a whole lot of nostalgic excitement for the reunion/anniversary, and that's the extent of it. But to go so far as to use the '97 logo as a matchup logo instead of the current primary after already basically changing everything on social media to the old stuff over the last week just really makes me wonder (and hope) surprise throwbacks are in the works. I'd be ecstatic if it happened.
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    Timberwolves Twitter account claims that the new logo will "pull inspiration" from the original logo.
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    I do think the road uniform is better with the alterations. The teal used to just blend in with the navy wordmark and white outline. However, this prevented the tweak I actually wanted to see: Using teal like the Orioles use orange (a statement I've been saying a lot lately) would allow the Mariners to stand out from the other navy teams and promote their unique color scheme. Also, going down to one outline makes for clearer scripts.
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    I don't know how unpopular this is but I do not like the little tweaks made on the Mariners uniforms. I think they're a downgrade to what was a perfectly fine set.
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    Maybe less of an unpopular opinion and more of a weird one, but I'm usually a big fan of uniform numbers with gapped outlines, like so: I think it just generally makes for a really nice look... with one exception: the Montreal Canadiens. I don't know exactly what it is, but to me that just looks awful on the Habs' white jersey; I think the old gapless look is much better:
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    As a fan of maybe the one P5 team Adidas HASN'T ruined, I don't like their odds. For every Adidas Nebraska set, there are about 17 UCLA all terrain radials.
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    No, not just you. I love the lion head logo. I just wish they'd eliminate the circular patch and just use the head.
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    For Creighton, I spiced up their bland look with some blue Irish Rainbow-esque striping and a much-needed powder blue alternate. Clemson gets a simple, clean and classy look based on the iconic striping from their football helmets. Clemson basketball may not play like the national champs, but they can at least dress like them! I like Syracuse's current uniforms for the most part, so I didn't want to change them too much. The biggest change here is the long-awaited return of the Syracuse script font. I know Syracuse loves to use their custom block font everywhere (except for football, strangely), but let's be real - you can't beat that script. The second-biggest change is the elimination of navy as a secondary color. Syracuse basketball has been trending towards being an orange-and-white-only team for a while now, and it's a change I support. It looks good, and now that they're in the ACC, dumping the navy separates them from Virginia and (to a degree) Clemson. Given that the only navy remaining on their current uniforms are the thin outlines on the numbers and shorts logos, most fans probably wouldn't even realize it was gone. I also added some contrasting trim to the jerseys so they wouldn't look so plain, and threw in a throwback to the days of Billy Owens and Derrick Coleman as an alternate.
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    learn something new every day. so maybe there was good reason why they remind me of each other. lol.
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    Adidas has done well with classic looks before, let's not act like they're completely incapable. It just depends if Ohio wants to go crazy or not.
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    Personally, I think these are two of my favorite changes over the last decade. I did not care for either's previous look.
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    Here's a rarity since Reeves never played for the MEMPHIS Grizzlies in the regular season. He played two preseason games in Memphis before being put on the IR and eventually retiring.
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    I decided to take a shot at something a little different in Detroit, working in the famous octopus:
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    He was one of the few players I liked during the dark days.
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    From the mothership's comments section...
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    RUTGERS After days of contemplating on how will the Scarlet Knights football look on an Adidas gear, here it is, folks. This concept set borrowed its look from the Chris Ash era's and the Kyle Flood era's. It's quite generic, but this concept set fits Rutgers football very well, IMO. I've added a throwback alternate as a tribute to, what the Rutgers community call it, their successful years in football. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
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    Yes on the low cut stirrups. I will take today's pajama pants over 80s ribbon stirrups 100/100. And 60s/70s higher cut stirrups just look wrong to me, but at least there's something there. My pref list: low cut stirrup>high sock>high cut stirrup>pajama pants>ribbon stirrups>self immolation>2 in 1s.
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    First, thank you American League for not allowing "Twin Cities Twins." Second, I'd argue that this even adds more of a "cool historical quirk" factor to the "TC" logo. They designed it after their chosen "Twin Cities Twins" name and just kept it when the AL forced them out of the name. There's some pretty cool history there. (admittedly, as a Twins fan, I'd never heard of the "TC" being designed for the team being called "TC Twins" and then just being kept).
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    The only change the Lions should have for their helmet is a blue facemask. I would accept a chrome facemask on account of them being in Detroit, but really, they need to just stick to what they've always done.
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    "ruin a classic look"? Did you see what Russell did to their pants this year?
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    I agree with you here. At first I wasn't overly excited to hear the TWolves were updating since NBA logos seem to be complete hit or miss over the last 5-10 years. But after reading this project is done by the same guys (RARE Designs I think) who did the Hornets, Pelicans, Hawks, Kings, and I think Grizzlies as well, some of the better NBA looks in my opinion (although I still dislike volt in the Hawks case), I'm confident we won't end up with an OKC, Clippers, Raptors, Nets, or Warriors disappointment.
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    $7 on eBay, and worth every cent.
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    On this board I'm surprised this isn't a popular opinion but stirrups should be required in MLB
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    Better than a lot of actual NBA uniforms
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    I wonder if the trees will be a subliminated pattern across the uniform, something like Atlanta's triangles. It could possibly work. Either way, I'm excited for this one. Given the track record of the designer, this should be pretty well done.
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    Hess has plenty to do with the Jets, as the company's founder, Leon Hess, was the Jets' owner for several decades until his death.
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    I wouldn't say they had nothing to do with each other. Leon Hess, founder of Hess, was also an owner of the Jets. Not sure if that's why they look like Hess trucks but could be.
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    The Rays should paint the outside walls of the Trop sky blue too: Then they'll finally get that new park that they want.
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    Don't think I can post what I'd compare the browns too lol
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    Insta... I swear to god, the flavour is in my mouth every single time. Part of me wants to throw those jerseys in the blue box for recycling.
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    I think Golden State counts as well. Not the exact same logo, but it was definitely inspired by one from the past. Same with the Wiz and the Caps (both I love). Hell, throw the Leafs in there as well. I guess I'm a sucker for tradition. I'd love the Angels to go back to their late 80s/early 90s look. Even their pre-Disney look was inspired by their late 60s look.
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    Stupid spellcheck put it as Stephen. I see him more as a knick. That was the team he was on when his best seasons happened. And that ray allen mistake was just a brain fart
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    Chauncey Billups and Stephen Marbury who both end up becoming superstars outside of Minnesota
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