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    Haha stay golden, Morgo I'd look for a picture of the Flames last Cup parade/rally, but the internet didn't exist then. And I'd look for the Canucks last Cup parade/rally, but it doesn't exist, and if it did, it'd just be engulfed in, well, flames.
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    You know, I tried to give you a heads up and a little advice. Instead, you want to act like I'm infringing on something special. Impetulant children don't get their way with me.
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    I guess next you're going to try to tell Minnesota sports fans that real Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets?
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    WHAT!?! A GOALIE is STEALING a playoff series!?! Alert the authorities! Signal the Ministry of Magic! Shoot a flare for the Justice League! This is has never happened before! Not once ever! No team has EVER ridden a hot goalie to a playoff series victory! It's preposterous! There must be some dark magic afoot indeed! Burn Jake Allen! Burn the witch!
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    UPDATE: Primary, secondary and wordmark added. Uniforms still to come.
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    Every team sells their caps in colors from black to white and everything in between. They don't have to muddle their on-field identities to promote those fashion caps.
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    You sure it's just "kids today"?
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    The other stupid thing with the WCF patch is that it can't really go away now. Next time there's a redesign, could they really tell Nike or whoever the licensee is at that time to eliminate it without coming off as being disrespectful? It kinda has to be there forever now, unless they come up with some kind of plan to make another permanent memorial somewhere.
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    Here are the highlights. The ones I can find anyway. Keep in mind a lot of the image links have expired. You really had to be there to get the full experience How should we start this trip down memory lane? I know! With ytmnd offering their take on the then-new Sabres logo... http://buffaslug.ytmnd.com/ First, the rumours. The Sabres returning to blue and gold??? Surely that means a return to their inaugural look the fans have been clamouring for, right? Or maybe the goathead recoloured? We were all so naive... The 2006-2007 NHL Changes thread. Simpler times. Ice_Cap's first season away at uni... ...then a leak! Too bad it's fake...but the real thing shows up soon enough. We've all seen it. Now we cope as best we can. The logo was revealed first, now the unis? Turns out no. The Sabres, seeing the negative press the slug was getting, rushed an announcement about using the retro blues as an alternate. Of course they paired them with front numbers and navy helmets, socks, and pants because of course they did. The first look at how it'll be used practically, as the Sabres use the wordmarked version at centre ice at what was then called HSBC Arena... Finally, with the season nearly upon us, the primary sweaters are unveiled. The season is now underway, and we desparately look for a glimmer of hope... We're reaching the end of the first few months of the season. What are people's thoughts? The Buffasllug tops the NHL's sales charts. Scientists and theologians agree that this is proof that G-d, if He does exist, is vengeful. Ah, finally the end point. It's been a year. The fan petitions begin... These weren't all of them. The slug generated a lot of heated discussion, and a lot of smaller threads. I tried to hit the highlights, but there were some threads that were more or less useless due to dead image links or just redundant given the longer threads going on concurrently.
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    I agree. I actually think that uniforms should always be free from personal attachment, so to speak. I'm fine with season-long patches, but I'm not really a fan of a permanent part of the uniform recognizing a former owner. I, too, think there are better ways to honor and remember past owners, such as statues or naming the stadiums for them. Maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but it's just what I've always felt.
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    And all of the Blues players who are managing to score.
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    No, they did win the Cup. The first American team to pull it off. That's why there are people eager to see the name return. It's one with a bit of historical cache to it. Agreed. Sea Lions just sounds a bit more grand as well. Almost regal. I have to say. "Seattle Sea Lions" is the only "original" name I've heard that I can get behind. "Pilots" is great in a vacuum, but this is a league that already has the Jets and the Flyers, as hockey week said.
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    Next up is another untouchable, the Detroit Red WIngs. The WIngs have probably the most basic hockey jerseys to ever exist and they have kept this for pretty much their entire existence. While I do like their jerseys, I think that they could sway a little bit from their tradition. For my concept, I went for about the most non traditional design that you could think of for the Red WIngs. I knew that I had to incorporate wings somewhere so I went Oregon Ducks Football style and put them on the shoulders. Also new for the wings is curved striping that is basically the opposite of the striping they have now. This may be a crazy concept, especially for the Wings, but that's what I was going for.
