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    Francis Fleming's "A Series of Incompetent Events"
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    I'm surprised that in all this debate the Flames' jerseys for next year haven't come up. It seems like everyone thinks they're wearing their throwbacks, but IMO, this would be best for them, with their roundel shoulder patch replacing the horse:
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I humbly submit the official trailer for The Tankening
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    Dude, calm down. Sometimes you're just wrong and need to accept it rather than making it worse for yourself. Your original post was worded in a way which made your point much harder to comprehend than you intended. And that's okay, we understand the point you were trying to make now, so what's the big deal with admitting that you could've worded it better? Just because you knew what your initial comment was trying to say doesn't mean the rest of us did. @BringBackTheVet's certainly not the only one who had a hard time understanding what you said so don't just get pissed at him for pointing out the confusion that was caused. Now let's put an end to this so this thread isn't completely derailed by a nonsensical and unimportant argument.
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    No. I like James, but Jordan's still probably the most iconic basketball player who ever lived. If they're going to replace West with anyone? It's got to be Jordan.
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    His point is that if they have been discontinued at retail, then it's likely there is a change coming on the field.
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    MLB is jumping the ship. New Era logos. Horrific socks. Under Armour soon. Oh boy! What was once precious is now no more special than any other sport. Sad day, indeed.
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    I never said you could post my court concepts. Please remove them or replace them with your own court concepts.
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    i understand that the colorado inspired merchandise is popular with the fans but couldn't they find a way to incorporate it instead of just copying and pasting the flag on the shoulder and the rockies logo on the front? It's so lazy, they have so much potential to do something cool and they just went with the low hanging fruit. Also, i dont think anyone wants the 90's teams to always dress like the 90's. I don't but i think that just like the 06 teams, they should always have something to their look that harkens back to when they first came in. Toronto and boston and all those teams all use similar logos to the ones they used a long time ago, just updated versions. Even Washington has an ok modern take on their original red/blue/white look. Why can't they go with something like this that combines the colorado flag logo with their current branding? That way you get a little bit of both worlds, original 90's styled look updated with colorado flag integrated into it.
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    Merch numbers are always skewed. Have to take them with a grain of salt. The online store is more of an indicator than what moves at house shows, but even that isn't fair. Basically WWE gives versatility in merch options & pushes merch more heavily for their preferred stars (Re: Reigns). When you do that, you obviously bend the sales numbers in favor of whomever you warp the market to favor. In Mankind's first book he mentions a similar story that makes then-WWF look stupid. They were pushing insanely heavily for Mark Henry to be this Olympian all-American next-big-thing, tons of merch options were getting set for sale. The rep who was in charge of merch was constantly being peppered by some guy named "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to make him a t-shirt, but the guy had "nothing for him." A year later, the "Austin 3:16" shirt came out and is the highest selling piece of wrestling merchandise in the history of the industry. That's kind of how the whole thing functions. The WWE does whatever they want, but back in those days the company was floundering and looking for opportunities to ride - in fact they were grateful for unexpected momentum from fans. Now? Now the WWE loathes their own fans and has no impetus to do anything but tell the stories one old oblivious millionaire and a room full of bootlicker D-class storytellers wants to tell, and it shows. This Reigns heat is going to be wasted, that I can promise you. It's arguably one of the biggest missteps Vince will ever make, and wasting Reigns' respectable career will be an industry lesson in mismanagement.
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    Let me throw my 2 cents in. Strictly aesthetically, the C-mountain logo, I feel, is better than the A. However, I feel that both are bad logos. The A is a case of 90s over detailing, and the skewed circle just looks bad. The C-mountain is too generic, even if you ignore the fact that the previous NHL team in the city (not affiliated in any way to the Avalanche) had an almost identical logo. I don't want the Avalanche to go back to the overly cluttered Cup-winning set, but I don't want them to go to the Rockalanche set either. Start fresh. Incorporate things from both logos - similar to the C logo that Rollins Man posted above. Now, the Panthers. Do I believe that they are going for O6 dress-up? Yes. Is it a clone of the Canadiens? No. The only thing they have in common is the chest stripe and kind of the neck tie (they aren't even the same type). Montreal does not own the concept of a chest stripe. Now, is their original look good? Absolutely, and it is easily the best look in their history. Is it untouchable, anything other than this is a travesty level? Absolutely not. Look, I hate O6 dress-up (and non-traditional teams going traditional at all - check out the Lions thread for more on that ), but I don't believe that 90s teams should look like 90s teams and nothing else. Because then we would have, I don't know, 15 teams in the B4 with either purple, teal, both purple and teal, and gradients. And that kills the idea of "the 90s introduced creativity!" argument. Also, kind of unrelated, but I think the original Panthers logo was way too detailed - the update is much better, and should be on the sweaters. Actually, speaking of the new, updated leaping panther, I don't like the argument that "the new Panthers logo looks like a soccer crest". And, your point is? Many soccer crests look very good. I would say myself that my ideal Panthers jersey would be something like the 90s template, with the updated leaping panther on front and the new "soccer" logo on the shoulders.
