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    My goal (pun) was to simplify the current Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy primary logo a little more. So the word "GALAXY" has been replaced by, well, a galaxy! The 3-color quasar remains for reason of recognition value. Gone is the stereotype soccer shield which, I think, makes a nice change. Link to current LA Galaxy logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/wcwwzw1ysgmdcgkguwof/LA_Galaxy/2007/Primary_Logo
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    This is a historic day in the history of these boards.
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    I think Facebook is confused.
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    Maybe a public forum where everyone is allowed to share their opinion isn't the place for you if you're unable to deal with someone saying "I like Johnny Canuck" without ranting about everyone else being "uneducated." Stick around if you want, but maybe stop labouring under the assumption your opinions are anything but subjective.
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    The Lightning did it for them.
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    Can't wait to tell this story to my grandkids.
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    Because it looks cheap, and is kinda dumb. Why not just have a sticker with a transparent background? It's like a gum ball helmet... only bigger.
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    Thanks for the C+C guys, I really appreciate it. Well, here's the next one! CLEVELAND INDIANS, PT. II - A Guardian Spirit What if the Indians decided that their name was too linked to Wahoo? What if the team decided to ditch all Native American imagery in favor of a new identity? Well, here's a potential new identity. I decided to not use any names from the club's past. "Blues" was too close to Blue Jays for my liking, and the name is already used by St. Louis' NHL team. I didn't like "Naps," and "Spiders" was too closely tied to the literal worst team in professional baseball's history. A new name would have to have a Cleveland-oriented theme to it. When looking at local architecture and other "new name" Indians concepts, I hit upon a basis for a new identity - the Guardians of Traffic on the Hope Memorial Bridge (an unknown artist and Christian Colbert were the Guardian concepts that inspired my redesign). These art deco sculptures, which reside about a half-mile away from Progressive Field, are Cleveland icons. Using them as the basis of an identity could work (a roller derby team already uses them). So, I decided to build the logos, striping, and fonts around the aesthetics of the statues. I picked maroon and orange to be the new colors. It's unused at the major-league level, and it looks fantastic on Virginia Tech. There's also the Cleveland connection, with the Cavaliers' maroon (wine) and the Browns' orange (a connection made by another poster, but I can't find the post). I added in the Minnesota Wild's wheat color for the statue's face, as both maroon and orange faces looked strange. The primary logo is a rendering of the statue from right side of the top picture of Paul Duda's gallery. I based the style of the portrait around both the Ottawa Senator's updated 2D logo and the Boston/Milwaukee Braves' 1945-55 Native American portrait. The font is a modified version of Marthas, the same font I used in my Pilots concept, as I thought it worked with the statues' lines and composition. The tertiary logo incorporates the shading pattern from the top of the statues (recreated in this poster), and references 1901 as a founding date (new name, same old club). The uniform stripes (on the sleeves, pants, and socks) incorporate the center pattern of the statues. It gives the team a bit more of a modern twist to their design. The number font is the Tampa Bay Lightning's current font, as I felt that a modern block font (with angled edges) was a more "grounded" look than a display font. The Guardian logo is on the sleeves, serving the same function as Wahoo does now. The number on the uniforms is #32, for Hope Memorial Bridge's opening date of 1932. The alternates are also pretty standard. The Guardian moves to the hat on the home/road alternate, mimicking the current Wahoo home cap. The Sunday alternate is a classic-cut vest fauxback-ing to the 1965-69 uniforms that I love so much. These don't have the art deco stripes (aside from the socks), as vests don't need big stripes. While I doubt the "Indians" name will go away, I hope that my concept illustrates a good path for the Indians to take their brand if they wanted to go local and gain a unique color scheme. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, the Detroit Tigers!
