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    Hey guys, big news! After 4 months of being out of school and doing nothing but improving my skills, I finally have a design gig for a major sports team. The Tampa Bay Rays have offered me the position for an internship in their design department. Cool right? I had to work for it, and after the interview, they cut down the field and sent a design test to the remaining people. The designs were the following 1) create a print ad for a Kevin Kiermaier gold glove bobble head, and a Rays pennant as giveaways. 2) create a social media graphic for the Kiermaier bobble head, complete with a custom hash tag. So here's what I made Not sure how many people reading this want to make design their career, but my advice to you is to create as much as you can, and create a good network of people whose opinions you listen to. I started posting on the Creamer boards when I was 14, and now I'm 22 and lined up a gig that will surely lead to bigger things. Follow my twitter @michaeldanger19 if you want to keep up with what I'm making
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    Sean Avery...oh wait...scrubs in stars' jerseys, not scrubs in Stars jerseys
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    Keeping the leagues separate became impractical for several reasons: 1. The league was leaving a ton of money on the table by not playing interleague games. Example: Indians fans are not driving down here to watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time, but a 3 game weekend series? Yeah they're gonna come for that. You put every team in every stadium and you give a fan a reason to go to the ballpark that they didn't have before. They could no longer afford to leave that revenue on the table because.... 2. The strike demanded the game introduce some gimmicks to win fans back and every team in the league actually playing every other team in the league (like every other sport in North America) was a quick way to do that. 3. As sports coverage grew, cable stations aired more games, people started to watch more out of market games thanks to satellite and then later the internet, it became more and more necessary to widen the pool of opponents for the schedule to remain interesting. Again, I could watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time or I could watch the Reds play the Indians for the first time ever. TV broadcasts need eyeballs like seats need butts and interleague play was a ratings grab. It became impractical to leave that money on the table. 4. I don't know how much longer young people would've put up with the notion that some of the best players in the game will never face off against some of the other best players in the game because "that's the way it's done". By the late 90's it felt antiquated to me, a kid, that we had 28 teams, many of them in the same city and some of them had never played. That's weird when you explain it like that. "When are the Mets gonna play the Yankees, dad?" "Unless they both make it to the World Series, never" "Why?" "because that's the way it is." 5. The draft, umpires, free agency, TV coverage, minor leagues, and leadership were all intertwined and both leagues were truly one entity. With all of those moving parts working together it made less sense to keep the play on the field separate. They hadn't been separate entities for decades. The only thing they weren't together on was actually playing each other. Think about this - some of the best baseball players of all time never played against some of the other best baseball players of all time and the only reason we were robbed of those matchups was because they happened to be in different leagues. That's silly and eventually it was going to change. When I go to the ballpark I go to see the other team probably more than I go to see my own and the more variety we can get the better that is for me, the fan. I want to see those matchups without hoping two guys meet in a meaningless allstar game or the small chance both their teams make it to the World Series. I'm as much a traditionalist as anyone, but that was a bad tradition and I'm glad we're moving away from it. I love interleague play because I love baseball. If anything I want to see more of it. Thank you
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    Hey guys doing a little house keeping on this. I'm in month 4 with the team, and here's some big things I've worked on. A lot of birthday graphics for social media https://www.behance.net/gallery/48990707/Rays-Birthday-Graphics-pt1 and a logo for a radio show hosted at Tropicana Field https://www.behance.net/gallery/50774111/Rays-Bats-N-Brews-Radio-Logo There's so much that I've done that I don't have pictures of, but I'm glad I've sort of asserted myself as the logo guy on our design team haha. Follow my twitter, I share a lot of graphics on there.
