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    My goal (pun) was to simplify the current Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy primary logo a little more. So the word "GALAXY" has been replaced by, well, a galaxy! The 3-color quasar remains for reason of recognition value. Gone is the stereotype soccer shield which, I think, makes a nice change. Link to current LA Galaxy logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/wcwwzw1ysgmdcgkguwof/LA_Galaxy/2007/Primary_Logo
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    The Lightning did it for them.
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    /// Hey, the Boston Celtics have a recognizable logo. The only problem is that on a small scale, it is extremely hard to replicate. I wanted to create a simple yet effective mark that could take the place of the leprechaun at times when an easier to produce logo is needed. It comes in a one color variation and a two color variation.
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    If it's what the people want:
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    So next is Coco's idea and by far the most drastic change yet, based off of the Braves nickname, The Atlanta Peach Clobbers! 'The one thing people think of when they think of Georgia is the ever famous Georgia Peach, so it makes perfect sense to base Atlanta's team on the fuzzy fruit. The new peach mascot P.J. is a symbol of combined fun & focus and the design as a whole is fresh and bright with a few subtle nods to the 70's Braves, lowercase a included. The Clobbers have multiple cap logos including two monograms resembling peaches, a and PC, P.J. doing a Schwarzenegger pose, a muscle and a leaf the first four of which have a fuzzy texture to them. All peach-colored jersey logos are also fuzzy. In addition to the lowercase a main cap logo, the home and road jerseys feature a leaf on each sleeve resembling the feather logo in use from 72-79.'
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    This is a historic day in the history of these boards.
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    But... is the jersey white and gold or black and blue?????????
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    With individualized sock designs, pant lengths, compression sleeves, undershirts, and necklaces, I thought every week was "Players' Weekend" in MLB...
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    Man, I hope those of you whining about Durant have never taken a new job at a better company for more money with a great boss, more talented and friendly coworkers, a closer commute, and in a city that you happen to really like. No, you stay at the same job with the company you helped get off the ground but may have hit their ceiling, with that one coworker who is always going rogue and is a pain in the ass to work with (despite his talent), in a city that doesn't really have anything to offer you like the man of principle you are.
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    I think Facebook is confused.
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    Next up, the Reds rebranded as part of their old nickname, the Cincinnati Red Machine! Here's the (un)official statement: 'For the Red Machine (I) wanted to give them a fun, mechanical theme so (I) decided to create an identity centered around red gears, which is the new symbol of Cincinnati baseball. (I) also wanted to put an important meaning behind the machine in the middle of the new primary roundel, which is in the 9 gears. The 4 gears with the smaller, hollow white gear in the middle, the 3 with the solid white gear in the middle, and the 2 with the small, white circle represent the Infield, Outfield, and Pitcher and Catcher, respectively, all connected as a team. This is also represented in the on-field cap logos, which are different with each position, different gears all working towards the same goal. Caps also now feature player numbers on the back, so they can now be bought like player jerseys with the corresponding number and cap logo. More so throughout the design the whimsical, mechanical theme is featured, specifically in the alternate cap logo and new mascot, RedBot.'
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    Up next the three we have are... First up, the Magic! Gave them a completely new wordmark on the front of the jersey, and crafted up a new logo for them on the shorts. Went with the sublimated stars on the white jersey like they've had in the past but scrapped the black for a cleaner blue/silver/white look. Next are the Kings! Honestly this isn't a very creative concept, I'll admit that. But I've never once liked the Kings uniforms, and never understood their color scheme in regards to their name. I scrapped the black and updated the silver to a more tealish/sword color. Gave them a new wordmark and simplified the jersey base. And lastly, the Grizzlies! Brought back the old Vancouver script and removed the unnecessary yellow from the color scheme and tried my best to emphasize the beautiful shades of blue that they currently have.
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    Alright! So the Mets are up, although i didn't go the Amazin' route. Here's my would-be statement from Brandiose: '(My) main approach for the Mets was to give them a more tangible identity. So (I) ended up reaching deep into New York's brilliant history, focusing on the construction and early days of their extensive, historic subway system. Now renamed the Long Island Metropolitans, the Mets color status has been altered to better fit with their new identity. Charcoal contrasted by stark white now takes center stage, reflecting an all-business mentality with vibrant blue and orange providing a burst of energy and heart. The main logo takes on the shape of the Brooklyn Superbas 1910 logo, the first MLB team to play baseball in the great state of New York, and features the Metropolitans new mascot Maxwell, a turn of the century era train conductor, along with simplified elevated subway tracks taking the place of the bridge. The new font used throughout the logo set is early 1900s style art deco helping further to embody New York a century ago. Lastly, a logo resembling a subway sign worn on the back of every jersey, directing towards Queens, the site of Citi Field, features the years the Mets have won either the World Series or N.L. Pennant. In essence, the Metropolitans new look signifies the history of New York, the kind of hard work it was built on, and an identity Mets fans can gather behind.'
