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    Hey guys doing a little house keeping on this. I'm in month 4 with the team, and here's some big things I've worked on. A lot of birthday graphics for social media https://www.behance.net/gallery/48990707/Rays-Birthday-Graphics-pt1 and a logo for a radio show hosted at Tropicana Field https://www.behance.net/gallery/50774111/Rays-Bats-N-Brews-Radio-Logo There's so much that I've done that I don't have pictures of, but I'm glad I've sort of asserted myself as the logo guy on our design team haha. Follow my twitter, I share a lot of graphics on there.
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    Keeping the leagues separate became impractical for several reasons: 1. The league was leaving a ton of money on the table by not playing interleague games. Example: Indians fans are not driving down here to watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time, but a 3 game weekend series? Yeah they're gonna come for that. You put every team in every stadium and you give a fan a reason to go to the ballpark that they didn't have before. They could no longer afford to leave that revenue on the table because.... 2. The strike demanded the game introduce some gimmicks to win fans back and every team in the league actually playing every other team in the league (like every other sport in North America) was a quick way to do that. 3. As sports coverage grew, cable stations aired more games, people started to watch more out of market games thanks to satellite and then later the internet, it became more and more necessary to widen the pool of opponents for the schedule to remain interesting. Again, I could watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time or I could watch the Reds play the Indians for the first time ever. TV broadcasts need eyeballs like seats need butts and interleague play was a ratings grab. It became impractical to leave that money on the table. 4. I don't know how much longer young people would've put up with the notion that some of the best players in the game will never face off against some of the other best players in the game because "that's the way it's done". By the late 90's it felt antiquated to me, a kid, that we had 28 teams, many of them in the same city and some of them had never played. That's weird when you explain it like that. "When are the Mets gonna play the Yankees, dad?" "Unless they both make it to the World Series, never" "Why?" "because that's the way it is." 5. The draft, umpires, free agency, TV coverage, minor leagues, and leadership were all intertwined and both leagues were truly one entity. With all of those moving parts working together it made less sense to keep the play on the field separate. They hadn't been separate entities for decades. The only thing they weren't together on was actually playing each other. Think about this - some of the best baseball players of all time never played against some of the other best baseball players of all time and the only reason we were robbed of those matchups was because they happened to be in different leagues. That's silly and eventually it was going to change. When I go to the ballpark I go to see the other team probably more than I go to see my own and the more variety we can get the better that is for me, the fan. I want to see those matchups without hoping two guys meet in a meaningless allstar game or the small chance both their teams make it to the World Series. I'm as much a traditionalist as anyone, but that was a bad tradition and I'm glad we're moving away from it. I love interleague play because I love baseball. If anything I want to see more of it. Thank you
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    So Kronke saw his own shadow, which means 1 more yr of sucky uniforms
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    I wonder what it would must have been like to live through Babe Ruth or Wayne Gretzky or Muhammad Ali's prime and bitched about it the entire time. Do you think people who did that felt dumb in retrospect?
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    I know it's a little late, but I did guesses for what Vegas might wear based on the draft hat and other images. Also did a mockup of Anaheim going full-time orange
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    I'm just thrilled the StubHub Center experience will continue for that much longer. It's going to be so awesome.
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    For the competition going on over at HJC, I decided to design uniforms for North Korea. The home and away uniforms use striping based on the country's flag while the alternate is based on their military uniforms. The Hangul text beneath the logo reads Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I'm interested in everybody's feedback.
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    Agreed. I'm not even a fan of the DH from a "pure baseball" perspective, but having it helps make AL ball seem different from NL ball. And that's a good thing. Hell, if I had if my way we'd go back to AL and NL umps, and go back to each league having its own president under the MLB Commissioner. I'm not sure I'm in favour of eliminating interleague all together. Ideally though? It would be limited to two-three series a team per season, with an emphasis on geographic rivalries.
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    I actually can't wait for this year's Madden just to play in the StubHub Center.
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    Rain work will injury your timetable.
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    OK, if long term cognitive problems and white matter brain damage are considered "upsides". http://time.com/4289745/nfl-concussion-symptoms-treatment/ http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/215905052/nfl-concussion-problem-self-reporting-symptoms As I said on Page 1, every new helmet manufacturer is basically the next plaintiff in a future lawsuit if not from a former NFL player, but from some parent of a HS player.
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    So next is Coco's idea and by far the most drastic change yet, based off of the Braves nickname, The Atlanta Peach Clobbers! 'The one thing people think of when they think of Georgia is the ever famous Georgia Peach, so it makes perfect sense to base Atlanta's team on the fuzzy fruit. The new peach mascot P.J. is a symbol of combined fun & focus and the design as a whole is fresh and bright with a few subtle nods to the 70's Braves, lowercase a included. The Clobbers have multiple cap logos including two monograms resembling peaches, a and PC, P.J. doing a Schwarzenegger pose, a muscle and a leaf the first four of which have a fuzzy texture to them. All peach-colored jersey logos are also fuzzy. In addition to the lowercase a main cap logo, the home and road jerseys feature a leaf on each sleeve resembling the feather logo in use from 72-79.'
