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    edit: this one's a bonus because the whole thing forms a p, but the white lines could be a lowercase r which stands for ripcity - the beloved nickname for Portland.
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    I think the navy is too depressing. The Giants used to have the same bright jersey/dark helmet problem, but have fixed it with a modern finish. No reason the Rams can't do the same, and match the helmets to their royal blue.
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    Sorry, this was the firs thing that came to mind when seeing those.
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    Nike can manufacture them before the season is complete, stores just can't sell them. We get leaks because we see images of products before stores are authorized to sell.
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    Great! Block fonts are so rare in soccer nowadays.
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    With the Blazers releasing their new logos yesterday, I figured I'd whip up some uniform concepts for what I think we might end up seeing. I have the primary home and road uniforms finished, so I'll start by showing you guys those. They're pretty similar to the current uniforms, but with some small tweaks. Both uniforms now feature v-neck collars, and the collar and armhole trim is now solid red on both jerseys. The wordmarks and numbers feature the updated typeface, and they're one color instead of being outlined. The signature uniform stripes now have space in between them to be more consistent with the lines of the pinwheel logo. Both uniforms feature a red tag on the waistband of the shorts with the ripcity logo inside. Lastly, I used OHSU for the ad on the jerseys, but they've yet to formally announce one. It's just what I'd like to see. I'm currently working on the alternate uniforms, so hopefully I'll have those posted in the coming days.
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    Sure, why not. Arizona is precisely who Vegas should emulate...
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    If you had little to no familiarity with the NBA, would you know that the Golden State Warriors play in Bay Area based on their name? They could just as easily play in LA, San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, or anywhere else in California. To me, it always sounded like a team from one of the smaller California markets (Sacramento, San Diego, OC) trying to market themselves to the entire state rather than just their metro area (a la the California Angels). And yet they play in the very large Bay Area. I suppose the motivation was to market to the entire Bay Area rather than just Oakland, but frankly, the name "San Francisco Warriors" would've worked fine in Oakland, given that there isn't an NBA team in SF proper or on the West Bay. I'm not a fan of state names in general (outside of Minnesota), but the only way a state name comes close to working is if there's only one dominant metro area in the state. Arizona, Minnesota, and Colorado are all examples of this - there aren't any "major league" metro areas other than Phoenix, the Twin Cities, and Denver, respectively, in those states. But Texas, Florida, California? Doesn't work, IMO. And I've said it before, but "Golden State Warriors" sounds like a D-III team at some small state school in the middle of the Central Valley or the Inland Empire that no one outside of a 30 mile radius has ever heard of. "San Francisco Warriors," on the other hand? That name instantaneously conveys a major league stature.
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    Alright! So the Mets are up, although i didn't go the Amazin' route. Here's my would-be statement from Brandiose: '(My) main approach for the Mets was to give them a more tangible identity. So (I) ended up reaching deep into New York's brilliant history, focusing on the construction and early days of their extensive, historic subway system. Now renamed the Long Island Metropolitans, the Mets color status has been altered to better fit with their new identity. Charcoal contrasted by stark white now takes center stage, reflecting an all-business mentality with vibrant blue and orange providing a burst of energy and heart. The main logo takes on the shape of the Brooklyn Superbas 1910 logo, the first MLB team to play baseball in the great state of New York, and features the Metropolitans new mascot Maxwell, a turn of the century era train conductor, along with simplified elevated subway tracks taking the place of the bridge. The new font used throughout the logo set is early 1900s style art deco helping further to embody New York a century ago. Lastly, a logo resembling a subway sign worn on the back of every jersey, directing towards Queens, the site of Citi Field, features the years the Mets have won either the World Series or N.L. Pennant. In essence, the Metropolitans new look signifies the history of New York, the kind of hard work it was built on, and an identity Mets fans can gather behind.'
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    I don't even care if its the Ducks at this point (I REALLY hope its not the Ducks BTW), but I mean it in a big way when I say ANYONE but the Penguins.