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    Minus the logos and the font and the shoulder numbers being on the shoulders and the colors of the stripes being different and the missing hemstripe and the stripe not being on the back of the jersey and the different blues and that one team uses gold and the different sweater cuts. If you ignore all of those obvious differences and focus on just the idea that they have a stripe in the same place, yeah, it's practically the same jersey. The tie down was reintroduced on several modern uniforms over the last 15-20 years. It's status as a strictly throwback element is no longer true. The other modern elements used for the Panthers such as not continuing the chest stripe on the back, their number font, and their logo usage really doesn't paint a picture of a team trying to look older than they are. They have one thing that an old team uses, but the way they've tweaked it doesn't feel like a team ripping off an old look. So then you're saying it's not a uniform feature that belongs to the Canadiens? Cool. It hasn't been used that widely so if I'm the Panthers then that's a uniform element that hasn't been tapped and done over and over like a hem stripe or a yoke or a stripe down the sleeve, which means it's something we can use to look different from the rest of the league. It's the opposite of lazy. They took the added step of coloring and striping it differently and then not continuing it on the back specifically so they'd wouldn't look like the only other team not using one. your argument is extremely poor because it requires ignoring many obvious differences in order to be true and you've demonstrated that over and over and we're just going in circles here. If you think their rebrand was lazy because of a chest stripe then you're not going to be happy when the next team comes out with a hem stripe because that's been done about million more times.
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    They play in the capital of the United States of America. They can do that.
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    Maybe because the Wizards francise were one of the first (if not THE first) major league teams to wear a stars-and-stripes design? They wore it, or a variation of it, for 13 years, had their biggest success in it (including 3 finals appearances and their only title) and it became a definitive uni for the team. Even as far back as the early 90s there were calls for them to bring it back or modernize it.
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    Just go with this (and matching cap of course) for the road uniform. The current one looks stuck in the 80s, even though it wasn't even worn then.
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    Thanks everybody for the feedback! Here's the home uni with no front number: You're right, but given the original home alt uniform was purple, I wanted to keep it that way.
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    See what I mean? You've gone from... "find me a team that took another team's logo" to... "find me a NHL team that took another team's logo no one cares about minor league" to... "find me a NHL team that took another team's logo that wasn't just starting up." You move the goalposts more than a partisan in a political debate! Hahahahaha. No, opinions don't work like that. It's very much up for debate. He obviously doesn't think it's trash. I don't either. Oh I think it's totally a fair comparison. I'll grant you that without the Edge change the Avs would have kept their inaugural look up to the present. So 21 years? Ok. Cool. Now the Chicago Blackhawks adopted a black jersey with uneven red and white barberpole striping as their primary look in 1937, eleven years after they were founded. They wore that look until 1955. That's eighteen years wearing essentially the same look in an era you describe as one being of constant changes. And yet in 1955 they changed to a uniform that's essentially the classic look we all know today. So in 1955 the Chicago Blackhawks saw no problem abandoning their established look of 18 years to go with something different. And I want to impress upon you how big a change the 1955 makeover was. The previous look had been worn, with a few tweaks, for the past 18 years. The team's primary colour had been black for even longer, going back to 1927, another ten years. In that time the 'Hawks had won two Cups, both in black uniforms. The second Cup was won during the previous 18 year look's first season! And yet with all of that history? The Blackhawks felt that the change to the primarily red in 1955 was the right one to make. They did it despite having won two Cups in black. They did it despite the look they were abandoning being "minted with a championship." They made what was a pretty big departure for them in 1955 and ended up with one of the most iconic hockey uniforms of all time. No one tried to stop them by claiming that the makeover would betray their two Cup championships at the time or their history as a "20s team." So with all of that being said...I see no reason why the Avs changing their overall identity (A logo, maroon and slate to C/Mountain, navy and maroon) after 21 years is such a travesty! Same for the Panthers, actually. You and Rollinsman are acting like the inaugural looks of these teams are untouchable. They're really not. These teams are still very much in their infancy compared to the "legacy" teams, and they're very much still in the phase of identity experimentation. It's entirely possible that in 70 years people view the Avs' inaugural mountain striping the same way people view the 'Hawks black barberpoles.
