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    I like how the Adidas tag is still there.
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    So today, I have the first of the American League teams to show you guys. The first team from the AL West is the Anaheim Angels. They are no longer the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, just Anaheim. Less is more for the Angels, as far as I'm concerned. I removed all of the beveling in the logos and wordmarks and changed the halo to gold. I think the Angels look great when they utilize navy just as much as red, but I also like the concept of the Angels being the red team in the AL while their neighbors, the Dodgers, are the blue team of the NL. The Angels will remain predominately red with some touches of blue in the scripts and logos. The jersey scripts are now straight, not arched, no more red-on-red caps or jerseys. the left sleeve of each jersey features a new alternate baseball-wearing-halo logo. The alternate white cap draws the halo from historical Angels caps and the alternate batting Practice/Spring training jersey is paired with a blue-billed, red cap. Well, that's it for the redesigned Anaheim Angels. Stay tuned for the next team. As always, Thanks for taking a look and any comments are always appreciated.
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    Thanks, Lights Out! Here's the logo in two different colorations, 1996-2003 (black, teal, gold) and 2004-2007 (black, green, gold)
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    So while I'm currently working on my NIKE NBA series, I thought I'd take a little break and work on some NCAA concepts. These are just some alternates for some random NCAA teams I found interesting. Enjoy and please let me know how you like them! First round of three here with many more to come!
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    My goal (pun) was to simplify the current Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy primary logo a little more. So the word "GALAXY" has been replaced by, well, a galaxy! The 3-color quasar remains for reason of recognition value. Gone is the stereotype soccer shield which, I think, makes a nice change. Link to current LA Galaxy logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/wcwwzw1ysgmdcgkguwof/LA_Galaxy/2007/Primary_Logo
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    Waldo. I know we need to keep making new designs for the sake of merchandise, but I'd prefer if the U.S. stuck to a Waldo design as their primary through every cycle and then rotated in new clash kits for people to throw their money at. As someone else said, if you're going to put white stars on blue sleeves, go the whole way and make the bars white and red. Either way, this is a big step after the last two abominations.
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    First real leak and it's better than Conrad's mockup since the stars are smaller. Also looks like there are sublimated stars on the blue stripes. Fun kit overall but as a traditionalist, I would have preferred no large stars. Perhaps a small ring of them around the collar would have been subtle and appropriate but this is a touch too loud if I was calling the shots. Nonetheless, it's fun and one of our better kits the last few years.
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    If the jersey turns out something like this after edits from that possible prototype, I could get used to it. I'm not saying it's better than the throwback being promoted, but at least it's just the Gretzky-era inverted.
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    Cubs vs. Mets Pizza Night, Deep Dish vs. Thin Crust, all set up. Great Idea! This seems like it would be great for one of those wacky uniform nights for charity, although those aren't usually linked to Brandiose in any way. However I could figure something out with it, I like the idea. Yeah, that probably wouldn't go over too well. I wouldn't make a weed logo anyway, and I'm not 100% sure the mods would even allow it. Would be pretty funny to see that on-field though .
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    The New York Imperials unveiled an updated logo over the offseason, the first time that they've made any change since 1960. Old Logo: New Logo: The logo itself is basically unchanged - they simply added an outline to the old one. The most significant difference is that they've modified their color scheme, switching to a brighter red and dropping grey as a secondary color. This is an idea that has been kicked around for a few years, but the loss in the recent Victory Bowl convinced them to finally pull the trigger. After winning four of the first five championships, New York is now in the midst of a 33-year title drought, and have lost four Victory Bowls (1955, 1956, 1968, and 1983) in that span. The new, cleaner look is meant to symbolize a fresh start, and a renewed effort to bring a title to the Empire State, instead of reliving the glory of teams that played during the Truman Administration. Old Uniform: New Uniform: The uniform blends the fresh new color scheme with some traditional elements. Other than the updated logo and color scheme, none of the patterns on the uniform changed at all. Two changes were made for superstitious reasons. The helmets will be red, and the team will wear white at home, both of which were true in the 1940s and 50s. Obviously, there is no reason to think that the color of the helmet or jersey will have an impact on how well the team plays, but it can't hurt to try, right? Here is the updated look on a sig: http://orig10.deviantart.net/724d/f/2017/168/2/2/player_ny_adams_by_verasthebrujah-dbd3fj4.jpg
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    A double play here- that's rookie Jim Thome in the Major League II Indians uniform set (same as their ones worn in the first movie, but with racing stripes, which is why I call those two uniform sets after the two Major League movies- they are synonymous with them), and wearing #6 (and not the more famous #25).
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    Reminds me of the Rankin Bass logo, but much less legible.
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    The wordmark is fine, boring but better. The logo is trash tho, patreon is pong now?
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    Every fanbase sucks. If you became a BYU fan you'd just hear about how much Utah sucks. It's what rivals do.
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    Totally agreed. If this is not the NFL (and to an extent the Rams themselves) not getting out of their own way, I don't know what is.
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    This makes the whole Yankees/Jeter retirement ceremony even more confusing. If they could opt out (at least one of the two days) I feel like they would be the team to do so. Especially for that a jersey retirement.
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    And show an inclination to do something with the pick you won ASIDE from trade it or the player you drafted for more picks. That was the fatal flaw in "the process". Hinkie never showed any signs or intentions to stop amassing picks. (The long line of big men the Sixers drafted make it blatantly clear he never wanted to build , he's just basketball Matt Millen trading on STATISTICS and SILICON VALLEY and DISRUPTION.)
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    I was telling my gf earlier about this whole ordeal with the "Broncos helmet fiasco & message board people". She said "that's all interesting, but who REALLY cares about a stupid football helmet stripe?" THAT'S WHY I LOVE THIS PLACE.
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    Trust me, AEG would rather throw another hundred mil at renovations than to have their flag carrying arena one-upped in its own market.
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    My take on the Spurs logo: I'm no expert and this is obviously a very unpolished piece of work, but I just wanted to share it.
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    My favorite thing about Piazza on the Marlins is that while his time with the Marlins only amounted to .245% of his career plate appearances, he did pick up 12.5% of his career triples!
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