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    Two more ECHL team rebrands, this time it's the Indy Fuel and the Tulsa Oilers. Team colors are unchanged. The actual Indy Fuel logo is lacking of originality, so it was a no-brainer to add some Indy-typical elements. Link to current logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/508136422015/Indy_Fuel/2015/Primary_Logo I wanted the Tulsa Oilers primary mark to look like a hybrid of a sports logo and a company sign, including simulated embossing. Link to current logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/546912462015/Tulsa_Oilers/2015/Primary_Logo
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    This is something I did a few weeks ago. I shared it on uni-watch, but thought it was appropriate here (just stumbled across this site today!). Trying to come up with a new project and had a blast doing this, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. The template I used was from sportstemplates.net.
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    With the uproar of the "Blue Collar" inscription on the blue collar, is it really that big a deal since you'll only see it in photos like these promo shots? It will never be seen when watching the team on the field. I get the whole "I know it's there and it still bothers me" mantra, but still, you won't see it. (Not trying to belittle the comments, just asking a genuine question)
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    MLB management like to see the game, and league, as too refined for that. Not certain I agree, though. Hockey just tends to be more honest about what brutes their guys can be. This looks like a mosh pit at a baseball-themed metal concert.
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    I was fascinated by the helmet throw and watched it probably ten times and I came to the same conclusion. I think he started to throw it and then stopped himself at the last millisecond and that's why it was so off target. I liked all of the photos from the fight. Probably our hairiest bench clearing brawl in MLB history
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    I don't think monochrome is a major issue. I think its actually a nice look for many teams. I think the issue comes when the jerseys have different stripes or the helmets have different logos, or when the stripes aren't consistent between the different aspects of the uniform - like these: no stripe on the helmet, stripes on the sleeves, wordmark on the pants. Had they carried the stripes to the helmet and pants, this set would have been incredible.
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    Aren't sports journalists supposed to be actual journalists? With an obligation to truth in reporting? If it comes up, reporters can report things the way they actually happened, and say things like, "The NFL considers this or that to be the case." Again, you can get cute with words and correctly say that it's one "franchise", but it doesn't mean the Browns didn't move to Baltimore; they did. To me, claiming that the new Browns are the same team as the one in 1995 feels like arguing a ridiculous point in debate class just to do it.
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    If you note, I never pinned the whole game on the refs. I said that Pittsburgh gained a distinct advantage, from these calls. A two goal swing, and the momentum that led to three goals in a third of a period, that was all I cited. I want to see a game where officiating protects the integrity of the game. Yes, bad/missed calls happen, but the lopsidedness of the officiating is my gripe. When they effect the course of the game, with a hair trigger penalty tolerance that disappears during the ensuing 2-man advantage, the viewers should take note. Regarding the Crosby elbow, I said blatant, not deliberate. Lots of penalties are committed, innocently, as part of play. That doesn't make them any less of a penalty. When a team is on a 2-man advantage, anything as blatant as the face contact Crosby made should be called. Not doing so indicates lack of awareness, or consistency. As close as Sid was to the puck, I rather doubt it was the former. There was plenty of other hockey played, and there was more the Preds could and should have done. Still, it's hard to deny the impact of those three calls, the two regarding the 5 on 3, specifically.
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    Good question. Now seems like a good time to reveal the process behind these concepts. Tracing is your best friend when doing a hand drawn concept because it saves time and guarantee's consistency. Every concept starts out as a single, black and white line drawing which is traced twice for the main set. Alternates also start out as template either on the same sheet of paper or a different one. Doing the line art for the actual concept can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Creating templates gets easier the more concepts you do because you can recycle elements from them. It's the logos that eat up most of the time. It's the colouring that takes the longest because you have to be super careful that markers don't bleed through the lines. This is very hard to do in one sitting and usually takes at least an hour. Shortest time I spent on a concept was an hour and half. Longest was 3 plus.
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    To aid my suggestion, something like this...
