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    Not sure if this counts but - the right side of Minnesota.
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    I also participated in this contest. I think the timberwolves had a good concept back in the days, therefore I picked up the old logo and made a redesign without changing the general idea. I made it to the final round but the design above won in the end. Let me know what you think.
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    I decided to take a shot at something a little different in Detroit, working in the famous octopus:
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    Next up is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I went with the robo penguin on this as it is very 90's. This set is based on their third jersey from the mid 90's but with a few personal adjustments. The chest stripes now appear on the arms and the triangular yoke is back but is ow plain black. There is also half and half pants and two different socks. I think that this would have looked pretty cool and been very unique.
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    Hey guys, this is something I have been just doing for fun but I have really been enjoying it so I decided to make a series out of it. It is a series of concepts that are what could have been if the NHL had went a little wild with more teams in the 90s. They did this with some teams with the third jerseys and for some teams such as the Blues and Islander but I thought, what if they did it with every team. I have done 5 teams already and I hope that you enjoy them. Boston Bruins Washington Capitals Carolina Hurricanes LA Kings Edmonton Oilers
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    Not sure if this qualifies as retro, but: /thread
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    Here's a rarity since Reeves never played for the MEMPHIS Grizzlies in the regular season. He played two preseason games in Memphis before being put on the IR and eventually retiring.
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    first off, i want this thread to be helpful for anyone looking to start a career as a Graphic Designer (specifically in sports), any Designers who are independent looking to improve their business, or anyone who may be looking to hire a Designer/Studio for their project. Because there are many industry professionals that frequent the boards, i hope they will jump in here as well and add to anything I might miss or anything they can expand on. But i feel this could be a good thread for this forum because i'm seeing more and more people ask about portfolios, logo design, and design careers– the timing seems right. a bit about me: i graduated from Full Sail University in 2009 with an AD in Graphic Design, though my focus since has been in Logos and Branding/Identity. Since graduation, my independent design career has always been important to me, though i have held a few full-time positions. the first was with a timeshare company in Orlando doing mostly web design, then a year with J.America creating Ohio State apparel, and i am currently a Graphic Designer with the Miami Dolphins where i've been since Feb 2016. i do hope whatever experience or knowledge i have can help (or at least entertain) the community here. i will answer as open and honestly as i can, though i will get a couple of things out of the way first. 1.) the Dolphins have no plans to change their logo and/or uniforms that i am aware of, and they seem happy with where they're at now 2.) yes, i wish they would wear the throwbacks full-time too 3.) while in Columbus, i learned to love Ohio State, but i also like Michigan too. i'm not one of those kinds of Buckeyes! other than that, AMA
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    Can't wait to hear your rationale. Notable things he did with the Reds: - Made his major league debut - five seasons - 383 career appearances, 324 with the Reds - set the world speed record for a fastball - four all-star games
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    They had a contest on 99design to redesign the Timberwolves logo. This is the one that won. Very cool.
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    Obvious answer but when I was a kid I legitimately thought this logo was angry Pacman. I had no idea why they were called the Hawks, I couldn't see a hawk in this logo for the life of me. I was not a smart kid.
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    when i was a little kid, living near poughkeepsie, new york, i had a truck toy similar to this one. Not until years later did I learn that Hess has absolutely nothing to do with the New York Jets. The color scheme and two stripes, and general wordmark look made me conflate the two in my toddler mind. i still think of Hess trucks every time I see the New York Jets.
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    The mismatched piping drives me nuts.
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    This logo set has been getting attention on Behance lately, so I figured I'd bring it back to life! Just finished the Maple Leafs, based on Carlton the Bear with a shoutout to Jacques Plante:
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    I wouldn't say they had nothing to do with each other. Leon Hess, founder of Hess, was also an owner of the Jets. Not sure if that's why they look like Hess trucks but could be.
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    The bosox are not the Yankees. Here is their proper road uniform
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    Don't think I can post what I'd compare the browns too lol
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    The demented Reds guy... ...looks like the face used in those memes that show a German word compared to other languges:
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    And the back of his uni says Hilario, his last name
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    Not really a uniform but a warmup, Drexler and Robinson wore the famous Magic 90's warmups for the 1992 All Star game.