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    I ended up having more free time today than I initially expected, so I'm able to show you guys the alternates that I came up with. The home alternate carries over the "Rip City" theme, and it features a revamped striping pattern that's based on the lines from the new pinwheel logo as well as the signature diagonal jersey striping. The jersey features a red panel on each side, with the five lines from the pinwheel (you can only see four of them, but it's meant to be five) in the darker red from the secondary palette. A white diagonal line seperates the red panel from gray panels of the same style. The gray is the light gray from the secondary palette, while the lines from the pinwheel are white. The gray panels carry onto the shorts before a white diagonal line seperates them from black panels that feature the dark gray from the new secondary scheme. When the jersey is tucked in, the side panels are supposed to appear mainly as red and black seperated by white, simulating the striping from the regular home uniform. The road alternate is a complete departure from the current red uniform. Instead of featuring the diagonal striping, it features the same striping as the "Rip City" uniform except it's only on one side as a tribute to the '77 uniforms. The pinwheel-esque lines are white and red, respectively, on a black field to simulate how they appear in the actual logo. The jersey features a vertical "BLAZERS" wordmark as another tribute to the '77 uniforms. I'm really happy with the home alternate, and I like the red alternate as well, but I'm curious to see what others think about it. And while I'm at it, I fixed the elongated numbers (as pointed out by @Hoopladawg87), so here's an update to the primary uniforms as well:
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    The navy was my answer to the Rams color problem. Their throwbacks are beautiful and should be the basis for their new uniforms. But the helmet and jersey are completely different colors. I love the royal jersey but the helmet would look so cheap if it was also royal. I was surprised how much I liked their Color Rush set. Not necessarily the all yellow, but the yellow and navy meshed well and actually matched the helmet. While the blue was different, the shade of yellow still made it feel familiar to me (like the throwbacks). I think this would be a good place to start. It's a blending of eras but I think it works well.
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    They're going to wear black, they're going to wear red and they're going to wear gold. We know all of that and those colors (black and red especially) are pretty well worn territory in the NHL. Dark charcoal gray, which I believe the kids like to refer to as "anthracite" because Nike told them to, would be theirs and theirs alone and I think it would look pretty sharp. The gray in their official logo looks like it has some blue in it. I wouldn't mind if the fabric color is a schoche on the blue side, close to what the Seahawks used 03-11.
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    Another Avalanche charity event, another C Mountain logo. The "A" is nowhere in sight in any Avs marketing or community event.
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    I love these Spurs silver throwbacks..... Compared to these... And its not remotely close.
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    I get what he's seeing.. It can visually represent a P, but there is clearly not a proper P anywhere to be found.. The fact that I can allow my eyes to kinda see it doesn't make it fact.. To be a clearly defined P of any sort, it would definitely need to be flipped (as others have already stated)
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    The Cavs won it all in black sleeved jerseys. Anything is fair game now
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    Man Utd has a new font for Cup competitions. Has a nice retro feel.
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    If Hank Aaron never hit a single home run in his career, he'd still have 3,016 hits.
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    You're trying to argue that the white lines that curve to the left look like a P or p, which curves to the right? I think you're seeing a backwards p, which is a q
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    I've been a Blazers fan since 1986 or so. I'm also pushing 40, so my ideals on things that are cool will automatically put me out of the demographic of "city" or "regional" nicknames on jerseys. All that being said... I'm not a huge fan of "rip city" on the jerseys. It's not as dumb as Buzz City or Clutch City, but it's pushing the limits. As for the use of "rip city" to represent the Blazers in marketing or promotional materials, even selling t-shirts? Yes, 100% yes. In my opinion, because the Blazers toiled in relative obscurity for so long, and never really got in the national spotlight until the runs to the Finals in the '90s, Bill Schonely's catch phrase remained a regional phenomenon. If he had been somewhere else, somewhere with great exposure, it'd be as recognizable as "Holy Cow!", or "Hey! Hey!" And fun fact for y'all: Bill Schonely was also the play-by-play announcer for the Seattle Pilots before joining the Blazers.
