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    Oh yikes, seeing those Oilers prototypes make me very grateful they went with what they did. And as a fan of the classic set, that's saying something.
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    Man I love Trajan but I really don't like it as an athletics font.
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    UCLA really ought to go back to using Clarendon numbers They brought them back briefly in 2014, only to get rid of them when they brought out the tire tread/tinfoil monstrosities in 2015.
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    The jersey with the Stars and Stripes W is just a new home alternate. The regular home jersey still looks like the one you posted, except obviously without the ASG patches. http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/12/10/nats-show-off-new-patriotic-uniform-for-2017/
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    Guys, I am gonna trust my monitor's settings over some dude who designed it. It's an easy call.
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    Would it be so hard for NBA teams to have unique warm-up sets? These were a big part of teams' looks before they were standardized.
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    andrewharrington knows what he's talking about.
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    Ottawa Senators II I changed the "batman" eye, and put more black shadow into the logo, which seemed to make the gold and red jump a bit more... Again, it seemed that the majority of Sens fans preferred the heritage uni with the side-view logo...
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    I'm thinking it's the monitor lighting give it the illusions... i took this picture last week after the Awards Show. You can see Marc-Andre Fleury's jearsey have the exact same teal shade on the large screen, while in person look normal.
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    Sorry if this was already posted, but Reggie White wore 91 with the Eagles when he first signed in 1985. He switched to his legendary 92 in 1986.
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    True, that's a possibility. But it would have been stupid for CCM to do so, just as it would have been stupid for CCM to offer all teams mountain-range hem patterns.
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    As hated as this identity was, it's scary knowing it could have been worse had the Sabres chosen to go the 2012 NFL route... #FlyWire
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    How can anybody look at this and not think "team chevrolet" GO CHEVYS Whatever this team is, the ad completely overpowers, this is totally bush league. Once you do this any prestige and magic and dignity you had or once had is gone.
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    Please. I always give credit where it's due. The Warriors draft well and are the best-run team in the league. They play the best too. I also think they're bad for the sport in ways other mega teams haven't been. That's my opinion; no one has to agree with it. It's possible to understand and appreciate something without liking it.
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    I know the lead designer for those two projects is no longer there, so let’s hope they can keep up the momentum with high quality work.
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    IHL Orlando Solar Bears really went to town on their nameplates back in the day...lower-case, arched, double outlined.
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    We might not be perfect, but I love my state.
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    Now that's a flag an Earthican can fly proudly.
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    Here's another one, this time for the Ducks, basically a mix of eras along with a couple design preferences. C&C Appreciated!
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    I was watching that game and did not see any pregame coverage. I'm glad I didn't!
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    There's nothing Pittsburgh specific about that template though. That's sorta like saying that half the 80s teams copied each other because they all used the rounded yoke template and horizontal stripes.
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    I've taken another long break from concepts, so consider this my return. I've decided on a redesign of the Pac-12. I've completed all 12 teams before I started this thread, and I will release one every four days. I am going in a completely random order. Here are the release dates: 9/29 (Today): Oregon 10/3: Arizona 10/7: Stanford 10/11: Cal 10/15: Arizona State 10/19: Washington State 10/23: UCLA 10/27: Washington 10/31: USC 11/4: Oregon State 11/8: Utah 11/12: Colorado Starting with Oregon. Oregon gets some consistency in this set I love the "O" on the helmet, so that returns full time. Only (only?) six helmets, six jerseys, and six pants. The Duck is on the sleeves, and the shoulders have a modified wing pattern. The shoulder wings are supposed to be reflective, like this Hit me up with C&C!
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    Next up, an update of the vintage Baltimore Oriole logo circa mid-50s to mid-60s. I actually like this logo a lot, but I did my best to refresh and modernize it, because it is extremely dated. BEFORE AFTER
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