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    If she was not even wearing a shirt, trust me, I'd be aware of it.
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    Literally the number one reason why I watched as a kid and still watch this game as an adult. It's why I hate the ASG hats as much as I do A guy on twitter tweeted out that he thinks it's stupid that MLB wears their regular jerseys for the actual game and that they should all wear the same uniform. I don't think I've ever seen someone be so publicly wrong on an issue.
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    New crest for the Dutch women, with the lion changed to a lioness:
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    My favorite part of the all-star game is the player introductions just because you see so many uniforms at once. Probably somewhat explains why I and many of us are here.
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    So I am back and I now realize that I have 4 defunct teams to do. The first of those is the Hartford Whalers. I went with a wave design and the mascot "Pucky the whale" jumping out of the water. I could see something like this happening if the Whalers would have joined the inaugural 3rd jersey system in 1996.
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    The copper and red were pretty brilliant. I kinda liked the yoke version. Though when you win five Cups in blue and orange, it's tough to think another color scheme is better.
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    Amen. I wasn't aware she was even wearing a shirt. My goodness.
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    Am I the only one who thinks this looks great? If they're going to go orange, better they use the striping they've used for their entire history instead of the generic, Canucks-eqsue stripes from the WHA inspired alternate.
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    I always preferred the white jersey with the shoulder yoke. Too bad they only lasted 1 season.
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    i dont even know what the Blitz is but its my favorite team now
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    Gray. All-Star Game should be white homes against road grays.
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    This is the best the Oilers ever looked. Come at me: http://nhluniforms.com/Oilers/Oilers06.html
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    Hi, welcome to the message board where we discuss sports uniforms to the smallest details. This uniform's been around for a half season and I've watched maybe 1 inning of one Padres home game this season so all things told I picked up on it relatively quickly. But aside from that the time it takes to discover something has nothing to do with whether it is good or poor design. Now that I've noticed it I will never not see that glaring hole. Gothamite pointed out recently that the bottom of the M in the Mets wordmark doesn't match the angle of the rest of the wordmark. I'd never noticed that before in years of watching that uniform, but I would most certainly call that poor design.
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    The oil rigger shoulder patch is right there with the Isles' lighthouse in my collection of "Actually, the mid-'90s had some good design ideas."
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    This uni would've looked a lot better with pinstripes, at least, imo. Without the piping, of course. But then again, why not with it? Either would be more interesting than what they have now.
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    Okay, I thought they went back to the wavy script after a year of the blue and yellow SD at home, but had that arched script for the camouflage and the brown jerseys, then went back to the bowtie on the road after years of a normal arched San Diego. Somehow this one got by me. It's not on the mothership, either. I guess Chris gave up on trying to chronicle the stupid Padres.
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    I'm hesitant to trust a random user, but the Raptors guy called their jersey advertisement weeks before it happened.
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    You ever over sharpen a raster graphic of a jersey? I used to make mods for the NHL series on PC and I'd sharpen my jerseys before installing them, since I found it helped with such small canvases back in the day. When I learned the Oilers stripes had copper AND red, it reminded me of how a low-res jersey graphic would look if you sharpened the hell out of it. Almost like an oversharp blue and orange. The copper is what is left of the orange and the red is that pixel of oversharp artifact along the edge. I always thought it was pretty brilliant, and probably had it's genesis in some graphic designer's chance experiment in Photoshop. I'm basing that on absolutely zero fact, however.
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    Also something I noticed watching the game live last night and as a uniform junkie I thought this was cool. Seeing all those home white jerseys together was the first time I'd seen any of them in person with the exception of my home team Marlins. Unless you literally do the every ballpark tour across the majors it's pretty rare to see them all and I basically checked 29 home jerseys off my list in one night. I've been attending MLB games for about 25 years and have seen every single team in person but have always seen them in their road uniforms. It was very cool when it hit me what I was looking at last night. Of course the collection of road gray uniforms looked great too but seeing the home whites all together was beautiful.