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    Ok so here we have the final 3 concepts of the series, before I update each team! First up are the Raptors! This is definitely a concept that I will probably be completely overhauling in the second go around. I tried as hard as I could on the Raptors and for some reason I just couldn't get any creative ideas for them. I love the idea of black and gold for them, but will have to work on the overall design. Next are the Suns! Tried my best to incorporate the sunset motif for them, I feel like it works well but I will definitely be making some improvements later on. Lastly, the Nuggets! Went with the candy striping from inspiration from their alternates this past year (based on the old rainbow striped uni's) and tried to go with a more "mining" style for the overall uniform. Couldn't decide which logo I liked more on top of the wordmark so here are two versions and hopefully you guys have a stronger opinion on one or the other and can help me decide!
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    Sam Hinkie sacrificed competition to win lottery night (and only lottery night). He did the equivalent of spending your salary on lottery tickets.
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    I prefer both the Orca and Johnny Canuck to this.
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    Incorrect. The underside of the stripes are WHITE vinyl. No transparency whatsoever. (See pictured) The "scuff mark" you're referring to was the aforementioned lens flare. Looks to me like the stripes start out as white, and then get printed orange and blue. Obviously they get die cut after. At least you know that if you ever get a Bronco helmet elsewhere and it doesn't have the navy trim on the stripes/decals, call the cops, cuz you've been rooked.
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    He's a lumberjack, and he's OK.
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    Every time I look at it now, it looks like he's wearing a red football jersey with shoulder pads, with a black capped sleeve with the leaf logo, and a white compression shirt underneath.
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    Alright here is a set using the space-age font, as suggested by @SFGiants58 and using the updated fonts from Uni-Watch poster Matt Malinoski. I kept the no outline wordmarks, as it allows them to be bolder and more modern. Is this look better? Worse? Let me know.
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    Everyone in this thread be like...
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    Columbus is MLS 1.0. IF FCC gets into MLS, it's what would be MLS 3.0. And yes, I understand that Columbus Crew Stadium 'technically' kicked off the MLS 2.0 era, it really is the turning point, but it didn't ride the wave like Home Depot Center (StubHub Center now), etc. The fans in Columbus by and large still think of the Crew as the team in 1996 playing at Ohio Stadium. A minor league team. Not 'cool'. It doesn't have prestige. When it did get its own stadium, it was a simply erector set constructed north of the city at the Fairgrounds off I-71. It's lack of amenities is notable. It'd make an amazing high school football stadium. But, for MLS, it's not even suburban but not even urban. It's in that in-between zone that just questions why it is there. It's there because it was a quick construction as Ohio Stadium was undergoing renovations and kicked them out. But it led to MLS 2.0. The glut of new stadiums around the country and moving mostly out of the behemoth NFL venues led the way for MLS to be 'big time'. But, 2.0 was all suburban stadiums. Far from downtown. Bridgeview, Commerce City, Sandy, Carson, Frisco, Chester, etc. But, as popularity gained steam for new markets, those new markets have come in like gangbusters. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal, Orlando, Atlanta, etc. Even Kansas City reinvented itself into MLS 3.0 with their new venue and though straying outside KCMO, it's planted in a good location in KCK by the NASCAR track, a baseball stadium, Cabelas, and easily accessible. For proximity to downtown, it's not bad. But, Atlanta is a perfect example of what MLS 3.0 has become. These new cities untouched by MLS 1.0 or even 2.0 see a new team as 'major league' and their support of it is seen as such. And yes, Minnesota is disappointing, if only because you compare it to Atlanta's impressive sellouts. Every 'new' team MLS gains now is going to be primed for successul the same manner as Atlanta. It will be major league in their eyes. FCC, Sacramento Republic, San Diego, NCFC, Indy, Phoenix Rising, etc. If/when they get teams, they will be met by fans like major league teams joining their cities. Nowhere the way the first MLS teams joined. And not even the SSS wave of 2.0. The problem is, all those 1.0 teams are still meandering about either trying to 'reintroduce themselves' to their home market a second time (making a second first impression is difficult). LA Galaxy, you would think, would be huge. But, you can almost gaurantee that LAFC will be the team of 3.0, while Galaxy will be quite clearly the older, burnout brother sleeping on the couch. MLS 4.0 will be in 10-20 years when some of these MLS 2.0 stadiums are going to be replaced. When you see if they have reached the marketshare where they do get the coveted downtown stadium. Columbus is already looking at stadiums closer to downtown near the Arena District or Huntington Park. Where there will be nightlife around the stadium. Bars and restaurants before games, etc. Where the team will actually mean something instead of that weird yellow building you see driving down I-71 that houses a soccer team.
