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    UPDATE: Primary, secondary and wordmark added. Uniforms still to come.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I humbly submit the official trailer for The Tankening
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    Francis Fleming's "A Series of Incompetent Events"
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    Not pertaining to any uniform changes, but here are some good looks at the uniform and equipment-related details on the Mariners' new Ken Griffey Jr. statue outside of Safeco: They really nailed it IMO. They based it off of Jr. in 1997, hence the Mariners' 20th anniversary patch and the Jackie Robinson breaking barriers patch. They got his signature cleats right, the details on his bat, his Nike gloves, etc. Really nice execution overall.
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    Took a stab at a logo explanation.
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    I wonder if they'd keep it on the jersey if his name had been William Thomas Ford.
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    This is one of the dumber things I've read on these boards, and I lived through the Tnak era. My first thought of "metros" is a subway system, followed by a big city and the hustle and bustle of people walking around said city. I had to seriously think for a while to figure out what you meant. I think that 1) it's not in any way a controversial or derogatory term, and 2) unless you're a 14-year-old kid you wouldn't even think of it.
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    I'm 100% on board with opposing corporate jargon and marketizing every little part of a team's identity. But he doesn't say a rebrand requires a name change, he says it requires fundamental alterations to the identity - substantial logo change, colours change, etc. Obviously name is often a big part of that, but it's not essential. I don't think you get what a brand is. It's not just the name. Not to mention just because Paul Lukas has a personal opinion of the definition doesn't mean it's law. He set his own parameters that don't happen to align with the general consensus. Personally I think that changing a logo and jerseys substantially is enough to be considered a rebrand even if the colours and name don't change. You don't see me preaching it as a sacred infallible law. Also replying to a thread that's very clear in what it's talking about to "well actually" and set down an arbitrary and made up "Law of Rebrand" seems like an unnecessary move.
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    Pictures or it didn't happen.
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    Am I the only one who feels Edmonton losing the blues and going to orange at home is a mistake? Those Edmonton blues are a thing of beauty!
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    Hey guys, so it's been a few months since I've posted to the boards (the fault of a hard drive being completely deleted). Recently I saw a few threads that peaked my interest in creating uniforms again, specifically mgdmhl's redesigning college football thread. I tried to recover my work from my old thread but everything was deleted. So I didn't have inspiration for awhile. Fast forward a week or two and I'm watching Marquette play basketball in their new uniforms and, being the uniform enthusiast and designer I am, I wondered what they would look like on a football jersey. BOOM inspiration hit and I knew what my next project would be. I completed Marquette and wanted more so I decided to design what football uniforms would look like for colleges who don't have football teams. For some of these teams I heavily took inspiration from their basketball uniforms. I like when a school has a synonymous design throughout multiple athletic teams (think North Carolina or Wisconsin). For others I take inspiration from something in their logo or something that has to do with the school. I had this same philosophy in my old thread. I'll be unveiling teams by conferences. I have the Big East, Horizon, A10 and West Coast Conference done, except for the Adidas and Under Armour teams (I don't have a psd flat template for those brands). Here's a list of all the teams: Marquette Real template Providence Creighton Real template Xavier DePaul Seton Hall St. John's St. Louis VCU Saint Joseph's George Washington v2 George Mason St. Bonaventure Gonzaga St. Mary's UMASS Lowell UC Santa Barbara V2 Long Beach State V2 Wright State UW Milwaukee Northern Kentucky V2 Little Rock Wichita State Portland V2 College of Charleston Real template Chicago State Grand Canyon Black alternate Real template Utah Valley Pacific Boston Oakland CSU Bakersfield V2 UNC-Greensboro Real Template UTRGV UWGB Cleveland State Florida Gulf Coast V2 & Real Template Iona MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES -Stripe design just like their new stripe -Blue Jersey matches blue -White b-ball jersey doesn't have any gold, so I added it -Gold is the same -Light blue b-ball jersey doesn't have any navy, so I added it. -All helmets are glossy -Socks are different colors so no "color rush" could be implemented. Except on the baby blue uniform. I think a "color rush" baby blue uniform would look great. I thought I represented the color differences well along with representing the basketball uniforms. But if not C&C is always appreciated. Also thanks to Logan Weaver for the template and thanks for looking guys and I'll have Providence up next.
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    Back on the subject of the Blazers, something along these lines (with or without the dark gray in place of black) is what I'm hoping to see, at least in regards to the logos.
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    <Brain reeling> Lakers ... Orlando ... Magic ...
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    Things certainly can change but Nike did some really nice jerseys in the NBA around the turn of the century. The Lakers, Pistons, and Heat all come to mind as designs that were done by Nike, and still hold up really well today (IMO), nearly 20 years later.
