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    Yellow Sparky's all it ever needed to be.
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    If Under Armour can give UCLA stripes to UCLA, why can't Nike do the same for the Colts and Jets?
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    I don't know if it's the schools directing the process or UnderArmour, but UA has come out with two gorgeous uniforms this summer (UCLA, Cal).
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    So many sports franchises had dropped their blue and yellow colors for a more unique combo, that this eventually become rare itself. The Warriors really brought it back and made it cool again. The Rams will eventually wear it and the fans are already begging for it. The Brewers needs to be the MLB team to own it.
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    So.... You CAN put a real shoulder stripe on a modern jersey cut. Now everybody else shut up. We were right, you were wrong.
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    Almost perfectly predicted? Honestly, looks more like 'kinda similar sleeves'.
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    You got it! Here's Anaheim...moreso a prediction for next year than a fix to their current set, as we already know they're going with orange full time in 2018
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    Another era mix, this time for the Penguins. I used their colour scheme and striping from the early '70s, yoke from the '90s, and 2017 Stadium Series logo. C&C Appreciated!
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    Man, that top one at the start of the video is perfect (provided that’s maroon and not black). The pitchfork is so much cleaner and bolder sans outline.
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    Agreed. For a while there, every major pro franchise that had worn blue and gold dropped it in favor of navy and something else. The Brewers, Rams, Mariners, Sabres, Warriors, everybody. I'm glad to see it make a comeback, but the Brewers need to step up and make it theirs again.
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    I don't necessarily disagree with this as of now, but it seems like a premature thing to say when there's still over a month left in the offseason and several programs, including some big name ones, usually wait until training camp or right before the start of the season to unveil their new duds.
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    19 helmets, and Sparky is still head and shoulders above them all.
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    Washington made it to the NFC Championship? Is Dan Snyder suddenly competent or just nonexistent?
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    Take easy. Don't Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy. I had too. I just had too. ; )
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    The Canucks are rich in logos and designs they could use for primaries and alternates. I darkened their blue, and applied the V logo with a new idea. C&C Appreciated!
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    The Capitol and Monument also have the benefit of distinctive silhouettes. They can be rendered very simply and yet be instantly identifiable. The White House doesn't exactly lend itself to logo design in the same way.
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    The T-Wolves and Pelicans could adopt that color scheme. Nice work.
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    So the Devils signed their No. 1 pick and unveiled him with his number on a jersey... a jersey with a hem stripe.... a Reebok jersey with a hemstripe... Heh.
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    UA is killing the game right now and they are doing it with beautiful and timeless designs. These would look just as good if they were worn 30 years from now. They are showing a wonderful level of restraint to come up with great designs for the teams and not pushing their own brand with ugly flourishes and finishes.
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    FIFY. If anything, Adidas will probably only move further down the pack at this point, but I'd love to be proven wrong on that.
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    Yup. UA is pulling away from the pack but there's still a chance Nike or Adidas does something wonderful.
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    I think UA used the same number treatment on the football unis as the basketball uniforms. The basketball team doesn't have an outline on the home whites, but it does on the road blues. These are phenomenal. To echo Jonah, G/W/G should definitely be worn for at least one road game.
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    I don't doubt that they would like to increase enlistments, but in the end that's what mercenaries are for. And they don't even have to pay health care for them. These staged events are really about keeping the insane amount of money flowing to the Pentagon. Everything else is secondary to that one overriding goal.
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    To increase public support, and therefore funding, for the armed forces. That is, after all, the whole point of an advertising campaign. Which is what that was. Your response seems to imply that you don't think they had an agenda. Or at least that seems a reasonable inference. But don't you think the Pentagon had a very specific goal in mind when it paid the NFL to stage those military-tribute events?
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    I also like the bottom one with the stylized sun+ASU. And then Sparky is always a good choice.
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    Good talk. If anything, it makes sense to avoid naming a specific branch, lest the NFL catch “stolen valor” heat for directly trivializing actual military ranks. Neither the NFL or the military wanted people to know about their “Paid Patriotism” deal, hence why the NFL “donated” all the taxpayer money earned from the military after the story broke. A vaguely military-themed patch aligns with the underhanded nature of the entire arrangement. ...or the NFL independently adopted a league-wide military-themed patch the same year they struck a big money deal with the military. Just because.
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    I think those are just helmets worn under Adidas (or maybe the entire rebrand) so far. Having 19 helmets in the current rotation is completely at odds with their simplification and approval program..
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    The problem with having the red rose of Lancashire debossed into the fabric without colour is that you're essentially left with a white rose - the symbol of Lancashire's rival county Yorkshire. Mind, as a Yorkshireman I don't really see this as being a problem.
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    It's a crime that the Stamps have not gone back to this distinctive classic.
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    What are we down to different helmets per QUARTER? Even if you ran the table and went to the CFP Title Game you'd still never get through 20 helmets in a single season. Pffffffttttt.
