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    FU coach Hendricks? Poor choice of words lmao
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    Just for clarification, is everyone aware that BrandMooreArt works for the Dolphins, specifically (if I'm not mistaken) as a designer involved in their marketing? You can certainly tell him you don't like the new uniform as well as the old (I don't either), and you can tell him you don't think their marketing plan will work, but I believe he's probably in a good position to say what the Dolphins are trying to do with their brand. And why they, at least, after spending God knows how much researching their marketing plan, think it's a good direction to go in.
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    Here we see Sidney Crosby gloriously defending himself.
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    Pretty much, but normally you have to shovel your car out afterward.
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    Please be throwbacks to the cup winning, mountain-range set. Please, please, please.
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    The Spurs have joined the Red Lantern Corps.
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    The Astros got it exactly right for one season: 1971 -- After the switch to orange and before the switch to sleeve stripes and elastic waistbands in 1972.
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    Still waiting for a complete Shark Jump and NC State to roll out one of these bad boys:
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    I like the idea of a tequilla sunrise stripe that kinda bisects the numbers, like in the alternate in this concept: I made a concept in my Paint days that I can't dig up that had something like this, except the rainbow stripe was a bit further down and bisected (if that's the right term) numbers on the front and was a bit smaller (because of the smaller front numbers, obviously). Something along these lines are what the Astros should be shooting for for the extent of their usage with the tequilla sunrise rainbow.
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    It's like the NBA said to the Spurs "You have to have a secondary logo before next season" and they never submitted anything so it just defaulted to that.
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    Here we see Sidney Crosby trying to shake his stick lose, but P.K. keeps getting his head in the way. If Subban didn't like the head noogies, he should have just let go of Crosby's stick (and leg). They both deserved penalties.
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    Both. All of it. It's a fine Old West set, from the dusty color scheme to the filigreed scripts. Stands well enough on its own, but extremely discordant with the name.
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    Here now are the Brooklyn Nets. The court that the Nets currently play on is one of my personal favorites. Everything from the way that the Brooklyn Black shows up with the dark herringbone floor to the awesome stone baseline design with "Brooklyn Nets" made to resemble the words used in the New York subways. For that reason, I changed very little, just the center logo for something that might pop a little more when compared to the darker floor. Next court up will be the Los Angeles Clippers.
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    Looking at the play from that gif... well , I wonder why PK was pulling on Crosby's leg? Maybe it's because he was trying to get the guy beating his head into the ice off of him!
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    The TV ratings are actually pretty good this year. Game 4 got a 4.1 and won NBC the night. Social media's made it far more immersive an experience, but it's also free advertising for the league and as a result more people at the very least know it's happening than they would've 10-15 years ago even if they're not watching. I think the league's carved out a really good niche. I've never cared about ratings, but the sport feels far more accessible and mainstream than it did even when the games were on espen. This morning coworkers were asking me about Crosby's assault last night and I wouldn't have wagered on them even knowing hockey existed before today. But yeah we absolutely need to get Mike Milbury to stop speaking on behalf of the sport. He's a joke.
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    Cal released photos of their new field:
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    Seconded, seconded, seconded. (But doubtful)
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    This is after Sidney overreacted to a clean hockey check by bringing down PK by the neck and shoulder pads. Since we're all backwards here... Sid's leg was on top of PK's left arm. It's not like PK picked him up the leg and swinging him like a rag doll. Sid was clearly in the dominant position is this scuffle and has little-to-no right to the victim's role in this particular instance. That hit by PK in Game 1? Sure. But using that to justify Sid's Headbangers Ball in Game 5 is similar to justifying Hunter Strickland's throw at Harper a while back because of Harper's HR like 3 years ago.
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    Alright these next two teams might end up needing a lot of work, but here today are the Cleveland Spiders! Logos -Gone is nearly any trace of the Indians identity, and in its place comes an old-timey, throwback look that commends the earlier periods of Cleveland's baseball history. -Yes, I agree that the block C is incredibly boring, but it's the one thing that has been present since Cleveland's inception as a ballclub. If the Browns reverted back to their old set and the Cavs kept what they have now, this set would fit right in with Cleveland's supposedly boring but historic type of branding. -The very arched road wordmark comes from Cleveland's 1920 road set. It matches the current block C perfectly, and would give Cleveland a unique look in baseball. -There is virtually no spider imagery in the branding simply because I couldn't find a way for it to work. Any time I've seen the block C with spider legs I've thought the two elements clash way too much. -I chose brown and red with cream because its a color scheme that has been incorporated by many into Cleveland concepts, and I think it fits the area well as a unique scheme. Uniforms -Although there isn't any spider imagery necessarily, I always envisioned the stripes on the hats, jerseys, and socks as sort of a "spider-webbing" that ties the set together. I know most will probably think that's too Nike-speak, but it works for me. -The road for now is a dusty gray since the look is so common in Cleveland's early days. I might just replace it with brown for the away, I'll see what you guys think. -I fixed an error I noticed in my tweaks series, the striping on the cap no longer goes through the C like it used too, now more accurately throwing back to Cleveland's old hats. -The number font is Staubach, one that better resembles the serifing of the block C. That's all for know, let me know what you guys think!
