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    You must be new here. Here we discuss the aesthetics of what athletes wear. Do you walk into a church and ask who cares about what God did?
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    Two Teams Unveil 25th Anniversary Logos, Minnesota Unveils New Uniforms http://phlnetwork.blogspot.ca/ Two PHL franchises will celebrate a quarter-century in the PHL in 1990-91. The Minnesota Lumberjacks and the Winnipeg Pioneers were the PHL's first successful attempt at expansion to Western North America in 1966 and will both commemorate 25 years in the league with special logos that will be worn on the jerseys throughout the 1990-91 season. The Minnesota Lumberjacks also unveiled their new logo and uniforms just weeks after their thrilling run to the Lewis Cup Finals ended. A cleaned up, modernized version of the classic saw logo remains the focal point, with the color scheme adjusted. Steel Blue replaces the Royal Blue, while the Green remains unchanged. The jersey striping has also been overhauled with a new angled design meant to invoke treetops. This is the first alteration the Lumberjacks have made to their uniforms since 1978 and the first to the logo in the team's history.
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    It is. And yet you implied it. First off, I didn't avoid anything. I took your rediculous statement and called out how ridiculous it was. Secondly, I'm saying all uniform design pre-90s was a lot more fluid than you're making it out to be. It's not like the Maple Leafs, Bruins, Rangers, Red Wings, Canadiens, and Blackhawks debuted with their iconic looks and said "well that's that for a hundred years." And yet there are uniform sets from the 90s that you and others are insisting are untouchable. If the O6 took that philosophy? We'd still have the Toronto Arenas and the Detroit Cougars playing each other because the changes that led us to the Maple Leafs and Red Wings would have been shot down as not being reflective of their "early 1900s roots." So you don't like the Canadiens analogy? Ok. The Chicago Blackhawks were founded in 1926. The earliest form of the uniform that would become their current primary look debuted in 1955. That means that the Blackhawks were around for 29 years before they settled on their "classic" look. They wore black and white for nine years, and wore a variation of black, red, and white baberpole for 18 years. Yet according to the arguments you two are putting forward? The 1955 redesign would have been "trash" for "throwing away" the team's history up to that point. And yet that 1955 redesign gave us the basis of what some consider the best hockey set of all time. A true classic was born from what you two are arguing would have been a mistake. Of course I could keep going. The Boston Bruins were founded in 1924. They were a gold a brown team for the first ten years of their existence. A simple block B was the primary logo for 17 of their first 25 years. The spoked B, widely regarded as iconic, didn't even appear on all of the team's sweaters until 1955, 31 years after the team was founded. And like the 'Hawks '55 redesign? The Bruins' 1955 redesign served as the basis for the classic Bruins look they've stayed with ever since. And like the 'Hawks? It took a couple decades playing with the identity to get there. I could go on. About how the Maple Leafs were green and white for the majority of the team's first decade of existence. And how they didn't even become the Maple Leafs until ten years after they started playing. Or how the Red Wings similarly took a few years with different names before they even became the iconic Red Wings we all know today. Or what about the Penguins? It took them thirteen years to even get to black and gold! My point is that if the Boston Bruins can go from this to this to this to this and the Blackhawks can go from this to this to this to this to this? Then the Avs going from this to this to this... ...isn't the historical travesty you say it is. "Oh the Avs and Panthers had their 90s looks for decades!" Yeah, and some O6 teams wore stuff for decades before ditching it in favour of newer designs that had more staying power.
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    The Phillies/Reds game helps me to appreciate how the Cardinals wear their dark blue hat on the road when they play other red teams and makes me think that all teams should be required to have secondary hats for such occasions.
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    Stackhouse in Iverson Era uniforms, he played only 22 games in that before he was traded to Pistons:
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    Pure speculation on my part, but I think use of the term 'We' when it comes to sports teams is ultimately rooted in tribalism, because that's what sports fandom is at it's core. We no longer round up a bunch of our clan mates and go raid other cities for gold or land under a unified banner, we send teams of athletes to compete against that other tribe under a unified banner. It's why people typically are fans of the team that represents the area they grew up/live. There's something inherently human about the want to identify with a specific tribe or collective, so we buy hats and jerseys and take personal pride when "our" team wins and despair when "our" team loses. We basically associate ourselves as part of the "Maple Leafs" Tribe or "Canadiens" Tribe. People see the term "we" as appropriate because they see some essence of themselves included in the team, and feel part of a larger collective when they wear their team's jersey, modern pageantry. People don't get that same experience with a band or a movie, there is no part of their identity wrapped up in a colour palette and logo. Now though people are more likely to burn down their own city than that of the enemy tribe.
