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    wat is ths im in traine
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    And now he truly is in phone.
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    Not sure if this counts but - the right side of Minnesota.
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    Sean Avery...oh wait...scrubs in stars' jerseys, not scrubs in Stars jerseys
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    I have never laughed harder than I did when his voice cracked. Dear god, it's just a manifestation of what I pictured every TNak post ever to be. Marvelous, in a word. Marvelous. This is the greatest moment in CCSLC history.
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    Well, I guess this completely puts to rest my old theory that he was just trolling the place. I think we can all picture that as a post.
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    There's a thread in the announcement folder for NoHoJoe's suspension. It's a bump of an old thread for NoHoJoe's suspension, one year to the day for the exact same post. I'm laughing so hard.
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    This should have never stopped being their alternate logo, even after they changed primaries back in 2006.
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    First thought, no joke: That guy looks like Tank, but he looks slimmer than he used to. I could be wrong. Second thought: oh my god the guy who used to ruins threads with crazy freakouts on my favorite message board is doing it on the news. Third thought: I hope this doesn't go viral. Fourth thought: yeah this is 100% going viral.
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    This is the equivalent of a guy named Cal Garyflame suiting up for the Calgary Flames. Shut it down.
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    My significant other couldn't have cared any less when I explained why I got up from the couch and walked around in disbelief.
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    Good evening CCSLC! Now, I do believe that this is attempt number three at redesigning the NHL. However, I am determined to actually finish this time. Unlike other failed attempts, wherein I would design one concept, post, wait for C&C and then move on, this time I've actually completed almost half of the NHL in preparation. I've been working on this project for the past month or so, I've really been having a lot of fun with it and I'm moving at a pretty steady pace so I feel as though I can actually make it through the league. What I really wish for this thread is a lot of active discussion, comments, and critique so that I may hone my skills at designing. I'd like to keep this organized, so I'll get started with some guidelines of what I'll be posting. Also, as a note: I haven't found an Adidas template compatible with the program I use (PAINT.net) so I chose to simply use the Reebok Edge template found in the Paint Users Paradise thread. I have, however, added an Adidas tag to the inside that I drew up. Outline All teams I complete will have some alteration to their logo and/or color scheme that I will point out with each concept. Note: These changes could be as small as a color adjustment to a complete logo overhaul. I will only be posting two uniforms per team: Home (color), Away (white) No team will use more than two logos. This is pretty standard in the NHL. However, we do see teams with all kinds of logos with their set. If I include a logo in the set, it will appear on the uniform. I see no need to include more since this is simply a logo/uniform project and not a complete identity project. NHL shield logos will be recolored in respective team colors. Teams will be posted in no real order, simply which concept I would like comments on at that time. Please, no comments just requesting the next team. Some critique on the concept would be appreciated. Okay, first up: ARIZONA COYOTES - 4.3.17 Logos: I really loved the Coyotes inaugural set. The kachina pattern was very unique to the team and even though it made it's debut in the 90s, it wasn't a concept that was overbearing or gaudy. However, and, as unpopular an opinion it may be, I really like Arizona's current logo and uniform set. I have made some changes to the logo, though. Replacing black is a darker brick red and I have turquoise to the color scheme, drawing inspiration from the art of the Pueblo which is wherein the initial kachina pattern derived. The alternate 'A' paw logo underwent no changes other than, of course, the color scheme. Uniforms: Again, the kachina pattern was my favorite part of the Coyotes inaugural set. The logo to me was fine, but I actually like the current better. I tried my hand at a custom kachina pattern that is only adorned on the hem as I thought that adding it the the sleeves as well made it a bit busy. If you look closely, you'll notice that within the pattern are crossed hockey sticks in the darker brick red color. The shoulders stripes are very loosely based on the current uniforms. Thanks for checking these out! C&C is greatly appreciated!
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    Nice to see he's mellowed out during his time away from here.
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    That's not how this works here. YOU design the concept and WE offer comments and criticism to help you get better.
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    I know we don't like to speak ill of the banned but... GUESS WHO HAPPENED TO SHOW UP ON A NEWS 4 REPORT THAT'S GOING VIRAL TODAY http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Train-Derail-New-York-Penn-Station-How-to-Get-Home-Mets-Game-Commute-Alternatives-Guide-Amtrak-NJ-Transit-Long-Island-Rail-Road-MTA-Service-Change-417976133.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_NYBrand (EDIT looks like they changed the video, but it's on their other platforms)
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    Gonzaga makes its first championship in school history and chooses to wear black uniforms (black is not a school color) with no red on them. (Red is a school color). This trend of teams wearing :censored:ty Alts in a big championship game can die any day now.
