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    Never understood why they decided to add so much grey to their identity.
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    Is there anyway the mods would consider a one week ban for anyone criticizing a team's colors based on the color of the animal they're named after?
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    I've ranted about this enough already. Not even a Stanley Cup win could magically erase my frustrations at this rebrand.
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    Nuggets uniforms leaked
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    Looks like CONCACAF just watched Black Panther and REALLY liked it.
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    Because the Padres’ owners are idiots.
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    *Wants to play along, but genuinely likes most of the concepts
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    It's a green dong away from being perfect.
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    The League has a surprising amount of orange, so I've done away with it for this logo. In place of orange is a much more Miami Vice color scheme. I've combined elements of a few different Miami logos. Not a lot going on here, simplicity was my goal. Miami Dolphins:
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    I wanted to take another look at my Vikings concept and landed on getting rid of the outdated mustache and going towards the ever-so-trendy beard.
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    Member has been suspended for one month for making wild claims, offering to have mods verify them, and then refusing when mods reach out. Further, his suspension is the result of continued disruptive behaviour in the NFL uniform threads. This suspension may increase as more votes come in.
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    As if hockey wasn't white enough already.
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    The Vegas Golden Knights' uniforms are the best they've ever worn during their team history.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys!! Miami Dolphins:
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