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    Hey guys doing a little house keeping on this. I'm in month 4 with the team, and here's some big things I've worked on. A lot of birthday graphics for social media https://www.behance.net/gallery/48990707/Rays-Birthday-Graphics-pt1 and a logo for a radio show hosted at Tropicana Field https://www.behance.net/gallery/50774111/Rays-Bats-N-Brews-Radio-Logo There's so much that I've done that I don't have pictures of, but I'm glad I've sort of asserted myself as the logo guy on our design team haha. Follow my twitter, I share a lot of graphics on there.
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    I wonder what it would must have been like to live through Babe Ruth or Wayne Gretzky or Muhammad Ali's prime and bitched about it the entire time. Do you think people who did that felt dumb in retrospect?
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    I know it's a little late, but I did guesses for what Vegas might wear based on the draft hat and other images. Also did a mockup of Anaheim going full-time orange
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    OK, if long term cognitive problems and white matter brain damage are considered "upsides". http://time.com/4289745/nfl-concussion-symptoms-treatment/ http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/215905052/nfl-concussion-problem-self-reporting-symptoms As I said on Page 1, every new helmet manufacturer is basically the next plaintiff in a future lawsuit if not from a former NFL player, but from some parent of a HS player.
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    No idea why some people don't want interleague. It doesn't make sense to just have teams not face each other.
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    "The asymmetrical circle represents that Earth is not a perfect sphere, but rather an oblate spheroid. And the lettering gets squeezed and compressed towards the bottom, indicative of how oil is compressed and harder to extract the closer it gets to Earth's center."
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    Just get rid of the leagues and play by NL rules!
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    A tie seems unlikely now but if it did happen Asteroids would be the name
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    I like Interleague but miss when it was only 2-3 weeks (around 4-6 series) per year and 2 of those series were made up of all in state/geographical rivals. Cardinals-Royals, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A's, Mets-Yankees, Blue Jays-Expos, etc. And they were over by 4th of July weekend the latest.
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    What's remotely "nice" about them? They are bland with a custom font and contrasting squares on the sleeves. Basically using the fill tool on a template. I dislike contrasting sleeve caps without a design purpose but that's pretty common these days and I can look past it. But UAB doesn't even have a fully contrasting sleeve cap. It's literally a contrasting square.
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    I agree. Purple, black, and silver is perfect for the 90s and perfect for the nickname.
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    Fandom is an emotional thing, not logical. Its like falling in love - the spark is there or it isn't. You can't force it. If you fall out of love with your long-distance childhood sweetheart, there's no shame in starting a relationship in your new town. Sometimes it's okay to get a divorce and move on.
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    Ha, that's cute. "Poorly designed" doesn't accurately describe the majority of Oregon's uniforms. They've had some clunkers for sure, and I'll be the first one to acknowledge that and call them out on it, but most of their uniforms (especially the 2012-2015 Speed Machine and Mach Speed sets) have been pretty nice and have produced a number of beautiful combinations: Are Oregon's uniforms garish? Sure, some of them at least. Unorthodox? Absolutely. But poorly designed? Like I said, outside of some clunkers they've almost all been smartly and thoroughly designed. Most of the problems that Oregon's uniforms have had, specifically in the last couple of seasons, have revolved around a lack of cohesiveness and consistency in their sets which has been the by-product of a number of one-off uniforms. Even their uniforms last season, while admittedly not the best they've had, still produced some memorable and nice combos: You can think Oregon's uniforms are ugly if you want, and some of them have bordered on that territory, but that's mainly a problem with the mixing and matching with the different combos, colors, and design elements rather than the actual designs themselves. But anyways, even when Oregon has had some unfortunate combos and one-offs, I haven't been quick to judge them as being "flames" or "fire" or whatever pseudo-adjectives you and many others have to describe poorly designed uniforms like Utah's new set. If by "flames" you mean they deserve to go up in flames, specifically the pants, then I wholeheartedly agree with you.
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    There's something that's bugged me for years about the Mets' jerseys - the interior point of the "M" is out of alignment with the general upward sweep of the logo. Can you see it? Look at the interior point of the "M". On the whole, the logo has a pleasantly hand-drawn vibe to it. Small imperfections are a feature, not a bug. But this crosses the line from "charming" to "stupid". When first introduced, the Mets' jerseys had a perfectly balanced version of the logo, with the "M" point following the same upward sweep. Shortly thereafter, though, it got out of alignment. This photo of Ed Kranepool comes from just two years later: And it's been wrong to a greater or lesser degree ever since. What really kills me is that they've got a perfect wordmark in their set already - it's included in the primary logo. Used on its own, it doesn't have the angle problem that hurts the jersey script. The kerning is a little tighter, but that doesn't bother me. The jersey script has to account for the placket spacing between the "M" and "e", and that's a relatively minor difference. So that means Mets have two versions of their script - one used as a general wordmark and an inferior one used just for the jerseys. I can't ever un-see this.
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    Why do you even say anything? Every post of yours is either annoyingly negative or just stating fairly obvious facts.
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    Im a fan of interleague if only for the reason that I get to see my team play against some of the guys from the other league every 3 years, whether home or road. 6 series a year doesn't cheapen the regular season for me. Now on the other hand, if I had my choice the amount of in-division games could be lowered a little. 19-20 games against 4 other teams gets tiring.
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    Weren't the Spurs the "surprise" team that was supposedly changing?
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    As you can see, at 1pm (GMT +1) there's a tie between the Dark Teal / Mint scheme and the Seattle flag scheme, so in the end I decide to go for the first one. I'll be giving the M's a retro look.
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    They don't look terrible and these days, that's good enough for me.
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    That's what I'm leaning towards as well. It seems the Red, White, and Blue could use more Blue than Red. Next up is my home country, Canada. In this design, I tried my hand at taking the maple leaf lower-arm pattern of the World Cup jerseys and turning it on its head to become a more modern upper-arm design. This was pared with the Hockey Canada logo used in IIHF competition. As Canada is a red in white nation, black is kept to a minimum on the jersey itself and emphasized on the equip to create a more clean cut look. Let me know what you think!
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    1. be clear on why you're interested in doing this and how it would benefit them. it has to be more than "ill make your logo look better". no one cares about that. 2. use examples from other schools. even taking something like Nike's work with Tennessee would be beneficial. 3. show work you've done that relates to the project but no concepts for the specific school you're contacting. those are done in your own vision. you need to find what their vision is for the school and their own beliefs, and design things that express them. 4. have a plan for payment and project process. how long does this take? what do i (school) get from it? can i see how it will look on a helmet and tshirt? how will we execute the roll out? what do i do if i want to replace signage?
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    San Diego Padres It's really surprisingly hard to do Padres concepts, mostly because there's an over abundance of returns to brown and you don't want to inadvertently do the same thing someone else does. Nevertheless, I took it on in the hopes I could bring San Diego back to their roots while putting my own twist on things. First thing's first: brown. Second thing: brown and khaki. It's a combo I've always wanted to try and liked the look of. Reminds me a little of Old Town as well, which I figure would be fitting for the Padres. Third thing: despite the navy, I actually really loved their mid-2000's look and think it's the best they ever looked in navy, so I took some cues from that set here and there while keeping the brown. and, Fourth thing: I went with my own modernization of the Swingin' Friar. He's front and center as the primary again, right where he belonged all along. I was a little nervous about how the colors would turn out, seeing as for some reason the always look a tad different on mobile than they do on my computer monitor. But as I'm looking at them, I feel comfortable with how it all turned out. There's not much else to say! Hope you guys enjoy!
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