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    That logoset is better than the LA Clippers one...geez.
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    Imagine a team called the New York Red Bulls or something!
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    Let's bring 'em on! I think the Astros have one of the best colour schemes on the Majors, but their current identity is a bit bland. That's why I decided to introduce a orange gradient (inspired by the Tequila Sunrise of course) to the current wordmarks and sleeve patch, replacing the current star with the H for the 2000/12 star. I decided to keep the gradient subtle on the home, road and home alt; this subtle gradient would be embossed, something like the pinstripes from this kit; while going for full colour on the road alt. Also, for the home alt, I decided to use a "Moonrise" gradient instead of the Sunrise for the home alt, in order to make it stand out more.
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    Trying to streamline the logo. I always loved the look of the shark in this logo but it always seemed way too busy. First, I removed the orange like I usually do when starting a San Jose concept. Always try and decide where the lighter gray should go. This time I went minimal with the gray. Then I started to remove some of the smaller linework that I feel doesn't really add anything to the logo. After that, I took a look and thought, does this logo need the broken stick? Sure it adds more of the idea of aggression, and well, it's a hockey stick to signify the sport the Sharks play. However, doesn't break a hockey stick show that the shark does not like hockey? Or maybe the shark just ate a player? I know the story behind the idea that it's eating the Pittsburgh Penguin, but the stick just doesn't do it for me. At first, it was really weird, but it grew on me. Lastly, I tweaked the color scheme a bit. The teal is a tad brighter and the black is actually just a dark charcoal gray. Maybe not noticeably different but I liked that look better than the pure black. Let me know what you think, jerseys will be up soon!
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    He had some serious Agua Caliente going on there...
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    This thread offends me.
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    I'll begin by posting the divisions, starting with the Metropolitan: Metropolitan I felt that some of these uniforms only needed minor tweaking, which is why I got it them out of the way first. Carolina Hurricanes: Square pattern added back into the jersey, very subtle solution to an already clean look. Colombus Blue Jackets: Taking cues from the Ohio flag, I try to give the Jax a more exciting look. New York Ranger: Untouchable uniform design, revised away uniform fonts to match striping. Philadelphia Flyers: Untouchable uniform design, original and classic. New Jersey Devils: Untouchable uniform design, revised logos to modernize the look. New York Islanders: Taking cues from the Brooklyn Alts, I try to give the Isles an updated identity in their current colour scheme. Pittsburgh Penguins: Untouchable uniform design, adjusted waist stripes to clean uniform up. Washington Capitals: Updated the current striping pattern to make it more modern, made better use of the Weagle.
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    I enjoy playing basketball, but have never enjoyed the professional version of it. I wouldn't say I hate the NBA, but I find 90% of it to be unnecessary. Most of the time the game could be decided by only playing 10 minutes and the result would be the same. I feel like the officials call too many fouls, I don't know why they call a foul sometimes and other times they don't, I don't like how rosters are built, I don't like how defense is so obviously half-assed in the regular season, among many other reasons. I also don't like how it's become America's second favorite sport thanks to ESPN's round the clock coverage. I do like documentaries, books, podcasts about basketball, but actually watching the games I find incredibly boring.
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    And it's the way things are going. Corporate arena names? Check. Ads on everything including jerseys? Check. What else can be used to advertise? The team name, of course! The 2025 Eastern Conference finals: featuring the GE Celtics vs. the Stub Hub 76ers! I just hope the Little Caesars Pistons can officially unveil their logo in a timely manner...
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    I think I might go with Philadelphia Bells, though 20s is a great name.
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    "The number 11 is evocative of a pause sign to symbolize all the times when Julio Jones freezes defenders." *Ducks and hides*
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    Fire departments are typically known as "(insert city name)'s Bravest", so maybe modifying the tomahawk into a firefighters axe could work IF change would be made.
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    Not just the flopping, but the sense of a team is gone. It just seems like a sport of individuals pieced together. Even teams like the Spurs seem disconnected.
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    I like these, Marlins should really bring the teal back. Darkish Teal and the current Red Orange can work very well and be different enough from the pale Dolphins colors.
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    Nothing should ever "push" elements around.. You treat vent holes, ear holes, snaps, rivets, flex panels, and any other feature like it's not even there.. The first thing I would do when I got my hands on a Vicis helmet is take off the facemask, chin strap, and any connection hardware, and apply the decal exactly where it normally would go.. In which case, it should present very few issues, if any.. If the result suggests you make one or two tiny adjustments, so be it.. But they shouldn't be noticeable. You can put hardware through the decal if need be, or trim the decal where it overlaps a vent hole, etc.. A helmet's design really shouldn't affect decal placement to any significant degree
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    Because when you play in a league that just sold naming rights to Gatorade you can't have any more nice things.
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    Even if a team's intention to "honor" is legitimate, they don't do much to further these intentions by deciding if/how to represent a group of people without asking them if/how they want to be represented. To me, the best path forward for teams that want to keep Native-inspired names but move past imagery/traditions that are out-of-step is to follow what the Spokane Indians did. They didn't just back up their "honoring" rhetoric by respecting the tribe's right to have a say in how they are portrayed; they recognized that they could use the team's visibility to boost awareness of the tribe's culture and history, and use that culture and history as a resource to enrich the franchise's identity. And, not coincidentally, they ended up with one of the best, and most unique identities in the minors.
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    Can I give you some advice? Don't do this. I mean this in the nicest way possible. Thirty different versions of the exact same jersey isn't super creative. I can imagine most of these in my head already with no effort. It's not exciting seeing the same jersey over and over with a different wordmark slapped on and a color change. Make something new and creative instead. Make a fauxback jersey for each team in a fun, 1970s style. Think of the Rays fauxbacks from a few years ago. Push the limit on these, but don't just reuse the same thing over and over.
