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    At very least, the White Sox need to bring back the old road pants. What an unnecessary downgrade it was to get rid of those. It would also be nice if they started actually wearing white socks. Not only does it match their team name, it's also a good look for them anyway.
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    At this point, I'm not so sure about that. They finally settled on an identity after years and years of identity musical chairs. Not only that, but they finally settled on the right one. And for probably the first time in franchise history, an entire generation only knows, save really small tweaks, one White Sox look. They would be a whole lot better off standing pat* and not venturing into more change at the risk of undoing the strength of their brand. *Except they can drop the overrated 80's throwbacks yesterday
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    Bang on. The ideal White Sox set would be the same homes but with the diamond sock on the left sleeve, go back to the 2005 version of the aways, and a slightly cleaned-up black alternate. And yes, white socks for all uniforms. As for a throwback alt? The '59 homes. Or do a cream fauxback like St. Louis, where red (and a sleeve number in place of a chest number) is added to the current home design. Do this, and the Sox never have to change again.
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    And there are two navy and red teams in the NL East. The Marlins blue is so different from the Mets' blue it doesn't really matter.
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    The White Sox uniform isn't even old enough to get the term "sacrilege." It's a modern classic, yes, but the team can survive getting new uniforms unlike the Yankees.
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    Oh, dear god, that N is horrible...
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    Well they also wore teal when they won two World Series, but dropped that. They don't have to drop black completely, just promote the blue.
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    D Book teasing us with the 90's black alt shorts.
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    Your Sun Life patch is missing. #trustme
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    Another rebrand of a MiLB league logo. This time it's the California League whose current logo has been in use since 2000. No more baseball and bats, or gold and red, but orange and yellow as the two new colors. Link to current mark: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/zag1rh2hfy5vrihmrhf6/_California_League/2000/Primary_Logo
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    That sounds like a fun idea! You can look forward to that in the AL West updates. Thanks for the C+C guys, now it's time to tackle the Diamondbacks! ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS, PT. I - A Turquoise Taste of the Southwest Let's get a couple of things out of the way. Since I prefer having the Astros in the NL, I decided to send the Diamondbacks to the AL. I liked how it made the 1998 expansion parallel to the 1993 one (two NL teams for the latter, two AL teams for the former). Second, there are no carryovers from the current identity's elements of dot-matrix patterns, arched scripts, and random bits of bright teal. I like that the D-Backs tried something different, I just wished they used a microscopic bit of more restraint. I've never really liked any of the D-Backs' previous color schemes. The Sedona Red/Black/Sand (both versions) is so dull, and the purple/turquoise/black/copper is all kinds of messy. Purple/teal on their own is fine, but it's a bit too "cool" for my tastes (the Southwest style needs more warm colors than sand). However, I love the '98-'06 Arizona Turquoise and the '07-present Sedona Red. Both colors appear in Southwestern art and really fit with the geometric patterns present in the style: When @anythinglogos suggested combining the two shades with sand, I knew that had to be the route I took with the concept. It keeps with the aesthetic of Southwestern art, while also being unique in the majors. While my planned color scheme for the Marlins may be similar (Dark Teal/Hot Pink/Light Blue), the cool accents and Art Deco font will make them different enough from the warm accents and jagged font (Kruella modified) of the Diamondbacks. I kept the original uniforms' cream shade in this color mix, to pair with the dark sand as accents to the red and turquoise. It carries the Southwestern feeling of the '98-'06 look without being too fussy/looking terrible in "flat" applications. The '07-'15 font returns, as I liked its jagged nature (with a bit of a geometric edge) and mixed-case style. The "DB" logo comes back, and it helps push the Southwestern geometric pattern and conveys the team's name in a subtle way (while being less of a David Blaine ripoff). I took advantage of the unique color scheme with the uniforms, going for a turquoise/red co-dominant look. I went with a cream home uniform and a sand road set, as both colors fit with the color scheme and made them unique in the AL. There is no two-layer wordmark or "D-backs" script, as both look bad. Besides, the "A" on its own looks fantastic and calls back to the 2001 World Series uniforms. The NOB's are one-color, for legibility. The striping of the cuffs, pants, and socks reinforces the Southwestern geometric pattern in a similar fashion to the '98-'06 alternates, replicating the coloration of the primary/cap logo. I got the idea from @FinsUp1214's excellent concept (the best purple/teal design I've seen on the boards). The alternates are pretty straightforward, with the red alternate going all-in on the Sedona Red color. The Arizona Turquoise alternate can be worn on both the home and road uniforms. Because the '98-'06 identity has its fans, I decided to upgrade the Throwback Thursday promotion. The vest will now alternate with the purple jersey from the period, to maximize purple's exposure in the throwback merchandise. While this concept won't be to everyone's liking, I think it's an effective demonstration of how the Diamondbacks can have a unique look that is in keeping with regional art styles and aligns more with traditional baseball aesthetics, while also appeasing fans of the '98-'06 identity. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! For the alternate take, the Diamondbacks have a little re-christening.
