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    It's been almost a full year since I completed my NHL crossover series and over 10 months since I last posted a concept series of any kind... until now, that is! It's time to wrap up the crossover series with the NBA. This was a little more difficult than the previous two as the NBA requires a basketball to be a part of at least one logo. Most teams have a ball in their primary logo, so I had to either edit the original logo, or in one particular case, go with a brand new logo. Not all of these will be direct crossovers as I focused on what made the best football uniform and not so much making an exact crossover, so you may see some elements from each team's past. I'll start the series with each team's home and road uniforms and, depending on reception, will post alternates and maybe even defunct teams at the end. Without further ado, here is the Atlantic Division, starting with the Boston Celtics: Pretty straight-forward. A classic team deserves a classic uniform set. To add a modern twist, I added metallic helmet decals, similarly to the University of Texas' helmets. Gold-infused and BFBS alternate uniforms coming soon. Brooklyn Nets: In reality, the Football Nets wouldn't be named the Nets. They'd probably be the Americans, but I decided to run with it. I used the script from the team's early years in New York and applied it to the helmets. The B-Shield logo makes a return to the chest. Each stripe features a sublimated herringbone pattern similar to their court. Gray and fauxback alternate uniforms coming soon. New York Knicks: The subway token logo makes a comeback as the team's primary logo. Like the Nets, the Football Knicks would likely have a different name. The Knicks have a pretty clean identity and one of the best color schemes in the league. The silver helmet and pants help the colors pop even more. Orange alternate and throwback uniforms coming soon. Philadelphia 76ers: "76" appears on both sides of the helmet. Thirteen stars adorn the jersey and pants, with three on each sleeve, three on the left side of the pants, and four on the right. The helmet stripe mimics the pants and jersey striping with (roughly) 13 stars. Red alternate uniform coming soon. Toronto Raptors: Decided to go back in time and revamp the raptor from the previous generation and use him as the primary logo, which appears on the helmet. Other than the logos, the uniforms are based on the current threads from the side panels used as the sleeve stripes, and the T-shorts stripe translated to the pants. Black and Drake-inspired alternate uniforms coming soon. Tomorrow's batch of teams will come from the Pacific Division. As always, comments, critiques, and constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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    There's also NOTHING to be gleaned from the NBA Live 18 videos, because they've yet to incorporate the new Nike designs. They're using the old rev30 adidas uniforms in their build because they're working on 3D-rendering the different cut (and mesh template, likely) of the new uniforms. Disregard everything from them. Trust me.
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    Two more ECHL team rebrands, this time it's the Indy Fuel and the Tulsa Oilers. Team colors are unchanged. The actual Indy Fuel logo is lacking of originality, so it was a no-brainer to add some Indy-typical elements. Link to current logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/508136422015/Indy_Fuel/2015/Primary_Logo I wanted the Tulsa Oilers primary mark to look like a hybrid of a sports logo and a company sign, including simulated embossing. Link to current logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/546912462015/Tulsa_Oilers/2015/Primary_Logo
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    So I haven't posted on here in a while but got bored and decided to play around with some NBA concepts. Have 15 done so far so I'm going to progressively post those while working to finish off the league. No real structure here, some home uniforms, some away, even some alternates, just whatever I think looks good. As always C&C are welcomed greatly, please let me know what you think! First up, one of my simpler designs with the 76ers! Tried to go for a very classic looking jersey, while emphasizing the great red white and blue color scheme present. Next up is the Warriors. Didn't change too much of the jersey base, just adding smaller improvements that I thought looked sharp. Also scrapped the pants and went with a more "warrior" looking design. And to round out my first set, is the Nets! Once again going for a very classic look on the jersey, with a very simple design on the pants.
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    Here's a few quick mockups of the Cavs new wordmarks on their current set which is rumored to be the direction the team is going.
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    This is when wearing the same colors gets confusing.
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    This is something I did a few weeks ago. I shared it on uni-watch, but thought it was appropriate here (just stumbled across this site today!). Trying to come up with a new project and had a blast doing this, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. The template I used was from sportstemplates.net.
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    its definitely easier to make sense of all the options available when they are grouped by color. you dont have to try to organize it when it already is done for you. i think its intuitive that the pieces will be mixed during the season. or at least could be— this is still the common practice for all uniform releases
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    One benefit is it allowed me to see what the Reds would look like without a drop shadow and I really like how their font looks with just a single outline. edit: photoshopped pic Ideally they would drop black and use a white oultline, but that would be a nice consolation. I just don't think the drop shadow is necessary or looks good.
