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    it is so bizarre the rest of the internet is discovering this character I've known for over a decade.
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    Francis Fleming's "A Series of Incompetent Events"
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    How long until he shows up in the clickbait ads at the bottom of the boards? Remember Frank Fleming? You won't believe what he looks like now! (Picture is actually of Matt Damon)
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    There's a thread in the announcement folder for NoHoJoe's suspension. It's a bump of an old thread for NoHoJoe's suspension, one year to the day for the exact same post. I'm laughing so hard.
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    "They" sounds a bit too detached and impersonal for a team that you've invested your time, money and emotions into for at least a significant portion of your life. And "the team I root for" is a mouthful. "We" is a totally acceptable shorthand, IMO.
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    In this concept series I will include Home, Away, and Alternates for all 30 teams, as well as general and alternate courts. Enjoy! Atlanta Boston Brooklyn Charlotte Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Golden State Houston Indiana Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers Memphis Miami Minnesota Milwaukee New Orleans New York Oklahoma City Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Sacramento San Antonio Toronto Utah Washington C&C is welcomed and encouraged!
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    My significant other couldn't have cared any less when I explained why I got up from the couch and walked around in disbelief.
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    Thought since others are posting some concepts here, I would give it a go with something I put together recently for my own enjoyment. Some things could probably use to be cleaned up (the pistons for example), but this is only a rough draft. Not sure which I like better of the two. For the first logo option, I tried to bring back the spirit of the 90's flaming horse, while managing to simplify it. Because Detroit has strong ties to the Ford motor industry, I thought it would be cool to base the horse off of the Ford Mustang logo. I tried to combine past and present to create a streamlined, emblem like logo. I used the 70's text logo as the inspiration for the other one. I used a darker, more bold red and navy, but I'm willing to use the other colors they have currently.
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    Imagine how insufferable this place would be with all the new trolls signing up due to internet celebrity Frank Fleming being the current top poster and not just a historic footnote. Chris doesn't pay us enough to have to deal with dozens of Barstool Bros.
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    BB&T Ballpark, Charlotte Knights
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    Guys I just realized that he could be parodied on SNL
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    Self-explaining... Their current mark: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/h8ga63uac257c37js2m47hqke/Houston_Dynamo/2006/Primary_Logo
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    There are times when dfwabel's posts read like they were the result of one of these things...
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    I'm loving it for him. The best part for me was when my wife texted me the other night, "They showed Tnak on @midnight" and she actually spelled it "Tnak".
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    Meh, I fail to see how a text in front of a basketball qualifies as a good logo. Whether it's the current Pistons logo or the Bad Boy's era, both logos are weak in my opinion.
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    I think someone using "We" to refer to their favorite team is silly, but someone who actually goes out of their way to chastise them for it is infinitely worse.
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    It's starting to sound more and more like the Rangers and Sabres are going to face off in the 2018 Winter Classic. Here's my take on what they should wear for the event.
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    That logo is terrible. Way too much going on, I have to look hard to realize what it is.
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    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I still have a lot I'd like to tweak on this one, but I have some other projects to tackle, so I figured I would try to nab some feedback in the meantime... shoutout to the President's Trophy winners! (updated with minor tweaks):
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    The irony in this is that in his banning announcement, LMU said Tank was banned for "derailing posts". The circle is now complete.
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    i say we... unapologetically.
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    Barkley wore that uniform for all of half a dozen preseason games and you think it's the "right" uniform? Seriously?
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    This logo set has been getting attention on Behance lately, so I figured I'd bring it back to life! Just finished the Maple Leafs, based on Carlton the Bear with a shoutout to Jacques Plante:
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    No. I like James, but Jordan's still probably the most iconic basketball player who ever lived. If they're going to replace West with anyone? It's got to be Jordan.
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    I'm surprised that in all this debate the Flames' jerseys for next year haven't come up. It seems like everyone thinks they're wearing their throwbacks, but IMO, this would be best for them, with their roundel shoulder patch replacing the horse:
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    I still enjoy that gag. A lot.
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    I thought that was Jaromir Jagr at first glance
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    Signature looks not in their wrestlers Little known fact: Fake Diesel was actually portrayed by Roman Reigns.
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    From Barstool: Barstool isn't wrong.
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    Well, admiral, I guess you can say that April Fools' Day has become Groundhog Day.
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    Next up we have the Washington Wizards. I really wanted to incorporate the flag as a main point to this jersey to really hit on the patriotic identity D.C.'s team should have. And I also like the current look of their main uniforms but dont really care for the wordmark being in between both red stripes, which is how i came up with this. (I also love the Team USA Hockey jerseys from the Sochi Winter Olympics so I guess I got my inspiration from that as well.) Any teams I should try next?
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    I love this thread! I gotta add some rare "one-time matchups" due to some alternate uniforms first introduced in the 90's.
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    Dude, calm down. Sometimes you're just wrong and need to accept it rather than making it worse for yourself. Your original post was worded in a way which made your point much harder to comprehend than you intended. And that's okay, we understand the point you were trying to make now, so what's the big deal with admitting that you could've worded it better? Just because you knew what your initial comment was trying to say doesn't mean the rest of us did. @BringBackTheVet's certainly not the only one who had a hard time understanding what you said so don't just get pissed at him for pointing out the confusion that was caused. Now let's put an end to this so this thread isn't completely derailed by a nonsensical and unimportant argument.
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    Hi lads, I been inactive for a while, I haven't forgot Pulisic and John tavares posters. I was practicing and experiencing few stuffs! I took more time to work on skin lights effects + the jersey brand. What do you think about this one ?
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    You have to be really arrogant to have a problem with someone using "we" about a sports team. I can't imagine an average Joe having a problem with it.
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    ^ yeah, I like the horse-ball logo. with a little simplification (there's too many small details, which screams "90s"), it could work nicely as an alternate logo. there never should be a horse in the primary logo, though. it's a nice, creative alternate idea, but a little too off-the-wall for a primary visualization.
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    Good call! I will update! I prefer the Toronto version, but thought I would float this out there for any Boston/Cheevers fans:
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    I liked that one too, although as far as half and half designs go I prefer the 1999 centenary kit: My favorite Barça kit would have to be the 2007 version, though: In fact, I'd even put the away kit from that same season up there with my favorites of all-time. Loved the double blue with the bright yellow accents.
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    They play in the capital of the United States of America. They can do that.
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    These funky mid-70's Memphis Sounds ABA uniforms were cool. Unfortunately the franchise (and the league itself), was not around much longer. As a dumb kid I loved the name Sounds...but didn't make the music connection. Upon a visit to Memphis, I asked my brother "is that the Memphis sound"? He said, "no idiot, that's the Mississippi River".
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    You forgot the "today we are all..." joke for every. single. celebrity. death.
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    An elevator operator was giving out pins when I was leaving the Palace last night.
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    I'm calling Bobby Moynihan.
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    I'd understand if you were talking about a different Detroit team, but I don't have a problem with a 'forced horsepower' theme considering the team is called the Pistons. Anything is better than yet another "script in front of basketball" logo considering a third of the league uses such a lame motif.
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    The Rockies have an amazing logo for Spring Training.