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    I've had a lot come up between my internship and possibly adding a new freelance job, so I'm going to wrap up the main portion of the series right here, right now, beginning with the Southwest followed by the Central and finishing on the Northwest. Dallas Mavericks: Modernized the M-hat logo as it worked better for the uniform than the horse did. Pants stripes inspired by the skyline alternates. Navy and throwback alternates coming soon. Houston Rockets: Edited the logo slightly, removing the drop shadow and adjusting a few minor details. in the alignment of it all. First and only team in this series to utilize the shoulder striping. Pants stripe inspired by the team's current shorts. "Clutch City" and gray alternates coming soon. Memphis Grizzlies: Broguht the logo into 2017 by giving the grizzly a minor face lift. Helmet and pants stripes inspired by the light blue alternates. Brought back the inline font to separate them from Brooklyn and Cleveland's fonts. Light Blue and Memphis Sounds alternates coming soon. New Orleans Pelicans: New Logo inspired by the 2014 All-Star Game alternate logo. Pelican wings serve as the helmet stripe with the NO monogram on the back of the helmet Oregon-style. Pants stripes inspired by the current side panels. Red and Mardi Gras Alternates coming soon. San Antonio Spurs: Not much to say about this. The spur becomes the primary logo replacing the script. A classic-looking basketball team deserves a classic-looking football crossover, so simple striping is the theme for the Spurs. Gray and blackout alternates coming soon. Stay tuned, because the last two divisions will be posted momentarily.
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    Alright so here are just a bunch of options I'd like to present to all of you, to see what works best: A couple that incorporate black into to the color scheme Anthracite (I don't like it either, but it's at least worth a look) Contrasting sleeves (if this one is chosen, the home would be given red sleeves as well) And yellow I'd love to hear what all of you think would work best!
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    My first thought was, who died. lol
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    Lots of teams display the monochrome options like this because it shows every possible piece of equipment better. I'm sure these aren't the only 3 combos they will wear with this set. They will mix and match.
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    RE: Creating a brand for the Super Bowl I think the thing about it with me is it's not designed well. It's chrome numbers with a roman numeral under it. It's disconnected and they have to release a flat version of the logo for patches. However I get where BBTV is coming from with an icon. It's unapologetically "Super Bowl" and I've come to hate it less and less since the first one they did. That being said, this is how you do it.
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    The 2016 Los Angeles Sparks 2016 WNBA Championship Rings Seeing this stunning Championship Ring was love at first sight as it’s design is absolutely magnificent: Here are some details: The championship ring was made by Baron Championship Rings, not Jostens. The 10 diamonds located at the bottom of the ring (see lower right photograph) represent the 10 days it took to purchase the team. The Team slogans “We Are” and “We Rise” are stamped inside each ring The 20th season logo and the LA Skyline and Season Record are etched on one side of the championship ring There are 20 diamonds that represent 20 years of Sparks Basketball Four Purple Stones Represent 4 Western Conference Championships The championship ring also shows the LA Skyline and the Staples Center, Galen Center, and the Hollywood Hills The championship ring contains 3 black diamonds that represent the 3 WNBA championship titles the team has earned One large diamond is on the side of the ring that represents the 2016 WNBA championship The championship ring contains over 80 grams of solid gold and over 2 carats of real diamonds The championship ring comes with a wood presentation box with custom etching and engraving Here’s a Link to the Barons video that shows the making of this magnificent championship ring:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFOXlf90A2E
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    A culture of losing beer. Nice.