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    Good evening CCSLC! Now, I do believe that this is attempt number three at redesigning the NHL. However, I am determined to actually finish this time. Unlike other failed attempts, wherein I would design one concept, post, wait for C&C and then move on, this time I've actually completed almost half of the NHL in preparation. I've been working on this project for the past month or so, I've really been having a lot of fun with it and I'm moving at a pretty steady pace so I feel as though I can actually make it through the league. What I really wish for this thread is a lot of active discussion, comments, and critique so that I may hone my skills at designing. I'd like to keep this organized, so I'll get started with some guidelines of what I'll be posting. Also, as a note: I haven't found an Adidas template compatible with the program I use (PAINT.net) so I chose to simply use the Reebok Edge template found in the Paint Users Paradise thread. I have, however, added an Adidas tag to the inside that I drew up. Outline All teams I complete will have some alteration to their logo and/or color scheme that I will point out with each concept. Note: These changes could be as small as a color adjustment to a complete logo overhaul. I will only be posting two uniforms per team: Home (color), Away (white) No team will use more than two logos. This is pretty standard in the NHL. However, we do see teams with all kinds of logos with their set. If I include a logo in the set, it will appear on the uniform. I see no need to include more since this is simply a logo/uniform project and not a complete identity project. NHL shield logos will be recolored in respective team colors. Teams will be posted in no real order, simply which concept I would like comments on at that time. Please, no comments just requesting the next team. Some critique on the concept would be appreciated. Okay, first up: ARIZONA COYOTES - 4.3.17 Logos: I really loved the Coyotes inaugural set. The kachina pattern was very unique to the team and even though it made it's debut in the 90s, it wasn't a concept that was overbearing or gaudy. However, and, as unpopular an opinion it may be, I really like Arizona's current logo and uniform set. I have made some changes to the logo, though. Replacing black is a darker brick red and I have turquoise to the color scheme, drawing inspiration from the art of the Pueblo which is wherein the initial kachina pattern derived. The alternate 'A' paw logo underwent no changes other than, of course, the color scheme. Uniforms: Again, the kachina pattern was my favorite part of the Coyotes inaugural set. The logo to me was fine, but I actually like the current better. I tried my hand at a custom kachina pattern that is only adorned on the hem as I thought that adding it the the sleeves as well made it a bit busy. If you look closely, you'll notice that within the pattern are crossed hockey sticks in the darker brick red color. The shoulders stripes are very loosely based on the current uniforms. Thanks for checking these out! C&C is greatly appreciated!
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    There's something that's bugged me for years about the Mets' jerseys - the interior point of the "M" is out of alignment with the general upward sweep of the logo. Can you see it? Look at the interior point of the "M". On the whole, the logo has a pleasantly hand-drawn vibe to it. Small imperfections are a feature, not a bug. But this crosses the line from "charming" to "stupid". When first introduced, the Mets' jerseys had a perfectly balanced version of the logo, with the "M" point following the same upward sweep. Shortly thereafter, though, it got out of alignment. This photo of Ed Kranepool comes from just two years later: And it's been wrong to a greater or lesser degree ever since. What really kills me is that they've got a perfect wordmark in their set already - it's included in the primary logo. Used on its own, it doesn't have the angle problem that hurts the jersey script. The kerning is a little tighter, but that doesn't bother me. The jersey script has to account for the placket spacing between the "M" and "e", and that's a relatively minor difference. So that means Mets have two versions of their script - one used as a general wordmark and an inferior one used just for the jerseys. I can't ever un-see this.
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    Agreed. I'm not even a fan of the DH from a "pure baseball" perspective, but having it helps make AL ball seem different from NL ball. And that's a good thing. Hell, if I had if my way we'd go back to AL and NL umps, and go back to each league having its own president under the MLB Commissioner. I'm not sure I'm in favour of eliminating interleague all together. Ideally though? It would be limited to two-three series a team per season, with an emphasis on geographic rivalries.
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    So Kronke saw his own shadow, which means 1 more yr of sucky uniforms
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    I wonder what it would must have been like to live through Babe Ruth or Wayne Gretzky or Muhammad Ali's prime and bitched about it the entire time. Do you think people who did that felt dumb in retrospect?
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    While watching the NBA playoffs and seeing the Rockets with their alternate jerseys, I noticed that their home and road jerseys were outdated and were due an update. So, I decided to redesign the home and the road jerseys based on the design of the alternate and their new court. Here are the jerseys, I hope you like them:
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    I know it's a little late, but I did guesses for what Vegas might wear based on the draft hat and other images. Also did a mockup of Anaheim going full-time orange
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    I've been very invested in the Celtics/Wizards series since it started, and every time I watch the Wizards play I'm reminded of how much I dislike their branding. I see a major disconnect between their team name - the Wizards - and the way they execute the corresponding identity with a red, white, and blue color palette, imagery of the Washington Monument, stars & stripes alternates, and basically anything and everything that does not at all pertain to wizardry. I have no problem with teams in the nation's capital embracing the aforementioned items, but to me it would make more sense to do so with a name that is commensurate to the elements comprising your brand. That being said, wizardry is a difficult concept to create visuals for, especially considering how much of it overlaps with the imagery of the Orlando Magic. Also, more importantly, Washington's NBA team used to be called the Bullets -- which is a much more exciting and unique name regardless of how incredibly unlikely it is that they'll ever return to it. So, this concept involves a few things: 1) embracing the team's nickname with associated imagery; 2) invoking color palettes from multiple eras without the red, white, and blue motif; and 3) retaining a couple strong elements of their current uniforms. With the switch to the Washington Bullets, we have bullet imagery appearing in the wordmark. This is conducive to accent color from two previous color palettes, as the late '90s Wizards utilized bronze while the mid-2000s Wizards utilized gold. Black appeared in both of those color palettes, and makes a reappearance here, albeit solely as a peripheral color -- too much of it in wordmarks, numerals, etc. feels dated, so it stays out of the way in the side panels. The Wizards' current script is very clean, but with enough quirks to maintain intrigue, so it has been retained and modified to fit the Bullets nickname. Also, the bold dark blue from their navy alternates is a sharper color than their medium blue from late '90s and mid-2000s, so it has been re-purposed as well. Washington Bullets Away Uniforms Thanks for looking!
