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    Thanks all! Glad to see the Suns uniforms have been well-received so far. Here is the home version....I debated removing the black stroke from the wordmark and numeral, but kept it for the sake of continuity as well as since it does not appear to throw anything off. Phoenix Suns Home Uniforms I will be working on an orange alternate for them next to complete their set, but we might be a few days out on that one.
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    Here is a black alternate for the Suns....basically just a handful of color swaps on the purple away jerseys with their '90s alternates in mind. Phoenix Suns Alternate Uniforms
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    Any "new" helmet only becomes the next enabler. http://www.3ders.org/articles/20170529-riddells-precision-fit-football-helmets-could-prevent-concussions-with-3d-scanning.html
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    This series is great. I hope it continues to the 2011 final at the very least.
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    I agree. If you're someone who doesn't think the Senators should embrace the Roman imagery (a defensible stance, but not mine), you should get behind the Peace Tower as defining imagery for the Ottawa Senators. It's a lot more persuasive than Times New Roman O.
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    Here is the orange alternate -- the color balance on this one was somewhat tricky because of the order of colors in the gradient, but please let me know your thoughts. Phoenix Suns Alternate Uniforms Thanks!
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    what the hell is ccslc?
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    This would be nice.
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    Another random jersey I designed today, this time for the Phoenix Suns. I have liked-but-not-loved each of their identities since the early '90s, so much like the previous Cavaliers jerseys this is more than anything just an amalgamation of eras. The '90s color palette and gradient are too interesting to exclude and the sunburst graphic is too unique to exclude, but those elements in their original forms look too dated and what remains of them in their current forms looks boring. So, we modernize the current sunburst graphic with the color palette and gradient from the '90s, retain the current font -- which I love, and clean up the uniform while adding pops of color in the form of collar and armhole trim. Phoenix Suns Away Uniforms Upgrade, downgrade, or lateral move?
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    Well, that did look a little like Boston, as did the inaugural set, sure, but this did not look like Boston at all: When they Angels did the right things, they looked like the Angels. They can (and should) absolutely pull off a navy cap w/ red bill, so long as they pair it with the right trim and elements. This red on red on red on red nonsense they keep insisting on just never has worked for me.
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    Durant is such a chump. It's cringeworthy to see him celebrate like he's earned something when all he did was join a 73-win team that already won without him.
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    A BP/ST hat, maybe. But once you give the Angels some of the details to match the crown of the hat (undershirt, belt, shoes), they do start to look like Boston. You could say that's fitting because they entered the American League as damn near a clone of Boston, but I think they need to stand apart.
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    To throw my prediction out here: Cavs in 7, coming from a optimistic pessimist of a Cavs fan. But honestly, at the moment it's feeling like Warriors in 4. KD is a very good player and brings so much to that Warriors squad. I saw what he's done in Game 1 & 2, and I know that's gonna continue. My head's telling me not to panic, we were down 2-0 and (3-1) last year. This is Believeland after all. I believe that the Cavs can do it. I think coming home will really benefit the Cavs, and hopefully we leave Cleveland in a tied series. We need everyone to step up if we want to win this series. LeBron is LeBron, and I'm glad Kevin Love has shown up this series, but there's so many key Cavs that aren't really showing up. Kyrie has been average so far and JR and Tristan have done next to nothing, which might come down to matchups (JR on Klay is a rubbish matchup for JR, would rather see Shump start as he's a better defender). The bench has been too quiet in their time on the floor, and that needs to change. I also need to see some Derrick Williams and Channing as I think both of them could really be a key in this series. Deron I feel can also be quite handy at times, but hasn't shown it so far either. I still think the Cavs can do it in 7. Until the game we go down 4-something, I will still think the Cavs can do it.
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    You've been helping me with these concepts from the very beginning, of course I can do Omaha instead. However, the next team up will actually be the New Orleans Krewe of the newly-formed NL South. Using the purple, gold, and green, the team is named after Mardi Gras krewes. The logo features a fleur-de-lis (different from that of the Expos) with a jester hat and the face of a jester's mask.
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    Next! Philadelphia Flyers The Flyers have only really had two (long-term) looks in their history so I sought to combine the best elements from them into a cohesive set. The alternate is based off their short lived edge jerseys with some important fixes. The sleeve stripes have been fixed so they don't look so wonky from the side and hem stripes were added to make things less top-heavy. C & C appreciated as always, thanks for looking!
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    I recall 1994 rumours on a jersey with "NYR" style numbers So I would say this is very possible.
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    Angels should at least have a navy hat somewhere in the set, whether it be an alternate or ST/BP. A navy hat with red brim doesn't really cut close to the Red Sox.
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    The NBA has always been top-heavy, but good lord. This is just silly.
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    The Angels should stick with everything red -- as great as navy crowns, belts, and shoes would look on them, it cuts too close to the Red Sox, who should have navy hats, undershirts, belts, and shoes, but red lettering and solid red socks. Better to be too close to the NL Reds and Cardinals. No more red jerseys with red lettering on them, though; what a stupid idea that was. The Twins should be navy and white with red accents. So should the Nationals, but on clean white instead of pinstripes, with the old beveled lettering instead of cursive (including the sweet interlocking DC instead of the curly W), and with gold accents. The Braves should look exactly as they did when they won the division every year. I have no idea how to work the color distribution on the Indians.
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    This is a great concept. The color scheme...and that cream alt! I think you could easily build an identity off of that one look.
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    For those of you who prefer the classic logo I made a version of that too. I rounded it off to look less abrupt and more like an Igloo.
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    I like what you're shooting for here. My only real critique would be that the fleur-de-lis design inside the circle gives off a basketball logo vibe.
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    Got a little surprise bit here. Decided to make a few derby posters to just get the whole feel for the league. Enjoy cause this is the last post (for good) on this series. Thanks again for all the support!
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