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    Ok so I decided I am going to post a few more sets of concepts, and probably update them all at the end of the series so I can get a better feel of the entire league's look and aesthetic as a whole. So for now, my 4th team is the Knicks! With an old-school vibe, contrasted with vibrant, striking colors, I love this look for the big Apple. Next up, we have the Bucks! I tried to incorporate the classic many shades of green, as well as the hints of blue in the uniform combining them with the updated logo and wordmarks. And to round out this last set of concepts, here are the Pelicans! I hate how boring New Orleans current set is and my main goal here was to make their uniforms as exciting as the city itself.
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    I have never laughed harder than I did when his voice cracked. Dear god, it's just a manifestation of what I pictured every TNak post ever to be. Marvelous, in a word. Marvelous. This is the greatest moment in CCSLC history.
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    I am personally fascinated by what's going on in Minor League Baseball right now, and the majority of that is due to Brandiose's reign of two-word nickname, food logo, baby cake of terror, which to be honest hasn't been all bad imo. There are things happening down in the MiLB that wouldn't have been dreamed of 20 or so years ago, and its like watching a blowout: Painful, but fun to watch it go down. So i got to thinking, with news of Brandiose sinking its toes into the minor league hockey pool, how long is it before they get their hands on the major leagues? Now if (when) in eventuality they do, they won't come at it with a Jumbo Shrimp ideal, but for fun, I'd like to think of what would happen if they did. So I'll be taking a TBD select number of teams from the MLB and making them look like they belong in the International League, starting with the Oakland Swingin' A's (Athletics).
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    Thank god they don't have to worry about that.
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    The Bears C is just a poor execution of cutting out the ellipse. The moved the middle point too far up. Both shapes are perfect ellipses with a rectangle cut out. The left side is vertically aligned, the right is moved up.
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    America was founded in Seventeen Seventy-six. The internal combustion engine was patented in Eighteen Twenty-six. Man landed on the moon in Nineteen Sixty-nine. Why should that mode of dating suddenly change? The War of One-thousand Eight-hundred Twelve doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
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    The Lord Stanley's Cup has undergone some changes since its inception in 1893. I wanted to see what the cup would look like if all of the removed rings hadn't been removed. I'll likely be adding some infographic style information regarding which rings are which.
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    I can't agree with mr graphic designer on Reddit there. The revised logo is better because that's how I perceived it my entire life until a few years ago when uniwatch pointed out the flaws. Now it's fundamentally flawed every time I look at it. The right is how it's supposed to look (like the Reds) and the left is a product of poor graphics reproduction tools that kept pushing forward a bad trace of a wishbone c until it became official. It's not designed like that to be "optically" pleasing as this guy claims. his argument is that the "metrically" designed logo wouldn't look good on a helmet but provides no reason for this. It's the same logo, same shape, just with the flaws corrected. It'd look better on a helmet.
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    Here is my unsolicited design for the rumored Canadian Premier League. I will be doing a six league team (Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa and Halifax). I've done a similar project before but this is my revisit. Here is the first team, Hamilton Club:
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    and this so good. It makes no sense why they use the B instead of those two logos.
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    Yea. I hate that dopey B, especially when it replaced this:
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    I think they meant, "stunning women are murdered then taken to your city to be buried."
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    Although there are has been an influx of baseball concepts on here lately, I thought I would finally throw my hat into the ring. I have been working on this project in my free time for a while and I finally have something to show you guys. Basically, I wanted to reign in the alternate overload in baseball and give each team a great look, some will get pretty drastic changes and some teams will get some pretty minimal changes. Each team will get a home uniform, road uniform, alternate uniform/jersey, and a batting practice jersey where I chose to have some fun and go outside of the box or look back at some historical looks. I have the National League done and I'm going to start with a team from the NL West today and I'll do my best to get a new team up every day or two. So without further ado, I have the Arizona Diamondbacks. I think most of us would agree the Diamondbacks uniforms are a big mess with way too much going on, to say the least. One thing I think they did get right was the great red, black, and turquoise color scheme, it definitely has a Southwestern feel to it. My concept for the Diamondbacks is simple and modern, drawing inspiration from past Diamondbacks' uniforms. The primary home uniform is white, the road is gray, the alt is red and BP is black. So here it is. As always, Id love to hear what everyone thinks an C&C is definitely welcome. Thanks for taking a look and the Padres are on the way tomorrow.
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    I don't see that as a problem. If the blue needs a little separation from the silver, white can do that. But the white itself doesn't also need separation from the silver. A second outline is just needless clutter. I think this is the best option of them all: They never needed an extra outline before, and they certainly don't need one now.
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    Just like seeing a Tank post.
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    It's supposed to be Ohio (roughly). I'll have to work a bit more on that. Also tried my hand at a matching typeface.
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    I hadn't seen that one. That's a pretty sweet logo! Up next are the California Seals with their unique shoulder stripes and a more modern logo.
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    Pennophile State? I hesitate to make jokes, but that school deserves all the ridicule and shame we can provide. What a bunch of Paternos.
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    I love the promotion of yellow/gold (whatever you call it) over navy, it helps their brand really stand out in an NHL full of navy blue teams. Our uniforms could be executed slightly better with a few tweaks and making the color of the helmet better match the color of the jersey, but overall I think that the Predators look is at its best that it has ever been.
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    NOBODY looked good in those:
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    This is a great logo
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    Since the Sound Tigers uniform isn't too exciting, I'll post another team as well. Here are the Hershey Bears modeled after the 1995-2007 Washington Capitals. Let's hear some feedback on these!
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    JTFC, no matter what Nambla State says, actions like this indicate that Joe means more to them than justice, or even the appearance of justice.
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    So you're the guy who shows up at a sit-down restaurant 5 minutes before close and says "whew! glad I made it in time!" you. Everyone hates you.