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    It looks more like a speeding locomotive, or an extended scepter, or basketball sperm. Regardless, it's *bad*. And, it's off-brand. No one can clearly figure out what it is, or what it's suppose to represent. Is the ball whooshing through the D? If so: why introduce motion when the rest of the brand is static?
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    Next team! San Jose Sharks I know this concept has been done many times but you just can't beat the current logo on their original striping. The fin shoulder patches retain orange to compliment the stick on the primary and laceups have been added to compliment the traditional striping. The alternate is a new take on their black armor uniforms with hem stripes added and the new, aggressive shark front and center. C & C appreciated, thank you for looking!
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    I think you're missing his point. Nobody is saying they can just put a full shoulder loop on the latest Nike or Adidas template. The thought is, if a team went to their manufacturer (would have be be a relatively important client for that manufacturer... LSU, or preferably UCLA, who the friggin' stripe is named after) and said, "look, this is our signature... our fans love it, they hate change, our brand depends on it... find a way to create a lightweight, tight-fitting jersey, with as little extra fabric as possible, but still incorporates his type of stripe. It's important to us... we are the client... just do it", it's very very difficult to believe that the experts at these companies couldn't do it. Of course they could. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that's exactly how that jersey that LSU and Ole' Miss have been wearing happened. Nike didn't just decide to do that... one of those teams came to them and complained about the shortening of the stripes, and that was the solution. It's obvious most teams don't care that much, and most fans don't notice, and after a certain amount of time, those stripe are no longer considered cut-off, they just become the norm. But to pretend like there's just no choice... it's garbage. Nike and Adidas sell the schools on this marketing scheme that these tighter, lighter jerseys will help them win (1.234% lighter!! 2.5432% harder to grab!!!) and the schools sign up for the template they want. If it's a traditional school that wants to keep their tradition design, they are probably fine with the compromise of whatever slight alterations have to be made. But don't buy that they have no choice. Here's proof... a few years back, when Michigan was an Adidas school, Jim Harbaugh wanted this uniform; Elasticized cuff stripe that went all the way around, sleeves big enough for a 4" number... as far as I know, that was like no other jersey Adidas manufactured at that time... look at what they produced for pretty much every other team they worked with. But Harbaugh said, "this is what I want" (probably took his shirt off, and went all bug eyed) and they cared enough to actually do it. Obviously, Nike went full Nike on them, but I'd bet that was because they decided it was better marketing to adapt to a Nike template. But don't believe Michigan couldn't have insisted on full wrap-around sleeve cuffs and a number on the sleeve... they always have that option. A template is the manufacturer's business... the dog shouldn't have to be wagged by the tail.
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    Alright well although it was fun to try out a bunch of different possibilities for the Reds, I think I'm just going to revert make to something similar to the tweaks series and just use dark red as an accent. This way the set looks very similar to the old Big Red Machine sets, while still having a shadow. I kept the second white alternate to go with the red pants or for a possible white-out look. This should be the final update before I upload Cleveland later today:
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    Carolina uses an older template. And not all players have that full loop on their jerseys.
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    Maybe he should've gotten a penalty, but offsetting minors that results in a 4 on 4 goal for the Penguins? Give me a break. You should've been on the penalty kill and you know it. Subban never resorted to that level of violence in the previous games. False equivalence. Take off your homer hat for a minute. If that happens to Crosby would you be cool with it? Of course not. Crosby was accidentally ball tapped by Brandon Dubinsky and Penguins fans wanted Dubinsky to face a civil trial. A month later Crosby went out and deliberately did the same thing to Ryan OReilly and it was crickets, and "part of the game". He's the Lebron James of the NHL if Lebron James behaved like Draymond Green. It's disappointing. Thankfully we now have Connor McDavid to provide a good face for the league.
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    Holding someone's leg because they're repeatedly punching your head into the ice isn't even close to matching infractions. It should've been a power play for Nashville, not offsetting minors. One is violent and the other is self-defense and if anyone pulled that on Crosby they would've gotten a game misconduct. Kerry Fraser thought it should've been an extra two for 87. Kerry Fraser was an NHL official for 30 years and will soon be in the Hockey hall of fame so he knows a little bit about what he's talking about.
