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    wat is ths im in traine
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    And now he truly is in phone.
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    it is so bizarre the rest of the internet is discovering this character I've known for over a decade.
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    Does this make us all Tnak hipsters? "His earlier unhinged rants were much better, before he became mainstream."
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    How long until he shows up in the clickbait ads at the bottom of the boards? Remember Frank Fleming? You won't believe what he looks like now! (Picture is actually of Matt Damon)
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    I have never laughed harder than I did when his voice cracked. Dear god, it's just a manifestation of what I pictured every TNak post ever to be. Marvelous, in a word. Marvelous. This is the greatest moment in CCSLC history.
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    McHale, Aguirre and Bird from 1991 Playoffs:
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    These would be better.
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    This should have never stopped being their alternate logo, even after they changed primaries back in 2006.
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    This is the equivalent of a guy named Cal Garyflame suiting up for the Calgary Flames. Shut it down.
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    "They" sounds a bit too detached and impersonal for a team that you've invested your time, money and emotions into for at least a significant portion of your life. And "the team I root for" is a mouthful. "We" is a totally acceptable shorthand, IMO.
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    I'd say somewhere between none and zero.
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    I like "floating stripes" as long as there's a purpose. In the Oilers' case the stripes were always the same no matter where they appeared. They could plop those stripes in those colors on anything, even without the logo, and people would know what they meant. That's brand strength that you'd lose if you went flip flopping the colors around depending on what background they appear. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So good!
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    You must be new here. Here we discuss the aesthetics of what athletes wear. Do you walk into a church and ask who cares about what God did?
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    Imagine how insufferable this place would be with all the new trolls signing up due to internet celebrity Frank Fleming being the current top poster and not just a historic footnote. Chris doesn't pay us enough to have to deal with dozens of Barstool Bros.
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    Nice to see he's mellowed out during his time away from here.
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    Falcons could do this:
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    This is all very absurd, hilarious, unsettling, and unbelievable simultaneously. I feel strangely like he's the kid brother of one of your group of friends. Like, it's ok for us to prank and rib him but how dare these outsiders be mean to him. Doesn't make much sense I know, but neither does any of this. What a trip.
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    Guys I just realized that he could be parodied on SNL
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    Meh, I fail to see how a text in front of a basketball qualifies as a good logo. Whether it's the current Pistons logo or the Bad Boy's era, both logos are weak in my opinion.
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    I think someone using "We" to refer to their favorite team is silly, but someone who actually goes out of their way to chastise them for it is infinitely worse.
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    So... you're just saying it would be nice if they wore football helmets? I guess... I agree?
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    I still think royal and gold should be the number one choice.
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    Going back to you original jersey isn't really BFBS...
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    That's nice, but I want to see them bring back the classic stripes. Blue/white/blue.
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    Two Teams Unveil 25th Anniversary Logos, Minnesota Unveils New Uniforms http://phlnetwork.blogspot.ca/ Two PHL franchises will celebrate a quarter-century in the PHL in 1990-91. The Minnesota Lumberjacks and the Winnipeg Pioneers were the PHL's first successful attempt at expansion to Western North America in 1966 and will both commemorate 25 years in the league with special logos that will be worn on the jerseys throughout the 1990-91 season. The Minnesota Lumberjacks also unveiled their new logo and uniforms just weeks after their thrilling run to the Lewis Cup Finals ended. A cleaned up, modernized version of the classic saw logo remains the focal point, with the color scheme adjusted. Steel Blue replaces the Royal Blue, while the Green remains unchanged. The jersey striping has also been overhauled with a new angled design meant to invoke treetops. This is the first alteration the Lumberjacks have made to their uniforms since 1978 and the first to the logo in the team's history.
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    Stirrups have no purpose and the only people that want them back are hipsters.
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    This is an amazing Wrestlemania recap: http://www.sbnation.com/2017/4/3/15147824/wrestlemania-33-recap-first-time-watching-wrestling-oh-my-good-lord It's from a good writer who's never seen pro wrestling before. Here's a sample: There's more and it's great.
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    i say we... unapologetically.
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    The best part is how his hat magically drops over his forehead at the end.
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    If Angel Pagan ever signs with the Angels, I guess that would be an ironic coinicidence.
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    I turned in my resignation last week; after next week, I'll no longer work here. I don't have anything lined up, but I just couldn't keep going. In fact, I'm planning to take a few months away from employment and do some serious travel. For once in my life I'm in a position where I can do that and not hurt too badly, so I'm going to take advantage of that and try to get my head together.
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    What exactly constitutes a "better color rush uniform"? Is that like the prettiest waitress at Denny's?
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    yea, thi uni mock up looks great, but you have to think of it in the big picture. how does navy/white/gray look next to all the other teams? how does their apparel and jersey stand out? can they claim a color palette as their own? this isn't passing the test. they need yellow/gold so they have something that anyone can recognize them for in any application
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    If you're not hacking, you're not trying.
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    The technology is amazing, but I don't want to see those OLED display helmets anywhere near an NFL or college game.
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    Stackhouse in Iverson Era uniforms, he played only 22 games in that before he was traded to Pistons:
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    What a time to be alive!
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    Zach Parise wearing his father's gear during warmups last night.
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    That sounds so much like something my dad would do it's ridiculous. He bought a maroon shirt last year because he could wear it to RiverCats and 49ers games, and hell, it's not THAT far from the Orange the Giants wear. That's 80 year old man logic for you 😄
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    That's how long bacteria takes to climb on them, after three years you can't eat them anymore. Or when a team changes its helmet it has to maintain the new look for three years before making further changes. One or the other.