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    I'm surprised navy is still around for the Cavs. I thought they would replace it with black.
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    Central Although this division has more changes than the last, I still tried to maintain key brand elements. Chicago Blackhawks: Untouchable uniform design, a few subtle changes to make it feel more *classic*. Colorado Avalanche: Taking cues from their Colorado Alts, I try to give the Avs a simple modern identity. Dallas Stars: Calling back to the North Star identity, Dallas' double stripe take prominence. St. Louis Blues: I have inverted the sleeve stripes, and applied the lighter blue from the early days in St. Louis. Nashville Predators: Once again the stripes have been inverted, this time I went with a more vibrant blue the complement the gold. Minnesota Wild: Taking cues from their Minnesota Alts, green takes prominence in their colour palette. Winnipeg Jets: Both uniforms play into a different Jets era, while their current colour scheme is recycled into their vintage logo.
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    As far as logo patches go, this is probably as good as it's going to get. It's a local company (HQ in Akron), the company's colors mesh with the team's, and it's an iconic and simple logo. I still hate these patches though.
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    NBA specifically has become unwatchable since the 1990s with all of the flopping and soft fouls.
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    They got paid to add "Agua Caliente" to the name.
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    FC Dallas vs NYCFC looked absolutely great tonight.
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    That's the NHL for ya.
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    A lot of Native Americans describe themselves as American Indians.
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    A center stepping into a smaller guy after the three is out of his hands? Yeah, that's about as dirty as it gets. Especially when everyone knew Kawhi had a bad ankle. That's a garbage win for a garbage team.
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    I don't think their name will ever change.
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    I know what Reddit is. I'm just not sure why people on this forum would need to have the same conversation twice.
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    I've dedicated this thread to my Boston Red Sox's biggest arch rival, the New York Yankees, by updating their classic primary logo that has been used by the club since 1947. The entire logo is built from scratch. Since NY's main color is not red, I decided to reduce it, so the emphasis is now on the color navy. I also renewed and slightly thickened the red baseball stitches to create a cleaner look. The baseball bat is also slightly modified. I know that purists, Yankee hardcore fans would love to hit me now with at least one bat, but I've been toying with the idea of putting that concept into practice for quite a while. There's also an alternate mark I've created. Very simple, yet using the classic Yankees look. Could be worn on alternate navy uniforms with the interlocked "NY" on the chest for regular season usage. I know the chance those navy unis might become reality one day is, I guess, very, very, very slim. Current logo
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    The casino will be part of the team name? Pro tip, Clippers: If you really want stuff to be legit, don't :censored: it up everytime.
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    not quite sure where best place to mention this, but this thread seems most appropriate. if you search #DolphinsCreative on instagram, im going to start sharing some behind the scenes stuff on the daily. there will be at least 1 post each weekday. 3 up now (also with that hashtag, you'll find some stunning photos from our head of video and photography.)
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    Haven't had too much time to work on much of anything recently, but with HJC's latest competition starting up, I figured it would be a good time to get back in the design game. The rules for this competition allow for you to submit 3 concepts for teams at the '17 IIHF World Championship (USA, Canada, and your choice). If I can, I'd love to turn this into a series, but for now I am just going to post my work for those first three teams. I'll start off by posting Team USA...C&C appreciated!
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    Just because it makes money doesn't mean it's good.
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    Pacific Anaheim Ducks: Mimicking their current Mighty Ducks Alt, substituting gold with jade. Arizona Coyotes: Blending their inaugural kachina-style uniforms and the current Yotes brand. Calgary Flames: Taking cues from their current alternate uniform, but applying "hotter" colour distribution. Edmonton Oilers: Created a new set based on their new orange uniform. Vegas Golden Knights: Tried to give Vegas a clean and modern look, utilizing their Steel Grey. Los Angeles Kings: Removing the piping from the sleeves and making the uniforms more coherent. Re-instated the crown on home jerseys. San Jose Sharks: Used one of the newly designed alternate logos, black is now a deep navy. Vancouver Canucks: Taking cues from their current alt, while adding a "V" to the sleeve stripes.
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    I disagree. Especially when the 11 is a damn pause sign
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    I'm gonna disagree completely and say get rid of the black! I've never been a big fan of thin black outline on white, it always bleeds in my eyes (same goes for that white Calgary Flames C with the black outline.)
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    Was holding out hope that Newcastle Brown would return as sponsor, but alas...a nice kit ruined by an awful sponsor.
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    Yo I been busy these days, I'll not take requests from now. There is 2 that I've done lately Nigel Williams-Goss Justin Jackson
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    That's the reason why it remains as part of their set. Sames as the hanging red sox socks, and Rockies all purple hat.
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    Bo knows he doesn't look right in a White Sox or Angeles uniform. Definitely doesn't look right in a Habs uniform.
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    If anything happens in the near future, the Indians will change before the Braves. All Atlanta has to do is drop the tomahawk and they're fine.
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    Then you should feel a special kinship with him!
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    The full Milan kit is a thing of beauty as expected. Can't wait to see it on the pitch.
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    To hype this a bit, this is the new wordmark I designed for the Astros: Credit to @FinsUp1214, whose amazing design inspired this!
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    The continuing scandals indicate that it's not too late for the NCAA to do something about it. The lack of institutional control is ongoing. Unfortunately, that would require both a spine and sense of integrity. So our rogue school will be allowed to continue on its merry way because of who they are.
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