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    In a stunning turn of events, Pawnee, Indiana has mounted the winning bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games over competing cities Los Angeles and Paris. Headed by Regional Parks Director Leslie Knope and her husband, U.S. Congressman Ben Wyatt (D-IN), the bid proposed the building of three state of the art all-purpose stadiums as well as the renovation of two local parks to serve as Olympic-worthy venues, which ultimately swayed the Olympic committee to select the rural Indiana city. Though initially opposed by City Councilman Jeremy Jamm (who had tried to secure one of the stadium lots for a Paunch Burger franchise) and former Parks and Recreation Director Ron Swanson (due to strict fiscal concerns), the bid was supported by the city council by a vote of 3-2. After the bid was announced as the winner, Mayor Jerry Gergich stated this was "the single greatest thing to ever happen to Eagleton...oh, I mean Pawnee". The games' official logo depicts the late Pawnee icon 'Lil Sebastian carrying the Olympic torch, a mark Knope herself suggested. "'Lil Sebastian was and always will be the spirit of Pawnee," she said at the press conference, "and thus I felt it fitting that the Pawnee 2024 Olympic Games evoked the spirit of our beloved 'Lil Sebastian." The games are slated to be held August 5-17, with the opening ceremonies being held at the Pawnee Olympic Stadium and featuring performances from local icons Mouserat, Duke Silver, and Perd Hapley.
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    Thank god they don't have to worry about that.
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    Disagree completely. The silver always seemed like an inappropriate accent color to use in the pinwheel, and I think most Blazers fans would agree that switching back to a primarily red/black/white color scheme is more fitting. I'm fine with them keeping gray(s) as secondary colors to be used sparingly for merchandising and promotional materials, and possibly even the alternate uniforms, but the main scheme should absolutely be red/black/white.
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    The Bears C is just a poor execution of cutting out the ellipse. The moved the middle point too far up. Both shapes are perfect ellipses with a rectangle cut out. The left side is vertically aligned, the right is moved up.
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    With the Blazers releasing their new logos yesterday, I figured I'd whip up some uniform concepts for what I think we might end up seeing. I have the primary home and road uniforms finished, so I'll start by showing you guys those. They're pretty similar to the current uniforms, but with some small tweaks. Both uniforms now feature v-neck collars, and the collar and armhole trim is now solid red on both jerseys. The wordmarks and numbers feature the updated typeface, and they're one color instead of being outlined. The signature uniform stripes now have space in between them to be more consistent with the lines of the pinwheel logo. Both uniforms feature a red tag on the waistband of the shorts with the ripcity logo inside. Lastly, I used OHSU for the ad on the jerseys, but they've yet to formally announce one. It's just what I'd like to see. I'm currently working on the alternate uniforms, so hopefully I'll have those posted in the coming days.
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    I can't agree with mr graphic designer on Reddit there. The revised logo is better because that's how I perceived it my entire life until a few years ago when uniwatch pointed out the flaws. Now it's fundamentally flawed every time I look at it. The right is how it's supposed to look (like the Reds) and the left is a product of poor graphics reproduction tools that kept pushing forward a bad trace of a wishbone c until it became official. It's not designed like that to be "optically" pleasing as this guy claims. his argument is that the "metrically" designed logo wouldn't look good on a helmet but provides no reason for this. It's the same logo, same shape, just with the flaws corrected. It'd look better on a helmet.
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    and this so good. It makes no sense why they use the B instead of those two logos.
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    If the Raptors started wearing a jersey that said "The North" that would be worse even than Charlotte's black sleeved Buzz City uniforms and those were just a smidge worse than Rip City. that, folks, is why we can't allow nicknames on jerseys. Some teams can't be trusted to not wear stupid :censored: like this.
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    My take on rip city is this; it's the flippin' National Basketball Association - the highest level of basketball on the entire planet - and quirky nicknames (as well as three-letter scoreboard/airport abbreviations) don't belong at such a professional level on a jersey. They belong in team lore, on T-shirts, other clothing, programs, miscellaneous "swag", and desperate Single-A baseball team uniforms. Call me a stickler, but the NBA should be above putting them on jerseys. "Portland" and "Blazers" suits just fine. Besides, the story behind "rip city" is pretty dumb anyways. An announcer said it during a loss? So the Jazz could put "SWAT LAKE CITY" on a jersey because I'm pretty sure Bolerjack coined it after a Gobert and Favors block clinic during what I'm pretty sure was still a loss? Mmkay.