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    I also thought gold would look good on these, but then went with black based on the lines of the court. Here are the jerseys using gold accents:
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    Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Next up: CAROLINA HURRICANES - 4.16.2017 Logos: I really like the general idea of Carolina's logo brand, but I think the logo tends to be a little flat and washed out. I tweaked this logo a while ago and it was actually featured in one of my former NHL Series' that never got finished. It's obviously the same basic idea, I just wanted to make it a little more dynamic. The colors have been adjusted slightly; the red is deeper and the silver, bolder. I attempted to add some Carolina Blue into the color scheme, attempting to shoehorn it in with the red and replacing the red, but it just didn't look right. Overall, the Hurricanes have a nice color scheme, red and black always works. Uniforms: Carolina has one of the most bland, boring, and digressive identities in the NHL. They had some pretty unique inaugural uniforms but for some reason, decided to play O6 dressup and have no sense of uniformity between the home and away sets. My attempt at fixing this was basically to bring back an adaptation of their original pattern. The italic number font and name work well with the logos so I've decided to bring them back. The 'CH' logo was an attempt at a shoulder patch, both letters adopted from the 'Canes current wordmark.
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    When it comes to brand marketing, it seems the Clippers are really in some hot water ... I'll show myself out
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    Hey everyone. While it's the most exciting time for Basketball fans these days, I felt an immense desire to update all NBA courts for the upcoming season. I've done like 7 courts already, but let's just start with the Pelicans.
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    San Diego Padres It's really surprisingly hard to do Padres concepts, mostly because there's an over abundance of returns to brown and you don't want to inadvertently do the same thing someone else does. Nevertheless, I took it on in the hopes I could bring San Diego back to their roots while putting my own twist on things. First thing's first: brown. Second thing: brown and khaki. It's a combo I've always wanted to try and liked the look of. Reminds me a little of Old Town as well, which I figure would be fitting for the Padres. Third thing: despite the navy, I actually really loved their mid-2000's look and think it's the best they ever looked in navy, so I took some cues from that set here and there while keeping the brown. and, Fourth thing: I went with my own modernization of the Swingin' Friar. He's front and center as the primary again, right where he belonged all along. I was a little nervous about how the colors would turn out, seeing as for some reason the always look a tad different on mobile than they do on my computer monitor. But as I'm looking at them, I feel comfortable with how it all turned out. There's not much else to say! Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Ha, that's cute. "Poorly designed" doesn't accurately describe the majority of Oregon's uniforms. They've had some clunkers for sure, and I'll be the first one to acknowledge that and call them out on it, but most of their uniforms (especially the 2012-2015 Speed Machine and Mach Speed sets) have been pretty nice and have produced a number of beautiful combinations: Are Oregon's uniforms garish? Sure, some of them at least. Unorthodox? Absolutely. But poorly designed? Like I said, outside of some clunkers they've almost all been smartly and thoroughly designed. Most of the problems that Oregon's uniforms have had, specifically in the last couple of seasons, have revolved around a lack of cohesiveness and consistency in their sets which has been the by-product of a number of one-off uniforms. Even their uniforms last season, while admittedly not the best they've had, still produced some memorable and nice combos: You can think Oregon's uniforms are ugly if you want, and some of them have bordered on that territory, but that's mainly a problem with the mixing and matching with the different combos, colors, and design elements rather than the actual designs themselves. But anyways, even when Oregon has had some unfortunate combos and one-offs, I haven't been quick to judge them as being "flames" or "fire" or whatever pseudo-adjectives you and many others have to describe poorly designed uniforms like Utah's new set. If by "flames" you mean they deserve to go up in flames, specifically the pants, then I wholeheartedly agree with you.
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    Tulane going Angry wave at midfield this season. Awesome, but really wished it contrasted from the grass more.
