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    He's the Raptors king folks let's hear him out
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    I'll make it very simple for you, Jerry.
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    I like how the Adidas tag is still there.
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    "I'm the (bleep)ing Raptors King"
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    CALGARY FLAMES - 6.18.2017 Logos: I once attempted (and failed) to modify the Flames' current logo. After messing with the logo and eventually coming up with something, I realized that the mark they have now is pretty solid. Could it be better? Sure. But it could be much worse. The application of the logo is what I have never really liked. I don't like black for the Flames and I don't like a single outline on the logo, especially white single-outlined it yellow. It blends together and takes away from a really decent crest. Then again, I especially never liked the white 'C' with the black and yellow outline. So, naturally, my concept is devoid of black and uses a double outline. Uniforms: The Flames have had a really weird uniform history and to me, none of their uniforms ever matched their respective eras. What I mean is, the inaugural uniforms from 1980-1994 looked like they were from the 70s (I'll give them a break there since they basically were if you count Atlanta), the '95-2000 uniforms with the weird diagonal stripe looked like they were from the 80s, the 2000-2007 jerseys looked like they belonged in the 90s and their current uniforms really shouldn't exist in any decade. But I digress... Basically, the uniforms I've conceptualized are a marriage of the inaugural uniforms and their next set with the weird let's-put-our-logo-on-a-pedestal stripe. The shoulder stripes were heavily influenced from that set, and of course the colors I've made much more vibrant, similar to what Calgary initially used.
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    The swords would need to be simplified. Two completely different art styles clashing there.
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    I don't see why there wouldn't be collar variations. And if there aren't, the excuse they come up with will be utter rubbish.
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    Trust you...on what? The uniform won't change? That someone spent five minutes photoshopping a Nike logo and some corporate logo on an adidas jersey? Watch out for that ledge, man. You really went out there...
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    But the uniforms themselves look like complete uniforms that were designed to go together. It's also not a mishmash of elements. The current jerseys go with nothing else in the uniform and it looks very poor.
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    I would trade laces for no more dress shirt hems
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    The orange and blue should never touch like that, that looks awful. Let alone the collar.
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    So today, I have the first of the American League teams to show you guys. The first team from the AL West is the Anaheim Angels. They are no longer the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, just Anaheim. Less is more for the Angels, as far as I'm concerned. I removed all of the beveling in the logos and wordmarks and changed the halo to gold. I think the Angels look great when they utilize navy just as much as red, but I also like the concept of the Angels being the red team in the AL while their neighbors, the Dodgers, are the blue team of the NL. The Angels will remain predominately red with some touches of blue in the scripts and logos. The jersey scripts are now straight, not arched, no more red-on-red caps or jerseys. the left sleeve of each jersey features a new alternate baseball-wearing-halo logo. The alternate white cap draws the halo from historical Angels caps and the alternate batting Practice/Spring training jersey is paired with a blue-billed, red cap. Well, that's it for the redesigned Anaheim Angels. Stay tuned for the next team. As always, Thanks for taking a look and any comments are always appreciated.
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    Thanks, Lights Out! Here's the logo in two different colorations, 1996-2003 (black, teal, gold) and 2004-2007 (black, green, gold)
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    So while I'm currently working on my NIKE NBA series, I thought I'd take a little break and work on some NCAA concepts. These are just some alternates for some random NCAA teams I found interesting. Enjoy and please let me know how you like them! First round of three here with many more to come!
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    Here's how I predict the Golden Knights (I hate that name) will be dressed in October. Not the best jerseys possible, but I think they're pretty solid, respectable, and modern. What do you think? Are these accurate? Are these good?
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    My goal (pun) was to simplify the current Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy primary logo a little more. So the word "GALAXY" has been replaced by, well, a galaxy! The 3-color quasar remains for reason of recognition value. Gone is the stereotype soccer shield which, I think, makes a nice change. Link to current LA Galaxy logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/wcwwzw1ysgmdcgkguwof/LA_Galaxy/2007/Primary_Logo
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    Yeah I'd be cool with the Rockies or even D Backs winning that division if it meant the Dodgers were left out in the cold.