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    Hey everyone, So a bit of a background on this project. The NWHL is a upstart women's hockey league, I think they just wrapped up their 2nd season, and are mostly based in the northeast. The CWHL is a 5 team league with Canadian teams, plus a team in Boston. Super talented leagues, made up mostly of USA and Canadian national team players, which you could imagine are both very very good at hockey. But the issue is that they aren't exactly making too much money. The NWHL dropped their minimum wage for players, and the CWHL doesn't currently pay their players. As you can imagine, the athletes have other jobs during the season. I got thinking about different ways to improve the quality of life in the leagues because my sport management degree brain won't let me rest. I don't want to be some white knight coming out saying they should be completely ran by the NHL and be absorbed and lose their identities. That would be the easy way out. The leagues don't have ties to the NHL, which is cool. It seems like some teams have loose ties. If you're trying to be successful in Montreal, it doesn't exactly hurt to mirror your jerseys like the Habs. So while I bore you with some reorganizing, feel free to scroll down and look at concepts. I'm an artist not a cop. Just for the sake of confusion, I merged the leagues. I was going to keep them separate, but went to a divisional format rather than conferences to minimize travel cost. I have a 14 team league, which is probably too many because you want 9 really deep teams than a big league with some watered down teams(like men's leagues). These NHL teams are building insane practice rinks with top of the line locker rooms and smaller seating capacities. I propose some sort of partnership to teams playing in those arenas, to get the top facilities, share sponsorship, and possibly get a discount on rent. Do practises on weeknights with open ice, games on Friday and Saturdays. Do specials like girls under 14 get in free, or whatever. Hell, with a strong partnership they could hypothetically play before an NHL game for fans who want to upgrade their ticket. Partnerships wouldn't be required, much like how the WNBA functions. Connecticut and Brampton would be teams that fit this category. College sports have travel partners that do weekend trips and swap opponents to minimize on the trips. Each team has one, depending on the closest team in their division. I have a 4 team western division, a 6 team central division, and a 4 team eastern division. I did the math and an even schedule can be made with 32 games played. I can get to those later but feel like I'm rambling. Here are the first 7 teams. Just one jersey concept for each. I used an Adidas template as a future NHL partner. They'd have more freedom than they would with the NHL. I put some small ads on the jersey as another form of income. All the ones there are just simple ones that might carry over, or in Connecticut's case, already exist. I started out mirroring NHL teams closely, and my friend Lexi made a good point. Basically she said AHL teams' jerseys are inspired but not carbon copies and so should these. Great point, and I tried my best to design as such. Buffalo Beauts (NWHL) Connecticut Whale (NWHL) Detroit Sirens (Expansion) I originally was going to put them in Grand Rapids, but decided the brand new Red Wings practice facility would be a better home. Edmonton Vixens (Expansion) A V as the center hem with a cool fox logo I made that would share the orange heavy uniform set. New Jersey Riveters (NWHL) I didn't like the places the Rangers and Islanders practice, but the New York Riveters play out of the small arena inside the Devils building. I kept the bad ass logo and swapped navy for black. Pittsburgh Blades (CWHL) So this was the CWHL Boston team that I relocated 100% based on the fact I liked the Boston Pride's logo more. They were black and yellow so Pittsburgh seemed like a good fit in a hockey hub. The Penguins rink looks really nice. Toronto Furies (CWHL) I've got 7 left to do. I want to make some friends design teams, so not sure when this is getting done, but I've had these done for a month and finally got around to posting them. Thanks!