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    After a long hiatus I'm back with a newish stadium That I modified to fit both football and baseball it's for a fictional university me and one of my friends are doing.
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    Maybe a public forum where everyone is allowed to share their opinion isn't the place for you if you're unable to deal with someone saying "I like Johnny Canuck" without ranting about everyone else being "uneducated." Stick around if you want, but maybe stop labouring under the assumption your opinions are anything but subjective.
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    Did everyone on these boards just see this for the first time? Including me? I'm amazed.
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    Retro-inspired uniforms for Penn State, to be worn Sept. 30th against Indiana. Rather than posting the release video they tweeted out, I figured I'd just post the screenshots showing all of the features:
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    Why? It makes absolutely zero sense. It's called your "home COLORS" for a reason. The stadium, field art, logo, seats, apparel, are all adorned in your COLORS, not white.
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    Ok well before I go further into the expansion teams, here are 3 more concepts. I'm gonna be honest and say as I'm running out of teams, it is clear that I saved teams for last that I didn't have a lot of inspiration for. I'll be the first to admit that the rest of these teams may not be as great as I would like them to be but hopefully after coming back and updating/revising the rest of the league I can improve these. First up, the Hawks! Went with an updated version of their classic uni from the 90's while using their even older color scheme. With the top of the uniform being the way it was, I honestly had a lot trouble with the shorts design. Not completely sold on this design but I grabbed inspiration from the shorts design from this original uniform. Next is the Mavericks! This is another team that I was pretty lost on. First I decided to update the blue color scheme and add a teal/mint green color similar to what they have used in the past. The rest of the design is pretty much just freelance creativity for a team that I thought have never really had a good set of uniforms. Last is the Jazz! I knew where I wanted to go with the Jazz, but I'm still not entirely sure how to execute it. I definitely wanted to involve the mountains in the design but it became clear to me that this may be hard without making a cluttered jersey. So as usual, but even more so on this set, I would love an appreciate all the criticisms and ideas I can get for these!
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    Ok so here we have the final 3 concepts of the series, before I update each team! First up are the Raptors! This is definitely a concept that I will probably be completely overhauling in the second go around. I tried as hard as I could on the Raptors and for some reason I just couldn't get any creative ideas for them. I love the idea of black and gold for them, but will have to work on the overall design. Next are the Suns! Tried my best to incorporate the sunset motif for them, I feel like it works well but I will definitely be making some improvements later on. Lastly, the Nuggets! Went with the candy striping from inspiration from their alternates this past year (based on the old rainbow striped uni's) and tried to go with a more "mining" style for the overall uniform. Couldn't decide which logo I liked more on top of the wordmark so here are two versions and hopefully you guys have a stronger opinion on one or the other and can help me decide!
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    Can't wait to tell this story to my grandkids.
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    The Bat Signal shines on LA City Hall
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    They could wear these full time and I'd be perfectly fine with it.
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    You sound like a stuck up snob.
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    Sidebar to the subject of this thread...my wife and I were at dinner the other night. Me: "I am so glad the Saints are finally ditching the 'toilet seat' collars." Her: "Do you know how sad that is?"
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    Well, that Memphis Hustle font looks like it's plucked straight from MHE, a material handling equipment company in Asia.
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    Just wanted to share my edits for the new Cavs logos. I eliminated all of the black and flattened the 'C'. Also, I added the flag logo as I thought it fit in well with the new set. On top are the official logos, below are my edited ones.
