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    Uniwatch tweeted this article: http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20170706/how-under-armour-wrote-the-next-chapter-for-ucla This quote "He deconstructs the UCLA stripe as three parallel stripes, all touching. The outside two, which are the same color, represent the past and present. The middle stripe is of another color. It represents the future, guided by the other two." Oh :censored: off. It's a stripe. You can't just add meaning to a striping pattern that has already existed for decades without corporate branding speak explaining why it is the way it is and then pat yourself on the back for it.
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    If she was not even wearing a shirt, trust me, I'd be aware of it.
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    The Walgreens W is okay on a cap, but it's a terrible jersey logo. Especially with the imbalanced numbers. The best jersey logos are roughly symmetrical, and the combination of loopy swirls and italicized angle makes it unsuitable. The off-center numbers only accentuate its many problems. This would have been so much better: Pair that with the loopy W cap on red, and you're good to go. And just as an aside, the Nationals seem to have more than their share of rejected prototypes. All of which are better than the ones actually chosen.
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    I feel the exact opposite. I think the majority of the old wordmarks are dated wonky custom fonts, then new ones look much more professional and legible at a glance.
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    What a Beautiful woman!
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    On an FCS discussion board one poster claimed Furman copied JMU and stated that these uniforms are nearly identical. This is why I don't discuss sports aesthetics on strictly sports forums.
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    At very least, the White Sox need to bring back the old road pants. What an unnecessary downgrade it was to get rid of those. It would also be nice if they started actually wearing white socks. Not only does it match their team name, it's also a good look for them anyway.
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    At this point, I'm not so sure about that. They finally settled on an identity after years and years of identity musical chairs. Not only that, but they finally settled on the right one. And for probably the first time in franchise history, an entire generation only knows, save really small tweaks, one White Sox look. They would be a whole lot better off standing pat* and not venturing into more change at the risk of undoing the strength of their brand. *Except they can drop the overrated 80's throwbacks yesterday
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    No it doesn't, those are truly awful
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    Overall, I'd say that the transition from Reebok to Adidas has been positive for most teams in the NHL. But some teams took a step backwards...so here is my attempt to fix their errs. First up: Nashville What they unveiled: Too minimized for my liking. Here's my take: C&C appreciated. I probably won't get to every single team in the league, most likely just a handful of them that actually need changes to perfect their current sets. Buffalo is next!
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    i dont even know what the Blitz is but its my favorite team now
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    Old wordmarks vs current. I dont want to be THAT guy who complains about the way logos, fonts, courts, jerseys are going but to ME they are going down hill. someone has to agree? If you think the new wordmarks are better, that is ok. my main point is they are ALL SO BASIC. the only new one i like more is the new orleans pelicans, that is an amazing colors and it fits into new orleans culture real well. I want to do a side by side of jerseys next. LOGO DESIGN IS GETTING MORE AND MORE BASIC. times have changed. whoever told me to keep my 90s ideas in the 90s! I WILL NEVER! Long live great design!
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    Literally the number one reason why I watched as a kid and still watch this game as an adult. It's why I hate the ASG hats as much as I do A guy on twitter tweeted out that he thinks it's stupid that MLB wears their regular jerseys for the actual game and that they should all wear the same uniform. I don't think I've ever seen someone be so publicly wrong on an issue.
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    first timer here. be gentle. just for fun, I re-designed a local HS logo. the school is currently using clip art from the 1960s. (shown) I am stuck with this design, not sure where to go. any comments/suggestions...start over :)?
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    Winnipeg Blue Bombers home jerseys. Just because.
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    I agree with you. I like the Nationals current look much better than the beveled gold era. They just need to get a new number font, which is a little out of place in the current look. But all in all it's a pretty solid look I think. Plus the curly W makes for a pretty nice pretzel:
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    I always preferred the white jersey with the shoulder yoke. Too bad they only lasted 1 season.
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    Amen. I wasn't aware she was even wearing a shirt. My goodness.
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    The plan is to use the UCLA stripe on every athletic uniform, which is exactly what I would do if I was handed this project - Their uniforms sport to sport are wildly inconsistent and that stripe is the most identifying element. It's a big fat hanging curveball with the bases loaded of an idea. What I scoff at, and looks like others agree with me, is fetching some quote off their website (and every single university has some similar platitude so it's not like UCLA is even special in this regard) and then bending the words to apply meaning to a stripe that has existed since 1949. That stripe has come to define UCLA, as good as any logo, for all these years without needing a reason for each stripe to exist and they don't need meaning now. Some things can just be because they look cool and have gained meaning over the years without randomly attributing some quotes to each element. He didn't create the stripe to match the quote. He took two unrelated things, did the math, and figured out that there's three items in each, and went "look what I did!". It's nonsense. "These stripes have represented UCLA since 1949 and have become such an iconic mark that it only makes sense to use across all uniform executions" would've done the job and been less "brand-y".