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    Alright! So the Mets are up, although i didn't go the Amazin' route. Here's my would-be statement from Brandiose: '(My) main approach for the Mets was to give them a more tangible identity. So (I) ended up reaching deep into New York's brilliant history, focusing on the construction and early days of their extensive, historic subway system. Now renamed the Long Island Metropolitans, the Mets color status has been altered to better fit with their new identity. Charcoal contrasted by stark white now takes center stage, reflecting an all-business mentality with vibrant blue and orange providing a burst of energy and heart. The main logo takes on the shape of the Brooklyn Superbas 1910 logo, the first MLB team to play baseball in the great state of New York, and features the Metropolitans new mascot Maxwell, a turn of the century era train conductor, along with simplified elevated subway tracks taking the place of the bridge. The new font used throughout the logo set is early 1900s style art deco helping further to embody New York a century ago. Lastly, a logo resembling a subway sign worn on the back of every jersey, directing towards Queens, the site of Citi Field, features the years the Mets have won either the World Series or N.L. Pennant. In essence, the Metropolitans new look signifies the history of New York, the kind of hard work it was built on, and an identity Mets fans can gather behind.'
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    Ottawa v Edmonton is still alive. #DareToDream
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    @McElroy19. Ok as I mentioned yesterday my versions are heavily inspired by the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds. Secondary is more Native Thunderbird design inspired. The only difference between the Primary marks is the addition of gray. Still tinkering with the secondary so if I get it to where I want it I'll post it a little later. Hope everyone digs them. Thnx!
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    I love the promotion of yellow/gold (whatever you call it) over navy, it helps their brand really stand out in an NHL full of navy blue teams. Our uniforms could be executed slightly better with a few tweaks and making the color of the helmet better match the color of the jersey, but overall I think that the Predators look is at its best that it has ever been.
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    The Bengals are an easy fix:
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    edit: this one's a bonus because the whole thing forms a p, but the white lines could be a lowercase r which stands for ripcity - the beloved nickname for Portland.
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    I'd never heard of Rip City until they started wearing those jerseys. Is that my fault? Maybe it is, or maybe it's not a famous enough moniker to be used on an official team uniform. When you think about it the first thing a uniform is supposed to do is identify who is wearing it and in that moment I had no idea what team was from Rip City. I know who the Motor City is and even then I still think it's a dumb thing for the Detroit Pistons to wear on a jersey. If you want to call yourself Rip City or whatever go ahead, but I think putting it on a jersey is silly.
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    I'm a fan of Edmonton wearing orange simply because every Canadian team wears red or blue. It adds some contrast and distinction for Edmonton. Now if only the Sens would follow suit and drop their EDGE template by wearing black again.
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    I feel like the Chargers are the poster child of needing to go back
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    Dude, slow down a little. Between this and "what the hell is CCSLC", I'm running out of room for your quotes in my new sig. Pace yourself.
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    Welcome to what (hopefully) is my first completed concept series, the NHL City Mashup Series! In this series, I will be taking the identity of each NHL team and combining it with the identity of another team (different sport) in that team's city. Some rules I set for myself were Team must be in either the MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, or CFL. The jersey must be in the style of the NHL team's jersey. The other team's colours will be the ones on the jersey. The fonts should be either the official team's font or a close matching font. Teams: Anaheim Ducks (Angels) Arizona Coyotes (Cardinals) Boston Bruins (Celtics) Buffalo Sabres (Bills) Calgary Flames (Stampeders) Carolina Hurricanes (Charlotte Hornets) Chicago Blackhawks (Cubs) Colorado Avalanche (Nuggets) Columbus Blue Jackets (Crew) Dallas Stars (Cowboys) Detroit Red Wings (Tigers) Edmonton Oilers (Eskimos) Florida Panthers (Heat) Los Angeles Kings (Dodgers) Minnesota Wild (Twins) Montreal Canadiens (Expos) Nashville Predators (Titans) New Jersey Devils (Jets) New York Islanders (Nets) New York Rangers (Knicks) Ottawa Senators (Redblacks) Philadelphia Flyers (Eagles) Pittsburgh Penguins (Pirates) San Jose Sharks (49ers) St Louis Blues (Cardinals) Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets without further adieu, here's the first mashup, the Anaheim Angels in the style of the Anaheim Ducks. (Yes, I am aware they aren't the Anaheim Angels, but heck with that) C&C is appreciated! I am also considering doing throwback jerseys for each mashup, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the idea.