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    Frnakie Midknight vs Bleacher Report is the feud I never knew I always wanted.
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    The Washington Capitals The Washington Capitals' current look was immediately lauded in the fallout of the Edgepocolypse around the latter half of the 2000s. It's easy to see why. Whatever you think of the Caps' original wordmark logo, the new one was a technically proficient update. The W/eagle alternate was clever and well-received, and the return to red, white, and blue was welcomed after the dreary 90s revamp lost even more colour with the promotion of the black alternate to primary status. Add in the fact that the Capitals' new Edge look didn't use a template like so much of the rest of the league at the time? It easily stood out as one of the best of the initial Edge offerings. Of course the limitations of Edge sweater design proved to not last long. Teams like New Jersey, Chicago, and Boston proved you could have straight stripes and hem stripes and cuts right out of the gate. Eventually most of the initial Edge designs fell away as teams figured it out it was remarkably easy to adapt traditional designs to the new cuts. New cuts that, as it turned out, would grow to resemble the previously used CCM/Koho cuts and materials. The tighter fits and sweat-resistant material proved very unpopular. So the Capitals' current set hasn't changed all that much. The socks were altered, and a throwback alternate was added. Other than that though? Nothing much. The lower standards of the immediate post-Edge league have risen, and the Caps' uniforms aren't nearly as praised now as they were then. I wanted to create something for the Capitals that was in-line with the more traditional direction league aesthetics are heading in without resorting to a straight throwback or the faux-retro Winter Classic design. First, I decided what I was keeping from all three sweaters in the current set. The W/eagle is good enough to stand as the primary, so that's what I used. I kept the current updated wordmark logo as the wordmark and alternate, and kept the idea of the stars on the sweater as a design element from the current throwback alternate. I didn't keep the old throwback wordmark logo though. It was just redundant with the updated version in its place. I also kept the current name/number font. For striping I decided not to reference the throwback pattern too much. I didn't want to keep any of the late/mid 2000s Edge pattern though. So I looked to the flag of the District of Columbia as a reference. That allowed me to integrate the stars into the design in a more subtle manner than the throwback manages. I used the wordmark alternate on one shoulder, but opted to use the DC flag itself on the other. Mismatching shoulder patches is something I think can work, if limited to a team or two. The flag has become such a visible symbol for the residents of the District, and the uniform striping was based off of it. It made sense to include it. The alternate is an homage to the 1995-2000 primary road uniform. I didn't keep the colour scheme, or the logos. Instead I opted to slant the wordmark logo so that it followed the diagonal waist stripe, much like how the original had the slanted eagle. I kept the W/eagle on the shoulders to homage the Capitol Dome alternate the 1995-2000 sweaters used.
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    As a Spanish native speaker, I must say I usually don't like when MLB teams do this kind of things, and it's because a simple reason: it doesn't look right. Most of the teams just add "Los" in front the original name, which can't be really translated into Spanish, e.g. "Los Mets" and "Los DBacks" (they would have to use "Los Metropolitanos" or "Los Diamantados", which don't sound good, imo). Others properly translate the name, but add the "Los", which ain't needed at all, e.g. "Los Reales" or "Los Rojos". Meanwhile, other teams do a proper job, like "Cerveceros", "Tigres" or "Marineros". I prefer what the MLB did last year: the "Ponle Acento" (Put an Accent) campaign.
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    That's not confirmed uniform changes, that's just confirmed changes for the 2017-18 season. A "change" could be constituted by a uniform and/or logo change for those teams. Only confirmed uniform changes for next season is: Timberwolves Trailblazers Pacers Clippers
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    The Shockmaster has really let himself go.
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    Time for an easy set, time for the KC Royals. I think the Royals current set is pretty much on point, I just added a bit of gold to the home and road designs, the home alt remains the same, and for the road alt I changed the powder blue details for gold.
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    I think the "Yankee" hat excludes it from this list.
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    This is my concept of a Vegas Golden Knights farm team in Reno, Nevada. View the full project here
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    In fairness, it took me a solid 15 seconds or so to even notice the Twins logo in the background. I was staring at the picture thinking "wait, what Twins logo?"
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    I think that the Avengers' identity was solid, even if their uniforms weren't as good as their logo and wordmark. (Arena Football uniforms tend to be very bad.) I think the best look/identity/name combination from Arena Football was that of the Arizona Rattlers, back in the Bonner/Cooper days. That R logo is superb. The nickname (which predates the Diamondbacks) is great both in terms of meaning and sound. And the colours were awesome. This team even wore italicised numbers well, perhaps the only team about whom I can say that. All around, a very professional look -- except for when they wore monochrome black, in keeping with the very unfortunate monochrome trend that began in Arena Football and is now seeping into the NFL.
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    I know this one was posted here before this just seems to be, for me at least, the definitive matchup of players in the wrong uniforms.
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    I think the LSU-styled shoulder stripes look stupid as hell when they go all the way down... They look much better cut in half...
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    I'm a big fan of the low cut stirrup, also. It left a lot of room for stripes if you wanted them, didn't look nearly as tacky as the ugly high cut stirrups from the 80's-90's, and just has that classic, essential golden-age baseball look to it. DiMaggio, Musial, Williams, Greenberg...all those guys wore it. If I had my way, that look would be mandatory.
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    Stirrups the right way.
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    Next is the Calgary Flames. The horse head returns to the front of the jersey and Flames, Flames and more Flames.
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    That's my message to people who complain about LeBron. There's Jordan, Kareem and LeBron. It's fortunate we get to watch him now, still at his peak. There's never been a player like him before and may never be again.
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    Ya now that I think about it, it makes more sense for the tail to only be on the back. I think this fixes the problem.