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    LOOKIT THAT WALL IN RIGHT. They tore down the Metrodome to build a more expensive Metrodome!
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    Did everyone on these boards just see this for the first time? Including me? I'm amazed.
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    I was telling my gf earlier about this whole ordeal with the "Broncos helmet fiasco & message board people". She said "that's all interesting, but who REALLY cares about a stupid football helmet stripe?" THAT'S WHY I LOVE THIS PLACE.
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    Team handball is like something your gym teacher invents because it's raining out.
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    First real shots of the Chelsea home shirt: Also, Bayern has made some small tweaks to their crest:
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    I'm pretty sure the only reason the Orioles started wearing it was to declare themselves as "Maryland's team" and ward off their Maryland fans jumping ship to the Nationals. Heck, the year the flag patch debuted (2009), was the same year that the team brought back the "Baltimore" script on their road grays. Peter Angelos was always the most vocal opponent to the return of baseball to Washington, D.C. After realizing he couldn't keep a team away, the Orioles' marketing strategy shifted towards a Maryland/Baltimore-oriented approach to their identity.
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    Here's an update on the set with a *slightly* more purple version of the shade. I also lightened up the second purple to blend better with the red. Thank you for the kind words! I would agree with you on both fronts, the simple outlines for the Tigers really did wonders, and I also found the 4th Astros logo to be my personal favorite, so that is now designated as the primary. As for updating the font, I'll start working on a set now that incorporates it! That color blender tool seems awesome too, I can definitely try that out in the process.
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    Now you're just ranting.
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    I know this game has been in the news quite a bit in the past two days, but I've been a lover of the Congressional Baseball Game (CBG) for years. I like baseball, I like politics (this thread won't be (too) political, I swear), and I like the symbolism of our national leaders engaging in our national pastime for a day. I've always wished it was bigger, the way it (allegedly) was back in the 20s, when they wore party uniforms and had cheerleaders and elephants, so with all the brouhaha surrounding this year's game (Congratulations to the Democrats on their win and taking the series lead), I decided to break out my trusty old MS Paint and see what I could whip up. Note that both teams are, to some extent, what I think the teams would wear, and that I may take a couple (maybe more than a couple) of light hearted jabs at both sides. The Home Squad As I worked, a world emerged. The home team in white will always be the team that controls the House of Representatives, because the CBG was originally by practice, though not by statute, House only, and because to quote my old little league coach, someone has to bat first. In this case, that means Speaker Ryan and the Republicans get last licks. The GOP is by nature pretty old fashioned, stuck in its ways. We think we have a good thing going for us and see no reason to change it. Our team of old fogies is therefore in very conservative, perhaps even bland uniforms. A modified (removed the cut, moved the stars down) Republican elephant in white adorns a red-crown-white-bill cap, and the jerseys have... an R. It stands for Republican, you know. We just thought of that. The pants are a little funkier. As fans (okay, fan) of my New York Townball series (which I solemnly swear will be coming back, today was a rare off day in a busy season) will know, I like to play around with belt loops. For the GOP, wearing a Republican Red belt, their loops are blue and white (hey, it's red, white, and blue that way!). The pants are adorned with stripes whose width is, like our platform, stuck in yesteryear. The socks might be what I'm most proud of, you'll see them on the Dems, too. If you start at the bottom white stripe and count up, or from the top red stripe and count down, you'll get sixteen, the chronological number of the first Republican President, bAbe Lincoln. The Visitors I'll be honest, I'm less proud of this one, I think you'll see why. I thought to myself, "Self, what's more 2017 Democratic Party than really old people trying to appeal to the youth?" So when baseball fans Pokemon Go to the ballpark, they're going to see some gratuitous black in the mix here, which actually ended up looking pretty good with the Democrat blue. Black cap with the blue D and a blue brim (dammit, I love that hat I designed). The jersey was really tricky. No matter what gray I tried, the blue (which is the proper color, and