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    They get very hot in the polyester. You know, it's not a natural fiber. I think they would prefer cotton. Cotton breathes, you see, it's much softer. Imagine playing games and your team is five degrees cooler than the other team. Don't you think that would be an advantage? They're cooler, they're more comfortable, they're happier, they're gonna play better.
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    Chest stripe. Montréal ripoff.
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    All this because their former CEO was rejected as Labor Secretary.
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    I'd be all for adopting the =O= full-time if it means getting their current logo off of the Stanley Cup banners from the 19-aughts.
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    I know i'm not the first one to say this but opinion, which this is all about, is not fact. That's about the only fact that can be said. For example, over the years I've been on this board (about 10) I found there are a number of posters who's opinions I generally agree with. For the purpose of this post, @Ice_Cap is one that I generally agree with when it comes to hockey aesthetics. In this particular round of opinions, I disagree with his opinion on the Avalanche. I prefer their original look and logo. Does that mean that if I said "Hey they got it right in 1!" that I'm right because "I say so"? No. Of course not. If he thinks it's time the Avs move on? That's cool by me. Frankly I like their 3rds now too. I'd rather they stay 3rds but again, that's just me. Just the same, as I agree with @Morgo that the =O= logo itself is kind of dull as a primary logo. Let's face it. It's just an "O". That said, I think it is still very cool because of it's nod to hockey history in Ottawa and, I like the jerseys that they are on. I also think they should leave the vintage white on those jerseys. So I've got a mix of all sorts of opinions when it comes to Ottawa. Does it mean I'm wrong or right? naw, just means that's what I like. To add my 2 cents? My second favorite Ottawa jersey is this one: I'll even admit it makes no sense that I really like the "really traditional" look just as much as I like their most gimmicky jersey ever. Whatever. I guess I like shiny things. I mean, that's part of the fun. I've seen jerseys that I've liked and come here and read people's opinions (and their reasoning as to why they have formed that opinion) and, as a result, have changed my opinions too. Frankly, when Tampa released their current uniform set, I didn't pick up right away that they looked like the "maple wings" as the joke was going around on the boards. Once I couldn't un-see that, I disliked them. But before that I like it. I felt like, after a number of changes over the years, they finally had one they could stick with. There's a great example of my opinion changing due to reading other thoughts and because of that, changing my mind. I'm rambling now. I guess all I'm saying it's cool to have opinions and share them. It's cool to explain why. It's even cool to say "hey, I disagree with you because _____". But once you start getting mad and making statements of "you're wrong" or "I'm right" or....anything besides for "hey, ok we've talked about this for some time and we just don't share the same opinion". Then it's time to just step back. End of day: this world would be a very boring place if we all agreed on the same thing all the time. ....We'd have a lot more teams like Tampa then, right?
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    For me the only right uniform for McGriff is this one:
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    Am I the only one who feels Edmonton losing the blues and going to orange at home is a mistake? Those Edmonton blues are a thing of beauty!
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    Why would a Sabres fan have any interest in playoff hockey?
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    I love PHILA on the jerseys. Philadelphia is long and not aesthetically pleasing. Like my wang.
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    Haven't done this in a while. So I'm going to be attempting a NHL Concepts series. I really don't have any plans for most of the league, but I have enough to start this thread up. Basically I'll post when I finish a concept, and I'll start working on a concept when I have an idea for one. Exciting! First off. The Tampa Bay Lightning. Inspired by my discussions with @Rollins Man and @Morgo in the NHL 2017-2018 thread. Basically I wanted something evocative of the original look while fixing the problems with it. I went back to the Honolulu blue the team used at the start of their tenure, as it contrasted better with the black than the royal blue they switched to (and still use). The dated logo has been replaced by a slightly modified and recoloured version of the current alternate mark. I used a TB monogram based off of the team's wordmark for the alternate logo. I decided to homage the current set with the alternate. Blue is now the primary colour, white the secondary, black the tertiary, and silver has been removed completely. C&C welcome, as always.
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    What part about that made you think I was serious? The part with the 17 Creamer Bucks or talking about a nonexistant CCSLC store?
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    According to Paul Lukas' article I linked to above you'll only be seeing it on Friday and Sunday of this weekend. After that they'll be auctioned off and they won't be worn again this season. Then again, the article also says that the team has some other concepts in the works so there could very possibly be some similar designs that see the field in future years.
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    Not like two of the NHL’s four best teams are playing in the first round or anything… (Psst, don’t tell NBC either, which has apparently decided that this matchup isn’t deserving of an actual TV network for Game 2.)
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    A lie manufactured by salary-capped sports leagues designed to fool the consumer into thinking that artificially limiting players' salaries is in the interest of competition.
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    I was just thinking about how there should be a team with uniforms somewhat similar to the costumes of the original X-Men when I was watching Sporting KC play today and realized somebody basically already did it. So thanks, Rapids!
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    As much as I love stirrups and consider them to represent the ideal look, if this current sock business catches on and leads to the end of pajama pants, I'll consider it a win, despite the flaws in many of the socks.
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    Yeah. Baseball isn't soccer or hockey where there's constant movement. To be absolutely frank? Baseball's the one sport where belts and button-down shirts make sense. Now as far as alternatives to that setup go... I wouldn't be adverse to the pseud-pullover look, with the buttons by the collar, eventually replacing the standard button-down look. You could probably replicate every existing design onto that template and not miss anything aesthetically. For pants though? I'm open to new materials, but the belts have to stay. The elastic waistband look was the absolute worst aspect of the pullover era from an aesthetic standpoint. As WSU stated, belts have been used in football forever and no one even thinks about it. No reason they can't stay in baseball.
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    I slid in shorts once. Ouch. Where's the demand? Where's the evidence that baseball players are being held back as a result of the way uniforms are constructed?
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    I found this article that discusses the functional disadvantages of baseball uniforms, and talks about how the reason for these drawbacks is mostly due to tradition. There's not a lot in there about aesthetics or logos, but I do think it's relevant to our interests here. I think there are some neat points about new materials that could help players be more comfortable and move more naturally. From a design standpoint, I like that they seem to be very pro-pullover, but maybe that's just me. What are your thoughts? Are there any functional changes you'd like to see to baseball uniforms? How about uniforms in other sports?
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    please stop calling them NASCARS. They are stock cars
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