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    I've gotta be honest, I love @SFGiants58's double teal idea so much I kind of want to use it for my own, haha. I think you should go for it!
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    It seems incredibly likely the Rams will revert to blue and gold as soon as they can. The management knows its popular, and it seems the goal is to remove any and all St. Louis references (including colors) as soon as it's allowed.
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    This is proof that the Rams branding should revert back to royal blue and gold.
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    If the Raptors started wearing a jersey that said "The North" that would be worse even than Charlotte's black sleeved Buzz City uniforms and those were just a smidge worse than Rip City. that, folks, is why we can't allow nicknames on jerseys. Some teams can't be trusted to not wear stupid :censored: like this.
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    My take on rip city is this; it's the flippin' National Basketball Association - the highest level of basketball on the entire planet - and quirky nicknames (as well as three-letter scoreboard/airport abbreviations) don't belong at such a professional level on a jersey. They belong in team lore, on T-shirts, other clothing, programs, miscellaneous "swag", and desperate Single-A baseball team uniforms. Call me a stickler, but the NBA should be above putting them on jerseys. "Portland" and "Blazers" suits just fine. Besides, the story behind "rip city" is pretty dumb anyways. An announcer said it during a loss? So the Jazz could put "SWAT LAKE CITY" on a jersey because I'm pretty sure Bolerjack coined it after a Gobert and Favors block clinic during what I'm pretty sure was still a loss? Mmkay.
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    A casino? I thought that was Cornholio speak.
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    I'm usually not a fan of two toned jerseys but these worked so well for me in a strange way.
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    The Bears C is just a poor execution of cutting out the ellipse. The moved the middle point too far up. Both shapes are perfect ellipses with a rectangle cut out. The left side is vertically aligned, the right is moved up.
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    Vegas Golden Knights Home and Road Concept The basis of this concept was inspired by the new draft hat that leaked about a week ago. It had similar striping going around the back of the hat, and I figured it may be a leak to the jersey design? Anyways, I used a very similar design to an old Vancouver Canucks concept I did awhile back. I always thought the 'V' arm and side striping would always look cool on a jersey (if done right) and I feel it's pretty successful here too. The one struggle I had with this concept (along with a problem I see with a lot of Vegas concepts) is the color scheme. It's a unique color scheme, which is great, but I thought it was very tough to get a good balance between the black and the steel gray. I also brightened up the gold from the original logo and used the brighter gold found on their ColorWerx page. I did have fun with this though, as I've wanted to complete a Vegas concept for awhile now. So, if you read this, thank you. I hope you like it!
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    Two more years and that's a collector's item!
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    Thx bro, means a lot. And I've gotta give u credit too, you kinda show that not all fans are the stereotypes we paint them to be. May the best team win tonight.
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    Today was a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 + Madrid Soccer Derby day, which means no time for designing. I'll start with the Angels tomorrow, stay tuned!
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    I think a finish similar to the Giants' helmets would work just fine, but I actually think satin might be the way to go since it's not quite as shiny. If the Rams darkened their shade of royal just a touch (similar to the Giants' blue, or perhaps even a bit darker), I think a satin finish could provide a nice balance between being dark and flat enough to let the horns properly stand out, while also being a closer match to the rest of the uniform elements.
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    I liked the name Metros as well but it just didn't make sense within the story to bring it back this time. The Metros were not a very successful franchise in Dallas and the new ownership would probably like to distance themselves from the old name. Besides, I just can't see a name like that being used in the mid-90s. However, since it was very popular, I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a Metros alternate in the future.
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    This is too good and too well-done for the Rams to ever use. Instead, they'll butcher it with too many weird Nike "LOOK AT ME" elements.