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    Thanks for the C+C, and here's the alternate take! ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS, PT. II - Snaking their way through the Valley of the Sun It may be an unpopular opinion, but I've never liked the name "Arizona Diamondbacks." I don't like the "Arizona" part because I don't like state names (Minnesota being the exception), and "Diamondbacks" is just too damn long for a sports team name (baseball diamond + Western Diamondback snake). It should have been rejected the minute Jerry Colangelo (their old owner) saw it on a jersey, but the mid-late '90's made a name like that possible. In the words of Dragon Ball Z Abridged's Vegeta: So, let's change it up. "Arizona" gets replaced with "Phoenix," as the team plays in Phoenix proper (and they should stay at Chase Field, despite their current dickery). Besides, nobody has a problem with the Phoenix Suns and the area around Phoenix often identifies with that city. "Diamondbacks" get subbed out by "Snakes," as there are a bunch of different snakes native to the area. Besides, as @the admiral noted: The color scheme is a simplified version of the '98-'06 color scheme, ditching purple and replacing the turquoise with a slightly lighter shade (one that contrasts more with the black). I figured that this color scheme was more snake-like while still being unique (I'm not the first to come up with basic idea either. Read the links and look at @davidmiller5's concept). Besides, it also has its base in Southwestern art: The "A" logo becomes a "P," with some inspiration from @Buc and @robbman21's concept work. I appropriated the 2007-present "D-snake" logo to act as the snake head for the secondary logo (based around the 2011 All-Star Game logo). I redid the throwback patch to imagine what the 1998 Phoenix Snakes would look like, while also making that logo look slightly better in "flat" applications. The uniforms are similar to my main take, albeit with black and turquoise being co-dominant and the "P" logo taking the place of the "A." Also, the shorter name means that the team can use their name on their home uniforms without it looking like crap. The alternates are color swaps of the main concept, with a few tweaks for the new name. The Arizona Turquoise-centric home alternate would be worn against other teams with black caps (i.e. Orioles, White Sox, and interleague with the Giants and Pirates). The Throwback Thursday set now features my attempt to recreate the "Snakes" script for the 1998-2006 identity. It felt good to put the "Phoenix Snakes" idea to practice, and I really liked using this color scheme for the team. C+C is greatly appreciated. Up next, the Chicago White Sox!
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    So I am back and I now realize that I have 4 defunct teams to do. The first of those is the Hartford Whalers. I went with a wave design and the mascot "Pucky the whale" jumping out of the water. I could see something like this happening if the Whalers would have joined the inaugural 3rd jersey system in 1996.
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    Thanks for all the feedback so far. Next up... Vegas Golden Knights The NHL's newest franchise I felt had a good reveal. Some things I liked and others I didn't. So, for them I simply decided to make slight changes overall.