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    Up next...Ottawa What they unveiled: I mean c'mon, we all know that the heritage set is far superior to their RBK Edge unis. You guys could have atleast gotten rid of the paint by numbers template My take: Now, here's another idea. Sort of a modernized heritage set if I truly wanted something new... So that about does it for this series. Short, sweet, and to the point...those are my 6 biggest losers to start the Adidas era in the NHL. What other teams would you guys like to see? Who disappointed you the most with what they unveiled? I'm open for suggestions on what teams to do next
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    The Penguins' Winter Classic set draws inspiration from two different uniforms in Pittsburgh hockey history: the Pirates' 1925-28 sweater, and the Pens' infamous third jersey from the '90s. The Blues get nearly a straight throwback to their 1998-2007 look, my personal favorite of theirs. The only changes I made were fixing the color distribution on the white sweater and making the sock stripes flow better with the rest of the uniform.
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    Maybe I wasn't clear enough. If you look a better resolution photo like this: You can still see where they removed the Nike logo off of his jersey and the photoshopped the Jordan logo on to it. And, yes, I know for a fact they are switching templates. As are schools like Ohio State, Texas, USC and so on (just to name a few).
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    Next up is the Nordiques. I had to go with the unused logos from when they relocated to Colorado because they are just so horrible but very 90s. I went with a design that uses a spike pattern that reflects the husky from the logo. It also uses many other sharp teal points and keeps the fleur de lis on the hem.
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    Just saw a photo from grad transfer Scott Pagano's Instagram account where he uses the same green jersey as the freshmen's jerseys so I think that they're just burning through the old stockpiles of jerseys for the players to wear until they get the new ones.
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    Also considering they paid the individual teams (not even half of them) and not the league this guys "theory" doesn't have a leg to stand on.
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    Here's the sigs for Long Island and Detroit, as requested. I have two options for the Concordes, one features a shadow of their old logo in the background, the other simply features as shadow of the new one.
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    You must have been in a coma but @KJTALBOT is referring to the BIG3. Which is a 3 on 3 Pro League with professional & former NBA players. Ice Cube is in charge of it.
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    I'm pleased to know you like it! The pants are technically a dark brown, but I can see how you'd think they're black. I'm glad to know it works for the away though. Since there's no more feedback, I feel like it would be appropriate to move on to Guangzhou! Kudos to Power for coming up with a semi creative logo. It's not the most aesthetically appealing logo, but they tried. I really went out of the box for the redesign here. When I was brainstorming about what could convey power, a few things came to mind. I wanted to keep the muscle/football, but I didn't want to just make it a dismembered arm. So I decided to go with a flexing man that is reminiscent of an ancient Chinese warrior. It kind of looks like Shang from Mulan now that I think about it, but oh well I put him in a shield shape to kind of seal everything together. To keep the football bicep, I put the stitches there, and it almost looks like a scar. I figured that was a good, subtle way of including it. I suppose with the shield, this team will almost look like the Raiders. I was debating on whether or not to create a simpler alternate logo, but in the end I scrapped the idea. Now let's get started on the uniforms. Surprisingly, their home uniforms appear to be white. I was almost sure they'd be grey until I looked the team up. I couldn't find any pictures of an away jersey, but if they have one I'm sure it's just like all of the other away jerseys. Alright, so I might have gone a little far out with these jerseys, hopefully they'll suit your fancies. I was seriously considering making the home jersey black, but in the end grey seemed to be the better choice. Keeping with the warrior theme, I thought shoulder "striping" that was reminiscent of Chinese armor would go well. I tried to keep a similar pattern with the pant and sock striping as well, however I didn't think it would work on the helmets. I kept an outline on the numbers, similar to their old jerseys. I was thinking of abandoning the outline, but I feel it adds some contrast with the jerseys. I was originally going to go with black numbers on the white jersey, but in the end I decided that clashed too much with the shoulders. The number and nameplate font I went with was "Invader", I felt it was similar enough to the old font and gave me the desired look for this team. I went for mostly grey accents on the white jersey. The team hat features a simple grey stripe, with the Chinese inscriptions for the name of the team. C&C is always appreciated! Hopefully I haven't been completely butchering this league yet. The next team, which I'm slightly altering the name of, will probably feature a more traditional uniform design. See you next time with the Qingdao Clippers!
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    So classy, dunno why they dont take the step. Instant winner, would be so popular, Grey cup champs unis.
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    FYI: This topic, like my ABL, is not dead.
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    For the Red Wings, I wanted to combine all areas of their history, along with a modern twist with the D as primary and the Adidas collar. C&C Appreciated!
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    The Hurricanes have tried to have traditional jerseys, but they're a team that should stay relatively modern. However, alternates are perfect opportunities to reach back and take looks from franchise history. I created a new logo based off the Whalers logo, and put it on a throwback uniform. C&C Appreciated!
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