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    Marlins Park has gone with the old-school wordmark behind the plate for the All Star Game, I think it's a pretty good look.
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    If you turn it sideways, it looks like as if Robin (from Batman) is looking left and right.
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    That's such a great color. So much better than their boring red. Better for the pinstripes, too - they don't look pink.
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    That's not even close to the same thing. Those black and red uniforms were actually worn during their history.
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    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2720204-baseball-jerseys-custom-mlb-redesigns I've always been intrigued by the idea of adding some red to the White Sox uniform. Adds a little life to it, and would make a nice connection with the Bulls and Blackhawks. The current look is sharp, but it can get boring at times. I would rather see them go with something this, though:
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    Uniwatch tweeted this article: http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20170706/how-under-armour-wrote-the-next-chapter-for-ucla This quote "He deconstructs the UCLA stripe as three parallel stripes, all touching. The outside two, which are the same color, represent the past and present. The middle stripe is of another color. It represents the future, guided by the other two." Oh :censored: off. It's a stripe. You can't just add meaning to a striping pattern that has already existed for decades without corporate branding speak explaining why it is the way it is and then pat yourself on the back for it.
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    Those Padres uniforms may look terrible, but the lack of the Taco Bell cap (as seen with the helmets) takes them from an F to a solid C. They still have a pointless accent color (orange) and a dated font, but at least the headwear looks better and the brown/yellow is still fun.
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    Hmm. Maybe. But there's also an argument to be made that putting swooshes on the sleeves makes them recede into the striping pattern. Something on the front will always be separate from the rest of the design, even if it has to compete with other elements on the front of the jersey. And as an aside, I really really really really hate those stupid captain patches. Talk about pointless clutter. They contribute nothing, and take up valuable space.
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    No no no no no no no.
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    The red and navy team will wear navy hats more than 50% of the time this year.
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    While they're at it when are the completely outdated conference logos going to get jettisoned?
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    Apparently the new uniforms and apparel for next season will not feature the updated NBA logo: https://www.nba.com/amp/league/article/2017/07/06/first-look-nbas-refreshed-logo-2017-18-season Seems like they should've just waited a year so that the updated logo could be implemented across all applications instead of having the old logo on the uniforms and apparel for 2017.
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    Potentially hot take, I really like those M Twins hats. Heck I find the pinstriped Metrodome jersey set to be a great look.
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    This was my semi-quarterfinals entry into the HJC Open, and I did a concept for the Kansas City Scouts. The Scouts jerseys were good for their era, but IMO had way too busy of a striping pattern. My goals for this concept were to simplify the pattern, and to give them a distinct look, and to improve the colour balance. The striping pattern consists of a large stripe with a thin one inside of it, and two slightly larger stripes both above and below the large stripe. I used the KC logo as it is by far the best logo in their set. C&C is appreciated!
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    It's really fixing something that wasn't broken.
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    I thought that's what they were throwing back to. Small picture on my phone. I'm with you - the maroon pinstripes were the best. Whether they went full throwback with the Swirly P or a modified Whiz Kids logo, the maroon color is a must.
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    My ideal Phillies look would be their 1950s script (and cap) in maroon. I could go for powder blue stars on the wordmark as well (I love powder blue and maroon together - there's a reason the closely-related claret and blue is such a popular color combination over in England). I can't say I've ever been a fan of the lowercase P used by the Phils in the 70s, nor the racing stripe. But the maroon color itself? It's perfect for the Phils. Wish they'd bring it back.
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    Still think that $200 for that Fanatics jersey is ridiculous. This will just drive the knock-off market even more. I'm disgusted that this is happening. It was not too long ago that a player jersey was $130 and the blank backs were $100. Now it'll be $200 for a blank and around $265-$290 for a player jersey. Ridiculous.
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    Does anyone else hate the captain patches? The idea is great in principle, but they are so poorly executed... EDIT: After actually reading the posts before mine, yes, I am not alone! If they are set on the concept, a simple, NHL-inspired, team-designed C would be a major upgrade
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    Don´t care, they look awful. Sox current uniform is a classic. Don´t change it and wait 50 years, then we have the Yankee legacy.
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    A captains patch created by the league, and a team logo that's a part of the league is different than a manufacturers logo...
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    The Padres also participated in the throwback celebration (although they wore their current alt helmets)
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    I don't know for a fact either way, but there's a huge difference between teams and the league putting logos on the front and allowing a manufacturer to put logos on the front.
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    1 is the B as displayed in the logo; 2 is the B vertically flipped.
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    Alright here is an updated version of the logo set, with the blue and orange on the marlin flipped in order to obtain more blue. Looks great, IMO. Thanks @coco1997 for the suggestion. Not sure why the outline on the word mark went so fat, because it looks totally fine on the page until I save it as a .png, so disregard that. It should look like the one in the previous post. Also, if anybody has suggestions for what team to do next, hit me with em! I need some teams to work on. .
