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    If she was not even wearing a shirt, trust me, I'd be aware of it.
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    What a Beautiful woman!
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    So.... You CAN put a real shoulder stripe on a modern jersey cut. Now everybody else shut up. We were right, you were wrong.
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    So many sports franchises had dropped their blue and yellow colors for a more unique combo, that this eventually become rare itself. The Warriors really brought it back and made it cool again. The Rams will eventually wear it and the fans are already begging for it. The Brewers needs to be the MLB team to own it.
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    I like the new Oilers uniforms but this was perfection. I hope it at least comes back in the form of an alternate.
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    I never got the love for the navy and copper Oilers. Nor do I understand the desire to get the Oilers out of royal blue and into navy.
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    i dont even know what the Blitz is but its my favorite team now
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    So as I stated previously, the first team I will be doing is the Dalian Dragon Kings. Here is their current logo: Out of all of the logos, this one is debatably the best logo, with the exception of the Shenzhen Naja. Now for my overhaul and TL;DR worthy wall of text The first thing you'll notice is that I've eliminated yellow from the color scheme. It didn't really fit well with the electric blue, and there are already two other teams with yellow in them (the most notable one being the Shanghai Skywalkers.) I also chose a dark grey instead of black, since they only utilize grey on their uniforms anyways. So essentially, I've created the Chinese counterpart of the Carolina Panthers For the alternate logo, I decided to go with a full bodied dragon like their old logo had. I tried to keep it as traditional Chinese as possible, while making an effective, modern logo. I don't think they've ever really had kings in China, only emperors, so I figured the crown would be a nice touch. I've also noticed Chinese dragons are sometimes depicted holding a ball, and I thought that would be the perfect place to put a football cameo. The main logo is just for the helmet essentially. I also wanted to keep the "D" somehow, so I included it as a monogram. I also kept the Chinese symbols (which literally translate to Dalian Dragon Kings. Go figure!). I figure it could be used as a cap logo or on merchandise. Here's my attempt at a wordmark: Not great, but it's my first try so I don't think it's too bad. Anyways, moving on to uniforms. The CAFL has a terrible tendency of making their home uniforms monochrome. Here are what their current home unis look like: Just stop please. Grey on grey never looks good. Especially when your jerseys aren't that great to begin with. Their away jerseys are slightly better: At least they tried. I know these jerseys might be a little out there, but this league is a little out there, so bear with me What probably sticks out to you the most is the shoulder sublimation. Keeping with the oriental theme, I thought this subtle scale pattern would be perfect for the dragons. I couldn't figure out what I would have wanted to do with the sleeve stripes, so I went with the pattern. I wanted to keep a similar look that hearkens back to the old jerseys, so that's why I did the grey shoulders. For the home jersey, I'm debating doing grey numbers with a blue outline like the away, but I just stuck with solid blue for now. I tried to keep the numbers sleek and simple, and I think it matches the feel of the dragon overall. I'm wondering if I should put numbers on the shoulder patch, but I skipped those for now. I went with a simple solid stripe for the pants and helmet to tie things together. I didn't put ads on the jerseys, because (1) I didn't really have room and (2) I don't know who the sponsors are. I also didn't include "Dalian" on the front of the jersey, due to the fact I thought it was already a bit cluttered. But I did keep the team name as the nameplate, since every team in this league does that. I'd really love to know your thoughts on this guys. Criticism is welcome!
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    Yellow Sparky's all it ever needed to be.
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    Thanks. I thought about going for a cream throwback, but then I realized that there wasn't enough contrast between the yellow and the off-white. Take a look at the Mariners' fauxback to see why it looks terrible. While the yellow and cream don't touch, they're still too close in terms of value/contrast to work with each other. Thank you! I think I'll add the yellow "KC" in the update. Now, onto the current colors! KANSAS CITY ROYALS, PT. II - A golden addition to Royal Blue My main goal with this concept was to differentiate the Royals from the Dodgers, while still having Royal Blue as the main color. I used the shade of Royal Blue from 1969-2001, alongside a metallic (for embroidery) and flat (for print) shades of gold. I based my color balance around the current iteration of the gold-centric alternates. There is no powder blue in the color scheme, as I felt that powder and metallic gold didn't mesh at all. The home and road uniforms carry over a lot of the tweaks from the purple/yellow set (i.e. striping that highlights the accent color, adjusted "Kansas City" script, etc.). The road uniform has a special touch, as the grey has a powder blue tint. It's an idea that @the admiral originally advocated: ...and one that I suggested for @MJD7's series (which he pulled off really well): I thought it was subtle way to pay tribute to the powder blue days. The alternates are decidedly different from my main concept. The front number/NOB on the blue jersey are now white, as making all of the lettering gold looked too gaudy. The Negro League tribute set is a gestalt of the 1942 and 1945 uniforms, complete with the heart patch from the 1942 set (recreated with a modified heart from Wikimedia Commons). The Royals don't have to be Dodger clones. Rather, they can use metallic gold to their advantage to separate themselves. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, the Minnesota Twins!