which looks decent elsewhere, was all but unreadable (kind of like Obamacare) across the front, and I couldn't give it an outline that worked (or at all, I'm not quite there yet skill-wise). I considered making the jersey black (I have a version like that saved still), but in the end I settled on DEMOCRATS across the front in black. The font is the official party font (or one that looks a lot like it, anyway, I can't afford the real one #WeAreThe99). Pants are very nice and simple, with a blue belt held up by red and white loops, over the socks. It really doesn't work as well with the Democrats, the Presidential stripes, if only because they got started earlier and sixteen looks better than seven, and the odd number meant the whole sock had to be white so we didn't honor John Quincy Adams instead, Democratic-Republican that he was. So, yeah. There we go. Republicans v. Democrats. Elephants v. Donkeys. Right v. Left. Thoughts? Suggestions? Deletions? Comments? Interruptions? Expletives? If a mod thinks this post is too political, let me know, I'll remove the comments and what have you.
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    I'd imagine that Timberwolves wordmark would be more suited for the baseline on the court than a uniform. My guess on the uniform wordmarks:
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    I think we broke the thread
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    It's not only a modern classic, but the most revolutionary and influential uniform in NFL history.
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    Definitely silver/grey
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    Still can't believe the Mets ditched the racing stripe uniforms for Sunday, even though it was supposed to be a one-season thing. I've said this before, and I may catch some flak for this and say it again, but this is another look that needs to be permanent.
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    Come on. Hal, turn down the nicknames. Guys, say that a player can't do best than that uniform. I'm fine with whatever people want on eye black, bats, sleeves, I'll take red friggin' socks if they keep the names off the back. I'm more of the school that darker caps generally look more aesthetically pleasing on the road. I'd rather see them a night or two a week at Fenway, the way the Phillies, White Sox, Pirates, Brewers, and Diamondbacks wear their throwbacks. Same for the Twins' red cap and Homerdome throwbacks. Actually, can we put that Twins uni on the best pullovers list?
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    Boy, you gotta be awfully careful about implementing an "SS" monogram, no matter how many people in Bridgeport and Mount Greenwood would be totally cool with it.
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    The pictures are filtered like God is smiling upon Adidas. Not every team is getting a new shade.
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    But... is the jersey white and gold or black and blue?????????
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    Retro-inspired uniforms for Penn State, to be worn Sept. 30th against Indiana. Rather than posting the release video they tweeted out, I figured I'd just post the screenshots showing all of the features:
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    Of course it looks the same. It's a cliche. I'm here all week, folks. Enjoy the prime rib.
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    Fixed the first issue, my apologies. And for the primary, are you saying maybe something like this? I'll adjust the name font of course if this works. I really appreciate it. I hadn't thought about it before, though I know it is something they've done in their past. I could maybe try it out.
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    The sleeve colors are good. But instead of sublimated stripes on the blue, maybe sublimated stars?
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    UAB I liked UAB's most recent Nike set than their UA set so much, that I decided to retain the dragon scales on the sleeves, though the pattern is toned down on the dark uniforms. Also, the scales make an appearance on the helmet design, and the dragon head logo becomes smaller. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3:
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    Marquee of '93 All-American Clash Pacific Territories
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    Luckily... I've got an authentic. I can upload pics! Here's what we got- three individual stripes - all navy/orange/navy. It's just all.... Weird. But, it's still the jewel of my collection. Parson the lens flare, by the way.
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    Why don't you go study the Mariners' jerseys for a few weeks?
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    These aren't good uniforms, even without the sleeves... Bland font, plus the stars and panels don't look good in black and white.
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