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    Keep giving corrections! I'll just keep uploading these: Spurs: Nets: Mavericks: Magic:
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    Phoenix Suns slightly altered schemes. I like a lot of the themes and ideas of their current set but i think the execution is wrong. so i tried to keep some of those while creating my own unique version of it .
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    The Bucs SHOULD wear their throwbacks full time...just not their creamsicle ones. These were perfect modern classics...
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    My word, at the very least you could provide some constructive criticism and tell him why you don't like the jerseys
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    I did this up for my (loaded) dynasty fantasy football team.
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    I think they use this style of upper arm stripes because it would be consistent with the rumored info & it would make for suitable striping on both the home & road. If they go with black cuffs, I tried it on my concept and the road didn't look very good. C & C??
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    Ok. I made some more adjustments. Is this better?
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    You were explicitly referring to the dolphins rebooting their brand yet you only used their visual identity to support your argument. Unless you can show something definitive in how the company is being viewed in the marketplace other than aqua/orange/dolphins/nfl football, nothing has changed with the brand. Also you need to provide some data with your 47% statement. Correlation is not causation and there are a variety of mechanisms to drive revenue like changing the season ticket pricing structure that can give you those results. You also then have to compare their revenues to the rest of the league to determine if that rate is on par. You're attributing way too much design with the overall concept of brand marketing and overestimating the effects of changing packaging/graphics on the bottom line IMO.
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    God, that Argos look is awful.
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    identity. and yes, this is why i said "no visuals were thrown out. its all recognizable as the Dolphins. its a new style of the same ideas". that was literally the last sentence of that last post. we're on the same page there, so you actually 100% agree but those changes are significant and they new style "says" something about the new direction of the brand you're crossing Brand and Identity though; they're different things. these numbers are already out there but ill give you a good one: over the last 3 years, team revenue is up 47%— theres a lot of things going into that, but thats done with a mediocre product (football) that made the playoffs for the first time last year since 2008. the point is, when the brand is strong it can withstand a period of inferiority. the Dallas Cowboys are a perfect example of how near 20 years of OK football doesn't stop them from being one of the most profitable and popular teams over that time. its how Apple can turn out worse products than their competitors for years and still have lines out the door when they release a new one. every team is going to have periods where they don't win, so when that happens, what do you have to stand on? it has to be bigger than winning. i suppose there are people that think im making up or something, or maybe im not clear enough in my writing, but what im trying to get across is branding is way more than marketing and way more than a logo and uniform. teams are not just about the sport any more like they were in the 60s. as a sports fan, thats hard to say but it's also truth. so if anyone still reading thinks what i've said is all nonsense just do me one favor and think of this: what teams are known for something more than winning and do well as a business even when they're not? and why is that?
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    I didn't even know these existed. Awesome look... reminds me of this look that I'm dying to be revived by the Marlins...
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    So Pittsburgh won the Cup in their 24th & 25th season and likely will again in their 49th and 50th seasons. Should we expect back to back again in their 74th & 75th? Also in their 2 of their back to back Cups they had three patches on their jerseys 1992... NHL 75 Penguins 25 and 1991 Stanley Cup Final 2017... NHL 100 Penguins 50th and 2017 Stanley Cup Final
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    It was one of the most evenly matched series we've seen, complete with one of the most exciting finishes to a Stanley Cup Final I can remember.
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    Pulisic keeps proving that he isn't a special player just because he's being compared to other American players, but he is in fact a special player because he's a world-class talent. I still can't believe he's just 18 years old. Unreal.
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    However, under that act the area where the Federal Government is located is still called "Washington." The act states, "that portion of said District included within the present limits of the city of Washington shall continue to be known as the city of Washington." Getting back on topic, is there any update on the Washington (who play in Maryland) Redskins and 85th anniversary throwbacks?
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    Phoenix has the perfect logos and colors but somehow they keep screwing their court. You can't go wrong with orange and purple, unless you're the Suns.
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    DP is cool but too similar to the LAC Clippers logo
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    It's shameful that in a series where LeBron's averaging a triple-double against the most stacked team ever and is clearly the best player on the court, the narrative is that Durant has passed him by as the league's best player. Never mind the fact that Durant isn't even the clear-cut best player on his own team right now. Even worse is that after scoring 7 of the Cavs' 19 fourth-quarter points, we're back to the vintage 2011 Hot Takes that LeBron is a "choker" and "scared of the moment" because he passed to one of the best three-point shooters in the league. Seriously? If we're being honest here, the Cavs didn't lose because of anything LeBron did. They lost because LeBron couldn't even sit for two minutes without the Cavs getting outscored by double digits. LeBron has been giving it his all in a series where his team never had a chance. He should be praised for playing with so much heart. Instead, this series is actually going to hurt his legacy! The NBA has the worst media and fans of any sport and it's not even close.
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    Battle of Ontario Governor's Cup All-American Clash
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