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    Pros: -The color palette is perfect -The number font isn't flawless, but it's sufficiently modern and free of unnecessary distractions -The simplified striping is consistent across helmet, jersey, and pants Cons: -The white and blue outlines on the helmet logo are inconsistent with the aforementioned simplified striping -The stylization of the WCF patch clashes, regardless of the patch's significance (or apparent lack thereof to some) -The spacing between the stripes appears to vary ever so slightly between the helmet, jersey, and pants Meh: -The LIONS sleeve wordmark is there -- it isn't so much good or bad as it is just there -The Color Rush uniform is completely gray, though given the concept it's as average as can be expected -The Throwbacks are fine -- more significant due to history than notable in terms of anything design-related All things considered, I think this is an excellent upgrade for Detroit. The elimination of black from their color palette went a long way, and I'm a big fan of the blue pants returning to the away uniforms. All of the pros noted above are macro elements you'll notice on every single play, whereas all of the cons are micro elements you'll only notice when closely inspecting the uniforms and explicitly looking for those things. Sure, some things would benefit from tweaking, but overall I really like what they've done here.
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    At least the Bears memorial patch is small and somewhat hidden inside a sleeve stripe. The WCF patch is huge and covers the stripes. One is tasteful for a guy who should have one and one isn't tasteful for a guy who probably shouldn't have one. The worst ever was the AL patch on the Browns jerseys. That guy owned the team for like a week and was instrumental in moving the original Browns to Baltimore. There's an urban legend in Cincinnati that Paul Brown told his kid and people in the organization that if they ever put his initials on the uniforms he would haunt them for the rest of their lives. I guess he didn't say anything about a stadium though.
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    never let facts get in the way of a good story
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    The idea of using the mainly navy script comes from my Tweak Series. I think it looks more balanced in that way. Fixed! I've also updated the Orioles set:
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    Game-used 1974-1975 Virginia Squires ABA jersey for $4 at one of my regular thrift store stops. They usually have nothing.
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    Ted Turner considered changing the Braves' name to the Eagles when he bought them, to compete the avian theme.
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    I personally love Comic Sans because its so bad.
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    Un believable. 1 shot in the 3rd period. You see what happens when you turtle? You lose. EDIT: Upon actually looking at the box score, the Flames did get more than one shot in the 3rd; 8 in fact, to the Ducks' 12. I don't remember which CBC broadcaster said they only had 1 shot, but evidently they consult a box score about as often as I do.
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    It's a reflection from the star.
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    I would like to see a whole set of these in green and yellow with black and white as the accent colors.
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    This is easy. Patriots' logo is Elvis, who was from Memphis, which is in Tennessee (like Nashville), and was known as a Giant in rhythm and Blues, which is influenced by Jazz, which is played at clubs in Philadelphia where an Athletic Phillie, wearing a Blue Jacket, may have needed to be Brave and Dodge a trolley to cross the street to get to so he could order a Brew to enjoy with some jazz-loving Senators who Flew up on a Jet from the Capital for the convention. How Patriotic. New England Patriots Memphis Grizzlies Nashville Pred Tennessee Titans New York / San Fransisco Giants St. Louis Blues Utah Jazzzzzz Oakland (Philadelphia) Athletics Philadelphia Phillies Columbus Blue Jackets Atlanta Braves LA Dodgers (stretch) Milwaukee Brewers Philadelphia Flyers New York / Winnipeg Jets Washington Capitals Ottawa Senators.