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    I ended up having more free time today than I initially expected, so I'm able to show you guys the alternates that I came up with. The home alternate carries over the "Rip City" theme, and it features a revamped striping pattern that's based on the lines from the new pinwheel logo as well as the signature diagonal jersey striping. The jersey features a red panel on each side, with the five lines from the pinwheel (you can only see four of them, but it's meant to be five) in the darker red from the secondary palette. A white diagonal line seperates the red panel from gray panels of the same style. The gray is the light gray from the secondary palette, while the lines from the pinwheel are white. The gray panels carry onto the shorts before a white diagonal line seperates them from black panels that feature the dark gray from the new secondary scheme. When the jersey is tucked in, the side panels are supposed to appear mainly as red and black seperated by white, simulating the striping from the regular home uniform. The road alternate is a complete departure from the current red uniform. Instead of featuring the diagonal striping, it features the same striping as the "Rip City" uniform except it's only on one side as a tribute to the '77 uniforms. The pinwheel-esque lines are white and red, respectively, on a black field to simulate how they appear in the actual logo. The jersey features a vertical "BLAZERS" wordmark as another tribute to the '77 uniforms. I'm really happy with the home alternate, and I like the red alternate as well, but I'm curious to see what others think about it. And while I'm at it, I fixed the elongated numbers (as pointed out by @Hoopladawg87), so here's an update to the primary uniforms as well:
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    I think the navy is too depressing. The Giants used to have the same bright jersey/dark helmet problem, but have fixed it with a modern finish. No reason the Rams can't do the same, and match the helmets to their royal blue.
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    When it comes to brand marketing, it seems the Clippers are really in some hot water ... I'll show myself out
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    Some more good info about the Blazers' new logos here: http://www.nba.com/blazers/forwardcenter/trail-blazers-update-pinwheel-prepare-jersey-changes Also, I absolutely love this animation of their logo history.
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    The Washington Capitals The Washington Capitals' current look was immediately lauded in the fallout of the Edgepocolypse around the latter half of the 2000s. It's easy to see why. Whatever you think of the Caps' original wordmark logo, the new one was a technically proficient update. The W/eagle alternate was clever and well-received, and the return to red, white, and blue was welcomed after the dreary 90s revamp lost even more colour with the promotion of the black alternate to primary status. Add in the fact that the Capitals' new Edge look didn't use a template like so much of the rest of the league at the time? It easily stood out as one of the best of the initial Edge offerings. Of course the limitations of Edge sweater design proved to not last long. Teams like New Jersey, Chicago, and Boston proved you could have straight stripes and hem stripes and cuts right out of the gate. Eventually most of the initial Edge designs fell away as teams figured it out it was remarkably easy to adapt traditional designs to the new cuts. New cuts that, as it turned out, would grow to resemble the previously used CCM/Koho cuts and materials. The tighter fits and sweat-resistant material proved very unpopular. So the Capitals' current set hasn't changed all that much. The socks were altered, and a throwback alternate was added. Other than that though? Nothing much. The lower standards of the immediate post-Edge league have risen, and the Caps' uniforms aren't nearly as praised now as they were then. I wanted to create something for the Capitals that was in-line with the more traditional direction league aesthetics are heading in without resorting to a straight throwback or the faux-retro Winter Classic design. First, I decided what I was keeping from all three sweaters in the current set. The W/eagle is good enough to stand as the primary, so that's what I used. I kept the current updated wordmark logo as the wordmark and alternate, and kept the idea of the stars on the sweater as a design element from the current throwback alternate. I didn't keep the old throwback wordmark logo though. It was just redundant with the updated version in its place. I also kept the current name/number font. For striping I decided not to reference the throwback pattern too much. I didn't want to keep any of the late/mid 2000s Edge pattern though. So I looked to the flag of the District of Columbia as a reference. That allowed me to integrate the stars into the design in a more subtle manner than the throwback manages. I used the wordmark alternate on one shoulder, but opted to use the DC flag itself on the other. Mismatching shoulder patches is something I think can work, if limited to a team or two. The flag has become such a visible symbol for the residents of the District, and the uniform striping was based off of it. It made sense to include it. The alternate is an homage to the 1995-2000 primary road uniform. I didn't keep the colour scheme, or the logos. Instead I opted to slant the wordmark logo so that it followed the diagonal waist stripe, much like how the original had the slanted eagle. I kept the W/eagle on the shoulders to homage the Capitol Dome alternate the 1995-2000 sweaters used.