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    They could use LeBron's block on Iguodala or his signature dunk.
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    I'll be updating those pages once I get the off-season posted. I typically just post new logos or uniforms on here first to make sure everyone likes them before updating it everywhere else. This way it's easier if I do need to make changes. The Concordes will be one of the teams getting a full-fledged rebrand probably in about 4-5 seasons. They will probably also be one of the first to introduce an alternate.
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    Still doing it [/cheapplug]
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    These funky mid-70's Memphis Sounds ABA uniforms were cool. Unfortunately the franchise (and the league itself), was not around much longer. As a dumb kid I loved the name Sounds...but didn't make the music connection. Upon a visit to Memphis, I asked my brother "is that the Memphis sound"? He said, "no idiot, that's the Mississippi River".
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    BB&T Ballpark, Charlotte Knights
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    That logo is terrible. Way too much going on, I have to look hard to realize what it is.
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    M1: Make America Choke Again WC2: "35-Point Leaf" No Longer Describes The Team-Leading Scorer M2: Half The NHL's Retained Salary M3: Beej No More A1: Ow his it dat de...fort-place team may as more points den da one dat hwon da Hatlandic? WC1: 1940, as in "there are one thousand, nine hundred, and forty sports teams I care more about than the New York Rangers" A2: Ottawa, Or, For Some Reason, If You Live There, Awtawaw A3: fackin broooooons C1: No Black Women Need Apply WC2: A Team No One Likes, Nor Loves, Nor Wants Any More Of C2: North Stars, by which I mean a collection of star players in a team in the north C3: Fueled By Avs Games P1: anal slime WC1: TRUCULENCE P2: https://vine.co/v/5ruX1Mdz6Dh P3: The NHL's Best Fans
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    Self-explaining... Their current mark: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/h8ga63uac257c37js2m47hqke/Houston_Dynamo/2006/Primary_Logo
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    The weirdest thing about WWE's insistence on Roman Reigns is his promo work. Now, don't get me wrong, I think he's good on the mic and most of the bad stuff in that regard is due to whatever crap script he's been given. But you would think he was every bit as good as Cena, Rock, or Austin on the mic with the way they push him as the next big dawg. With Sami Zayn it seems like they're trying to book him as the lovable underdog, but without giving him any meaningful wins since that time he and Keven Owens fought for the last time ever at Battleground last year (ignoring the multiple matches they then had later on). At some point it stops being lovable (Cubs) and just becomes sad or pointless (Browns).
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    Leafs make the playoffs. Go beat Washington. It would be funny.
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    I love the fact that people are using their opinions in their arguments in replacements of actual facts. Didn't anyone pay attention in high school English persuasive writing?
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    They didn't have anyone on Hogan's level to pick up where he left off. It was a bit shaky with Hart and Michaels as transitional "top guys" but they kept things going until Austin showed up. Turning Reigns heel and letting him feud with the likes of AJ, Nakamura, Ambrose, Joe, Rollins, and yeah, even Sami Zayne, would buy them time without a true "face of the company" until the heir to Cena emerges. Who knows? Maybe Reigns himself will be that guy after all after a solid heel run?
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    I like what you've done with the Tigers. It was an excellent decision to go with the jersey "D" on the cap (the cap "D" on the jersey always looks terrible), and the simplified road uniform looks fantastic. The alternate is probably the best possible alternate for the Tigers, both incorporating the team name and orange onto a "home" set. My only issue is that the presentation should include back numbers/NOB's (in the same format as your jersey/socks display). I also think that old creme/new numbers is the best course for the Diamondbacks. I look forward to more.
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    Theoretically, an NBA logo based on iconography could use the design of lines in the ball (as teams' logos do) or else the court markings. Another possibility is that it could be a logo that uses just the initals rendered artistically, as the logo of the ABA did. Practically speaking, it's hard to imagine that any of those types of logos could be as visually arresting as one featuring a silhouette.
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    It's incredibly annoying when people take snarky pot-shots on the wording rather than asking about it. That's what irked me. I knew what I was trying to say, and I follow what Riddell sells probably more than the majority of the people on this board. My original post on the matter has been updated. I apologize for the confusion.
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    Up next, we travel to the other side of the country to the capital, DC United. Home: I tried to keep this one clean and simple Away: I went with a split style, using the washington monument as the midline. Not quite sure how i feel about the shorts and socks though...
