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    The National Hockey League and adidas today unveiled the new ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys and uniforms for all 31 NHL teams, including the San Jose Sharks (@SanJoseSharks), which will make their on-ice debut with the 2017-18 season. At the forefront of innovation, design and craftsmanship, the new ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey takes the hockey uniform system and hockey jersey silhouette to the next level by redefining fit, feel and lightweight construction. *Lighter - Featuring new cresting materials and construction technology, the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey reduces crest weight by up to 46%, while a single layer perforated numbering system reduces number weight by up to 60%, in order to deliver a new jersey that is up to 19% lighter when compared to the current NHL Jersey. *Cooler - The ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey features adidas Clima® technology in each of the jersey fabrics to deliver breathability and enhanced performance. Combining moisture management technology and a streamlined silhouette to maximize air flow circulation with materials that are up to 133% more permeable than fabrics currently used on ice allows athletes to be cooler. *Stronger - Constructed for durability, the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey fabrics are up to 27% stronger in burst testing and up to 72% tougher in abrasion testing
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    Also, can we all just appreciate the Central Division for a moment? I mean look at this! They've got: Red, yellow, kelly green, forest green, royal blue, navy blue, and maroon. Basically all the colors of the rainbow and without any black (which is a cop-out uniform color, save for Boston and I guess Pittsburgh. Just for comparison: Atlantic - Four red, two royal blue, one navy, one black. Metropolitan - Three red, two royal blue, one navy, one orange, one black. Pacific - Two black, one gray, one royal blue, one brick red, one orange, one teal, one red. (Admittedly a pretty diverse color scheme, but altogether too dark.)
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    As a Wild fan and a designer, I wanted to take the night to sleep on it. First takes can often be too reactionary. Whist I have my complaints (the stripe not going around the whole sweater, no hemline, etc.) This is their best dark jersey yet, and to that matter, they had perfection with the (now current) whites, so why change? (Minnesota sports have long had teams with different home and away templates) The Wild have always had a problem with their logo being so green, on a green background. I think it calls for a bigger keyline then you'd functionally want to use. Thats why they've trapped it in roundels or used a script. A center stripe is a damn clever way to solve this issue. I know a lot of you love the inaugural uniforms, but my unpopular opinion is that they were our second worst. (the reds they just retired with no hem stripe were awful.) The gold was too prominent, the logo got lost on the greens. The whites were okay, but the numbers were silly and hard to read. This is a new franchise, in a state that really likes to pat itself on its back for their hockey tradition. The vintage stuff sells very well here. Expect it moving forward.
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    To understand the Devils fans reaction to the uniform change you have understand a lot of the off ice changes that have gone on the last few years. When Lou Lamoriello ran the team for more than a generation he ran it in a very traditional fashion much like the Canadiens or Boston Celtics. Part of that was to build traditions. Some of that was silly like no facial hair rules and no high numbers unless you were a star. On the otherside when it came to the uniforms they kept a traditional approach. One a few teams to never have a permanent third jersey. In fact when it came to the Reebok edge changes a decade ago they were basically the only non-original 6 team to keep their uniform design. The fans embraced this. In fact after moving to Newark the team built a really fun fan environment circa 2011 through 2013. After that season the team was sold. While everyone admits on the ice changes needed to be made, the new ownership group has implemented a lot of off ice changes that have alienated much the fan base. Much of the in-game arena presentiation was changed to try to prevent fans from doing similar chants that you heard in Nashville this year and make it more "family friendly." They threatened season ticket holders for putting extra tickets on stubhub. They have also forced out many long time people associated with the organization. And more... seemingly any and everything associated with the team prior to the ownership change has been done away with. Instead of leaning on the traditions to keep people connected to the team during an on ice downturn, they have seemingly done everything to drive people away. now to tonight and the uniforms. The ownership has taken the most traditional and guarded aspect of the team (their look from when they won 3 cups and 5 conference championships) and changed it to what looks like a cheap knockoff version. It not only is a backlash against the design, but also ownership.
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    Trying to find the time to keep up with this, but I'll continue to do my best. Thought I'd take a crack at my old school's mascot logo. Here is a much needed Purdue Pete update. Feed back appreciated, as always.
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    Thats a hell of an Arsenal kit.
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    It's still way better than the Reebok tag.
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    Bring back this beautiful secondary logo...
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    Everything was pitch perfect than i saw the Capitals. Man, im telling you now that does not work. If your going to do many horizontal stripes it needs to be canadiens or ottawa alt style. Its not good. I love everything else though
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    The Newark Bulldogs can go jump in a lake. And after 3 cups, 5 finals and 35 years in jersey why are we adding elements from two short and embarrassing eras that did not even take place in jersey? Do we need that? Who cares? Who was ever clammoring for relics from our really dark ages? And green with the cup years on the collar. You can't make this up.
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    Their new jersey is literally a sweatshirt.
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    You know you're a top notch organization when you can't get dates right. Not sure why they have two white jerseys being worn through 2016-17. Not matching the new away to the new home is a joke.
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    Pretty sure that's the same font as last year!
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    That's bad too. Why not just have straight hem stripes like a normal hockey sweater.
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    The only thing that really bugs me about this unveiling are the collars. The four options are terrible, nothing about them looks nice in the versions we've seen (minus the Red Wings). Flames, Ducks, Kings, Sabres, Caps, and Sens all kept bad designs. Adidas isn't totally to blame for that. The teams and those is charge of these decisions are. Devils aren't bad, however, it's just not good for them. My hot take - I really like the Oilers look. Navy and all.
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    There's waaaaay too much Sharks Math here, I cannot even
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    The grey represents concrete, buildings, and pigeons. NEW YAWK, BABY
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    But hey, if life's ever got you down, just remember: There are no adidas stripes.
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    Wayne Gretzky was right about the Devils.
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    I like the pattern in the gold, wonder how that will actually translate. But I immediately get the sense that they're very...German.
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    That's just a terribly executed fake based off of @Max Sang's concept that he posted on Behance. The image is not at all indicative of the style of templates that Nike will use for the NBA jerseys, and it's entirely inaccurate with regards to the Blazers new uniforms that are set to be unveiled in late summer.
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    I went a little overboard and made a compilation of my perfect outfield.... Western Metal Supply Co. (Petco) Green Monster (Fenway) Rockies Scoreboard (Coors) Left-Center Gap (Coors) Tal's Hill (Minute Maid) City of Pittsburgh (PNC) Triples Alley (AT&T) Out of Town Scoreboard (Coors) Pesky Pole (Fenway) Tapered Upper Decks (Kauffman) .....complete with the St. Louis Arch mowed into the grass.
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