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    Thanks for the C+C guys, I really appreciate it. Well, here's the next one! CLEVELAND INDIANS, PT. II - A Guardian Spirit What if the Indians decided that their name was too linked to Wahoo? What if the team decided to ditch all Native American imagery in favor of a new identity? Well, here's a potential new identity. I decided to not use any names from the club's past. "Blues" was too close to Blue Jays for my liking, and the name is already used by St. Louis' NHL team. I didn't like "Naps," and "Spiders" was too closely tied to the literal worst team in professional baseball's history. A new name would have to have a Cleveland-oriented theme to it. When looking at local architecture and other "new name" Indians concepts, I hit upon a basis for a new identity - the Guardians of Traffic on the Hope Memorial Bridge (an unknown artist and Christian Colbert were the Guardian concepts that inspired my redesign). These art deco sculptures, which reside about a half-mile away from Progressive Field, are Cleveland icons. Using them as the basis of an identity could work (a roller derby team already uses them). So, I decided to build the logos, striping, and fonts around the aesthetics of the statues. I picked maroon and orange to be the new colors. It's unused at the major-league level, and it looks fantastic on Virginia Tech. There's also the Cleveland connection, with the Cavaliers' maroon (wine) and the Browns' orange (a connection made by another poster, but I can't find the post). I added in the Minnesota Wild's wheat color for the statue's face, as both maroon and orange faces looked strange. The primary logo is a rendering of the statue from right side of the top picture of Paul Duda's gallery. I based the style of the portrait around both the Ottawa Senator's updated 2D logo and the Boston/Milwaukee Braves' 1945-55 Native American portrait. The font is a modified version of Marthas, the same font I used in my Pilots concept, as I thought it worked with the statues' lines and composition. The tertiary logo incorporates the shading pattern from the top of the statues (recreated in this poster), and references 1901 as a founding date (new name, same old club). The uniform stripes (on the sleeves, pants, and socks) incorporate the center pattern of the statues. It gives the team a bit more of a modern twist to their design. The number font is the Tampa Bay Lightning's current font, as I felt that a modern block font (with angled edges) was a more "grounded" look than a display font. The Guardian logo is on the sleeves, serving the same function as Wahoo does now. The number on the uniforms is #32, for Hope Memorial Bridge's opening date of 1932. The alternates are also pretty standard. The Guardian moves to the hat on the home/road alternate, mimicking the current Wahoo home cap. The Sunday alternate is a classic-cut vest fauxback-ing to the 1965-69 uniforms that I love so much. These don't have the art deco stripes (aside from the socks), as vests don't need big stripes. While I doubt the "Indians" name will go away, I hope that my concept illustrates a good path for the Indians to take their brand if they wanted to go local and gain a unique color scheme. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, the Detroit Tigers!
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    I'd say some here are showing their true colors by victim blaming a guy who just got shot by a nutjob while playing baseball, but honestly it isn't like they tend to hide their lack of civility around here anyways. I don't really agree with Scalise's politics, but to play the "Karma" card is short-sighted, tasteless and quite frankly even more proof that both sides have completely tossed aside any sense of decency in the name of "winning the sport of politics"
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    Indulge me in reposting the greatest Donald Sterling material of all time:
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    They almost never wear their best possible home combo: columbia blue over white. Honestly, I'd like to see the Titans do a redesign centered around the columbia blue-over-white look.
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    I get why people liked the SiR. It's part of an age when the aesthetic conventions of sports design leaned towards depicting equipment over nicknames, and worked with simple curves and color distributions. What I don't get is why people like the skate. The thing barely looks like a skate, is a messy blob from any considerable distance, and bears a strong resemblance to a 15 year-old's attempt to recreate the cover of Judas Priest's 1982 album Screaming for Vengeance (an album that came out after the redesign, but I think my point stands). Yeah, it's associated with two Stanley Cup runs, but it's so ugly. At least the bland SiR wasn't ugly.
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    It's the six year anniversary of the last time it was good to be a Canucks fan so... Vancouver Canucks Although there's nothing I would change about the Canucks current uniforms I thought I'd give Johnny Canuck a try on their classic template. The alternate forgoes the royal blue for navy and uses the Canuck head. C & C appreciated as always, thanks for looking!
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    The Kings did wear that combination exactly once. On March 13, 1997, they wore that jersey (and matching socks) for their 30th Anniversary, but with their regular black helmets and pants. This is the only picture I've ever found of it.