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    Detroit Tigers The Tigers have, in my book, one of the two best uniforms in the major leagues along with Toronto. So how could I change anything? Normally, I wouldn't. But if the Tigers were to approach me and "we need you to make some tweaks, but you must change SOMETHING and can't refuse", here's what I'd do. Firstly, I'd aim for consistency with the "D" and choose one of the two to feature across the board, and discard the other. The use of both has never bothered me normally because I chalk it up to "classic design quirk", but hey, I'm supposed to change SOMETHING. My formula for choosing which "D" was simple: if it looks good on both the cap and jersey, use it. I found the current cap version looks great on a cap, but not so great on the jersey, whereas the current jersey version looks great on both and a similar version already has historical precedence on the cap , so the choice was easy. Jersey version "D" is now the primary "D" and adorns the caps. The home uniform from jersey to pants goes completely unchanged. The road gets some simplification, with white script outline and front numbers removed. The moves also hearken back a little closer to the set that inspires it. I'd always thought the Tigers would look great in an occasional alternate that was simply a home white inverse of their road uniforms, so voila! A Sunday alternate has been born! Also, I have a small Arizona update. Before I translated it to the player models I just wanted to run it by you guys. Is the cream shade better? And how are the number outlines? To be honest I think they're throwing off the color balance a little, but just wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks as always!
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    I liked that one too, although as far as half and half designs go I prefer the 1999 centenary kit: My favorite Barça kit would have to be the 2007 version, though: In fact, I'd even put the away kit from that same season up there with my favorites of all-time. Loved the double blue with the bright yellow accents.
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    Comparing a guy who has headlined 3 WMs, been a 3x WHC, and retired the undertaker despite not being over to x-PAC simply doesn't work. X-PAC was a 10-minute annoyance every week. This guy is on your screen a while he'll of a lot longer, and ruining main events for a lot of fans that want other people in that spot. The heat is NOT on Reigns (mostly). It's on WWE, and just being expressed at Reigns since he's the one they're pushing. Its not not even close to the same thing.
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    And why do you keep asking this same question? You know, New York City is called the Big Apple, so maybe all their teams should be named after apples. Chicago is know for its deep dish pizza, so maybe instead of the Bears they should be the Chicago Deep Dishes. Instead of the Miami Heat, maybe they should be the Miami Jai Alai because that is what they are known for. I'm also sure that the citizens of Indianapolis appreciate your view that they are only interested in, or their whole world centers around, racing. That is great way to make people one dimensional. I'm of german heritage, would you like to refer to me as a kraut? After all, Germans love to eat sauerkraut. Go on, boil people down to one single aspect of their lives/environment. Why on earth would I want to name a baseball team after a completely different sport that has zero correlation to it? Stop making that comment as you have done repeatedly through this thread. If you are so hard up on naming an Indianapolis team after the racing industry then go knock yourself out and post your own design.
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    Mark McGwire wore this in the dugout yesterday: Presumably because the Padres don't have brown authentic gear for when they wear the brown jerseys.
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    I wouldn't mind if the Phillies wore their blue hats on the road against other red hat teams. I think it would look good with their road uniform.
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    Agreed, this is the best they've ever looked. The black adds some much needed contrast between two very bright colours and the chevron striping compliments the logo surprisingly well. I'm a little biased due to the 2004 run coinciding with my last year of high school but these uniforms always looked perfect to my eyes. It's funny how a team can go from a top 5 look to second worst in just one season. Had the Edge debacle not occurred, it's very likely they'd still have this set either devoid of shoulder patches or with the roundel treatment you described.
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    The O's improved to 3-0 last night, coming back from 5-1 down to beat the Yankees 6-5. Those 5 runs they scored? All off homers. Sounds about right.
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    Micheal Ray taking to it Kareem during the Knicks' "blue and maroon" era... Earl the Pearl (AKA Black Jesus) in the twilight years...Getty says this picture took place in 1980, but the Knicks' blue and maroon uniforms were in place starting in '79-80. This certainly had to be in 1978-1979...the Pistons starting wearing their short-lived "lightning bolt" uniforms beginning that season (it was also the first [and only full] season of Dick Vitale as head coach). Notably, the Pearl wore #10 when he was with the Baltimore Bullets, but he wore #33, and I guess, #14 in his rookie year ('67-68).
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    The Cavs have been coasting since the All-Star break. LeBron, more than anyone, knows how to keep gas in the tank. And, yeah, obviously he gets the benefit of the doubt. That's what happens when you make six straight Finals. I recommend you start yelling your bad sports opinions at inopportune moments out in public; there's a market for that.
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