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    I'm looking at the alternatives. I'm looking at all the alternatives. It may be the right option, but it's in a decision they forced themselves to make because of previous bad choices when building out the whole uniform. That is poor design. Those aren't the only alternatives. They could start by not wearing this at all. They could wear the nice uniform they wore last year and inexplicably dumped after one season. They could use placket piping with a chest logo, like they've done in recent years. They could incorporate more color or use an outline so it stand off from the piping. They could use the wavy wordmark they were using so the spacing is different. etc etc. There's thousands of better options than the one they chose and they only had to make that choice because they made a bunch of bad ones before because of poor design decisions.
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    Means no worries for the rest of your days
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    Last night when Brad Hand pitched it was the first time I have noticed that in this version of the super dull Padres uniforms the D in PADRES overlaps the placket piping so instead of having the piping running through the middle of the D hole (hehe) they have a break in the piping. That’s poor design. If you have an issue with the way one of your letters appears when it overlaps the piping then then solution is A. Don’t use piping with that wordmark or B. Don’t use that particular wordmark on a jersey with placket piping. The solution is not cut the piping so your letter appears normal. Are there any other teams with placket piping who do this? Just another reason to hate this thoughtless, lifeless major league uniform.
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    My hometown team, Zrinjski Mostar, released a third kit for the upcoming season. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the club's reinstation. The first kit we wore in 1992, red stripes, blue shorts, and socks; this is very uncommon for the team since we usually sport a red sash. Zrinjski also wore this kit right after WW2 when the team was shut down by the communist state: And this is what Macron put out:
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    fake news. (also, non of those fonts mentioned are used in any of the designs posted) what i see in the examples is the craft of the wordmarks has improved greatly. so many of the old marks were either really badly put together (the Raptors mark seems to be sliding off the arc it sits on), designed by someone/team with little knowledge of type, or were over stylized, featuring so many strokes and colors that they are unreadable. too many are far from being timeless and were doomed to be dated from the beginning. but i also see a lack of imagination; a loss of concept and artistic flair. thats pretty common in all design niches today though. i think NBA identities should have a sense of professionalism and should be designed appropriately for the grown men wearing it, but it should not be forgotten that this is a game of the streets that is more synonymous with graffiti and hip-hop than suit and tie. when you combine the right attitude/personality with craft and concept, you hit the sweet spot. i think the Nets, Hornets, Kings (maybe a few others) all do that well from top to bottom.
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    1. I like the Coyotes uni's. 2. I like shoulder yokes.
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    Don't know how that's relevant, but I do quite like the script on that uniform. Always have.
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    You've missed some crazy stuff the last two years in San Diego.
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    I appreciate the kind words, thank you. Los Angeles Kings I had hoped with the Adidas change over the Kings would at the least match their set. We didn't get that. So, for them I decided to do that. I dropped the piping, crown logo reinstated as the primary. Coat of arms logo returns and kept the silver and black. I had hoped with the Adidas change over the Kings would at the least add a match their set. We didn't get that. So, for them I decided to do that. I dropped the piping, crown logo reinstated as the primary. Coat of arms logo returns and kept the silver and black.
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    I'm not sure that is even possible. Half the league wore gray uniforms.
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    That's a very interesting and accurate observation but I have serious doubts that jpeg artifacting would inspire a uniform design in 1996. I have no doubts that jpeg artifacting will inspire a uniform design in 2018 and Brandiose will tell us all about it.
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    The Hamilton Bulldogs have this trademarked, but have never used it. Reminds me a bit of the BuffaSlug
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    Fix that and Winnipeg is top of the league. to @bleuet's point, so many little tweaks would make the CFL much better. The Argos should be using the white helmet they used last year (In case I haven't said that enough, lol) Calgary needs to drop the black helmet, Hamilton needs the yellow stripe back on the helmet. So close for a lot of the teams.
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    Well, there are bigger things to get worked up about...but small details can be poor design. We had a thread about "small details that you hate." There was a great example where the Pacers side panel stripes did not match. Without this board, I'd never have noticed. But it was still stupid and a poor design. In this case...I never noticed the missing piping, either. I don't catch a lot of Padres games these days. But I'd still call that poor design. The degree to which this should bother us is in the eye of the beholder. If it does not bug you that's fine...but I think "things you can't unsee" after not seeing them for a while certainly can be examples of bad design.