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    That can be accomplished with socks.
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    "They" sounds a bit too detached and impersonal for a team that you've invested your time, money and emotions into for at least a significant portion of your life. And "the team I root for" is a mouthful. "We" is a totally acceptable shorthand, IMO.
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    After studying the leaked photo from the Lions, I came up with the following. I hope they don't over embellish the number font like the Lions current uniforms or the Vikings. And it looks like they might have chrome face masks. At least I hope so. I feel the helmet would be too similar to the Cowboys if they went with a grey face mask.
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    Those jerseys stick out like a sore thumb.
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    But it's not exactly a carbon copy. Yes, it's obviously similar and deliberately designed to pay homage to the Rockies. They are after all another NHL team with a mountain themed identity that once played in Colorado. Less of a subtle homage than the stars in the Minnesota Wild logos, but it is what it is.
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    The Twins even more so.
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    Diamondbacks were way ahead on this trend! Tbt
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    Next up are the untouchables, the Montreal Canadiens. I didn't change the red jersey too much because there is no way they would ever change it a lot. I added some cuffs and more blue at the bottom. The main change of this set is the white jersey. I applied the chest stripe to it using the current striping on the waist of the white jersey. This makes more a much busier of a design than the Canadiens have ever had.
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    they don't use the same color scheme. they're the only team using their color scheme. They wear red jerseys with stripes across the chests. The similarities end there. navy blue, red, gold, white and royal blue, red, white = almost exactly the same. That's a broad definition of "the same". The Blackhawks, Devils, Senators, and Flames all wear the same color balance. If those 4 can coexist so can two teams who aren't even using the same shade of blue. You can't be "more unique", you can only be unique. They could've been the one millionth team to use a hem stripe, the one thousandth to do some kind of sleeve treatment, or retreaded their own throwbacks - which would've been true "laziness". Instead they're the first to use a white chest stripe, first to use a chest stripe that doesn't connect on the back, and they're the only team using a chest stripe on their white jerseys. They're also the only team using numbers above their secondary logo. Those things are unique in my book. Laziness like the completely new set of logos? The full rebrand, the new name, number, wordmark fonts? What they did was a risky choice that I think paid off. I don't see it anywhere in the same ballpark as "laziness". If anything, of the most recent rebrands they've been the first in a while to actually try something new.
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    Also, i think this concept that was posted today is a pretty good idea of what minnesota should wear.
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    NEMAC FOOTBALL EAST DIVISION NOTE: Uniforms shown are primary and oft-worn alternates. Throwbacks and special occasion alternates will be posted following he primaries of both divisions. Cape Cod's uniforms were designed for the start of the 2004 after what many considered to be the most visually confusing Fiesta Bowl ever. The Reds faced off against the previous season's national champion Ohio State in a hard fought 35-28 defeat (sorry, K State fans, ya got bumped). However, both squads wore nearly identical color schemes, with nearly identical striping patters, and helmets famous for including prominent helmet stickers. After many complaints by viewers and a back and forth amongst fans of each school, Cape Cod took the initiative to update their uniforms while still remaining inspired by the original design. The new design split the middle stripe of the team's northwestern stripe, creating a four stripe pattern that harkens to the original design. The design satisfied fans of both Cape Cod and OSU until 2007, when in an act of ultimate irony, Ohio State adopted its new look, with sleeves that appear surprisingly similar to those of Cape Cod. ------------------------------------------------ Lawrence are one of Nike's darlings on the east coast. With a willingness to adopt Nike's newest materials and design trends, but not going overly crazy, the Coyotes have been referred to as Washington East by design fans. The uniforms are heavily inspired by the split found in the letter logo and font. In its press release, Nike described the sleeve design as being inspired by "The Coyote's ability to attack in a flash and disappear quickly" as well as "the iconic angled beams of Coyote Stadium." In reality, more likely than not, a designer at Nike thought it looked cool. Both the red and blue helmets and pants are interchangeable. Here, they are shown as the are primarily worn this season. ------------------------------------------------ After several seasons of much more modern designs via Nike, Maine State has reverted to a look inspired by a combination of the modern and classic eras of the university. Wishing to