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    1992 Off-Season 1992 Entry Draft The Washington Generals made history in the 1992 entry draft, taking Igor Zharkov with the first overall pick. Zharkov, a 6’3” power forward was the first-ever Russian player to be selected number one overall, and will add valuable size and speed up front for the Generals. Winnipeg selected another big forward Kevin Rose second overall, while Ottawa stunned the hockey world when they chose to bypass the third-ranked prospect in the draft, Pavel Kulikin, to select Calgary native Alyn Bryan. Pundits criticized the Beavers for what seemed to be a clear bias toward Canadian-born players. Beavers GM Will Gilliard defended the pick, citing Kulikin’s size (5’8”) as a concern. Another interesting pick was Long Island’s Brandon Fox, a former all-state basketball star who only began playing hockey at age 13. Fox continued to develop his skills on the ice, eventually earning a scholarship to North Dakota. Philadelphia selected goaltender Pierre Noel with the 21st pick. Noel had to overcome a great deal of adversity to get to this point. As a 17-year-old rookie in junior, he was diagnosed with cancer, forcing him to miss a full year of hockey. Returning in his draft year after beating the illness, Noel regained the starter’s job and led his team to the semifinals in the Quebec League playoffs. 1. WSH – Igor Zharkov, F, RUS 2. WPG – Kevin Rose, F, CAN 3. OTT – Alyn Bryant, F, CAN 4. DEN – Pavel Kulikin, F, RUS 5. MIA – Wade Briggs, D, USA 6. KC (From California) – Sami Helminen, D, FIN 7. PIT – Jared Hawkins, D, USA 8. SEA – Sean Herrington, G, CAN 9. KC – Darian Ashmore, F, CAN 10. NS – Mike Bidden, F, USA 11. CHI – Wesley Coley, D, USA 12. NYC – Brent McGill, D, CAN 13. STL – Ilya Sakharov, F, RUS 14. DET – Luke Ferguson, D, CAN 15. MIN – Mattias Strom, F, SWE 16. LI – Brandon Fox, D, USA 17. QUE – Patrice Labrecque, F, CAN 18. CGY – Owen Betts, F, CAN 19. LA – Shawn Fitzgerald, F, USA 20. TOR – Greg Parker, D, CAN 21. PHI – Pierre Noel, G, CAN 22. VAN – Brady Kyle, D, CAN 23. MIL – Anders Akerlund, F, SWE 24. MTL – Olli Tuomola, D, FIN 25. EDM – Randy Schmidt, F, CAN 26. BOS – Blake Holland, F, USA Notable Retirements: Gary Johnson – CHI, PHI, 1971-1992 For over two decades, Johnson established himself as one of the game’s most reliable defensive defensemen. Drafted by Chicago in 1971, Johnson partnered with Shamrocks star Ronald Crane to anchor the Chicago blueline until 1979, when he was dealt to Philadelphia in exchange for Russian phenom Vladimir Gaganov. Johnson was a valuable addition the Redshirts, eventually becoming their captain. Johnson led the Redshirts to a Lewis Cup Finals appearance in 1989, but unfortunately that was the closest Johnson ever came to winning a championship. He will retire officially after the 1992 World Hockey Challenge. Dave Farris – PIT, MIA, 1975-1992 Dave Farris served as one of Pittsburgh’s top-tier forwards throughout the 1980s. playing alongside legend Danny Stevenson, Farris helped lead the Stingers to a Lewis Cup title in 1985, as well as three other appearances in the finals during the ‘80s. In 1989, Farris was selected by the Miami Stingrays in the expansion draft, where he played the final three years of his career. Don Taylor – CGY, LI, 1973-1992 Taylor played for the Wranglers for 15 seasons, winning a Lewis Cup with them in 1981. In 1988, Taylor was traded to Long Island, where he would win his second championship in 1990. Bobby Ford – PHI, 1972-1992 Ford was a fan-favorite in Philadelphia for 20 years. He helped the Redshirts to Lewis Cup Finals appearances in 1974 and 1989. Brian Westin – SEA, 1976-1992 Brian Westin was one of the top goaltenders of the 1980s, backstopping Seattle to an appearance in the finals in 1985. Notable Trades Kansas City trades D Reijo Rantala to California in exchange for 6th overall draft pick. The Nuggets add an elite defenseman, while Kansas City adds a second top-10 pick. Miami trades D Elliott Andrews to Calgary in exchange for F Jonas Andersson. Andrews joins his fourth team in his seven-year career, hoping to find a more permanent home in Calgary. Miami adds a top-level prospect in Andersson. Calgary trades D Brett Swift to Philadelphia in exchange for F Jay Lydon. The Wranglers get a young depth player in Lydon, Philadelphia strengthens their defensive corps with