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    Good question. Now seems like a good time to reveal the process behind these concepts. Tracing is your best friend when doing a hand drawn concept because it saves time and guarantee's consistency. Every concept starts out as a single, black and white line drawing which is traced twice for the main set. Alternates also start out as template either on the same sheet of paper or a different one. Doing the line art for the actual concept can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Creating templates gets easier the more concepts you do because you can recycle elements from them. It's the logos that eat up most of the time. It's the colouring that takes the longest because you have to be super careful that markers don't bleed through the lines. This is very hard to do in one sitting and usually takes at least an hour. Shortest time I spent on a concept was an hour and half. Longest was 3 plus.
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    As I said, the NHL trying to rig something against your team ensures they'll win. This league can't even unveil an expansion team's logo without embarrassing themselves on at least three levels. This league's too incompetent to put together the sort of conspiracy you're all accusing them of
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    Starting this fresh with a new set for the Florida Panthers. Home Jersey: Road Jersey: Third Jersey:
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    Ok well before I go further into the expansion teams, here are 3 more concepts. I'm gonna be honest and say as I'm running out of teams, it is clear that I saved teams for last that I didn't have a lot of inspiration for. I'll be the first to admit that the rest of these teams may not be as great as I would like them to be but hopefully after coming back and updating/revising the rest of the league I can improve these. First up, the Hawks! Went with an updated version of their classic uni from the 90's while using their even older color scheme. With the top of the uniform being the way it was, I honestly had a lot trouble with the shorts design. Not completely sold on this design but I grabbed inspiration from the shorts design from this original uniform. Next is the Mavericks! This is another team that I was pretty lost on. First I decided to update the blue color scheme and add a teal/mint green color similar to what they have used in the past. The rest of the design is pretty much just freelance creativity for a team that I thought have never really had a good set of uniforms. Last is the Jazz! I knew where I wanted to go with the Jazz, but I'm still not entirely sure how to execute it. I definitely wanted to involve the mountains in the design but it became clear to me that this may be hard without making a cluttered jersey. So as usual, but even more so on this set, I would love an appreciate all the criticisms and ideas I can get for these!
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    The Mariners are throwing back to their inaugural season (1977) on June 24th to further celebrate their 40th anniversary. They're hosting the Astros that night, so here's what the two teams will be wearing:
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    To aid my suggestion, something like this...
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    I'm okay with the Browns deal because nothing was rewritten. The Ravens never played a single game as the same franchise as the Browns. When they took the field for the 1996 season it was well defined and understood by everyone that they were playing/watching a brand new franchise. They had a first touchdown, first field goal, first interception, etc etc. To me that's not lying about history, that is the history. If you think about it as a roster transaction it was transactional in the same way that a trade or a free agent signing is transactional the only difference is the scale of the transaction was much much larger and one of the teams involved didn't play for the next 3 seasons. The only thing that was fuzzy in 1996 was when the Browns would be coming back, but I don't see how that matters for how the Ravens are treated in the history books. The retroactivity of the Hornets/Bobcats/Pelicans thing bothers me, but that wasn't the case with the Ravens. They knew from day one that they were starting with a clean slate and it wasn't rewritten after the fact. Because it was laid out in such simple terms and the breaks were clean then I don't have a problem with it.
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    This one is on the Ravens uniforms. NOTE -- Via a typo, I discovered that there are several Baltimore Ravens pans on the market.
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    The throwback and other jerseys look a billion times better with the full collar
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    Adding black just kills the look for me. Either stick with navy or replace it with black. Other than that, I don't hate it.
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    Front facing Wolf > Howling Wolf.
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    I REALLY like how the Wolves logo looks almost stainglass when embroidered. So much so, I had to buy one.
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    Bring back the fiesta logo.
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    Had it ready to go but decided to catch up on the attack Manchester. Golden State Warriors: Golden Gate Bridge appears on the sleeves. "WARRIORS" down each pant leg inspired by the Warriors uniforms from 1971 to 1989. Black, Gold, and Throwback alternate uniforms in the pipeline. Los Angeles Lakers: Logo had to change for obvious reasons. Decided to keep the home uniform gold for some color-on-color matchups and because the Kings also have purple uniforms. Striping patterns inspired by the team's side panels. Purple and Blackout alternates coming soon. Los Angeles Clippers: Simply removed the basketball from the primary logo and dubbed the "LAC" mark the primary. Striping pattern loosely based off the team's jerseys. Since this is a crossover, if it looks bad here, you can blame it on the current identity. Blackout coming soon featuring a carbon fiber helmet. Phoenix Suns: I tried SO HARD to keep black out of this identity, but for the sake of the crossover, I decided to keep it as close to their current identity as possible. Satin purple helmet w/ metallic graphics. Phoenix design appears on the sleeves. Orange and Black alternates coming soon. Sacramento Kings: The alternate logo fits surprisingly well on a football helmet, so it becomes the primary. Metallic graphite helmet and facemask giving it a "gun metal" look. Crown and "SAC" wordmark appear on the jersey. Blackout and throwback alternates in the works. Thanks to everyone for the support thus far! I will get to the comments later. Up next: the Southeast Division.