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    In 1892, a group of six hockey club owners in Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and New York met behind closed doors in Toronto. This meeting was originally called to plan a one-time ice hockey tournament, but what resulted was the formation of the world's first professional hockey league, the International Hockey Association. The chairman of the meeting, Hiram Jameson was named the first president of the league. Each team would play a total of 10 games after which the top two teams would face each other to compete for the still unnamed championship trophy. At the time, the game of ice hockey was significantly different than it is now. At the time, there were six skaters and a goaltender on each side: left wing, center, right wing, rover, point, and coverpoint. Nets were not introduced yet, and the goals were just two posts guarded by a goaltender who wore no special equipment. The goalie was not allowed to leave their feet for any reason during play. The first IHA season had 6 teams facing off. The Buffalo Hockey Club was the league's first American club. Wearing Blue and Orange, the Buffalo Hockey Club was lead by player/owner Eugene McCreary who served as the club's goaltender. Since they were the only American club thus far, local business owners helped the team pay for the best players they could hire to represent the States the best they could. Across the border in Hamilton, Ontario, the Hamilton Hockey Club, nicknamed the Snappers, were also funded by some deep pockets in the hope of winning the championship. Up the road in Toronto, tryouts were held offering full-time employment for any hockey players talented enough to make the team. The team was known at the Toronto Athletes and they wore a thunderbolt logo on their sweater to show off their incredible speed. In Kingston, a relatively smaller club, the Mercuries was formed. Though they lacked the raw talent of some of the other clubs, they made up for it with hard work and a violent streak. Representing the province of New Brunswick, the Portland Victorias wearing red and white stripes took to the ice with the league's most prolific scorer, Lemuel Payne. Despite his abilities, the club did not do well financially, and the league threatened to suspend the club's operations. Finally, a group of veterans and Soldiers of the Royal Canadian Dragoons started a hockey club in Quebec City representing the regiment. The club only hired players that were current or former members of the regiment. The final standings in the 1892-93 season were as follows: 1. Hamilton Snappers - 8-2-0 2. Toronto Athletes - 6-3-1 3. Buffalo Hockey Club - 6-4-0 4. Kingston Mercuries - 4-5-1 5. Royal Canadian Dragoons - 4-6-0 6. Portland Victorias - 2-7-0 The first ever IHA championship was played in Mississauga, halfway between Toronto and Hamilton. Despite a coming out and scoring the first 3 goals, the Snappers couldn't handle the speed of the Athletes, who rallied to win 6-5. After the game, the league announced that the Toronto Athletes' center Myles Lewden was the league's most valuable player for the 1892-93 season. Portland's Lemuel Payne led the league in scoring with 14 goals, and Buffalo's goaltender Eugene McCreary was named best goaltender.
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    The copper and red were pretty brilliant. I kinda liked the yoke version. Though when you win five Cups in blue and orange, it's tough to think another color scheme is better.
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    This is the best the Oilers ever looked. Come at me: http://nhluniforms.com/Oilers/Oilers06.html
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    New crest for the Dutch women, with the lion changed to a lioness:
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    fake news. (also, non of those fonts mentioned are used in any of the designs posted) what i see in the examples is the craft of the wordmarks has improved greatly. so many of the old marks were either really badly put together (the Raptors mark seems to be sliding off the arc it sits on), designed by someone/team with little knowledge of type, or were over stylized, featuring so many strokes and colors that they are unreadable. too many are far from being timeless and were doomed to be dated from the beginning. but i also see a lack of imagination; a loss of concept and artistic flair. thats pretty common in all design niches today though. i think NBA identities should have a sense of professionalism and should be designed appropriately for the grown men wearing it, but it should not be forgotten that this is a game of the streets that is more synonymous with graffiti and hip-hop than suit and tie. when you combine the right attitude/personality with craft and concept, you hit the sweet spot. i think the Nets, Hornets, Kings (maybe a few others) all do that well from top to bottom.
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    Thanks for the feedback so far! Next up is Buffalo... What they unveiled: Jesus....could you piss off your fans (and all of us jersey fanatics) more? Get rid of the silver and navy please My take:
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    yes. I isolated each letter and used Photoshop's bevel and emboss with the angle coming from the top right. The shadows (represented by the gold), save the bottom right part of the D, match what photoshop's automatic beveling tool did. edit: The mothership has the bottom right portion of the D correctly filled in. The one in the post above is a bad copy. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/h6vgi2qzea1kkh1xggzo30k1v/Washington_Nationals/2006/Cap_Logo
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    Realized I had the files on me, so I did a rough color change on both per @ldconcepts's feedback. This was just to see what each would look like. I'll go back and clean the final look up when I get some time today. At the moment I'd say I think I like the full navy set the most of the three. 1) Original Above 2) Navy Blue 3) Winter Classic Blue 4) Current Royal Blue
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    So, some jackass looked at West Virginia's horrific font and said can we get that too?
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    The recent Adidas reveal inspired me to start up a new series. Its been some time since I last did a concept. So, knocking off some ring rust in the first few. Edmonton Oilers Promoted the previous third while making some minor changes. Kept the current colors. Added third that is something I can see the team bringing in the near future.
