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    You must be new here. Here we discuss the aesthetics of what athletes wear. Do you walk into a church and ask who cares about what God did?
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    Stackhouse in Iverson Era uniforms, he played only 22 games in that before he was traded to Pistons:
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    That can be accomplished with socks.
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    "They" sounds a bit too detached and impersonal for a team that you've invested your time, money and emotions into for at least a significant portion of your life. And "the team I root for" is a mouthful. "We" is a totally acceptable shorthand, IMO.
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    After studying the leaked photo from the Lions, I came up with the following. I hope they don't over embellish the number font like the Lions current uniforms or the Vikings. And it looks like they might have chrome face masks. At least I hope so. I feel the helmet would be too similar to the Cowboys if they went with a grey face mask.
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    I also like NHL players in the Olympics. Am I a bad hockey fan? Without NHL players it's the Spengler Cup. It is pretty much the only time non-hockey fans watch hockey. It makes sense then to showcase the world's best players. I get "well we never sent them until 98 and it wasn't a big deal then" and maybe it's because I'm not old enough to remember Lillihammer all that well, but back then nobody had seen best on best in the Olympics before and everyone was used to the NHL players not going, but now that we've seen it 5 times how do you put that toothpaste back in the tube? It's a different environment now than it was in Lillihammer or St Albert or Calgary etc. The other thing that sucks is Team USA was about to have the best roster we've had since they let NHLers play in the games. I don't want to see the AHL's best play the Swedish elite league's best play the KHL's best so I think they should make it a U20 tournament and we'll replay the World Juniors which were very exciting this year. Also if we're not sending NHLers to the Olympics then we have to have the World Cup more often than once every 12 years and we can't have a North America U23 team that poached a lot of USA's best players.
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    But sports are different than a favorite band or TV show. When was the last time you went to a parade to celebrate your favorite band releasing a good album?
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    20 minutes into Netflix and chill and you give her this look
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    Yeah, I agree the Jackets and Rangers look nothing alike. I used that comparison to highlight the absurdity of your argument that the navy blue and red panthers and royal blue and red Canadiens look too similar, man. like looking in a mirror
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    I just don't see the attraction of wearing 2 socks where one is just a small strip of fabic over the heel area, and how anyone could possibly pick that style over just one sock that matches it in the same way with no white sock being visible. You show me stirrups and I'll pick the socks every time.
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    Agreed, and I also think it's much more natural to say "we" when the teams you root for are located near your home/community. So if it's Eagles gameday, everyone in the area is in that "mode". Whether or not it's technically true, that team is 'ours' and we win and lose with them. It will literally set the mood of the city for the next week. If you're from Seattle and root for Dallas, I could see people looking at you weird when you say it.
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    ...Which isn't even what I said. My point being: changing a logo and/or uniform doesn't mean that a history of Championships is being flushed down the drain. But for other recent examples of teams replacing their championship looks: Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Anaheim. Arguably for the better in each case. I mean, if the Avs won a Cup in the crummy Reebok template, would that mean they should keep it around for that reason?
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    To be fair, that was the dinosaur era of hockey. Branding wasn't nearly as big a deal back then as it is now. Not to mention that selling jerseys to fans is a relatively recent concept that wasn't even thought of back then. With none of these modern era branding guidelines or anything like that, they had more freedom within that five year span to experiment with different looks and ended up settling with something they liked. The Canadiens look hasn't even stayed completely the same over time, and the same applies for the other O6 teams. Tweaked and tweaked every so often, even more recently when the Habs added laces to the uniform and the Leafs improved an older version of their logo. And those six teams continue to evolve their identities in ever so subtle ways. Because ultimately, even they know when it's time to start selling new jerseys to fans Remember when Mario Lemieux and the Penguins won Stanley Cups in black and gold jerseys with a skating penguin logo, and then heavily altered that logo into the more corporate "RoboPen", and then changed the logo back but also changed their colours to black and beige? And then won Stanley Cups in black and beige before going back to the throwbacks they wear now? Did any of that change anything in the history books? No. And neither would an Avs rebrand. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what they're doing. Whether it has any relevance to history or not, a losing team probably isn't selling many jerseys. And a uniform overhaul is a great way to start selling more.
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    Redundant as it might be, the current set feels empty with no shoulder patch at all... would love to see the B-Sword make a comeback
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    I know stance has the ability to produce a solid stripe. Just don't understand the weird zig zag on the dodgers socks. But better these than the fake stirrups My overall thought on the leagues socks is if stance leads to more players wearing the high sock look, im in favor. I dont like the logos on the socks and think they need to work on the elasticity not compromising the color of some socks, but overall im ok with stance Socks are popular nowadays. More guys wearinf high socks because of this is a positive, even if they arent all great. Hopefully stance improves
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    Weird.. those style yeti footprints were never used on any Avs game jerseys. They first appeared on the Starter retail authentics (made in El Salvador) the inaugural 1995-96 season only (Starter corrected the error the next season) and then showed up again on all ccm / KOHO replicas (late 90s - 2007).
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    The Indians are never out of a game. Never.
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    Replace "knockoff" with "vastly improved version" in that sentence and I'll agree.
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    I think someone using "We" to refer to their favorite team is silly, but someone who actually goes out of their way to chastise them for it is infinitely worse.
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    The multiplicity of sock designs being worn is a cluster. Solid or patterned, pick a lane- I don't even need it to be the same lane every day, I just need everyone who's showing sock to be doing the same thing. This thing where it's totally individual- socks are uniform, not equipment like spikes and gloves.
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    i say we... unapologetically.
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    The updated take on the old logo is better than anything with a forced horsepower theme. #hottake
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    Modern Classic vs. Modern Mess
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