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    The S is four lines away from being that S everyone drew in elementary school.
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    It's college football, not the No Fun League. Goofy traditions are part of the game.
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    Whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
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    I know it's their signature look. I have a cousin that wears cargo shorts with a huge parka coat all winter. It's his signature look, too. He looks like an idiot, so he doesn't get a free pass by claiming it's his signature look. Trying to watch a team wearing an all-blue uniform play on an all-blue field is nauseating and bush league. It's impossible to take them seriously.
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    If you note, I never pinned the whole game on the refs. I said that Pittsburgh gained a distinct advantage, from these calls. A two goal swing, and the momentum that led to three goals in a third of a period, that was all I cited. I want to see a game where officiating protects the integrity of the game. Yes, bad/missed calls happen, but the lopsidedness of the officiating is my gripe. When they effect the course of the game, with a hair trigger penalty tolerance that disappears during the ensuing 2-man advantage, the viewers should take note. Regarding the Crosby elbow, I said blatant, not deliberate. Lots of penalties are committed, innocently, as part of play. That doesn't make them any less of a penalty. When a team is on a 2-man advantage, anything as blatant as the face contact Crosby made should be called. Not doing so indicates lack of awareness, or consistency. As close as Sid was to the puck, I rather doubt it was the former. There was plenty of other hockey played, and there was more the Preds could and should have done. Still, it's hard to deny the impact of those three calls, the two regarding the 5 on 3, specifically.
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    Wow, much better than the logo Minn went with. Love the front facing wolf
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    The standard Super Bowl logo is terrible. It only works when you add the roman numerals, stadium and color. Look at that. LOOK AT IT. That's the actual logo for the biggest game in sports. If you look up Super Bowl on Wikipedia this is the logo that represents the game. You even see it in Madden. That's a miserable looking logo for what is the biggest championship game in all of sports.
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    So he shouldn't care if his team wins or loses in their best chance to capture a Cup? Sounds like a loser mentality to me
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    I like these versions slightly better and would rather see these
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    I've had a lot come up between my internship and possibly adding a new freelance job, so I'm going to wrap up the main portion of the series right here, right now, beginning with the Southwest followed by the Central and finishing on the Northwest. Dallas Mavericks: Modernized the M-hat logo as it worked better for the uniform than the horse did. Pants stripes inspired by the skyline alternates. Navy and throwback alternates coming soon. Houston Rockets: Edited the logo slightly, removing the drop shadow and adjusting a few minor details. in the alignment of it all. First and only team in this series to utilize the shoulder striping. Pants stripe inspired by the team's current shorts. "Clutch City" and gray alternates coming soon. Memphis Grizzlies: Broguht the logo into 2017 by giving the grizzly a minor face lift. Helmet and pants stripes inspired by the light blue alternates. Brought back the inline font to separate them from Brooklyn and Cleveland's fonts. Light Blue and Memphis Sounds alternates coming soon. New Orleans Pelicans: New Logo inspired by the 2014 All-Star Game alternate logo. Pelican wings serve as the helmet stripe with the NO monogram on the back of the helmet Oregon-style. Pants stripes inspired by the current side panels. Red and Mardi Gras Alternates coming soon. San Antonio Spurs: Not much to say about this. The spur becomes the primary logo replacing the script. A classic-looking basketball team deserves a classic-looking football crossover, so simple striping is the theme for the Spurs. Gray and blackout alternates coming soon. Stay tuned, because the last two divisions will be posted momentarily.
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    *thick Quebecois accent* Well of course they all want to be number 9. It was always five Maurice Richards against five other Maurice Richards! I quite like them. Simple, classy logo that's easily recognizable and a kid could draw it on a notebook, super simple sweaters that look like some kind of Montreal fauxback...but are actually something new, and the little rocket flames are...kitchy? Idk, I think if they were some throwback to a real team from the 1950s, we'd lose our minds with how great it is. It's a minor little thing that is interesting. The shield logo is the only truly bad part of this...I think the 9 on the sleeves should have tried to reflect the Habs' font that Richard wore. All in all, I like them, but they'll probably be gone as quickly as the Montreal Rocket.
