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    UPDATE: Primary, secondary and wordmark added. Uniforms still to come.
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    I wonder if they'd keep it on the jersey if his name had been William Thomas Ford.
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    Why? They never get to wear 42 so they get the honor of wearing it once in tribute to him, and without their own names on the back. How is that stupid?
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    I don't think the complaint is really that they look bad, I think the complaint is that it's just a stupid idea. It is basically the sock equivalent of a Tuxedo T-shirt. It looks silly and tacky. I think what people are trying to say is that IF they feel the need to rock a stirrup look, it would look 1000x better if they just wore actual stirrups instead of these silly socks that pretend to be stirrups.
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    I don't know Cap... if it's a situation where the fans are on clearly on board like Al Davis or Jerry Jones or Bob Kraft or someone of that ilk, then I can understand it. But for the majority of my life, most Lions fans I knew were begging William Clay Ford to sell the team so the team could be more successful. I mean, it's the Ford's team, so they can do whatever they want with it. However, there is a real likelihood that in 20 years WCF will be behind both Martha and Bill Jr in terms of best Lions acting ownership... then we'll have our worst owner immortalized on our uniforms.
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    It's original exact for the fact that it's not. It's the name of an old team located in Seattle. What is with people wanting the relive the past? What is this nostalgia trip everyone is on? Can we not just get something new?
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    He impacted a lot more than just professional baseball, just saying.
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    I get the whole Jackie Robinson tribute thing, and I appreciate what he did for professional baseball. I still HATE the whole "Everybody wears the #42" thing.
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    He also moved the team out of Detroit to Pontiac for a couple decades. Honestly, the WCF patch is why I will never buy a Lions jersey. I really like these uniforms too... but since the unveiling, the WCF patch has left a sour taste in my mouth. I wouldn't buy a Tigers or Wings jersey with "Mr. I" patch, and he meant more to those franchises than Ford ever meant to the Lions. The Lions have always been more important than WCF and they will continue to be long after William Clay is (rightfully) forgotten. He's not worthy of being enshrined on the uniform permanently.
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    Those would look good, if there wasn't the bottom stripes, which far away look odd like why is there extra blue cloth there?
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    Braves debuted SunTrust Park tonight. With that came the carbon fiber lids and the inaugural season cap and sleeve patches. I really like the way the light reflects off of the new helmet. It looks nice. Also, I'm a big fan of the new park. It's a great atmosphere and the Battery outside is awesome. Fantastic sight lines and very intimate. My only complaint is that the concourses were a little narrow for a sold out game but will look forward to going to games here much more than Turner Field.
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    It makes it look 46% more broke ass too.
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    Hello all, Recently I used this logo on a rally shirt! I want to put it into my portfolio but wanted to get some feedback on it since I have kind of been designing in a bubble lately. Here is the link if you want to buy one! Get this Blues Rally Shirt HERE! Thank you everyone, all feedback is welcome! LET'S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!
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    Agreed. Not everyone needs to wear 42. If I went to the game and am staring at the players in the field and none of them have names on the backs of the jerseys and all are wearing 42, then how the hell am I supposed to know which player is playing in the field (especially on the visiting teams)? Not only is everyone wearing 42 an act of overkill, it's an impractical mess. Just like the "special cause" uniforms. Started on one day with blue (and later pink for Mother's Day) wristbands. Then it went to bats, then it extended to caps and jerseys, now it's on caps and jerseys. And it's not just one day now, it's gonna be for the entire weekend. And that doesn't include all of the holidays, and then all of the BS camo being worn for random reasons. Leave the damn uniforms alone. Pick a color scheme, get your home and road uniforms and one alternate jersey in your color scheme and stick to it. Don't give me the BS of hiding behind charity. If the cause is important (and most of the causes are important), then you don't need an incentive or extra reason to donate. People know about diseases and veterans, etc. You don't have to wear pink, blue, stars and stripes, camo, etc., to make people aware. Make your donation, honor some folks during the game. Hold a moment of silence for Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Lou Gehrig, anyone else, and have tributes between innings. But leave the freakin' uniforms alone.