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    The new Milan font is a huge upgrade!
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    Here's a view of the original Akron Goodyear Wingfoots (vs. Cleveland Pipers, '60/'61). I smell an alternate.
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    Love that there's a typo asking why Tnak was banned.
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    Man, I would love to see the fringe checkered pattern return from the jerseys during the first LeBron era.
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    No idea why some people don't want interleague. It doesn't make sense to just have teams not face each other.
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    "The asymmetrical circle represents that Earth is not a perfect sphere, but rather an oblate spheroid. And the lettering gets squeezed and compressed towards the bottom, indicative of how oil is compressed and harder to extract the closer it gets to Earth's center."
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    You guys lost? Here, let me see if I can help you out:
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    Next one up is the Grizzlies:
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    That would screw up the entire symmetry of 3 outs in an inning perfectly dividing into a 9-man lineup. There's, at minimum, 27 plate appearances per team in a game (unless they're at home and carry a lead into the 9th), which means at minimum 3 plate appearances per player. With a 10 man lineup, you'd see the last 3 hitters in the lineup potentially only receive 2 plate appearances in a game. The symmetry is perfect as-is; no need to screw it up in order to insert a boring almost-automatic out into the lineup.
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    Just get rid of the leagues and play by NL rules!
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    A tie seems unlikely now but if it did happen Asteroids would be the name
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    I like Interleague but miss when it was only 2-3 weeks (around 4-6 series) per year and 2 of those series were made up of all in state/geographical rivals. Cardinals-Royals, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A's, Mets-Yankees, Blue Jays-Expos, etc. And they were over by 4th of July weekend the latest.
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    What's remotely "nice" about them? They are bland with a custom font and contrasting squares on the sleeves. Basically using the fill tool on a template. I dislike contrasting sleeve caps without a design purpose but that's pretty common these days and I can look past it. But UAB doesn't even have a fully contrasting sleeve cap. It's literally a contrasting square.
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    I agree. Purple, black, and silver is perfect for the 90s and perfect for the nickname.
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    Fandom is an emotional thing, not logical. Its like falling in love - the spark is there or it isn't. You can't force it. If you fall out of love with your long-distance childhood sweetheart, there's no shame in starting a relationship in your new town. Sometimes it's okay to get a divorce and move on.
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    Ha, that's cute. "Poorly designed" doesn't accurately describe the majority of Oregon's uniforms. They've had some clunkers for sure, and I'll be the first one to acknowledge that and call them out on it, but most of their uniforms (especially the 2012-2015 Speed Machine and Mach Speed sets) have been pretty nice and have produced a number of beautiful combinations: Are Oregon's uniforms garish? Sure, some of them at least. Unorthodox? Absolutely. But poorly designed? Like I said, outside of some clunkers they've almost all been smartly and thoroughly designed. Most of the problems that Oregon's uniforms have had, specifically in the last couple of seasons, have revolved around a lack of cohesiveness and consistency in their sets which has been the by-product of a number of one-off uniforms. Even their uniforms last season, while admittedly not the best they've had, still produced some memorable and nice combos: You can think Oregon's uniforms are ugly if you want, and some of them have bordered on that territory, but that's mainly a problem with the mixing and matching with the different combos, colors, and design elements rather than the actual designs themselves. But anyways, even when Oregon has had some unfortunate combos and one-offs, I haven't been quick to judge them as being "flames" or "fire" or whatever pseudo-adjectives you and many others have to describe poorly designed uniforms like Utah's new set. If by "flames" you mean they deserve to go up in flames, specifically the pants, then I wholeheartedly agree with you.
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    Hey everyone. While it's the most exciting time for Basketball fans these days, I felt an immense desire to update all NBA courts for the upcoming season. I've done like 7 courts already, but let's just start with the Pelicans.
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    Hey, you know what team that sounds like? The goddamn Oilers.
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    Hey guys, big news! After 4 months of being out of school and doing nothing but improving my skills, I finally have a design gig for a major sports team. The Tampa Bay Rays have offered me the position for an internship in their design department. Cool right? I had to work for it, and after the interview, they cut down the field and sent a design test to the remaining people. The designs were the following 1) create a print ad for a Kevin Kiermaier gold glove bobble head, and a Rays pennant as giveaways. 2) create a social media graphic for the Kiermaier bobble head, complete with a custom hash tag. So here's what I made Not sure how many people reading this want to make design their career, but my advice to you is to create as much as you can, and create a good network of people whose opinions you listen to. I started posting on the Creamer boards when I was 14, and now I'm 22 and lined up a gig that will surely lead to bigger things. Follow my twitter @michaeldanger19 if you want to keep up with what I'm making
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    I got temporarily blocked from a major helmet manufacturer's facebook page arguing helmet safety. They touted a new helmet with facemasks specially designed for just that helmet to reduce head trauma...and then touted how you could interchange facemasks from other helmet models to suit your personal #swag. They're dangerous. They don't give a damn about player safety unless it means they can tout some new, safer model at a ridiculous price point.