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    As the wise sage Judith Sheindlin once said, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." It doesn't matter when they decided to lie; it's still a lie. That the Browns moved to Baltimore is objectively true in all but the most recondite sense of the concept. I don't care that there was a piece of paper that stayed in Cleveland. Virtually everything that was the Browns in a physical sense went to Baltimore. The genesis of the Ravens is incontrovertibly tied to the dormancy of the Browns. The Browns went dormant because their owner took them to Baltimore. The Ravens carried on with business as usual in 1996; the Browns participated in an expansion draft in 1999. You can really go around in circles on this, but I think there are advantages to looking at it both ways; it just depends on the situation. For local fans, I think it makes complete sense to have records combining multiple iterations of the team. If you were a fan in Cleveland the whole time, it would be the best team you ever saw or worst QB rating you ever saw or whatever stat category you want. Same goes for the Twins/Senators, Rangers/Senators, and the Nationals. You don't have to pretend the teams are all one to compare them. If you're looking at something in the context of the whole league, though, I think the continuity of the team is the most important thing. If someone sets a record for the Montreal Canadiens, it's a product of the continuous flow of circumstances over 100+ years that led to that achievement. If someone sets a record on the Browns this year, it dates back to the games, draft picks, and roster moves since 1999; it has nothing to do with the original Browns' history.
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    Let's focus on discussing the on-ice developments in the Stanley Cup Final, rather than critiquing one another's posting style. Thank you.
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    I REALLY like how the Wolves logo looks almost stainglass when embroidered. So much so, I had to buy one.
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    Next up: the Braves fully embrace the "Hotlanta" nickname. Logos -I was fully prepared to make the Braves red & black in order to match the rest of the city, but when I saw these uniforms that the Boston Braves used to wear, I knew I had to make the switch. It's a color scheme that is heavily linked with Atlanta's sports history, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the series because it can look great when used. -The tomahawk is removed from branding, just because I don't think it fits with the progression towards modernity. Uniforms -So this version of the Braves ended up being remarkably similar to @Victormrey's recently uploaded Braves set, the biggest differences being the lowercase A and obviously the colors. -Interesting to point out that now all of Atlanta's teams would be linked together by some sort of feather in their branding. -If this wants to potentially be seen as a progression towards a firefighter-based identity, as suggested in the SportsLogos topic a little while ago, the sleeve feathers could also be seen as flames, sort of. -The outline on the numbers has been made extremely thick in order to better match the wordmarks. -The front panel caps are based off of Atlanta's old design. -The sock stripe is both meant to mimic the stripe pattern of the feather and also be a throwback to socks of the Braves' past. That's about all I've got for the Braves, any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    The standard Super Bowl logo is terrible. It only works when you add the roman numerals, stadium and color. Look at that. LOOK AT IT. That's the actual logo for the biggest game in sports. If you look up Super Bowl on Wikipedia this is the logo that represents the game. You even see it in Madden. That's a miserable looking logo for what is the biggest championship game in all of sports.
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    I bet it's either very bitter or salty, it never gets in a cup, and it makes you choke.
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    Keeping the ball rolling with the Central Division: Chicago Bulls: Bull horns are used as the helmet striping. Decided to follow the KISS method and go with simple striping rather than the diamond because it simply doesn't work for a football uniform. Other than that, not much to report from Chicago. Black and *shudders* gray alternates coming soon. Cleveland Cavaliers: The Drop-shadowed C becomes the primary logo. Sword from the alternate logo becomes the main striping pattern on the helmet and the pants, though I may remove it from the helmet as it does seem a little overkill. Went simple with the jersey striping and decided to go with contrasting sleeves for the road uniform. A S**t-ton of alternates are coming soon. Detroit Pistons: The Pistons are one of the oldest teams in the league, so I decided to go with a classic-looking white helmet and red facemask. New primary logo for football inspired by the new basketball logo. Striping patterns pulled straight from the current uniforms. "Chrome" and red alternates coming soon. Indiana Pacers: New logo, replacing the basketball with a football, something that tripped my up in my original attempt at this series last year. jersey stripe based on the uniforms from the 90s. Gold and 90s throwback uniforms coming soon. Milwaukee Bucks: Made a slight tweak to the logo, removing the basketball reference in the antlers. Antlers act as the helmet stripe. Jersey striping inspired by the side panels from the current uniform. Black "Fear the Deer" and purple-era throwbacks coming soon. Wrapping things up with the Northwest momentarily.
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