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    Halas at least founded the Bears. And was instrumental in founding the league. Ford just took over from somebody else, ran the team poorly for a long time, and refused to sell. That's not the same thing at all.
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    I know Buster Olney was championing 21 for Roberto Clemente (and I understand why), but where does it end? That's why I don't like league-wide retirements. It starts a league down a slippery slope.
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    You retire and take a number out of circulation for a reason. Putting it back in, even for a single day in this context, kinda cheapens that initial tribute IMO. Tributes to people like Jackie Robinson should be genuine and thoughtful. This whole thing always just feels so contrived and profit driven. And, it's really confusing for a lot of people. I watch a good amount of baseball but I don't often watch teams like the Colorado Rockies enough to know their lineup by their faces. It's a minor annoyance, and less so than the first part I mentioned, but it's still annoying. Overall, there are just better ways to do this.
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    I didn't realize the Timberwolves had a rastafarian flag for their supporting colors.
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    Thanks! The big problem I had was putting the combinations together so I'm really glad you like them. When I first created the stripe I did make the star a different color. Now it was green for the orange color stripe so I dropped it because it got lost on the green and blue background. But if I change it to white, like you suggested, it'll probably stand out more. I don't have my computer for this weekend but I will definitely get to it on Monday. Thanks for the comments!
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    This is one of the dumber things I've read on these boards, and I lived through the Tnak era. My first thought of "metros" is a subway system, followed by a big city and the hustle and bustle of people walking around said city. I had to seriously think for a while to figure out what you meant. I think that 1) it's not in any way a controversial or derogatory term, and 2) unless you're a 14-year-old kid you wouldn't even think of it.
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    I think they look like trash. Stirrups are one thing but these are just a sad and poorly executed knockoff. I think any faux-stirrup or 2-in-1 looks cheap and amateurish and these are no different, especially with the blue ankle cushioning that throws the whole look off and makes it look like there's just a giant white oval on the shin and calf.
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    Pictures or it didn't happen.
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    What a pass! The Caps should be a little worried heading into Toronto...
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    I love the Patriots' old AFL uniforms. They're one of my absolutely favorite football uniforms out there, and I wish the Pats would go back to them yesterday. Except for Pat Patriot. Objectively, it's a terrible logo. A terrible logo on an otherwise beautiful uniform, but a terrible logo nonetheless. If the Pats were to go back to those beauts (not going to happen), or a derivative thereof (may happen once the Belichick era is over), I'd rather they put a modified version of Elvis on there. To me, the platonic ideal of a Patriots uniform are a navy blue inverse of the red AFL uniforms (more or less their Color Rush jerseys paired with white pants), with Elvis on the helmets. Pat Patriot, on the other hand, belongs in 1960.
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    ARIZONA COYOTES UPDATE - 4.15.2017 Well I went back to the drawing board on the Coyotes hem stripes. I tried to simplify the pattern while still maintaining that Kachina style. I did attempt to recolor the uniforms to eliminate the turquoise as suggested, but honestly, I really like that addition. NASHVILLE PREDATORS UPDATE - 4.15,2017 I removed the guitar stripe pattern from the hem and made the bottom stripe thicker to match the top. Also, I moved the shoulder numbers and logo up just a bit and recolored the pants to navy. Funny thing is, I never intended to color the pants yellow. It was just an oversight on my part. I'll post the next team either later tonight or tomorrow.
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    You do realize that's not an actual photograph, right? They photoshop the color and logo onto a basic stock T-shirt image. You can look at the same product for any other team, and if you look close you can tell by the shadows and details its the same shirt, just altered for color with a different logo pasted over. I'm not saying that color is right or wrong, but I do know those license shop images are notoriously varied. And, generally speaking, ColorWerx isn't just guessing. He's kind of careful about that.