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    Thank you all for your concepts and criticisms once again, I know I haven't changed much but once all 30 teams are posted I am going to go through and update each one until I feel it is much improved over the first. I also may dive into starting a small expansion project with cities like Seattle, St. Louis, KC, etc. but we'll see about that later on. For now, here are the Clippers! This is personally my favorite concept of the series so far. It is basically just a re-rendering of my full Clippers rebrand I posted on the boards a year or two ago. I absolutely hate the Clippers new identity, and did my best to completely erase it from memory. I tried to give the team and fans a new Identity that they could be 100% happy with, while keeping it completely unique and out of the box as well. I went heavy on the Nautical theme, given the teams colors and name, I embedded nautical stripes on the side while using a new secondary logo that I made and implemented that onto the shorts design. Also the blue stripe features a subtle rope pattern to really tie it all together. Lastly, the three flags on the shorts spell "LAC" in the nautical alphabet. and here is the secondary logo I made, featured on the shorts in blue obviously but... Up next is the reigning world champs, the Cavs! I personally like their current look, so didn't do anything to the top of the jerseys, just changed the shorts to give them a more modern look. Personally I feel that when Nike takes over the NBA they will do something really cool with the Cavs considering the whole Lebron/Nike deal their, but for now I kept it simple. And lastly, I know I promised the Jazz but I don't like the way they are looking right now so I am going ahead with the Spurs! Decided to completely scrap their current, extremely boring look and give them something fresh. While using a new font for the wordmark and numbers, I scrapped the grey because I felt like it muddied the uniforms and decided to only use a much more contrasting black and white. Once again I know people may not be fans of this font, but I feel like it really suites the Spurs well, although it may be something that I come back and change in the end. Lastly I decided to give them an asymmetric shorts design, with the state of Texas on the shorts because I felt like it gave them a very vintage look to go with the more modern top.
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    I actually that going back to these would be an upgrade for the Pacers current bland look. Another unpopular opinion: pinstripes look really good on a basketball uniform
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    Incorrect. The underside of the stripes are WHITE vinyl. No transparency whatsoever. (See pictured) The "scuff mark" you're referring to was the aforementioned lens flare. Looks to me like the stripes start out as white, and then get printed orange and blue. Obviously they get die cut after. At least you know that if you ever get a Bronco helmet elsewhere and it doesn't have the navy trim on the stripes/decals, call the cops, cuz you've been rooked.
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    I really like these uniforms
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    Alright guys, I'm pretty excited to show you all today's team, the Houston Astros! Logos -Naturally, with Detroit having the same color scheme right before them, the Astros are a team in need of a color change for my series. Although there are certainly other schemes in Houston's past that I could revert back to, I've personally found them to be rather bland, or to not even fit the identity at all. Instead, I opted to go for a completely new color scheme. Inspired by the colors of deep space, I decided to incorporate a "deep space purple" first seen in @raysox's wonderful Astros concept. Although I decided to keep the current orange instead of burnt orange and cream, credit goes to him for the original idea. -I decided to remove the beveling and outlines from all the logos in order to create a more flat, modern, and minimalist look, that at the same time harkens more directly to the Astros' past. -Although I love how @mmejia described the color scheme that greatly inspired my tweaks set, the "tequila sunrise" no longer represents the fire and propulsion of a rocket against the navy blue space, but for this series it represents the diverse spectrum of colors you could see while exploring the ventures of deep space. Uniforms -This set for the most part follows the same template of my tweaks series, but with the new color scheme and logos incorporated. -To include all of the colors seen in the set, white outlines have been added around the uniform parts with either a purple or an orange background, namely the away uniform, the alternates, and the socks. -For this set I decided to add a tequila sunrise alternate, but with the colors descending in sequential order just like everywhere else in the set, in order to match. I'm interested to see what you all think of the Astros, all comments are appreciated!
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    Thank you all for the comments and criticism! I really enjoy reading the ideas on here especially while I'm doing updates. Here is my second update of the series so far, the Cavs! Implemented the new font (cut the Caveliers down to Cavs) and the number font. Updated the color palette ad fixed the shorts logos! Let me know if you guys like this better than the original or if you think there are still some major improvements to make!
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    The QB of the Bears' lone Super Bowl champion, and in many ways the man who personified that team's attitude, played for the hated-rival Packers. That, my friend, is the definition of a player in the wrong uniform.
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    The very essence of this thread:
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    I've gone ahead and added a new alternate for the Mariners in neon green with neon green pants featuring the trident logo on the chest, created a new orange alternate for the Mets, and also corrected the Brewers logo to feature the "new" script. And now for team #30, the Cleveland Indians Tribe. With the new name, Chief Wahoo is completely removed and a new font is introduced (using the font "Timao Terceiro 2016" from fontsbyconrad). The new team logo is a "C" with a feather in team colors (now including gold). The new logo is on the sleeves, while the caps feature the feather. An alternate home uniform is added with a feather on the placket as the letter "I" in "Tribe". To everybody who has enjoyed (or at least viewed) these concepts, THANK YOU!