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    No MLS for a few weeks but we do have Gold Cup. Lo and behold, Canada wins a game and scores 4 goals. Oh yeah, and 2 goals for Alphonso Davies in his first official Canada game. Not bad for a guy who just finished grade 10.
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    Great work so far! I don't mean to hijack your thread but do you mind me asking where you got that Adidas template? I do not post much AT ALL but a huge lurker... and I mess around in my free time making jerseys for fun; I've been looking for an Adidas template and this one's great. I'd like to download it for personal fun. Thanks in advance if you can help me out. By the way your Blue Jackets set is incredible. So much better than the bland and boring set they have. They have a great color scheme and alternate logo they could take their branding to new heights... but failed. You have done a great job at depicting what they should wear! My only suggestion is putting the cannon logo on the home and aways!
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    How 'bout we just say the whole NBA lettering sucks?
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    As long as North American leagues don't get as crazy as European hockey leagues for example, I'm totally okay with jersey sponsors. The NBA's approach looks fine and fairly unimposing so far. Yes, some sponsor logos could work better with the teams' looks, but they still look better than the WNBA. Same goes for the NHL if they eventually add jersey sponsors. If they stay roughly the same size as a commemorative or captain's patch, I'm fine with it. Just don't slap a billboard below the crest or under the back number. Same goes for the New Era logo on MLB hats. It doesn't offend me. Let the manufacturer get their due.
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    Thank you. I thought about adding navy into the striping, but it just looked kind of busy. The red and yellow work best when they're on their own, especially when yellow is only seen in thick outlines or separated from white by red outlines. Thanks for the C+C guys, now here's an alternate take! ANAHEIM ANGELS, PT. II - De-Arte-ization in a Navy Flavor It's become apparent that Arte Moreno is not all that liked by Angels fans. His desire to push the "Los Angeles" city identifier, along with his focus on the team wearing those crummy red alternates, are part of this equation. Even though the red-centric look had its start in the last year of Disney ownership (and only World Series title), its become so associated with Arte and his often poor decisions as owner. So, here is my take on how to not only reinforce the "Anaheim" name, but to also bring the Angels' look back to it's 1970's-90's form. Navy and red (a lighter shade) are now co-dominant. Gold remains as the halo color, per their 1971-92 uniforms. The @davidmiller5-inspired primary logo (with the 1997-2001 wings) and the "OC" patch also stays, albeit recolored. With the uniforms, I wanted to replicate the "pan-down" effect present on the 1989-92 version of the uniforms (as modeled by Bert Blyleven). Note how the navy/red hat, red/navy lettering and stripes, navy undershirts and belts, and red socks and cleats all play off each other beautifully: Now, add in some sock stripes to replicate the halo and add navy tops to the socks (a la their 1970 uniforms), and you've got a stew going! The home alternate is the only venue for a red cap, which thankfully loses its "transparent" look. The road alternate features the "Big A" logo on its own, as it stands up well on the front of a jersey. Both jerseys have the UCLA-style "waffle weave" stripes, as I like the aesthetic. So, there's my take on the Angels in their traditional color scheme! While I prefer my red/yellow-gold/navy concept, this uniform set has more "traditional" appeal to it (judging by how some people here really like the "Red Sox/Braves of the West" look for the team). C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, some realignment with the Arizona Diamondbacks!
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    Continuing on with.... Columbus Blue Jackets I was disappointed the Blue Jackets only made small changes to their current set. For their primary set I drew inspiration from elements of of their design. Alternate is based off an old concept I did for them. A more traditional font for the numbering. Overall, I think this set is an upgrade for them.
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    Because every football weight/meeting/locker room in America has their own platitudinous quotes on the wall.
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    I like that look for the Marlins, though I'd prefer they bring back teal to pair with the orange. Here is a link to the article, for whoever wants to see the other 4 designs: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2720204-baseball-jerseys-custom-mlb-redesigns Arizona's, with just sedona red and copper, is really interesting... I kind of like it.
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    I'll second this since the Walgreens W isn't going anywhere. That is an absolutely beautiful jersey.
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    Unpopular Opinion: The 90s Lightning logo sucked and the jerseys were meh and there's nothing redeeming or better compared to the current set. I've never seen an "add black and silver" Lightning concept that I've liked since the rebrand. it's forcing a square peg into a round hole since the logo wasn't designed to have outlines or fill.
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    Next up.... Dallas Stars Dallas predictably didn't change with the Adidas change over. So, for them I wanted to do something that I had in mind for some time. Whole set is North Stars inspired. Brought back the old logo, making some minor changes to it. Keep the current roundel while making some slight tweaks.
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    Here’s an animation of the new Mad Ants colors.
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