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    Hello, I have been a sports logo junkie since I was a kid. I used to do my own concepts/tweeks years ago but they weren't very good and I gave up. Anyway, anyone old enough to remember when several MLB ballparks from the late 1970 thru the mid-1990s had put team logos on its outfield wall? I do (I'm a 90s kid) and that's part of the reason I became a sports logo junkie. Most of the ballparks that did this were the often-despised multipurpose/cookie cutter/domed stadiums of that period (Veterans, Busch Memorial, Three Rivers, Metrodome, etc). The classic-era ballparks (Wrigley, Fenway, Yankee, Tiger) did not put team logos on its outfield logos nor did the retro-themed newer ballparks (Camden Yards, Arlington, Jacobs/Progressive Field, etc) Why some teams decided to team logos on their outfield wall during that perior, I don't know. The reason I decided to make this post is to see which stadiums had updated a logo when a new logo made its debut prior to the new season. I also wanted to see how accurate the stadiums were when it came to updating logos when a team updated its logo/uniforms. Here are a timeline of which MLB ballparks had put team logos on its outfield wall: Veterans Stadium (Phillies) (1976-1996) Three Rivers Stadium (Pirates) (1976-1982, 1994-1997) Astrodome (Astros) (1976-1985) Arlington Stadium (Rangers) (circa 1977-1978) Kingdome (Mariners) (1977-1990) Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium (Padres) (1978-1993) Exhibition Stadium (Blue Jays) (1978-early 1989) Skydome (Blue Jays) (1989-1998) Busch Memorial Stadium (Cardinals) (1979-1995) Shea Stadium (Mets) (1980-1994) Fulton County Stadium (Braves) (circa 1982-1991) Cleveland Municipal Stadium (Indians) (circa 1985-1989) Metrodome (Twins) (1985-circa 1995) Olympic Stadium (Expos) (1987-2004) Anaheim Stadium (Angels) (1989-1996) Mile High Stadium (Rockies) (1993-1994) Pro Player Stadium (Marlins) (1996-1999) Bonus: Dodger Stadium (Dodgers) (1980 All-Star Game only) Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum (1994 movie "Angels in the Outfield") County Stadium in Milwaukee (1989 movie "Major League") Let's start with the long-defunct Montreal Expos. The images were originally from old VHS tapes/Youtube video clips so don't expect HD-like quality. Olympic Stadium in Montreal (1987-2004) ================================ MLB team logos were first placed on the outfield wall of Olympic Stadium in the 1987 season. 1987-1988 -------------- The logos seemed to be arranged in a random order The NL East team logos were on the Center-Left Field Wall the logos The NL West team logos were on the Center-Right Field Wall the logos Braves logo looks very different as it's not primary logo with the tomahawk that team adopted that year (which they still use today) Phllies logo is the 1971-1991 Alternate rather than the 1984-1991 primary 1987 team order (from a Phillies @ Expos (1987) game) NL East (from left to right) MTL, PIT, PHI, STL, NYM, CHC NL West (from left to right) HOU, CIN, ATL, SF, LA, SD 1989 ------ The padding of the wall changed from a dull shade of blue to a more vibrant shade of royal blue. The Phillies logo changed from the 1971-1991 alternate Logo to the 1984-1991 primary logo In addition, the logos appeared to be rearranged based on division standings 1989 team order NL East (from left to right; 1st place to last place) CHC, STL, NYM, MTL, PIT, PHI NL West (from left to right; 1st place to last place) SF, SD, HOU, LA, CIN, ATL 1989 Cubs @ Expos (Cubs clinch NL East game) 1990-1991 -------------- The Braves logo changed to the 1987-present primary during the 1990 season The Padres Logo changed to the 1991-2003 primary during the 1991 season Phillies @ Expos from 1991 1992 ------- The Expos logo was updated to the 1992-2004 primary; the Phillies logo was also updated to the 1992-present primary Mets @ Expos from 1992 Cubs @ Expos from 1992 (Gary Carter's last hit) 1993 ------ The Rockies & Marlins logos are added as the 2 expansion teams made their debut that season the Marlins logo is an alternate rather than the primary from 1993-2004 The Reds changed their logo (and uniforms) to the 1993-1998 primary, but the 1968-1992 logo is still present Phillies @ Expos from 1993 1994 ------- Due to the three-division realignment; team logos are rearranged based on new divisions: NL East team logos are at the Center-Left field Wall NL West team logos are at the Center field Wall NL Central team logos & Expos championship/retired number banners at Center-Right field wall Astros updated their logo (and uniforms) but the 1975-1993 primary logo is still seen Giants updated their logo to the 1994-1999 primary but the 1983-1993 logo is still seen NL West (left to right; 1st place to last place) LA, COL, SF, SD NL East (left to right; 1st place to last place) ATL, MTL, PHI, FLA, NYM NL Central (left to right; 1st place to last place) CIN, HOU, PIT, STL, CHC Braves @ Expos (6/27/94) 1995-1997 -------------- The Astros logo was finally updated to the then-primary 1995-1999 logo The Reds and Giants then-newer logos were not updated 1998-2004 --------------- By 1998, the team logos were rearranged again due to expansion/realignment . The NL Central and NL West team logos switched places with the NL Central team logos now at the Left