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    Nike can manufacture them before the season is complete, stores just can't sell them. We get leaks because we see images of products before stores are authorized to sell.
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    Sorry, this was the firs thing that came to mind when seeing those.
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    Did you read the part where I said I thought it was stupid that Detroit wears Motor City on an alternate? That is most decidedly a more famous moniker and I don't think they should wear it on a jersey either. I don't think any nickname well-known or not is fit for a jersey. The Pelicans NOLA jerseys - bad. Hawks ATL jerseys - bad. Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts alternates - bad. If the Cleveland Indians ever tried to wear a jersey that said "Tribe" that would be bad. Now, I also don't get the Rip City nickname and it wasn't until a few years ago that I ever heard or saw it used, which admittedly could be my fault, but I lived in Seattle, I've paid attention to the NBA most of the time, I know who Terry Porter and Kevin Duckworth are, I've visited Portland, I knew some Blazers fans, but I had never heard about it until very recently which only compounds the badness of wearing it on an official team uniform. I say all of this as a person who if someone put a gun to my head and made me cheer for an NBA team the very short list would include the Blazers. Rational. Allow me to be perfectly candid - "Rip City" is one of the dumber nicknames I've ever heard, the origin story confirmed that, and remember that between me and you I'm the one who's impartial here. I wouldn't want my team to wear that on a jersey. Great for you guys. Wear it on a tshirt. Every sports city's got nicknames so you're not special in that regard. The actual team's uniforms should say Portland or Blazers. City and/or team nicknames don't belong on official team uniforms. Dumb ones really don't belong on team uniforms.
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    "Hmm. We want to stand out in the Pacific Division from our nearest rivals, what colors do they all have?" "Black." "Ok, so we'll definitely want black involved. You know, fbs. What else you got?" "Well, Anaheim also has gold." "Well we gotta have gold! We're the Golden Knights after all! VEGAS BABY! ....But not too much gold I hope?" "No, no, it'll be secondary." "Good, good. What should we have for a primary then?" "Black!" "Well no, we want that to be fbs." "Oh, right. Right." "We do need something dull though. Like duller than dull." "Like, grey?" "Grey could work but only if we went darker. You know, to compliment the black." "Ok..." "Dark grey mixed with teal! Nobody uses teal anymore!" "Well San Jos-" "And a splash of Red!" "Red? Sir, I-" "We've got it! Dark Teal-Grey, Gold, Black, and Red." "I don't even think Teal-Grey is a col-" "Nevermind that, we'll call it 'Slate'. 'Cause that sounds coool." *Lights cigarette* "Vegas, baby."
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    I'm usually not a fan of two toned jerseys but these worked so well for me in a strange way.
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    The Las Vegas Knights This one's a bit different. I actually modified the team's name, twice. I changed "Vegas" to "Las Vegas," as I admit I'm biased towards proper names and all. This is reflected in the helmet wordmark. I usually don't highlight these, but this is such a minor change that isn't immediately obvious. The second change comes in the form of dropping "Golden" from the nickname. It's just "Knights" now. We don't know what the uniforms for this team will look like, but I actually did try to keep the home and road striping within the realm of what we're probably going to get given hints dolled out here or there by team management. Once I laid it all out? It became obvious there's very little gold. So just "Knights" will do. It's a better name anyway. So as far as the logos go. I dropped the team's primary entirely. It just looks too much like the Army Black Knights' logo. It's no secret that was the inspiration, but it's FAR too close for comfort. So I used the team's alternate, the Las Vegas star with crossed swords, as the primary. It's a strong enough mark to work in that capacity, I think. The star ties the identity to the locale in a way a Spartan helmet pretending to be a knight helmet never could. The crossed swords tie in with the "Knights" nickname. "Las Vegas Knights," all said without a single letter in one image. As I said, the colours and striping were kept as close to what I expect the finished product to be as possible. The slate grey is the primary colour, with black and gold as secondary colours. The hint of red seems a bit random, but is keeping with what Bill Foley hinted would be the case with a single red stripe to make the look "pop." I took the idea and tried to make it as nice as I could. I took the golden Las Vegas stars from the wordmark and arranged them in a stripe down the pants, just for a bit more character. The alternate is where I had a lot of fun. One of the names being thrown around was "Las Vegas Neon Knights," and I just thought that was coolest thing. So I used the concept for the alternate sweater. Only black from the primary scheme remains, and it's used as a base. Neon gold, orange, and blue are used for the stripes and highlights. It's a huge departure from the primary identity, but it's also brash and obnoxious. Like Vegas. It's probably not strong enough to work as a primary look, but as an alternate? I could see it being really popular.