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    Don't ruin your argument with more posts of random Disney jerseys. Disney has a song from Frozen...it had good advice.
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    Yeah screw women and their stupid sports. Breaking a 100+ game winning streak isn't impressive in the slightest.
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    The North Stars look a lot better with black.
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    Obvious answer but when I was a kid I legitimately thought this logo was angry Pacman. I had no idea why they were called the Hawks, I couldn't see a hawk in this logo for the life of me. I was not a smart kid.
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    when i was a little kid, living near poughkeepsie, new york, i had a truck toy similar to this one. Not until years later did I learn that Hess has absolutely nothing to do with the New York Jets. The color scheme and two stripes, and general wordmark look made me conflate the two in my toddler mind. i still think of Hess trucks every time I see the New York Jets.
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    A collective of logos and uniforms that remind you of something totally unrelated
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    Let's face it: meltdowns are all he really contributed.
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    Just my two cents....but should we truly consider rewarding someone who is banned with reinstatement for essentially throwing a temper tantrum that happened to be in public? Seems counterproductive to me.
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    The best part is how his hat magically drops over his forehead at the end.
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    Oh my God Tnak is gonna wind up with his own radio show, isn't he? EDIT: Oh no, in today's world, this is probably true. We're all :censored:ED. http://www.12up.com/posts/4816326-video-angry-mets-fan-freaks-out-after-train-causes-him-to-miss-game
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    A deadly train crash, and five people injured. But at least Tank's priorities are in order.
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    Having the wordmark on the sleeves like that reminds me of North Carolina's football team back in the day:
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    Barkley wore that uniform for all of half a dozen preseason games and you think it's the "right" uniform? Seriously?
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    Check the date of the post...
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    Imgur Album Links: Saints Steelers Cowboys Chargers Rams Falcons Packers With the NFL Playoffs starting today, I decided to mock up some ideas I had for a three NFL Teams: the Saints, Steelers, and Cowboys. I loved the color rush uniforms for both the Saints and Steelers; ideas from both are implemented in these concepts. For the Saints, the concept basically is their color rush; there is no reason they shouldn't adopt that look full time. I simplified their helmet logo a bit and brought back the Louisiana state outline logo as a chest patch. In addition to the white jerseys taken from the color rush set, the concept includes a black jersey with gold-white-gold-white-gold stripes as well as a gold jersey with b-w-b-w-b stripes. An alternate white helmet idea is also shown; it would only be used if the NFL were to lift the one helmet rule, obviously.
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    I wouldn't say they had nothing to do with each other. Leon Hess, founder of Hess, was also an owner of the Jets. Not sure if that's why they look like Hess trucks but could be.
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    I hate to be harsh here, but it needs to be said. In order to get people interested in your series, you need to have engaging and well-crafted work. Despite what this sub-section of the concepts forum claims to be about, the aesthetics of the concepts are what keep people coming. Heck, even Veras' "History of a Fictional Football League" still has a commitment to the artwork behind his different teams (which is part of the reason why it's been such a big thread recently). Here, you don't seem committed to making aesthetically-pleasing concepts. Instead, all of your work looks like mangled, pixel-y messes with little thought put behind any of the elements. I don't see some "bold alternate universe" look, no matter how hard you try to explain it and hide behind it. Instead, I see a bunch of disjointed, random, and ill-fitting colors/patterns that look like you slapped them together because they "look cool." People won't be interested in what you're talking about if the artwork is messy. Also, making consecutive posts in your own thread is not a good look. It turns the thread into more of a blog, and posters have gotten in trouble on this board for doing that. If you want to improve, I have a few suggestions. Download Inkscape and find .svg templates on this forum, as they'll really help you produce less pixel-y renders. Finding official fonts will also be a good step (ask some people through PM for that - due to counterfeiters, it's best if fewer people have them), as well as downloading the actual logos. Also, as much as it pains me to stifle your creativity, I would suggest you look at and generally follow what other people do with their concepts. There's nothing wrong with going a little bit outside of the visual history of a team, but you should still hold yourself to the general aesthetic of the sport in this universe. That's the most aesthetically-pleasing option, and it'll get more people interested in your work (come for the art, stay for the rosters/story). I hope this is constructive, and that it is of some help.
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    Repeat to yourself it's just a show, you should really just relax
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    From Barstool: Barstool isn't wrong.