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    Yes, you may. CLEVELAND INDIANS CAPS: NORMAL UNIFORMS: Another red-white-navy color scheme bites the dust. Instead, the Indians get a more appropriate red-cream-brown color scheme. The '90s scripts take center stage again, while the striping pattern is inspired by the "Major League" uniforms. Chief Wahoo is also finally retired - all politics aside, it's a terrible logo that looks like something a corporate softball team from the 1950s would use, not a professional sports logo. BP/SPECIAL: In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Indians wore unique batting practice jerseys with shoulder stripes. I thought it was a nice look, so I brought it back. The Indians also get a foreign-language alternate, featuring the Seneca word for "Indian." The Ohio Seneca tribe, led by Chief Stigwanish, had a prominent presence in Northeast Ohio at the time of Cleveland's founding, so I thought it would be a fitting tribute. In lieu of another script, I went with a block wordmark reminiscent of their uniforms from 1970 - a very underappreciated set.
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    I wish the Sabres would go back to Red, Slate and Black. *ducks*
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    That means new uniforms are confirmed. I do like the new wordmarks, but using both black and navy is stupid. Amazing that the C logo has lasted through three separate identities.
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    MLB management like to see the game, and league, as too refined for that. Not certain I agree, though. Hockey just tends to be more honest about what brutes their guys can be. This looks like a mosh pit at a baseball-themed metal concert.
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    Introducing the Atlanta Hammers, who are controlled by an ownership team that includes Hank Aaron as the face of the franchise. The team name reflects this, honoring Mr. Aaron and his contributions to the game of baseball. The team plays its home games at Great Southern Field near downtown Atlanta. The identity features a custom hand-drawn script as well as custom drawn "A" and "H" logos. The color palette is really unique, using maroon, dark teal, and cream .
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    Typical Tnak argument: T: CONSPIRACY THEORY! X: You don't know what you're talking about. T: I'M BEING PERSECUTED! X: Here's evidence why you're wrong. T: STOP BULLYING ME! X: Try thinking for yourself for once instead of posting disproved YouTube videos. T: BULLIES! EVERYONE MY WHOLE LIFE HATES ME! I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF!
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    You guys got it all wrong... The Browns owner fired everyone... Including himself, all players, and coaching staff. Then EVERYONE was rehired by an expansion team in Baltimore. The Browns then took 3 years off before hiring a bunch of new people and signing a bunch of new players... The Browns also graciously gave up their pick to that new team, because they were on vacation for that technically...
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    The Ravens got the Browns' owner, players, management, and draft position. And Baltimore had a team in 1996, while Cleveland all of a sudden didn't. Forgive me if I consider those things to be more important than a piece of paper.
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    As an Isles fan, I'd buy these in a heartbeat. They're disgusting and make me want to puke, but at the same time are gorgeous and awesome. That really sums up this whole series.
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    This series should be starting this weekend. NBA scheduling is just awful.
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    As quickly as the prime offers can dry up, I don't blame him for getting, while the getting is good.
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    Northwest Division: Denver Nuggets: Alternate logo becomes the primary, replacing the basketball with a football. Cutoff striping on the pants and helmet similar to the team's actual uniforms. Crazy gold fauxback and whiteout alternates coming soon. Minnesota Timberwolves: This one was created completely from scratch since it seems the T-Wolves are going in a whole new direction with their uniforms. Satin navy blue helmets with a slight carbon fiber finish, featuring an over-sized metallic wolf on the sides. Navy jersey with green sleeves to change things up a bit. Numbers font inspired by the new wordmark. Sublimated pine tree pattern on the sleeves inspired by the promotional photos used to tease the new logo release. Pine tree featured at the base of the pants striping. Oklahoma City Thunder: Almost went full rebrand mode here,but decided to work with what I've got. OKC wordmark becomes the primary logo with the two random slashes kept in. Yellow has been eliminated from the identity. Pants striping inspired by the white sleeved uniforms. Orange and whiteout alternate uniforms. Portland Trail Blazers: Another new look, only I had a little bit more to work with here. Jersey and pants striping inspired by the whole 45-degree motif. Number font based on the "Trail Blazers" portion of the new wordmark. Red and "Rip City" alternates coming soon. Utah Jazz: Replaced the basketball with the football in the music note logo. Jersey stripes translate pretty well to football. Purple fauxback and green alternate uniforms coming soon. Thanks to everyone who liked, commented, etc. Still taking feedback on the entire series up to this point. So far, I have at least one alternate per team, but as I mentioned before, I have a freelance job opportunity I'm trying to secure as well as an internship I'm starting this week, so I may just scatter everything across the summer.