field outfield wall and the NL West team logos at the right field wall. The Diamondbacks (expansion team) and Brewers (who switched from AL to NL) logos were added; By this period, Olympic Stadium was very obsolete and outdated as newer retro-themed ballparks were replacing the multipurpose/cookie cutter stadiums. By 2000, Olympic Stadium was the only stadium that still put mlb team logos on its outfield wall. In addition, the stadium also appeared to be lazy and inconsistent when it came to updating team logos well into 2004: The Cardinals logo was updated to the 1998-present primary logo The Pirates logo was updated to the 1998-2013 primary logo The Marlins logo was still the alternate logo from 1993-2004 The Giants logo was still the 1983-1993 logo and continued to be even as the Giants updated their look (and logo) again in 2000 (which is still used today) The Brewers changed their look & logo in 2000 but the 1994-1999 logo was still seen The Padres changed their logo & look in 2004 (the 2004-2010 logo) but the 1991-2003 logo was still seen The Reds logo was finally updated in 1998 but when the team had a new logo (& uniforms) from 1999-2006, the 1993-1998 logo was still seen The Astros updated their uniforms & logo in 2000 but the 1995-1999 logo was still seen For example, the logo setup from the Expos last home game in 2004: NL Central (left to right; 1st to last) STL, CHC, HOU, CIN, PIT, MIL NL East (Left to Right; 1st to last) ATL, PHI, FLA, NYM, MTL NL West (Left to Right; 1st to last) LA, SF, SD, COL, ARZ Padres @ Expos from 1999 (Tony Gywnn 3000th hit) Expos final home game in 2004 Bonus -------- Random images found from Gettyimages between 1998 and 2004 My next post will be Exhibition Stadium & Skydome (now Rogers Centre), the two homes of the mothership's favorite team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Stay tuned.
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    I remembered my password.
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    My favorite part of the all-star game is the player introductions just because you see so many uniforms at once. Probably somewhat explains why I and many of us are here.
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    Proposed to my girlfriend at Mount Rushmore. (After the lighting ceremony)
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    Thanks for all of the positive feedback! Up next is Calgary... What they unveiled: Why in the world would you think it was a good idea to leave the side panels and flag shoulder patches? It's quite simple to make red/black/yellow work...although I do like the new collar and un-italicized number font My take: Edmonton is next...
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    No one criticizes Mr. Worldwide *pelvic thrust*
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    The needs of other stakeholders don't always match the needs of a message board of design enthusiasts, it's 100% fine that jerseys in 2017 don't look like they came out of a '90s remote-control toy aisle at Walmart, and all of this is kind of off topic.
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    Continuing on with.... Columbus Blue Jackets I was disappointed the Blue Jackets only made small changes to their current set. For their primary set I drew inspiration from elements of of their design. Alternate is based off an old concept I did for them. A more traditional font for the numbering. Overall, I think this set is an upgrade for them.
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    Wouldn't light coming from the top-right of the C cause that shadowing?
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    Thanks. Next in line.... Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay didn't change with the Adidas takeover. For them I took inspiration from their inaugural design. Black is featured more (which is something I think they should do). Updated logo, which I have used in the past. Overall I think this gives a Lightning a much better look.
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    Dallas Stars In this set, the stars connect their current identity with their past, namely their past in Minnesota. This North Stars-inspired set brings silver into the striping of the Stars' sweaters. Victory Green is features prominently on both sweaters with the inclusion of large cuffs and a shoulder yoke on the away and a green helmet on the home, a new look for the stars that references the teams' origins yet again. The home features a white yoke inspired by the North Stars, but removes the outlines from that look for a simpler, more modern feel. The shoulders are left blank as another callback to the North Stars uniforms and the State of Texas logo finds itself on the pants.
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    San Jose Sharks First off is the San Jose Sharks. I have thought for awhile that the Sharks logos could use an update and I believe the Los Tiburones look debuted this past season does just that. As such, this logo set is promoted to the primary and orange is eliminated from the uniforms. The Home and Road don similar striping patterns, but not identical for purposes of keeping the teal and the black from touching and establishing a cleaner and clearer design. C&C is appreciated as always.