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    Here is a concept I have been struggling with for a while. The original inspiration came from flipping through Emmanuel Georges' America Rewind - an awesome collection of modern photography from all over America with an emphasis on the south and west - and stumbling upon a shot of the Texan Theatre in Kilgore, Texas. I love the design of the star, and the Dallas Mavericks just felt like the logical choice in terms of incorporating it into a design....it only made more sense once I discovered the theatre is just east of Dallas as well as the fact that the inner star also appears on the city's official seal. The obscure significance of the inspiration behind this design made it more fitting for an alternate, plus I already had a couple ideas in mind for home and away primaries. Taking that into consideration, I thought it would be fun to step outside the box and resurrect their disastrous silver alternates from the early 2000s. The issues I have with those uniforms, and therefore that I tried to rectify, include: 1) the shade of gray was too dark; 2) the side panels and trim lacked sufficient contrast; and 3) the 'MAVERICKS' wordmark was too long and therefore too small proportionally. This uniform contains a lighter shade of silver, complete with similar side panels and trim that now include white piping for the sake of contrast, and an entirely different design for the wordmark, numerals, etc. As an alternate and/or pride jersey, the wordmark now reads 'DALLAS' -- in a vertical fashion alluding to the Texan Theatre's sign prior to the fire that shut it down in 1942. This wordmark is placed over the sublimated silhouette of Texas and aligned with respect to the numerals opposite it as well as the star signifying Dallas's location. Please let me know your thoughts -- good, bad, or indifferent....thanks! Dallas Mavericks Alternate Uniforms
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    Mickey Lolich and Al Kaline in the Tigers pullovers:
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    And the numbers need to be moved down. Other than that, those WHA uniforms are perfect.
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    Nope, and we don't actually know if Nike is doing a league-wide uniform unveiling like they did with the NFL, or if it'll be up to each individual team to unveil them separately. In a recent Fox Sports interview, the NBA's Vice President of global partnerships said that the global launch will be October 1st, but I'm pretty sure that's just for the retail side of things. In fact, the Timberwolves and Blazers both said that they're planning on unveiling their new uniforms (at least the primary home and roads) sometime later this summer, so I'd be surprised if that 10/1 date had anything to do with a league-wide uniform unveiling. Also, Paul Lukas has recently said that he believes the contract with Adidas runs through the Summer League, so chances are any unveiling of new uniforms won't be until after that.
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    Another one to add: Robin Yount is more synonymous with the 'ball-in-glove' logo set, but not the originals; also- he's clean-shaven in this one!
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    Sometimes, less is more. The shirt would look better without the unnecessary sleeve stars and piping.
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    Once again, thanks for the C+C! Onto the Tigers! DETROIT TIGERS, PT. I - One "D" to rule them all! It's common knowledge around these parts that the Detroit Tigers have two separate Old English "D" logos, one for the jersey and one for the cap. While I don't have a problem with it (both are perfectly suited for their applications), I can see why people don't like this redundant branding. Some have tried to rectify this by promoting the cap "D" (which is too dainty to work on a jersey) or the jersey "D" (which is too bulky to work on a cap). I decided to go for the fusion approach, combining elements from both logos (and past Old English "D" logos ) into a new logo that can work on all applications. The rest of the logo set shifts to account for the new logos. The "Tiger climbing through the D" logo returns, with adjustments to the "D" to match the new logo. I decided to keep the home uniform orange-free, as I like that quirk. The tiger patch appears on the road uniform (I happen to like it), and the script/numbers/NOB lose their unnecessary white outlines (like the 1952-57 road uniform and my previous concepts). The sock stripes on the road uniform use the pattern from my Rockies concept in the MLB Tweaks series, as I thought it fit with the tiger stripe aesthetic and the lack of white outlines on orange elements (white outlines messed with the "minimalism" of the look). The alternates are slightly conservative, as the Tigers aren't a team that should have colored jerseys. The home alternate, for super-rare (once a month) usage, is my take on @FinsUp1214's excellent Tigers alt (used with his permission). It has the underused "Tigers" script, the road cap/helmet, tiger patch, and sock stripes. The road alternate (worn against teams with throw/faux-backs of a similar vintage) is a fauxback to the 1934-46 road uniforms, with a faux-flannel pattern (inspired by @Bmac's pattern). I wanted to try faux-flannel out for a while, and this was an excellent opportunity! Think of these alts as bringing the road uniform's aesthetic home, while also taking the home uniform's style on the road. I tend to think of the Tigers' different "D" logos as more of a feature than a bug, but for those who want a consistent brand, this is the way to go (while preserving/restoring different parts of the team's identity)! C+C is appreciated. Up next, a more "out there" take on the team!