maintain the sleeve caps and the X, the school altered the large X into the original patch worn on the sleeves. Numbers and names were flipped to primarily black, and only the white helmet is used in primary uniforms. The most obvious change besides the removal of the Xs is the inclusion of a blue shoulder yoke. Historically, Maine State had struggled to find a proper color balance on the road uniforms (especially when the team went to white helmets full time), and the shoulder yokes was found to be a sufficient solution to the problem. While the pants on the road are interchangeable, blue pants are not to be worn with the home uniform. ------------------------------------------------ Another team with a famed, classic uniform, Ossipee has very rarely altered their uniforms over the years. The main change, which is not even noticeable to the average fan, is the inclusion of small, forrest green outlines around the stripes, numbers, and names. The most unique feature of the uniforms can be found on the road uniforms, where the normal UCLA stripe is altered by the inclusion of green between the two tripes. The uniform set also features a yellow helmet, jersey, and green pants. While the yellow jersey is worn relatively often, it is rarely worn with the yellow helmet. In this instance, the alternate configuration was shown to reveal the existence of each element, not necessarily the uniform itself. ------------------------------------------------ After several years of uniforms with more modern (for the time) elements, including piping side panels, the Maplers changed to Under Armour, and have gone back to its roots and developed a much more classic uniform. Historically, the Maplers have been famous for having two separate uniform templates, a more plain uniform at home, and a uniform with UCLA stripes on the road. In the most recent set, the uniforms follow a simple rule. The striping pattern on all pieces of the uniform have a Brown-Yellow-Brown striping pattern. On colored portions of the uniform, certain parts of the pattern disappear, creating the illusion of a single stripe on the Brown pieces, and a double stripe on yellow pieces. This self imposed rule allows for plenty of quality mixing and matching between uniform parts. ------------------------------------------------ If there's one thing that Warwick's football team is known for, it's the team's extremely unique uniforms. As a part of an athletic department wide branding change, the school developed a new striping pattern that would be used on as many teams as possible. In many instances, where a college has a major hockey and football program, the hockey program borrows from the football program. However, in this instance, the university noted that hockey merchandise was far more popular than football merchandise. The hockey team sported a classic barberpole style pattern, which the school decided to move to football. The primary uniform features the design on the torso (similar to Northwestern's chest stripe), and the striping pattern on the helmet and pants. On the :censored:e uniform, the pattern is moved to the sleeves, while maintaining the same striping on the helmet and pants. While the school generally does not do so, the pants and helmets are interchangeable. ------------------------------------------------ The lone Adidas school in the East, Western Mass wears a rather boring uniform that pretty much follows the school's hyper simple uniform design. The most notable element are the horns on the helmet and sleeve logos. Because its an Adidas school, and because someone always has to be the one to do it, Western Mass includes a grey for grey's sake uniform. The color has no real history with the school, and the use of silver has spilled into use with the primary uniforms on occasion.
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    You said "they both use blue and red" as if they use the same shades of those colors when we all know that isn't true. It was disingenuous. They have one thing in common, a stripe on the chest on a red sweater, and they use it very differently. yeah, we got ourselves a real intrasquad scrimmage here There's like 7 teams that use red and black, but we can't make room for someone else to stripe the middle of a jersey without calling it plagiarism? Cmon. They're closer to the Capitals than they are the Canadiens.
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    I also like NHL players in the Olympics. Am I a bad hockey fan? Without NHL players it's the Spengler Cup. It is pretty much the only time non-hockey fans watch hockey. It makes sense then to showcase the world's best players. I get "well we never sent them until 98 and it wasn't a big deal then" and maybe it's because I'm not old enough to remember Lillihammer all that well, but back then nobody had seen best on best in the Olympics before and everyone was used to the NHL players not going, but now that we've seen it 5 times how do you put that toothpaste back in the tube? It's a different environment now than it was in Lillihammer or St Albert or Calgary etc. The other thing that sucks is Team USA was about to have the best roster we've had since they let NHLers play in the games. I don't want to see the AHL's best play the Swedish elite league's best play the KHL's best so I think they should make it a U20 tournament and we'll replay the World Juniors which were very exciting this year. Also if we're not sending NHLers to the Olympics then we have to have the World Cup more often than once every 12 years and we can't have a North America U23 team that poached a lot of USA's best players.