Swift. Key Free Agents David Appleby signs new 4-year deal with St. Louis worth $3 Million/year. The deal all but guarantees Appleby will retire with the Spirits. Theo Sprouse (LI) signs five-year deal with Chicago worth $3.5 Million/year. In one of the biggest moves in recent history, Sprouse is now the third-highest paid player in the game behind only Vincent Ducharme and new teammate Vladimir Gaganov. Mike Wheeler (WPG) signs four-year deal with Long Island worth $2.5 Million/year. Wheeler adds forward depth to a Concordes team whose championship window is beginning to close. Owen Kennedy (NS) signs three-year deal with Detroit worth $2 Million/year. The cash-strapped Claymores are forced to let Kennedy walk while the Mustangs add a big piece up front. News On June 30, 1992, PHL Commissioner Darryl Byrd officially announced that Dallas and Cleveland would be awarded expansion franchises to begin play in the 1994-96 season. The announcement came after years of talks between the league and potential owners including Clint Love from Dallas and David Farber from Cleveland. Farber, now 68, had been attempting to land a franchise for Cleveland since the early 70s and was quite emotional when the decision was made. “This represents many years of hard work for myself and the city of Cleveland, I cannot express how excited I am that we have finally succeeded” said Farber, whose son James will take over the team once it gets off the ground in 1994. This will be the second time Dallas has been awarded a PHL franchise. The first time was in 1974 when the Dallas Metros were added. The Metros played eleven years in the league before relocating to Milwaukee in 1985. Darryl Byrd decided to give Dallas a second chance after owner Clint Love finally secured approval for a new downtown arena. “We have to find a way to make things work in Dallas if we want to continue to expand our footprint in the United States” said Byrd. “I’m very confident that Mr. Love is the man that can make this happen.” Love stated that he had a few names in mind for his new team, but had not decided on anything yet. He did confirm, however, that the name “Metros” will not be used again. In other news the Denver Bulls hired former PHL defenseman Doug Kelly as their new General Manager, Kelly’s first move as GM was then to fire head coach Jacques Fortune, who had coached the Bulls for a decade. Fortune was then replaced by Grant Dunlop, who had coached Seattle through the late ‘80s.
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    Now it just looks like a bird cleaning itself...(joking, of course)
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    I dont think thats the new sideline cap. That cap is a lids.com exclusive, doesn't say anything about new for this year or sideline cap. The only hats i've seen released are the draft hats. Could explain the black outline. Although the same cap, with the new Honolulu blue and blue outline would be pretty nice.
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    Lucky for him MVP votes have already been cast.
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    I don't mean to sound dense, but does it really matter whether non-Blazers fans know the nickname and the reasoning behind it? Portlanders, Oregonians, and most importantly Blazers fans, from Portland and beyond, know and love the "Rip City" monicker and the history behind it. Blazers fans across the country and globe are aware of what it means, and that's the primary target of the organization. You say they're "selling the world over" on it, but they really aren't. Like @Webfooter said, when fans and the team wear it, it's an acknowledgement of the history and connection between the team, it's fan base, and the city of Portland. The team only wears the uniforms at home in front of their fans (with the exception being a couple of road games a few seasons ago), and that's because the connection between the two is what makes Portland "Rip City" in the context of basketball.
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    Hey that's my concept. Still a fan!
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    Template uniforms are infinitely preferable to b-list superhero costumes.
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    Thank god they don't have to worry about that.
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