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    I definitely trust ColorWerx a lot more than a mockup of a t-shirt.
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    Which is the right decision. Uniform sets don't get any more perfect than the Blues. The WC classic jersey makes a great alternate.
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    ^ is that a hand holding cooked spaghetti? yeeesh.
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    The only "so-bad-it's-good" jersey for me is the white fish sticks jersey.
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    Hey, don't diss the Mighty Ducks' duck-through-the-ice alternate. It may actually be a "so-bad-it's-good" thing. Those other two, yeah, they stink on ice...pun intended.
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    Fair enough. I have my own reason for not buying a Lions (or Wings, or Tigers) jersey-- I'm an adult.
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    I was so very skeptical from the moment I saw that initial leak... but the more I look at these damn things the more I love them. Probably Nike's best redesign, no? (Did Nike redesign the Bills or did that happen just before? That would be the only other one to consider IMHO). And who knew I could like a custom number font this much? Can't wait to see them on the field.
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    According to @ColorWerx it actually is the exact same blue.
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    I agree. I have hated just about every case where black was added to uniforms since then, but it really worked with that uniform. And just to be clear, yes, the green helmets are superior, but it's the logo that is really so much better. The jet with the entrails behind it was perfect for a team called the Jets. My guess is that, had they not won Super Bowl III, they may never have returned to the traditional look.
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    Holy crap this is making the rounds. Uni-Watch shared NFL Memes post on facebook which links to Dailysnark http://dailysnark.com/designer-created-nhlnfl-uniforms-mashup-every-hockey-team-theyre-amazing/ Which cites Fox Sports http://www.foxsports.com/nhl/gallery/these-nhlnfl-crossover-uniforms-are-absolutely-gorgeous-041417 which includes proper citation and a link to the originals http://jimmynutini.com/2017/04/13/crossover-series-nhl-football/ You're going viral, and that's amazing. Finally a good series makes the rounds (I still say too good a series, Buffalo without random terrible silver piping everywhere looks too good, but clearly you've done the right thing by fixing all these teams). Kudos, man. Kudos.
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    As a Bears fan I never thought the GSH was a feature to be proud of. I'm surprised it's being so hotly contested in this thread.
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    I hate to ruin a perfectly good absurd generalization, but I'm going to do it anyway. Anyone that knows me around here knows that I'm a "traditionalist", yet I liked the previous Lions set a great deal. During the NFL season, I do weekly best and worst uniform match up lists and the Lions spent a great deal of time on my best list. There are plenty of modern looks that I like and plenty of traditional looks that I'm not crazy about. Sorry that I don't fit your sweeping generalization. It also shows a tendency to think of things solely in terms of "black or white" and "either/or." Not a lot of room for nuance in statements like "traditionalists hate it...."
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    Things certainly can change but Nike did some really nice jerseys in the NBA around the turn of the century. The Lakers, Pistons, and Heat all come to mind as designs that were done by Nike, and still hold up really well today (IMO), nearly 20 years later.
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    Can we all accept that the intent of the thread is talk talk about uniform/logo changes that were a big deal around here and not worry about this definition? I think we all understand where the OP was coming from.
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    You can go a bit further, 1991-1992 NHL season when they original 6 throwbacks It was the White Sox who invented throwbacks in 1990 by holding a "Turn Back the Clock" day, on which they wore 1917 uniforms.
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    Not pertaining to any uniform changes, but here are some good looks at the uniform and equipment-related details on the Mariners' new Ken Griffey Jr. statue outside of Safeco: They really nailed it IMO. They based it off of Jr. in 1997, hence the Mariners' 20th anniversary patch and the Jackie Robinson breaking barriers patch. They got his signature cleats right, the details on his bat, his Nike gloves, etc. Really nice execution overall.
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    A rare event in human history.
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    No and I've seen a lot of outrage elsewhere besides our little complaint department here at CCSLC. Why dress like the team that won 5 Stanley Cups when you can look like the one that played in the WHA?
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