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    But sports are different than a favorite band or TV show. When was the last time you went to a parade to celebrate your favorite band releasing a good album?
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    20 minutes into Netflix and chill and you give her this look
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    Yeah, I agree the Jackets and Rangers look nothing alike. I used that comparison to highlight the absurdity of your argument that the navy blue and red panthers and royal blue and red Canadiens look too similar, man. like looking in a mirror
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    I just don't see the attraction of wearing 2 socks where one is just a small strip of fabic over the heel area, and how anyone could possibly pick that style over just one sock that matches it in the same way with no white sock being visible. You show me stirrups and I'll pick the socks every time.
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    The technology is amazing, but I don't want to see those OLED display helmets anywhere near an NFL or college game.
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    US, Mexico and Canada joint bid for 2026 World Cup? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/apr/06/us-canada-mexico-joint-world-cup-bid-2026
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    Well see, this is the problem with discussing anything with you. You make some grand statement, and then when someone provides evidence that contradicts whatever you've said you go "no thats different it doesnt count open your ears!" and otherwise inelegantly move the goalposts. First you want me to show you a team that's adopted an identity from another. I do. Now you're saying it doesn't count because no one cares about minor league teams? And now it's NHL teams only? Well ok! The Ottawa Senators. They use the =O= logo of the original Senators (which the NHL considers a separate franchise) as an alternate. Or even the Detroit Red Wings! Do you know the story of the Red Wings' logo? No? Ok. See, they were the Detroit Cougars. Then they were the Detroit Falcons. And then they were sold to a fellow by the name of James E. Norris. Norris had played for the Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers, an amateur team that had won the first Stanley Cup back in 1893. The Cougars/Falcons franchise had been struggling on and the ice and financially, so Norris wanted to change things up to help establish a winning culture. He changed the name to the Red Wings and adopted a version of the Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers logo. I would say the Red Wings' use of the Montreal AAA's winged wheel worked out pretty well for them.
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    I might agree if there were better options. Instead the alternative is a chromed up, over-designed logo sporting all the worst aspects of 90s logo design. I'm not against a horsepower theme in and of itself, I'm just not a fan of the one they've given us. So text on a basketball it is.
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    Exactly. Migration of the holy. We're not all that different from our ancestors. The base instincts are all still there. We've just learnt to cope with it all differently as a species. Agreed again. Logically I tend to think "they" is appropriate when it comes to pro teams (though I will always defend my right to say "we" when referring to my alma mater's teams...I paid for the privilege ) , but I'm never going to go up to someone who uses "we" and tell them they're wrong. I even find myself using "we" out of habit now and then. It really just comes down to personal preference and people probably shouldn't be telling other people they're being a fan "wrong."
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    My take is that you have no more right to say "we" than a fan...unless you work for the Packers as a player or coach (or maybe player personnel or something). But my take also is that fans can say we and there's no reason to get upset with those who do. Regarding the Packers, they have no more "right" (for lack of a better term) than other fans to say "we," even those who have stock. But again, say "we," fans. Who cares?
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    Meh, I fail to see how a text in front of a basketball qualifies as a good logo. Whether it's the current Pistons logo or the Bad Boy's era, both logos are weak in my opinion.
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    Hahahahaha you actually think Brian Burke would put Auston Matthews on the national team roster aaaaaaaahahahahaha
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    The team "represents" its fans more than a band does (and a movie? That's totally apples and oranges). It's rooted in the location in a city. My favorite teams play in Minnesota or at my alma matter and in that sense represent me (as corny as that sounds). Or, rather, represent a large group that I am a part of. My favorite band (which has a hard core fan base) does not represent in that sort of a way. Today, of course, you may have Vikings fans from Utah or South Carolina who are not part of the state that the team represents and if they use "we" so be it; it's just a continuation of a vernacular that's existed for years. And does not exist with bands. While it's true that there are Grateful Dead fans that are as hard core as the Buffalo Bills fans are I don't think it's a parallel in part because other bands are not really their competition (and even if they are, you can't really "beat" them at least not in the sense that a team can beat another team). Also because that's just sort of the way the vernacular evolved. Given that the vernacular has evolved that way, I have no problem with using "we." I think it's a bit of over-analysts to say "ugh...he thinks he's the starting shortstop." Outrage at using "we" bothers me more than using "we" ever could. (Full disclosure, I use "we" for no particular reason; maybe my dad did?)