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    USM will also wear 1997 throwbacks this fall:
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    Let's start the ALC with the White Sox! The Chicago White Sox have on of the most classy looks in the Major, there's no too much I'd change about them. But they seem to be one of the teams which looks at their past the most, using throwback designs quite frequently. Given this, and the uniform used during the last Spring Training, I decided to go for a "combination of eras". Maybe they won't make such radical changes, but I think they'll be incorporating old elements, one way or another. For the home uniform I decided to drop the pinstripes, featuring now the 1936/38 logo on the front, and a new version of the "Flying Sock" (designed by me) on the sleevd. The road uniform now features a melange pattern, as well as the 1932/38 script. Both uniforms feature the 1949/50 C on the caps. For the alts, I decided to go for a modern version of the 1982/86 uniform. As you may notice, I decided to use powder blue as secondary colour, inspired by the uniforms used from 1962 to 1975.
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    No, the fact that it's a nickname for the city is why it's not fit to be on a jersey. "The Big Apple" is a fine nickname for Gotham (as is "Gotham"), but I don't want to see it on a jersey either. Same for Stumptown, Oaktown, the Olde Towne, the Cream City, the Motor City, the City by the Bay, the City of Big Shoulders, any of the various Queen Cities, or any number of other perfectly fine and charming nicknames that look similarly stupid when used in place of a city's actual name. I don't even like "Golden State" and am glad its days are numbered.
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    Im glad you noticed, I tried to make them similar without being too obvious.
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    Isn't that largely a function of NBA rules, which seem to require a primary logo with city and team name? So teams technically have one but in practice use simpler and more evocative logos, which must be officially designated as secondaries?
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    Last fall, I sold my house in Minneapolis. I made a decent amount of money on the sale, which I used to clear my credit card debt then put the rest away. By late spring, I was really falling into some serious depression, exacerbated by issues at my work. I decided to quit (after proper notice, natch) and take some time away from employment, since for once in my life, I was in a place where I could do so. As travel is one of my vices, I decided to travel a bit... and then it transformed into this sort of plan. Is it the most logical or conventional thing to do? Nope. But maybe there's something to that "YOLO" idea, eh? I'm certainly not getting younger. That said, I was able to find some pretty decent deals on flights; in fact, I think the only flight that was over $1,000 was from Peru to San Diego (via Atlanta)--and that's because I decided to splurge and go first class, since I leave Lima at 1am. (Also, it was originally supposed to be just to Atlanta, but because the RoboSphincter [aka Mercedes-Benz Stadium] is delayed, Atlanta United is rescheduling their game against Minnesota United.) I haven't done the math as of yet; I should do that. Ok, math is done. The total for flights, train travel, and rental cars is just under $9,400, which includes the $2,200 indulgence for the first class flights back; with economy, it would have been around $8,400.
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    Ehh, I don't know about that one for myself. That's honestly the very first uniform that comes to mind when I think of Peja.
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    Took a lot of current features along with the throwback shadow font for the wordmark and numbers and put in a different kind of striping that's sort of a mix between the current style and the old style. Hope you guys like these, and I'm onto the Jazz now. After I get through all 30 home jerseys ill probably start on Away jerseys (which is really just flipping some colors and wordmarks.
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    The thing about those old "playoff division champions" banners is that they're from the era where the league's playoffs were completely divisional; the first round was actually the "Division Semi-Finals" and the 2nd round the "Division Finals", so having a Division Champions banner for winning the 2nd round, in the same vein as the Conference Champions banners, actually made sense. It doesn't really work nowadays, since the playoffs are only mostly divisional - the wildcards kinda throw everything off - but it actually did make sense at the time.