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    So, I'm having problems with my computer: in Madrid we're reaching 110ºF and the fans from my PC stop working from time to time, which makes it turn off suddenly. Even so, I'm still decided to finish the series, so here are the Phillies! I brought back the Burgundy / Light Blue scheme for the Phils. I decided to ditch the pinstripes from the home, and use only the "P" for the road, inspired by the first team uniforms.
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    Waldo. I know we need to keep making new designs for the sake of merchandise, but I'd prefer if the U.S. stuck to a Waldo design as their primary through every cycle and then rotated in new clash kits for people to throw their money at. As someone else said, if you're going to put white stars on blue sleeves, go the whole way and make the bars white and red. Either way, this is a big step after the last two abominations.
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    First real leak and it's better than Conrad's mockup since the stars are smaller. Also looks like there are sublimated stars on the blue stripes. Fun kit overall but as a traditionalist, I would have preferred no large stars. Perhaps a small ring of them around the collar would have been subtle and appropriate but this is a touch too loud if I was calling the shots. Nonetheless, it's fun and one of our better kits the last few years.
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    If the jersey turns out something like this after edits from that possible prototype, I could get used to it. I'm not saying it's better than the throwback being promoted, but at least it's just the Gretzky-era inverted.
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    Cubs vs. Mets Pizza Night, Deep Dish vs. Thin Crust, all set up. Great Idea! This seems like it would be great for one of those wacky uniform nights for charity, although those aren't usually linked to Brandiose in any way. However I could figure something out with it, I like the idea. Yeah, that probably wouldn't go over too well. I wouldn't make a weed logo anyway, and I'm not 100% sure the mods would even allow it. Would be pretty funny to see that on-field though .
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    The New York Imperials unveiled an updated logo over the offseason, the first time that they've made any change since 1960. Old Logo: New Logo: The logo itself is basically unchanged - they simply added an outline to the old one. The most significant difference is that they've modified their color scheme, switching to a brighter red and dropping grey as a secondary color. This is an idea that has been kicked around for a few years, but the loss in the recent Victory Bowl convinced them to finally pull the trigger. After winning four of the first five championships, New York is now in the midst of a 33-year title drought, and have lost four Victory Bowls (1955, 1956, 1968, and 1983) in that span. The new, cleaner look is meant to symbolize a fresh start, and a renewed effort to bring a title to the Empire State, instead of reliving the glory of teams that played during the Truman Administration. Old Uniform: New Uniform: The uniform blends the fresh new color scheme with some traditional elements. Other than the updated logo and color scheme, none of the patterns on the uniform changed at all. Two changes were made for superstitious reasons. The helmets will be red, and the team will wear white at home, both of which were true in the 1940s and 50s. Obviously, there is no reason to think that the color of the helmet or jersey will have an impact on how well the team plays, but it can't hurt to try, right? Here is the updated look on a sig: http://orig10.deviantart.net/724d/f/2017/168/2/2/player_ny_adams_by_verasthebrujah-dbd3fj4.jpg
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    A double play here- that's rookie Jim Thome in the Major League II Indians uniform set (same as their ones worn in the first movie, but with racing stripes, which is why I call those two uniform sets after the two Major League movies- they are synonymous with them), and wearing #6 (and not the more famous #25).
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    Reminds me of the Rankin Bass logo, but much less legible.
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    The wordmark is fine, boring but better. The logo is trash tho, patreon is pong now?
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    Every fanbase sucks. If you became a BYU fan you'd just hear about how much Utah sucks. It's what rivals do.
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    New image of the Club America keeper shirts:
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    Might as well tip my hand. #TeamBillies
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    It could be possible that the Oilers jersey is a prototype and not the final design they went with
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    People like you are the reason college football is in the state it's in with uniforms. **makes subtle, non-sensical swap of equipment** YO!! FIRE!!
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    And show an inclination to do something with the pick you won ASIDE from trade it or the player you drafted for more picks. That was the fatal flaw in "the process". Hinkie never showed any signs or intentions to stop amassing picks. (The long line of big men the Sixers drafted make it blatantly clear he never wanted to build , he's just basketball Matt Millen trading on STATISTICS and SILICON VALLEY and DISRUPTION.)
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    I was telling my gf earlier about this whole ordeal with the "Broncos helmet fiasco & message board people". She said "that's all interesting, but who REALLY cares about a stupid football helmet stripe?" THAT'S WHY I LOVE THIS PLACE.
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    Team handball is like something your gym teacher invents because it's raining out.
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    Can't wait to tell this story to my grandkids.
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