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    That Oakland Tribune logo!!! Not gonna lie, this might be the best looking uniform match-up I've ever seen. Probably one of the rarest too.
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    I'm a fan of the subdued numbers, and I really like the sleeve striping with the 'LIONS' wordmark incorporated. I know I'm in the minority, but blue facemasks and blue pants for the away uniforms would make this set even better. Great job!
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    Agreed, and I also think it's much more natural to say "we" when the teams you root for are located near your home/community. So if it's Eagles gameday, everyone in the area is in that "mode". Whether or not it's technically true, that team is 'ours' and we win and lose with them. It will literally set the mood of the city for the next week. If you're from Seattle and root for Dallas, I could see people looking at you weird when you say it.
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    ...Which isn't even what I said. My point being: changing a logo and/or uniform doesn't mean that a history of Championships is being flushed down the drain. But for other recent examples of teams replacing their championship looks: Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Anaheim. Arguably for the better in each case. I mean, if the Avs won a Cup in the crummy Reebok template, would that mean they should keep it around for that reason?
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    To be fair, that was the dinosaur era of hockey. Branding wasn't nearly as big a deal back then as it is now. Not to mention that selling jerseys to fans is a relatively recent concept that wasn't even thought of back then. With none of these modern era branding guidelines or anything like that, they had more freedom within that five year span to experiment with different looks and ended up settling with something they liked. The Canadiens look hasn't even stayed completely the same over time, and the same applies for the other O6 teams. Tweaked and tweaked every so often, even more recently when the Habs added laces to the uniform and the Leafs improved an older version of their logo. And those six teams continue to evolve their identities in ever so subtle ways. Because ultimately, even they know when it's time to start selling new jerseys to fans Remember when Mario Lemieux and the Penguins won Stanley Cups in black and gold jerseys with a skating penguin logo, and then heavily altered that logo into the more corporate "RoboPen", and then changed the logo back but also changed their colours to black and beige? And then won Stanley Cups in black and beige before going back to the throwbacks they wear now? Did any of that change anything in the history books? No. And neither would an Avs rebrand. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what they're doing. Whether it has any relevance to history or not, a losing team probably isn't selling many jerseys. And a uniform overhaul is a great way to start selling more.
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    Redundant as it might be, the current set feels empty with no shoulder patch at all... would love to see the B-Sword make a comeback
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    I know stance has the ability to produce a solid stripe. Just don't understand the weird zig zag on the dodgers socks. But better these than the fake stirrups My overall thought on the leagues socks is if stance leads to more players wearing the high sock look, im in favor. I dont like the logos on the socks and think they need to work on the elasticity not compromising the color of some socks, but overall im ok with stance Socks are popular nowadays. More guys wearinf high socks because of this is a positive, even if they arent all great. Hopefully stance improves
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    Weird.. those style yeti footprints were never used on any Avs game jerseys. They first appeared on the Starter retail authentics (made in El Salvador) the inaugural 1995-96 season only (Starter corrected the error the next season) and then showed up again on all ccm / KOHO replicas (late 90s - 2007).
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    The Indians are never out of a game. Never.
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    Replace "knockoff" with "vastly improved version" in that sentence and I'll agree.
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    I think someone using "We" to refer to their favorite team is silly, but someone who actually goes out of their way to chastise them for it is infinitely worse.
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    The multiplicity of sock designs being worn is a cluster. Solid or patterned, pick a lane- I don't even need it to be the same lane every day, I just need everyone who's showing sock to be doing the same thing. This thing where it's totally individual- socks are uniform, not equipment like spikes and gloves.
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    i say we... unapologetically.
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    The updated take on the old logo is better than anything with a forced horsepower theme. #hottake
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    Modern Classic vs. Modern Mess
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