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    Agreed. For a while there, every major pro franchise that had worn blue and gold dropped it in favor of navy and something else. The Brewers, Rams, Mariners, Sabres, Warriors, everybody. I'm glad to see it make a comeback, but the Brewers need to step up and make it theirs again.
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    Almost perfectly predicted? Honestly, looks more like 'kinda similar sleeves'.
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    If Under Armour can give UCLA stripes to UCLA, why can't Nike do the same for the Colts and Jets?
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    I don't know if it's the schools directing the process or UnderArmour, but UA has come out with two gorgeous uniforms this summer (UCLA, Cal).
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    Shameless plug
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    I served with Mel Brooks. I knew Mel Brooks. Mel Brooks was a friend of mine. Sir, you're no Mel Brooks.
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    My ideal Eagles uniform:
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    New Orleans Sound Unveil Identity At the conclusion of the 1995 Lewis Cup playoffs, the newly relocated New Orleans Sound finally unveiled their much-anticipated logo and uniforms. The primary logo is a trumpet featuring the team name in the team colors of gold, purple, and green. The secondary logo features a stylized treble clef on a music staff, while the tertiary logo, which will be used on the shoulders of the uniforms, simply features the treble clef on its own. The home jersey is white trimmed in purple, gold, and green, while the road jersey is purple, trimmed in gold and green. Both jerseys feature a waist stripe stylized to look like a music staff. "Overall, I'm happy with the look" said owner Sam Bendt. "The delay in the move gave us a lot more time than we had anticipated to come up with the right identity and we're happy with how it turned out."
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    The Bulls wore those uniforms in '97/98:
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    Man, that top one at the start of the video is perfect (provided that’s maroon and not black). The pitchfork is so much cleaner and bolder sans outline.
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    On to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and the Minnesota Twins! Logos -Variations of blue and green are my favorite color scheme, so I wanted to incorporate a fair share of it throughout the series. Royal blue and kelly green is a scheme that fits the Minnesota area well, with the blue representing the lakes and the green representing the forest. It's also obviously a scheme that has been represented well in Minnesota's sports past. -The dropshadows are gone, because although I think they are an interesting and unique idea, they are very hard to execute properly. -I experimented with using navy instead, or even incorporating light blue, but neither of those ideas seemed to work. Early iterations of this set also incorporated black, but I scrapped that and kept it to royal and kelly. -I could try and go back to the old 'Twins' script for this set, but for now I just kept the modern. -The cap is my adjustment of a concept done by @the admiral and promoted by @SFGiants58. I kept it dual colored for now because I think the kelly green stands out slightly better on the blue. I preferred to keep the wider base, so for now I kept the current 'C' but without the wishbone. Uniforms -The uniforms are a pretty simple translation from my tweaks series, without the added third color getting in the way. -I considered giving Minnesota a powder blue away much like Milwaukee's, but I felt like that was too much of a cop out, so I gave them royal blue. -The away cap is based off of the Twins' 2014 ASG cap, which was based on their old batting helmets. -The socks are once again based off of @thespungo's designs on his site, where the two green stripes represent the Twin Cities and the middle blue stripe represents the Mississippi River. And that's pretty much the Twins for you, I'd love to hear what you all think!
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    Yellow touching white, even-numbered piping, city name at home for a team that isn't the Yankees or Tigers I don't have a problem with yellow touching white, but the rest of it applies. Also: Not brown and yellow; Introduced yet another color scheme for a schizophrenic franchise; Copied a DEEPLY UNPOPULAR color scheme from the local football team which symbolized the indifference that team's ownership had for the fans (and that team has since moved). This would be like if the Cleveland Cavaliers switched to purple and black. No swinging Friar patch; Cap logos on jerseys are largely lazy and awful. The Yankees and Tigers are grandfathered (even though both use different logos from the caps). White Sox, too. The cap is a small space that requires 1-2 letters to effectively use the space. The chest, however, is a much larger space that allows the team to expand its identity, especially including the team name. There's no excuse for introducing a reductionist home jersey 50 years after the franchise started and when the team doesn't have an awful name that looks bad spelled out (like Diamondbacks).
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    The Canucks are rich in logos and designs they could use for primaries and alternates. I darkened their blue, and applied the V logo with a new idea. C&C Appreciated!
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    Just for informational purposes; First seen in the spring of 1983... First seen in the fall of 1984...
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    Alright next........ Chicago Blackhawks Chicago to the surprise of no one made no changes. For them I made small changes to their primary set. A black alt returns but inspired by what they wore in their early years.
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    Often because it seems like you or other designers are. Stuff like Nike claiming the same mass produced template represents the "iconic jaws of Husky Stadium" and "the horns of a razorback" for Washington and Arkansas stand out. Or how Nike claimed that Syracuse, a team for a school in Upstate NY, had vertically stretched numbers to represent New York City's tall buildings. Or how the Timberwolves claim the A sans crossbar in their wordmark represents a Viking rune for wolves. When in reality that rune means oxen. As does some dweeb claiming a striping pattern used since the 1940s represents UCLA's "past, present, and future." No, UCLA chose that striping pattern back then for one reason. Someone thought it looked good. And I really don't get why you see that as a bad thing. Why do the Dodgers have red front numbers on a primarily blue and white uniform? It looks good. Why do the Blackhawks have different striping patterns on their home and road looks? It looks good. Why do the Yankees wear pinstripes? It looks good. Sometimes there's a deeper meaning to things. The Philadelphia Eagles chose their mascot to reflect FDR's NRA organisation meant to combat the depression for example. Design companies really just embarrass themselves by trying to imply meaning to EVERYTHING though. It does come up like you're all making stuff up when the claims seem ludicrous under the tiniest bit of scrutiny. What's so wrong with saying "we made the Browns' orange brighter because we thought it contrasted better with brown than the older shade"? That seems like a perfectly fine explanation. The real explanation of "it represents the passion of the Dawg Pound" is just ridiculous. In order to properly pull off the "everything has meaning" you need to be both a philosopher and historian in addition to designer. And from what I've seen? Very few in your profession qualify as either. Let alone both.
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    You got it! Here's Anaheim...moreso a prediction for next year than a fix to their current set, as we already know they're going with orange full time in 2018
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    Up next...Ottawa What they unveiled: I mean c'mon, we all know that the heritage set is far superior to their RBK Edge unis. You guys could have atleast gotten rid of the paint by numbers template My take: Now, here's another idea. Sort of a modernized heritage set if I truly wanted something new... So that about does it for this series. Short, sweet, and to the point...those are my 6 biggest losers to start the Adidas era in the NHL. What other teams would you guys like to see? Who disappointed you the most with what they unveiled? I'm open for suggestions on what teams to do next
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    Well, I mocked it up, and I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of it. I like to think that the black/teal/copper is a bit more to my taste. Still, it's a good color scheme. I mocked up the "Snakes" in my Arizona Turquoise/Sedona Red/Sand color scheme, but I rejected it after I had thought it wasn't "different" enough from my original. I'll post that mock-up in the updates. I figured that not everybody would like the name. The script is a bit of a hatchet job with the NOB font of the period, and I think I could have tweaked it a tiny bit more. I do wonder what you mean by "feeling of American League, not National, baseball." Anyway, onto the next team! CHICAGO WHITE SOX, PT. I - Going for that Go-Go style It's no secret that I like the Chicago White Sox in black/red (of the famed "Go-Go Sox" of the 1950's-'60's), while also liking their current uniform set. I love the current color scheme and the current uniforms (pre-road uniform atrophy), but I wanted to find a way to incorporate red into them while correcting the road uniform's decay and correcting a few flaws that I see in their set. These issues include: -socks that aren't white/predominantly white -the lack of a "White Sox" script in the identity -a sorely lacking retro set Well, let's get to fixing that! I used a brighter red, to contrast with the white and the black. The wordmark from my first concept appears again, and I changed the outlining of the secondary logo. On the uniforms, the white socks return in a form that people like @Silent Wind of Doom recommended on the forums, and has a precedence in the team's history (1946-49). They have white socks in much the same way that the Red Sox have red socks in my series - it's the predominant sock color. Full white socks looked terrible. I made an effort to include more white in the uniforms, along with the red outlines on the cap/jersey logos, numbers, and NOB's. Because of this, I broke one of my main rules by placing double outlines on the road uniform. I tried to make it as inoffensive as possible, using a condensed NOB font (from the Cardinals). The secondary logo now appears on all of the uniforms. The full striping returns to the road uniform, with adjustments to the new color scheme. On the black alternate uniforms, I put a cap on the amount of times it shows up per week. These black tops were also an opportunity for me to introduce the "White Sox" script from the 1987-90 uniforms, albeit in a modified form. Here's a comparison. I also made a matching "Chicago" road uniform. [Rant] I don't care for the current retro set. I dislike the 1983-86 uniforms a bunch. It's a mix of Adidas-led overexposure, a lack of white socks, a less-than-impressive logo, connection to failure (outside of 1983), and an overall dull design (as far as "garish" looks go). I would love it if the team shelved them forever and never brought them out into the light again. [/rant]. Now that I've lost some of you, I propose a different method for the White Sox to handle their "retro" uniforms. The retro home uniform is a tweaked version of their 1917 World Series uniforms, with the addition of a period-accurate logo on the cap (like the 2001 uniforms). The road uniform is a revival of the 1969-70 road uniform, one of my favorite looks in baseball history. While it has less connection to success than the '83-'86 set, it's less obnoxious and is different enough from the main set to "count" as a retro brand. This concept is a model for how the White Sox can keep all of the beautiful elements of their current identity (like the Old English lettering and cursive scripts), while adding red and fixing the brand's minor errors. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, my take on the White Sox in their 1990-present colors!
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    That sounds like a fun idea! You can look forward to that in the AL West updates. Thanks for the C+C guys, now it's time to tackle the Diamondbacks! ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS, PT. I - A Turquoise Taste of the Southwest Let's get a couple of things out of the way. Since I prefer having the Astros in the NL, I decided to send the Diamondbacks to the AL. I liked how it made the 1998 expansion parallel to the 1993 one (two NL teams for the latter, two AL teams for the former). Second, there are no carryovers from the current identity's elements of dot-matrix patterns, arched scripts, and random bits of bright teal. I like that the D-Backs tried something different, I just wished they used a microscopic bit of more restraint. I've never really liked any of the D-Backs' previous color schemes. The Sedona Red/Black/Sand (both versions) is so dull, and the purple/turquoise/black/copper is all kinds of messy. Purple/teal on their own is fine, but it's a bit too "cool" for my tastes (the Southwest style needs more warm colors than sand). However, I love the '98-'06 Arizona Turquoise and the '07-present Sedona Red. Both colors appear in Southwestern art and really fit with the geometric patterns present in the style: When @anythinglogos suggested combining the two shades with sand, I knew that had to be the route I took with the concept. It keeps with the aesthetic of Southwestern art, while also being unique in the majors. While my planned color scheme for the Marlins may be similar (Dark Teal/Hot Pink/Light Blue), the cool accents and Art Deco font will make them different enough from the warm accents and jagged font (Kruella modified) of the Diamondbacks. I kept the original uniforms' cream shade in this color mix, to pair with the dark sand as accents to the red and turquoise. It carries the Southwestern feeling of the '98-'06 look without being too fussy/looking terrible in "flat" applications. The '07-'15 font returns, as I liked its jagged nature (with a bit of a geometric edge) and mixed-case style. The "DB" logo comes back, and it helps push the Southwestern geometric pattern and conveys the team's name in a subtle way (while being less of a David Blaine ripoff). I took advantage of the unique color scheme with the uniforms, going for a turquoise/red co-dominant look. I went with a cream home uniform and a sand road set, as both colors fit with the color scheme and made them unique in the AL. There is no two-layer wordmark or "D-backs" script, as both look bad. Besides, the "A" on its own looks fantastic and calls back to the 2001 World Series uniforms. The NOB's are one-color, for legibility. The striping of the cuffs, pants, and socks reinforces the Southwestern geometric pattern in a similar fashion to the '98-'06 alternates, replicating the coloration of the primary/cap logo. I got the idea from @FinsUp1214's excellent concept (the best purple/teal design I've seen on the boards). The alternates are pretty straightforward, with the red alternate going all-in on the Sedona Red color. The Arizona Turquoise alternate can be worn on both the home and road uniforms. Because the '98-'06 identity has its fans, I decided to upgrade the Throwback Thursday promotion. The vest will now alternate with the purple jersey from the period, to maximize purple's exposure in the throwback merchandise. While this concept won't be to everyone's liking, I think it's an effective demonstration of how the Diamondbacks can have a unique look that is in keeping with regional art styles and aligns more with traditional baseball aesthetics, while also appeasing fans of the '98-'06 identity. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! For the alternate take, the Diamondbacks have a little re-christening.
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    "Fidel Jenkins" is straight out of the Madden Name Generator
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    Have not posted a concept as of yet and I thought I'd get into the game. Here's my take on the Milwaukee Brewers. I gave them the Blue Jays treatment. Updating their classic look by tweaking the font. I kept the current look drop shadow as I feel it has a 'beer label' kind of feel more-so than a standard outline. Used the BiG as the sleeve logo but gave them a simple 'M' as the hat logo. CC appreciated as this is my first attempt. If this goes over well enough I may do the rest of the league.
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    Sorry for the long break folks, but we're back today with another expansion team! Logos -Occupying the NL East, this was the most natural expansion team to go with; I knew if I was gonna have 6 expansion teams one of them would have to be an Expos resurrection. -Although the logo set stays pretty much intact, there was a point early on where I was planning to use purple and teal, which would've certainly been interesting. I decided to keep the royal and red because of its connection to the French flag. Uniforms -The home is pretty much a straight throwback of probably the most famous Expos set. The other uniforms base themselves off of this. -Blue and red caps are both included, as well as colored alternates. -The sock pattern is based off of the 2000's primary logo. C+C is appreciated, as always!
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    Jordan and Pippen hated the way the material felt with the pinstripes, so the Bulls removed them as soon as they possibly could.
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    Yeah, the current road script isn't "chunky" enough for the white text to work on a gray background. I'm glad I got cold feet on that one. While I do agree with that to a point, I've always liked the Cubs' sleeve patches on their home uniforms. It doesn't feel "imbalanced" to me, because of the round logo. With the White Sox's diagonal logo, I can see the "imbalance." Now, it's time to crown the Royals! KANSAS CITY ROYALS, PT. I - Purple is the noblest shroud If you asked me to go back in time and change one team's color scheme, it'd be the Royals. I know that the whole point of using Royal Blue was to look as much like the Dodgers as possible, but it just leaves the Royals without much of a distinct identity.* They barely use the metallic gold color, and I hold the unpopular opinion that the team looked like garbage in powder blue. But what would I have the Royals wear? *I believe one of their owners wanted the team to be "the Dodgers of the Midwest" regarding success and appearance - which may be apocryphal. The answer is simple, Royal Purple and Athletic Gold. Not only is it a unique color scheme in the Majors, but it's also just as connected to "royalty" as royal blue and metallic gold are. Purple has been a color of royalty since Antiquity (in Europe, Asia, and Polynesia), while gold has connotations of wealth. Purple and yellow's complementary nature (opposites on the color wheel) means that the two shades work well together. It was easy to adapt the Royals' identity to this new color scheme. However, with this round, I wanted to improve on my previous editions. I opted for a lighter purple, while also making the gold shade more consistent. It brought a bit of "life" into the concept. The logos are pretty much the same as my previous set, just with the "KCR" patch losing its circle and the addition of a retro logo. I decided not to reinstate the outline on the "KC," as the color scheme made the yellow stand out well from the background. The home and road set feature the fuller striping of the late-80's/early-90's versions of their uniforms. The "Kansas City" wordmark now resembles the "Royals" script more, due to distortion. Here's a comparison. The number font is a "block with serif" fonts I've used on a bunch of concepts, as it nicely balances MLB Block Standard and Wilson's Varsity (Eriq Jaffe labeled it "Varsity Classic A"). Rawlings Block (the font used by the Orioles and formerly by the Cardinals, Angels, and Royals) is the NOB font. The "KCR" is on all uniforms, as a way to get the full name on the patch. I added sock stripes to fit with the colorway of the rest of the stripes (gold outlined in purple). The alternates are pretty tame. The first one is a purple top for both home and road use (and an excuse to go outline-free), and the second one is a tribute to my favorite uniforms of the Negro League Kansas City Monarchs (worn in 1948). It would not replace their regular Negro League throwbacks, but rather be a supplement to them. I recreated the cap logo using the Chicago Cubs' "C" worn from 1940-56 and a Copperplate "K" (with some sizing modifications). There's no yellow alternate, as that brings them too close to the "traitorous" Athletics, and I want the A's to be the only team with yellow jerseys in the AL. Purple and yellow is a fantastic color scheme, and it's one that the Royals should have been wearing since 1969. While I don't want the Royals to change their colors to this, I still think it's a worthwhile exercise to show the adaptation of their identity into an equally-appropriate colorway. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! For my alternate take, I'll tackle the Royals with their current color scheme.
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    Well it would be just as weird for Millsap to say "hey I want the white rainbow throwback for my introduction" lol
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    Not to throw cold water on this discussion, but the USFL Chicago Blitz uniform from their first year was damn nice...
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    Alright, kind of surprising that it has already been a couple days since I posted the Marlins, but here are the Brewers! Logos -Going back to the classic, beloved scheme, with a darker, more brewery type gold, as I recommended in @Victormrey's wonderful series.This way the classic feel is kept intact, with a subtle twist to keep it modern. -The away is a sort of dulled powder blue, kind of like what you saw from the White Sox in the 60's. All of the white elements in the set are actually cream, being that Milwaukee is the Cream City. Uniforms -The wheat/barley type pattern returns from my tweaks series, and is added onto the brims of the caps, deriving from their predecessor Pilots' caps. -The gold jersey sees a gold front-panel cap paired with it, though obviously that cap can go with the other jerseys as well. -The number font from my tweaks series is kept to maintain the brewery type feel to the set. I'd love to hear what you guys think!
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    Up to the plate for a redesign today are the Baltimore Orioles: Logos -It had to be the Orioles or the Giants to make the color switch. Although the scheme doesn't quite make sense with the colors of an actual oriole, it has historical precedence with the St. Louis Browns before them, and also seems to fit in well with the area. -The logos otherwise remain unchanged, besides the orange jersey becoming the away. Uniforms -The striping is my own attempt to incorporate the Maryland flag in some way, something that has been tried many times before. I did my version with one brown and one orange stripe, with a 'mix' stripe in the middle looking like part of the Maryland flag. This style also allows the common sock pattern of the Orioles to be brought in to match, since that also has two white stripes. -For the alternate jerseys, the stripe that matches the jersey color was switched to the opposite color to prevent asymmetry, if that makes sense. That's about all I've got for today. As always, C+C would be appreciated.
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    I consider the old Falcons logo the epitome of a "less is more" look, and when you combine that simplicity with a plain black helmet and sharp - but not overdesigned - uniforms, you have what I consider a classic look - in my opinion the Falcons' 1997-2002 look was their best ever. Mine is probably an unpopular opinion too.
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    I'm not classing it as an authentic throwback unless all players who wear it have their front teeth removed as well.
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    I still think the pinstripes are the best alternate the Bulls ever had. In theory it probably shouldn't have worked, but it turned out so good. The ones they've had since have ranged from okay to good, but none of them are as interesting or memorable as the pinstripes.
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    So the Devils signed their No. 1 pick and unveiled him with his number on a jersey... a jersey with a hem stripe.... a Reebok jersey with a hemstripe... Heh.
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    My favourite thing about Harry Baals is the time a reporter interviewed him and tried to side-step around that by pronouncing his name "Bales", only for Harry to correct him: "Son, this is your Mayor. I pronounce my name 'Balls'." Like, he knew exactly what his name sounded like (if I had to guess he probably got picked on a lot as a kid) but he just owned it completely; I can respect that.