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    UPDATE: Primary, secondary and wordmark added. Uniforms still to come.
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    I propose MLB "Primary Uniforms Day."
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    Haha stay golden, Morgo I'd look for a picture of the Flames last Cup parade/rally, but the internet didn't exist then. And I'd look for the Canucks last Cup parade/rally, but it doesn't exist, and if it did, it'd just be engulfed in, well, flames.
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    I also participated in this contest. I think the timberwolves had a good concept back in the days, therefore I picked up the old logo and made a redesign without changing the general idea. I made it to the final round but the design above won in the end. Let me know what you think.
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    This is easy. Patriots' logo is Elvis, who was from Memphis, which is in Tennessee (like Nashville), and was known as a Giant in rhythm and Blues, which is influenced by Jazz, which is played at clubs in Philadelphia where an Athletic Phillie, wearing a Blue Jacket, may have needed to be Brave and Dodge a trolley to cross the street to get to so he could order a Brew to enjoy with some jazz-loving Senators who Flew up on a Jet from the Capital for the convention. How Patriotic. New England Patriots Memphis Grizzlies Nashville Pred Tennessee Titans New York / San Fransisco Giants St. Louis Blues Utah Jazzzzzz Oakland (Philadelphia) Athletics Philadelphia Phillies Columbus Blue Jackets Atlanta Braves LA Dodgers (stretch) Milwaukee Brewers Philadelphia Flyers New York / Winnipeg Jets Washington Capitals Ottawa Senators.
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    You know, I tried to give you a heads up and a little advice. Instead, you want to act like I'm infringing on something special. Impetulant children don't get their way with me.
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    I've always enjoyed making crossover concepts, they just have a different feel to them. Finding ways to translate brands and styles across different aesthetics can be challenging but I honestly find it fun! I've already completed all 30 teams, but I'll be posting them individually so feel free to add feedback. I'm looking to make these all the best they can be! For the most part, I tried to keep these teams within modern NFL aesthetics; generally consistent design and without too much being "out there" (no Buccaneers to be found here). First up: Anaheim Ducks
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    Horrible. I think the can is completely unnecessary. Sloppy work all-around.
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    I'd cheer for a team with no owner so that there's no risk of moving. Oh wait....
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    My favorite thing about Piazza on the Marlins is that while his time with the Marlins only amounted to .245% of his career plate appearances, he did pick up 12.5% of his career triples!
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    We sure about that? Which makes his decision to become an organ donor all the more impressive. Reads like the guy didn't decide to be an organ donor until after he died - which is the real story here, if you ask me.
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    I wonder if they'd keep it on the jersey if his name had been William Thomas Ford.
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    not feeling this. this is too much contrast between the elements. not everything needs to fight for attention, which was a huge problem with the previous primary. due to the proportions and color, everything was competing to be the primary element. what the new logo gets right is it uses color to set these elements back a bit. i still think theres a bit too much green, but at least that (star and eye) is where your focus is and those elements stand out first. rightfully so because they are core ideas in the logo– the north star and wolf. also with this, you completely lose the feeling of a night time setting or any hint at the northern lights. the "Story" that was written into the logo is gone
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    Likely the 16th time this one's been posted.
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    This is one of the dumber things I've read on these boards, and I lived through the Tnak era. My first thought of "metros" is a subway system, followed by a big city and the hustle and bustle of people walking around said city. I had to seriously think for a while to figure out what you meant. I think that 1) it's not in any way a controversial or derogatory term, and 2) unless you're a 14-year-old kid you wouldn't even think of it.
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    Couldn't resist.
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    Agreed. Not everyone needs to wear 42. If I went to the game and am staring at the players in the field and none of them have names on the backs of the jerseys and all are wearing 42, then how the hell am I supposed to know which player is playing in the field (especially on the visiting teams)? Not only is everyone wearing 42 an act of overkill, it's an impractical mess. Just like the "special cause" uniforms. Started on one day with blue (and later pink for Mother's Day) wristbands. Then it went to bats, then it extended to caps and jerseys, now it's on caps and jerseys. And it's not just one day now, it's gonna be for the entire weekend. And that doesn't include all of the holidays, and then all of the BS camo being worn for random reasons. Leave the damn uniforms alone. Pick a color scheme, get your home and road uniforms and one alternate jersey in your color scheme and stick to it. Don't give me the BS of hiding behind charity. If the cause is important (and most of the causes are important), then you don't need an incentive or extra reason to donate. People know about diseases and veterans, etc. You don't have to wear pink, blue, stars and stripes, camo, etc., to make people aware. Make your donation, honor some folks during the game. Hold a moment of silence for Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Lou Gehrig, anyone else, and have tributes between innings. But leave the freakin' uniforms alone.
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    Since the Sound Tigers uniform isn't too exciting, I'll post another team as well. Here are the Hershey Bears modeled after the 1995-2007 Washington Capitals. Let's hear some feedback on these!
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    Time for the Bronx Bombers! Classic set for the Yankees: the home and road uniform remain the same, changing the navy cap for a grey one for the last one. I decided to add two alts: one white and other navy, using 1927/30 and 1931/72 wordmarks.
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    Can we have a thread for news and a thread for commentary? It gets annoying checking this thread and its only posters bashing each other...