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    They still wear them on the road when playing another Red team, Nats, Reds, etc.
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    ...and it'll be on a striped back as well. Perfect!
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    Why? He's the best player in the world. Why is that so hard to appreciate?
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    Is it true that they've won every game by shutout and win the Olympics every time? Other than that admittedly dumb joke, I like them, might even buy one.
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    My alma mater started using a ripoff of the Philadelphia Eagles logo my senior year ('98). I always hated it, and finally did something about it a couple years ago.
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    Why do you even say anything? Every post of yours is either annoyingly negative or just stating fairly obvious facts.
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    Im a fan of interleague if only for the reason that I get to see my team play against some of the guys from the other league every 3 years, whether home or road. 6 series a year doesn't cheapen the regular season for me. Now on the other hand, if I had my choice the amount of in-division games could be lowered a little. 19-20 games against 4 other teams gets tiring.
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    Rockets did it but it was preplanned and they couldn't stop it. Also, this is a special situation where Nike's taking over for Adidas. Can't remember if any teams did it when Champion took over, when Nike and Starter and Puma joined the fold, and again when Reebok took over.
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    If you're sick of Team Predator, there's always Team Alien. They have about 10% new blood...
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    I like the UAB uniforms but to a point. They're definitely not over designed but they might be a little under designed. The best word I can use for them is clean. If they had like a dragon's scale pattern on the sleeves then it'd be good. And tv numbers, those jerseys need tv numbers. Hopefully they bring back this helmet because it's awesome and unique
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    My point exactly. Plus, a bunch of teams add an unnecessary "FC" or "SC" to their name. Unintentional, but I'll take it. Here are a bunch more. Impact Montreal The home was based off the logo, with the black stripes on a blue background. I lowered the amount of stripes, however, to make it look cleaner. The away plays it safe, and the alternate was inspired by the banner on the team's logo. Minnesota United FC This team's name is a culmination of what I hate in the MLS. I get the reasoning behind 'United' in this case, but there are so many better names. And, of course, the unnecessary 'FC'. The home was taken from their logo, the away was an attempt at a vertical stripe, and the alternate was the one conventional jersey. New England Revolution This was the idea behind the whole project. With the Revolution's current terrible logo, I tried to redesign it. Obviously, it had to use the tree from the New England flag, so that's there. It's a basic shield shape that took some cues from the MLS logo. Regardless, the home uniform plays off the chest sash in the logo, the away is really simple, and the alternate uses a hockey-inspired chest stripe. Portland Timbers This is probably the most mixed identity here. You'll note the logo is taken from the team's unused logo, just recolored a bit. The home is an iteration of a jersey of theirs, and the other two play off the "Rose City" moniker. The road uses full-body stripes, and the alternate goes full-on with the red. San Jose Earthquakes This team's logo pisses me off. You're the Earthquakes, not the "Quakes." Make your logo right. I fixed that, and made the pattern on the logo a central part of the identity, both on the home and alternate kits. The road uses the vertical stripe the team uses now, but makes it the right color. That's it! What do you think?
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    That's what I'm leaning towards as well. It seems the Red, White, and Blue could use more Blue than Red. Next up is my home country, Canada. In this design, I tried my hand at taking the maple leaf lower-arm pattern of the World Cup jerseys and turning it on its head to become a more modern upper-arm design. This was pared with the Hockey Canada logo used in IIHF competition. As Canada is a red in white nation, black is kept to a minimum on the jersey itself and emphasized on the equip to create a more clean cut look. Let me know what you think!
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    Oh, yeah. I hate this one. Here's the logo: The "can't unsee" part is how the letters kind of droop at the bottom - there's no even white circle between them and the blue border, it gets squeezed narrower and narrower as you get to the bottom. It's almost as though the letters are melting and bleeding into the white. Ugh.
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    1. be clear on why you're interested in doing this and how it would benefit them. it has to be more than "ill make your logo look better". no one cares about that. 2. use examples from other schools. even taking something like Nike's work with Tennessee would be beneficial. 3. show work you've done that relates to the project but no concepts for the specific school you're contacting. those are done in your own vision. you need to find what their vision is for the school and their own beliefs, and design things that express them. 4. have a plan for payment and project process. how long does this take? what do i (school) get from it? can i see how it will look on a helmet and tshirt? how will we execute the roll out? what do i do if i want to replace signage?
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