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    Over the past week, I have posted a few of these logos and they seemed to go over well, so I decided to run with the theme... each logo is inspired by an NHL team, but designed for a mini-mite-level kid's hockey team. Every logo is a work in progress, so feedback is appreciated! All designs from this set are available at: https://www.teepublic.com/user/csquared Up first is Pittsburgh:
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    Even with the return to the cartoon bird and white front panel on the home cap, the Orioles have remained pretty traditional since they ditched the sansabelts and pullovers in 1989. I don't see them suddenly becoming the MLB-UA version of the University of Oregon just because UA is based in Baltimore.
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    So now I live in the state of Alfred Hitchcock. How I've never noticed
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    The Grizzlies should go back to teal, their current identity is boring. Also, the Clips should go back to their very first logo when they were in San Diego
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    Alright, thanks again for the feedback. Here are the finalized event marks: And the uniforms C&C always welcome
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    . . . and it's not as if The Vet was a classic stadium that should have been preserved for the sake of our posterity. Sorry @BringBackTheVet
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    Good call! I will update! I prefer the Toronto version, but thought I would float this out there for any Boston/Cheevers fans:
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    I do think the road uniform is better with the alterations. The teal used to just blend in with the navy wordmark and white outline. However, this prevented the tweak I actually wanted to see: Using teal like the Orioles use orange (a statement I've been saying a lot lately) would allow the Mariners to stand out from the other navy teams and promote their unique color scheme. Also, going down to one outline makes for clearer scripts.
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    Hess has plenty to do with the Jets, as the company's founder, Leon Hess, was the Jets' owner for several decades until his death.
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    Nope. You do the work. This isn't a free logo factory.
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    Insta... I swear to god, the flavour is in my mouth every single time. Part of me wants to throw those jerseys in the blue box for recycling.
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    Personally, I think these are two of my favorite changes over the last decade. I did not care for either's previous look.
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    Washington Nationals and Walgreens of course. When I introduced my wife to baseball she remembered the Nationals as the team with the Walgreens logo and to this day whenever they're playing my team she'll notice and say "Oh they're playing against Walgreens today?" Others, the Dolphins color rush orange jerseys last year... parking cones, carrots, Cheetos, and my favorite comparison: circus peanuts.
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    Mavericks and Eagles both reuniting with kelly green is well over due.
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    Yes, waiting would have been a good idea. But they didn't, and now that we know what we know, they should reconsider. They can absolutely go back on the decision. Change plans quietly if they must, but change plans nonetheless.
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    Astros (and Nationals) new spring training facility features this logo awesomeness.
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    Now that we've seen them in action, I've found an instance where I like the new logo much, much better than the old: on the refs. That's gorgeous. Simple, bold. Doesn't need any lettering. I really wish they would use that on the sleeves of players, instead of the circle-version. Use the dark-crown version for clubs with white or light-colored sleeves like Arsenal or West Ham.
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    BOTH tenants are in the wrong stadium in Oakland.
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    It was obviously a road game for them, but seeing the San Francisco Giants playing at the Polo Grounds always seemed terribly wrong to me: It was completely understandable that they moved, given that they had become the third wheel in a three-team market, but talk about salt in the wound of old Giants fans in New York... (Especially given that in 1962, the year this photo was taken, the Giants went on to win the NL pennant, while the Mets were... well, the 1962 Mets.)
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    I'd be all in favor of the Marlins completely dumping black (or at least sidelining it to a trim color) and instead becoming a primarily blue team, with orange and yellow as their secondary colors. That is a gorgeous shade of blue that would be completely unique to the Marlins within baseball. On the white home jersey: a blue wordmark, outlined in orange and/or yellow, paired with a blue cap, undershirts, and socks. Basically, swap out black for blue on the current home uniform (and tweak the coloring of the wordmark/outlines as necessary), and make the blue jersey the primary alternate. It'd be the perfect evolution of the Marlins' look in the (eventual) post-Loria era. The color scheme would embody the color and vibrancy of Miami Beach, while the wordmark would continue to evoke the art deco architecture common within Miami. Take the unnecessary fish off the cap logo, and revise the number font to match the beautiful wordmark, and you'd have an outstanding and unique identity. The building blocks are there; they're just being misused right now.
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    Updated Detriot with matching hub caps _______ Up next is Edmonton! For some reason, when I think of the Oilers, I picture those old 80s hockey cards. Might tweak a few details (like adding feet?), but decided to go old school with this one: