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    If it's what the people want:
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    What a Beautiful woman!
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    Not exactly a uniform, but close enough.
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    This was a no brainer for me.
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    I've seen a bunch of Adidas templates out there, but none have caught on with my style of concept-making. So, I decided to tweak a few templates I already use by adding a collar and shoulder texture, and came up with this concept for the Senators to test it out. I tried merging the modern Roman look with the everpopular barberpole look, and I like how it turned out. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    So many sports franchises had dropped their blue and yellow colors for a more unique combo, that this eventually become rare itself. The Warriors really brought it back and made it cool again. The Rams will eventually wear it and the fans are already begging for it. The Brewers needs to be the MLB team to own it.
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    Overall, I'd say that the transition from Reebok to Adidas has been positive for most teams in the NHL. But some teams took a step backwards...so here is my attempt to fix their errs. First up: Nashville What they unveiled: Too minimized for my liking. Here's my take: C&C appreciated. I probably won't get to every single team in the league, most likely just a handful of them that actually need changes to perfect their current sets. Buffalo is next!
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    That's a handsome animal right there. What human wouldn't look ugly next to that good boy?
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    Yellow Sparky's all it ever needed to be.
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    Winnipeg Blue Bombers home jerseys. Just because.
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    Almost perfectly predicted? Honestly, looks more like 'kinda similar sleeves'.
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    If Under Armour can give UCLA stripes to UCLA, why can't Nike do the same for the Colts and Jets?
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    I don't know if it's the schools directing the process or UnderArmour, but UA has come out with two gorgeous uniforms this summer (UCLA, Cal).
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    Shameless plug
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    The Capitol and Monument also have the benefit of distinctive silhouettes. They can be rendered very simply and yet be instantly identifiable. The White House doesn't exactly lend itself to logo design in the same way.
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    Back from vacation, and I'm ready to get this one off. The Suns have essentially had the same logo for 50 years, although the styling changed. I view this as somewhat of a compromise of all eras. While I appreciate the unique rhombus shape of the current logo, I feel as if it restricts the real star (pun intended), the sunburst, so I kept the general shape without the actual shape, if you understand me. The sunburst logo would be mostly used on a purple background.
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    My ideal Eagles uniform:
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    Oklahoma City has had one of, if not the worst identity in the NBA ever since they moved. I know it's another roundel, but just about anything is better than what they have: And yes, I know thunder and lightning are not the same thing.
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    Next is the Florida Panthers. I went with a Florida sunrise design with palms trees and a sun coming up from the hem and arms. This is a very wild design so let me know if it works or not.
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    Man, that top one at the start of the video is perfect (provided that’s maroon and not black). The pitchfork is so much cleaner and bolder sans outline.
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    Next up is the Nordiques. I had to go with the unused logos from when they relocated to Colorado because they are just so horrible but very 90s. I went with a design that uses a spike pattern that reflects the husky from the logo. It also uses many other sharp teal points and keeps the fleur de lis on the hem.
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    Take easy. Don't Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy. I had too. I just had too. ; )
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    The Canucks are rich in logos and designs they could use for primaries and alternates. I darkened their blue, and applied the V logo with a new idea. C&C Appreciated!
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    Just for informational purposes; First seen in the spring of 1983... First seen in the fall of 1984...
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    The best part is that they clearly don't want to switch back to brown and the navy/yellow look calmed the calls for it, then they dumped yellow and people started calling for brown even louder.
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    Another sun logo! The Heat are about the only team that I think can pull off a gradient logo, so I gave them a secondary logo that can be used in both gradient and flat fashions, but also gives off a tropical vibe.
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    Thanks for all of the positive feedback! Up next is Calgary... What they unveiled: Why in the world would you think it was a good idea to leave the side panels and flag shoulder patches? It's quite simple to make red/black/yellow work...although I do like the new collar and un-italicized number font My take: Edmonton is next...
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    That's such a great color. So much better than their boring red. Better for the pinstripes, too - they don't look pink.
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    The Hurricanes have tried to have traditional jerseys, but they're a team that should stay relatively modern. However, alternates are perfect opportunities to reach back and take looks from franchise history. I created a new logo based off the Whalers logo, and put it on a throwback uniform. C&C Appreciated!
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    You got it! Here's Anaheim...moreso a prediction for next year than a fix to their current set, as we already know they're going with orange full time in 2018
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    Up next...Ottawa What they unveiled: I mean c'mon, we all know that the heritage set is far superior to their RBK Edge unis. You guys could have atleast gotten rid of the paint by numbers template My take: Now, here's another idea. Sort of a modernized heritage set if I truly wanted something new... So that about does it for this series. Short, sweet, and to the point...those are my 6 biggest losers to start the Adidas era in the NHL. What other teams would you guys like to see? Who disappointed you the most with what they unveiled? I'm open for suggestions on what teams to do next
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    Not to mention the sheer ridiculousness of comparing a football player to a high-ranking military official.
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    No no no no no no no.
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    With the Adidas redesign, the Jackets had to choose between their primary set and their alternate. They chose their primary, a no-brainer to me. However, I still like the basic idea of the alternate they ditched, but wanted to redesign it in my own way. I changed the colour scheme to that of their primary, but replaced white with the cream colour from the alternate. I also completely overhauled the striping, adding a sash down the middle, which I feel compliments their design. C&C Appreciated!
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    Here's another one, this time for the Ducks, basically a mix of eras along with a couple design preferences. C&C Appreciated!
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    This is indeed a great shot for so many reasons, especially the uniforms. But what is weird is that the gold in the Saints' numbers seems to disappear at a distance. The players on the sidelines all appear to have solid white numbers.
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    College football from the late 60's thru the mid 70's...
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    Sounds like these food promotions have left a bad taste in your mouth.
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    Thanks! I had a feeling you'd like it. I didn't want any off-white uniforms, as that kind of defeats the purpose of the name "White Sox" (translation: white wherever possible). I can see what you're getting at with the script looking "incomplete," but I didn't see a problem with it. I suppose I could make the trail off of the "x" longer." I do like having the similar-style alternates, for maximum "team name at home, city name on road." If I had to change them up somehow, I'd consider adding an alternate cap for the home version (think white crown with a black bill). Thanks, Admiral! I knew that using royal blue (translate: Cubbie Blue) would be a risk, but the uniform's dissimilarity to the Cubs' road uniforms made it work in this case. As for the points on color imposition, I get that the White Sox's connection to that color scheme was more coincidence than "civic colors" and that Bulls/Blackhawks fans wouldn't want a team they dislike associating with them. Still, I've always liked black/red as a colorway, and the White Sox are probably the best team to don that scheme in baseball (not the Reds or Diamondbacks). I can see why the sock patch shouldn't be on the home uniform (the team name is already spelled out by the "Sox" logo, and the patch creates a little imbalance). I'll remove it in the update. Thanks. I had to brighten up the red so the whole thing didn't look like a muddy mess. I had no idea that White Sox fans had any opposition to the full team name appearing on any uniform. I've always liked it, but that's just me (a non-fan that doesn't "get" why fans frown on some things). A red alt is out of the question, mostly because of how it brings them an extra step too close to the Red Sox. I wanted the White Sox to have a dash of red, but limit it to that. That's why none of the uniforms have red numbers, as it crosses a bit of a line. Anyway, alternate take time! CHICAGO WHITE SOX, PT. II - Greyscale goodness This guy doesn't need much explanation. I carried over my modified wordmark to the current color scheme. The home and road uniforms don't change much, except for the addition of the socks from the first concept and the restoration of the patch and pants stripes to the road uniform. I added a "Chicago" road alternate, to go along with the one they've had since the early-1990's. I gave the home set non-pinstriped pants, as pinstripes and colored tops is a bad combo. The retro uniforms are both home uniforms and would appear in an alternating pattern on Sunday home games. The first is a proper recreation of the 1959 home uniforms, and the second is the 1917 set from the previous concept. Both of these looks are popular, reflect successful teams, and aren't too garish. I had a mildly more radical idea in mind for the home and road uniforms, but I got cold feet on it. I wanted to incorporate the 1969-70 white text look onto the current road jersey, and while I liked it, I didn't think it worked with the colorway of the set (also note the 1942 script, which I canned). Click them for a zoomed-in size. The White Sox spent 90 years searching for the perfect uniform set, and by Jove they got it. With these minor tweaks, they can keep all of the good parts of their current identity while living up to their nickname (white socks) and having a better retro uniform set. C+C is greatly appreciated! Up next, the Kansas City Royals!
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    The Penguins' Winter Classic set draws inspiration from two different uniforms in Pittsburgh hockey history: the Pirates' 1925-28 sweater, and the Pens' infamous third jersey from the '90s. The Blues get nearly a straight throwback to their 1998-2007 look, my personal favorite of theirs. The only changes I made were fixing the color distribution on the white sweater and making the sock stripes flow better with the rest of the uniform.
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    Well it would be just as weird for Millsap to say "hey I want the white rainbow throwback for my introduction" lol
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    Division 3 school, so I'm not sure the interest level. Press Release Logo Sheet - pdf
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    Not to throw cold water on this discussion, but the USFL Chicago Blitz uniform from their first year was damn nice...
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    For the Stars, I mixed both of their logo eras to come up with a modern twist on their original, then tweaked the jersey it was worn with. C&C Appreciated!
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    Better than a lot of actual NBA uniforms