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    Clippers should atleast make this their logo...
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    Such a better uniform than what they have now
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    I've noticed this one, I dont mind it as much, looks cleaner now.
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    It's almost like he preferred the name Black Knights....
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    Sports Illustrated tweeted Tank's freakout
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    A few months ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across the logo for the Patriots' Draft Preview which was in the shape of the crest seen above. I became inspired by it and I finally got around to executing the idea. The crest includes a diagonal stripe representing the American soldiers, a curve at the top representing a colonial hat and the tree of the Flag of New England. High Quality version Examples of usage C&C is appreciated! If you notice any flaws in need of fixing I'll see what I can do! Kits to come soon.
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    For the competition going on over at HJC, I decided to design uniforms for North Korea. The home and away uniforms use striping based on the country's flag while the alternate is based on their military uniforms. The Hangul text beneath the logo reads Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I'm interested in everybody's feedback.
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    I actually can't wait for this year's Madden just to play in the StubHub Center.
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    I'm just thrilled the StubHub Center experience will continue for that much longer. It's going to be so awesome.
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    Love that there's a typo asking why Tnak was banned.
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    Fandom is an emotional thing, not logical. Its like falling in love - the spark is there or it isn't. You can't force it. If you fall out of love with your long-distance childhood sweetheart, there's no shame in starting a relationship in your new town. Sometimes it's okay to get a divorce and move on.
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    Thanks for all the kind words guys! On to another team in the final four. Ottawa Senators It seems like bashing the Senators roman theme has become as American as apple pie and Canadian as maple syrup. Certainly there has been a push to more subdued aesthetics but in my opinion, it has often come at the expense of creativity. For the main uniforms I decided to go all-in with the Centurion. I kept the striping somewhat traditional but added metallic gold and sublimated laurel leaf patterns (it's less effective on the road version but I was limited with my materials so please ignore the black outlines). The goal was to set the team apart from the original Senators so it could forge its own identity. The =O= appears on the helmets as a subtle homage and lace up collars were implemented to balance out the more modern elements. For the alternate, I married the aesthetics of the heritage jersey with the original centurion and evened out the stripes. I also added a barber-pole pattern to the alternate pants as a homage to their somewhat busy original uniforms. C & C welcome as always and thanks for looking!
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    Nothing really special for the Trail Blazers here. The new logo looks good at center court.
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    Us Nets fans are Infor a looong (and now ugly) next few seasons.
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    Honestly, LeBron is playing at a level that I've never seen in my lifetime. He's already top 5 in my opinion, and the greatest player to play since Jordan (coming from a person who's all-time favorite player, regardless of sport, is Kobe). If he can beat the Warriors again in the Finals this season, he'll be officially the 2nd greatest player of all-time. I can't understand how anyone can still not appreciate LeBron's greatness. We're watching something we will never see again in basketball.
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    Next one up is the Grizzlies:
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    Man, I would love to see the fringe checkered pattern return from the jerseys during the first LeBron era.
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    "The asymmetrical circle represents that Earth is not a perfect sphere, but rather an oblate spheroid. And the lettering gets squeezed and compressed towards the bottom, indicative of how oil is compressed and harder to extract the closer it gets to Earth's center."
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    What's remotely "nice" about them? They are bland with a custom font and contrasting squares on the sleeves. Basically using the fill tool on a template. I dislike contrasting sleeve caps without a design purpose but that's pretty common these days and I can look past it. But UAB doesn't even have a fully contrasting sleeve cap. It's literally a contrasting square.
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    OK, if long term cognitive problems and white matter brain damage are considered "upsides". http://time.com/4289745/nfl-concussion-symptoms-treatment/ http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/215905052/nfl-concussion-problem-self-reporting-symptoms As I said on Page 1, every new helmet manufacturer is basically the next plaintiff in a future lawsuit if not from a former NFL player, but from some parent of a HS player.
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    I agree. Purple, black, and silver is perfect for the 90s and perfect for the nickname.
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    If Tank hadn't invested countless hours in the Sports E-Cyclopedia, he would have just been the angry fat guy yelling at trains. His success has come in the most roundabout way possible, but it's worth sharing credit where it's due. He's invested a ton of time in his website that has paid off in ways I'm sure he never would have imagined.
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    This is too good and too well-done for the Rams to ever use. Instead, they'll butcher it with too many weird Nike "LOOK AT ME" elements.
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    It can be argued that this guy is the real Dolphins #13...he is a 2x Super Bowl winner, Super Bowl MVP, and had multiple Pro Bowl selections. The retired number should be shared.