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    Rough translation: "Real men" don't wear shiny things while doing manly man things like football with other manly men wearing spandex.
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    I realize the ASG caps only work with single colored (or almost single colored) logos like Yankees Dodgers rays Phillies etc. The multi colored logos like Marlins astros Orioles it just looks like u sucked the colors out of the cap and something feels missing. I'd still rather have regular caps with a patch and keep the special caps for the derby. Then again it's hard to argue with this stuff from a business perspective because I was there last night and no one can deny how many people bought the ASG and derby caps. It's almost human nature to buy a piece of merchandise or more as a souvenir when you do a big event like the ASG and the hr derby. As much as I don't like the idea of ASG caps I know this was probably the only ASG I'll see in person in my home town for like 25 to 30 years so I just really felt like buying a unique piece of merchandise and so I bought me a Marlins ASG cap. This stuff isn't going away folks, it makes too much sense to do it this way.
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    I'd prefer the aways match the home jerseys instead of using blue sleeves and yokes.
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    Searching for "Pro Player jersey" on eBay will also serve you well. The most comfortable replica jersey you'll ever own.
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    Moving up North to Denver: Personally, I find the sleeveless version of the yellow ones to be pretty wild as they are, which is why I used them as the base of the uniforms. I extended the pattern from the chest to the sleeves so it runs the length of the shoulders to the sleeves. I used the script from the old navy alternates on the fronts and I switched back to the old font. As for the yellow being the away jersey, I figure if Nashville can do it in the NHL, then someone could do it in the NBA. C&C welcome on Dallas and Denver!
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    It's about time they did. That picture makes me realize two things: how unnecessary the black stripes were and how much I miss the Yeti Footprint.
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    No one criticizes Mr. Worldwide *pelvic thrust*
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    On an FCS discussion board one poster claimed Furman copied JMU and stated that these uniforms are nearly identical. This is why I don't discuss sports aesthetics on strictly sports forums.
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    Why the red? I never understood. In using red on the names/numbers, you're almost making copper, the faded-out successor to orange, their tertiary color. With just copper and navy they would have been a fine enough update for the gloomy late-'90s/2000s, but like so many dark-fade teams they had to go home eventually. And they did, it was great, but now they look like Hockey Chicago Bears for some reason.
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    It's funny that you ask. I was literally just looking at your sig and wondering why I had never updated it with the correct team logo. I redid it with the correct logo, and made one with a player as well, to take your pick. http://orig02.deviantart.net/5999/f/2017/192/9/9/1981_kansas_city_crows_sig_by_verasthebrujah-damniy0.jpg http://orig13.deviantart.net/14ca/f/2017/192/f/d/player_kc___rick_ortega__rolb__by_verasthebrujah-dbg03iu.jpg The player is Rick Ortega (ROLB). He was the first overall pick in the 1982 draft, and is the heart and soul of the defense. He's likely to become one of the league's premier pass rushing linebackers through the rest of the decade, though he still has a ways to go before he can be mentioned in the same breath as Pittsburgh's Russ Osborne. I wound up choosing him over Greg Benham because he probably has the higher ceiling of the two - Benham has the potential to be a very good quarterback, Ortega could be a Hall of Famer. Winning would have been a tall order even if they had come through with the onside kick. They were down by 10 with 1:35 to play and had only one timeout left. They would have needed to score a touchdown, get another onside kick, and then at least get into field goal range for a chance to take it into overtime. I have to say, that would have been a pretty phenomenal comeback. Definitely worthy of this postseason. I actually feel like the Victory Bowl was kind of a letdown this year. The favorite won by a comfortable margin. The game was never really in doubt, but it wasn't a blowout, and there weren't any surprise stars. Jose Ortuno was expected to be the man to watch, and it was his performance that ensured a Cleveland victory.
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    Especially in the Big Ten. Helps differentiate Rutgers from Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, etc. I STILL maintain the Big Ten should have made a Red Division and a Non Red Division. Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland and Minnesota (dark red) Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Illinois, Iowa, Northwestern and Purdue. It's oddly balanced, too, in terms of strength of division. Splits OSU, UW, NU and UM, MSU, PSU right down the middle.
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