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    EDIT: I decided to include more teams in this concept, although I won't commit to a specific number of them. Also, to cut down the amount of scrolling necessary, original concepts will be replaced by edited versions. Team's completed: AL WEST Anaheim Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Portland Lumberjacks (Expansion) Salt Lake Swarm (Expansion) AL CENTRAL Detroit Tigers Indians Cleveland Tribe Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox Columbus Flight (Expansion) (NEW) AL SOUTH Houston Astros Texas Rangers Tampa Bay Rays Kansas City Royals New Orleans Krewe (Expansion) AL EAST Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees New Jersey Trout (Expansion) NL WEST Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies NL CENTRAL Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Omaha Steers (Expansion) (New) NL SOUTH Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins Kentucky Gallops (Expansion) San Antonio Hammers (Expansion) Music City Strings (Expansion) NL EAST New York Mets Washington Nationals Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates Montreal Expos (Expansion) AAA Teams posted here AA Teams posted here A Teams posted here For my first post, I figured I'd post a concept for my favorite team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Already to unpopular opinion-time, I actually like the hyphenated "D-Backs" on the jerseys. I modified it slightly, however, because if you're going to go with a snake fang of the "K", you'd better go with one off the "B" as well. Otherwise, you'll end up with some hillbilly snake, which is significantly less intimidating. I also like the shoulder pattern the team currently employs, but thought it would be better utilized on the end of the sleeves. I reversed the colors of the A-snake logo and put it on a red cap, which keeps the snake-skin pattern up top. The road uniform stays mostly the same, but with the shoulder pattern again moved to the sleeves, no front number, and new socks. The red jersey pairs with the red hat and is the home alternate. The black jersey no longer has the A-snake and now uses the road script and is the road alternate. The teal is added to the home and road uniforms, keeping Teal Tuesday going both at home and on the road. Throwback Thursday hangs around as well, with the only change from the current throwbacks being stripes on the socks now. Thanks for checking out my first concept, C&C welcome.
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    And the Blues scoring more goals but never mind that. Jake Allen is all the excuse you need.
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    Exactly right. The "brand" is how the cattle are identified. The sports logo is a very good example of this. My personal view is that if the logo/uniforms change significantly, it's a rebrand. If not, it's a redesign. I'll use Toronto as an example. Redesign: Rebrand: Because the Raptors were a predominantly red team prior to their logo/uniform change, I consider them to be a redesign. If they had gone straight from the purples to the current red/black, I would consider it a rebrand.
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    This is just a solid logo IMO. I like when they try to incorporate a globe or the trophy or the diamond/home plate so that it's on theme, but there have been mixed results. My very favorites are from the 08-12 era of using the leaf motif. Not sure why they went away from that to be as bland as possible. 77, as shown above, to me is the worst. Makes me feel like I'm in an old hamburger joint, not the World fuggin Series.
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    I like the sound of Seattle Seals...though when the team to the north features a killer whale, and the team to the south features a shark, I'm not sure it'll pass.
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    I like this wolf. Looks like a friendly lil guy
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    It's a brighter red than the Arsenal kit and @upperV03's mockup... but the hoops are there. There's also a sublimated star design somewhere I've heard
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    Half the series are 3-0. This is really fun, you guys. If I wanted to the watch the NBA playoffs I'd watch the NBA playoffs.
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    They adopted them full-time this season, regrettably.
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    YES! GO LEAFS GO! *ahem* I'm just happy to be here.
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    OK? This got weird and creepy all of a sudden.
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    I know we're still in speculation mode but I can't get memories of Arsenal's 2007-ish third kit out of my head. That said I loved the hell out of that kit, and it'd be absolutely perfect for the USA. Might be the first time I buy a USA kit since the 2011 third (not coincidentally also dark shades of red and blue) (also also I did not remember that variation on the GK kit, wow)
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    This is fantastic. And, Pilots are Flyers, so we'd have an entry for ColeJ's other thread. v
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    Decided to update my mockup to be a bit more realistic. It now has a solid back and a solid box around the front numbers like what was used on the Waldo kits. I really hope we end up getting something like this, it'd be a really nice and unique look, even if just for the Gold Cup.
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    Only edit on Boston is match the script and numbers on the road jersey. I'm of two minds about red or blue but either way it just needs to be consistent.
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    I believe "the hate" comes the numerous misapplications of so-called "professional" enterprises using a very "non-professional" appearing font.
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    In all fairness, everything that the Coyotes franchise does is weak.
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    I mean that is a very common pattern...
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    I didn't realize the Timberwolves had a rastafarian flag for their supporting colors.
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    miss the old marlins
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