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    https://1985edition.com/2017/04/18/my-uncomfortable-pro-wrestling-fandom-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-love-the-sideshow/ I wrote up a piece about my wrestling fandom and how a change in perspective can take a children's product and turn into fascinating theater.
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    I guess next you're going to try to tell Minnesota sports fans that real Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets?
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    Moving on to Boston! The Red Sox look is so iconic that there's not much to change. I decided to bring back the navy baselayer, the double sleeve and pants pipping, and the classic sock designing, as well as the predominantly navy wordmark for the road uniform.
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    Me neither, but I hope they have a politics section. That's where the magic's gonna happen.
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    Well I'll give Wild fans this. They were probably right about Bruce not choking in a game seven.
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    Things certainly can change but Nike did some really nice jerseys in the NBA around the turn of the century. The Lakers, Pistons, and Heat all come to mind as designs that were done by Nike, and still hold up really well today (IMO), nearly 20 years later.
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    My overall verdict: This is on par with Nike's Vikings set. It has its flaws (sleeve wordmarks, number font isn't quite there, matching pants and socks), but it improves upon the previous set while at least trying to reach back into the Lions' history and bring it into the future. Obviously the Color Rush™ alternate is the weakest uniform of the set because monochrome, but the tops themselves aren't too bad (this can be said of a lot of Color Rush™ tops). If the day ever comes where teams could pair Color Rush™ uniforms with different-colored pants, they might not look so bad with the blue pants. Also, using gray/silver socks with blue pants and blue socks with the Color Rush™ set might not be too bad.
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    Zach Parise wearing his father's gear during warmups last night.
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    Next up we have the Washington Wizards. I really wanted to incorporate the flag as a main point to this jersey to really hit on the patriotic identity D.C.'s team should have. And I also like the current look of their main uniforms but dont really care for the wordmark being in between both red stripes, which is how i came up with this. (I also love the Team USA Hockey jerseys from the Sochi Winter Olympics so I guess I got my inspiration from that as well.) Any teams I should try next?
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    Next up is another untouchable, the Detroit Red WIngs. The WIngs have probably the most basic hockey jerseys to ever exist and they have kept this for pretty much their entire existence. While I do like their jerseys, I think that they could sway a little bit from their tradition. For my concept, I went for about the most non traditional design that you could think of for the Red WIngs. I knew that I had to incorporate wings somewhere so I went Oregon Ducks Football style and put them on the shoulders. Also new for the wings is curved striping that is basically the opposite of the striping they have now. This may be a crazy concept, especially for the Wings, but that's what I was going for.
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    Game-used 1974-1975 Virginia Squires ABA jersey for $4 at one of my regular thrift store stops. They usually have nothing.
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    Every team sells their caps in colors from black to white and everything in between. They don't have to muddle their on-field identities to promote those fashion caps.
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    OK? This got weird and creepy all of a sudden.
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    This is fantastic. And, Pilots are Flyers, so we'd have an entry for ColeJ's other thread. v
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    I believe "the hate" comes the numerous misapplications of so-called "professional" enterprises using a very "non-professional" appearing font.
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    Hello all, Recently I used this logo on a rally shirt! I want to put it into my portfolio but wanted to get some feedback on it since I have kind of been designing in a bubble lately. Here is the link if you want to buy one! Get this Blues Rally Shirt HERE! Thank you everyone, all feedback is welcome! LET'S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!
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    As a long time Lions fan, I dislike the "perma-tribute" to WCF. George Halas he was not. His ownership tenure saw a team that had just come off a decade of near dominance, be basically reduced to a laughingstock for all but a handful of the next 50 years. He bought the team the same day JFK was assassinated, and mismanaged them up until the point he became physically/mentally unable to do so. They were a rich man's toy for most of his ownership, and he was content to let them fester in mediocrity while he saw the value of his investment explode over his tenure, thanks to more competent owners and the people running the NFL. WCF was the driving force behind hiring Bobby Ross, drafting Joey Harrington, and oh year, hiring Matt freaking Millen to be GM. IMO Martha Ford's done more for this team in the last few years by stepping away and letting actual football people run the team, than the old man ever did.
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    Haha. vs. They could have called it the Hefty Bowl.
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    That looks like a photoshop to me
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    He also moved the team out of Detroit to Pontiac for a couple decades. Honestly, the WCF patch is why I will never buy a Lions jersey. I really like these uniforms too... but since the unveiling, the WCF patch has left a sour taste in my mouth. I wouldn't buy a Tigers or Wings jersey with "Mr. I" patch, and he meant more to those franchises than Ford ever meant to the Lions. The Lions have always been more important than WCF and they will continue to be long after William Clay is (rightfully) forgotten. He's not worthy of being enshrined on the uniform permanently.
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    *facepalm* Because Seattle would have both the Mariners and Sub-Mariners
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    I'm relieved that I really like it. I'd probably prefer a recolored version of their current secondary but this is a nice, modern update. I'd probably make the outlines green and the basketball gray, but those are small things that don't really bother me. Just for comparison's sake, here is a rough version of what it looks like in the old colors: Interesting note I found while doing this is that the lighter blue in the real logo is the same shade as the Wolves old royal blue, which I guess is kind of cool. Overall, although I absolutely love the old blue and green, I'm fine with them trying something new and modern.
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    There's gotta be an extended cut of the interview where TNak blames liberals, right?