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    Back in the '80s, I used to think blank helmets were the norm thanks to Topps football cards
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    Got bored and did this quick idea in NBA 2K17. The logo looks great with the in game presentation too.
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    Tnak is pronounced "Tank". Like how Favre is "Farve". So the Tnakening would work.
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    No and I've seen a lot of outrage elsewhere besides our little complaint department here at CCSLC. Why dress like the team that won 5 Stanley Cups when you can look like the one that played in the WHA?
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    Football teams shouldn't retire numbers. Isn't practical. Any numbers that are retired should be thrown back into circulation. Want to honor team legends? Go with a Ring of Honor.
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    I guess this thread will start off with Charlottetown's new alternate for next season
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    Hello all, Recently I used this logo on a rally shirt! I want to put it into my portfolio but wanted to get some feedback on it since I have kind of been designing in a bubble lately. Here is the link if you want to buy one! Get this Blues Rally Shirt HERE! Thank you everyone, all feedback is welcome! LET'S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!
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    It's original exact for the fact that it's not. It's the name of an old team located in Seattle. What is with people wanting the relive the past? What is this nostalgia trip everyone is on? Can we not just get something new?
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    Which is the right decision. Uniform sets don't get any more perfect than the Blues. The WC classic jersey makes a great alternate.
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    It's accrued to me that these have lasted longer than this. Not sure how they got away with it. I never liked their current set and I wish they would changed it already.
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    Why? They never get to wear 42 so they get the honor of wearing it once in tribute to him, and without their own names on the back. How is that stupid?
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    I get the whole Jackie Robinson tribute thing, and I appreciate what he did for professional baseball. I still HATE the whole "Everybody wears the #42" thing.
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    He also moved the team out of Detroit to Pontiac for a couple decades. Honestly, the WCF patch is why I will never buy a Lions jersey. I really like these uniforms too... but since the unveiling, the WCF patch has left a sour taste in my mouth. I wouldn't buy a Tigers or Wings jersey with "Mr. I" patch, and he meant more to those franchises than Ford ever meant to the Lions. The Lions have always been more important than WCF and they will continue to be long after William Clay is (rightfully) forgotten. He's not worthy of being enshrined on the uniform permanently.
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    Those would look good, if there wasn't the bottom stripes, which far away look odd like why is there extra blue cloth there?
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    *facepalm* Because Seattle would have both the Mariners and Sub-Mariners
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    Quoting myself because I got word last week that it's a full ride with a 4-year stipend. So... I'm kind of excited, I guess.
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    So, I'm actually digging the new Timberwolves logo. After looking at the new logo and the current secondary logo and comparing the two; there are things that work well with both logos. I do like the updated and simplified colors in the new version, the nod to the "north star". It took me some time to get use to altered angled font, but it works. Overall, I like the new version more. With that sad, I do miss the trees from the last version. I almost feel that adding trees into the new logo would have added too much detail into the overall look. I tried coming up with my own concept where I added the trees into the new version, to see what it would look like. (I redrew the logo the best I could, and tried finding the font closest to the new Timberwolves font. I hope it looks ok.) Thoughts?
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    A rare event in human history.
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    I think they look like trash. Stirrups are one thing but these are just a sad and poorly executed knockoff. I think any faux-stirrup or 2-in-1 looks cheap and amateurish and these are no different, especially with the blue ankle cushioning that throws the whole look off and makes it look like there's just a giant white oval on the shin and calf.
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    Braves debuted SunTrust Park tonight. With that came the carbon fiber lids and the inaugural season cap and sleeve patches. I really like the way the light reflects off of the new helmet. It looks nice. Also, I'm a big fan of the new park. It's a great atmosphere and the Battery outside is awesome. Fantastic sight lines and very intimate. My only complaint is that the concourses were a little narrow for a sold out game but will look forward to going to games here much more than Turner Field.
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    Can we all accept that the intent of the thread is talk talk about uniform/logo changes that were a big deal around here and not worry about this definition? I think we all understand where the OP was coming from.
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    Never got why it's so hated in the first place. Alright, it's not the most professional-looking font, but so what? There are tons of fonts and it doesn't look any worse than most of them. It's just something people jump on because it's the cool thing to do.
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    Was I the only one rooting against the cubs?
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    Whenever someone prefaces their concept with "done in paint", I go in lowering my standards a little bit. These, however, are absolutely fantastic! I really love your BC uniform and the striping constistency gets me all giddy😂. I love the Clemson uniform, too, but I think that if you're going to have the sublimated tiger motif, maybe carry it somewhere else throughout the uniform, because otherwise it looks out of place IMO. But overall great work!