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    I decided to modernize the current Texas Rangers identity. I always thought they have a good set of logos, but, since they've rebranded in 2003, they also aged over time. Current Texas Rangers primary mark 1 – Primary logo: No more drop shadow on the "T" initial. Bolder lines and a slightly broader typeface. New baseball seams. The two stars are now separately placed on a white background. 2 – Secondary logo: A modernized version of the 1994-2002 alternate logo. The two shades of silver are no longer part of the Rangers color scheme. 3 – Alternate logo: A revised version of the current alternate Texas flag logo being used on the Rangers uniforms. The bevel on the lone star has been removed, as well as the color silver.
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    HoosierNet Telecom: Connecting The Crossroads
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    Hey I made this teaser. ?
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    The Pacers went all-in on the dad market; those will look sweet tucked into some Wal-Mart chinos.
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    Man, that #22 is really testing the tolerances of the interior circle of the word mark. The #33 doesn't look as bad in comparison.
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    "We'll do something special for 2019, but back to navy and white for 2020".
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    Brown and gold batterman logo on the navy/white uniforms for 2019
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    And just like Goldilocks with the bowls of porridge, the third one is just right! EDIT: I do have one other small suggestion. The outer circle of the sleeve patch should be white so that it doesn't disappear onto the sleeve. For consistency, I would suggest doing the same on the away jersey, though that might not look as good since there's no white anywhere else on it.
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    I disagree. I think this shows the limitation of the idea. A full two digit number basically touches the text. They need more breathing room to accommodate all numbers. It’s like they designed Lance’s jersey, said “Looks great!” and then sent it off to production without checking how a two digit looks.
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    I'm very perplexed by the Blazers removing the silver from their primary logo, yet retaining the silver collar and armhole trim -- I'm actually okay with the single-color wordmarks, but the silver trim already bothers me.
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    I like it on some uniforms. Looks real clean.
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    If they removed the "Pacers" script and added flo jo striping, it would look better
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    My mistake. Already had the page up and didn't refresh. Don't have to be a dick about it.
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    Toronto looks really nice! The added navy works surprisingly well with the set, my favorite aspect is how well all 3 blues go together on the away, it's a great look. The Rays look great as well. I love the forest and powder scheme, especially with the added presence of white in the updates. I will admit though that I'm not big on the set with the added yellow, I just personally don't think that color goes well with the forest and powder. Separately, both of those colors are fantastic with yellow I think, but in this case with them together I would just keep it to an accent. Great job with the series so far!
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    The sides look amazing but the front looks horrible. I'm not a fan of crowded letters in a nba jersey (GS did it fine).
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    The retro looking wordmark(s) are an okay idea, and the modern side panels are another decent idea. Together, however, it looks pretty rough. The previous set was as forgettable as uniforms get, but this looks like a downgrade.
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    I would have done some of the details differently, but I like the vibe. Feels fitting for a team in basketball's heartland. The white trim makes the lettering really hard to read on the blue jersey. Even looking at Lance in the video thumbnail, all the letters fill in and that's not taken from that far away. People need to start thinking about this stuff in terms of function and cohesiveness instead of just defaulting to putting every color in every element. Selective use and placement of colors often yields better results, in my opinion. Also, they definitely should have replaced all the silver keylines on the logos with white given where the uniforms ended up. Yet another case of "close, but not quite there" for me. They really need a gold version of the P logo, too. It looks lost on the blue shorts.
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    Moving on today to the Pittsburgh Pirates! Logos -Once again, not much changes from my tweaks series, as the Pirates have a classic identity and a classic color scheme. The striped hats make a return, however, and obviously the gray road uniform has been removed. Uniforms -I decided to bring the sleeveless look back to the home uniform because although I love their current home, the lack of sleeves gives a very pirate feel and traces back to Clemente's days. -Although the primary away is the combination depicted, the Pirates could realistically go with any combo of colored elements on the road (except for maybe all yellow, which would probably be too much.) -I kept the three-stripe motif going throughout the set, present on the hats and the socks. C+C is appreciated, as always. I know these last few teams have been pretty basic, but I promise things are about to get pretty interesting!
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    I still think the Pacers' aesthetics peaked in the ABA: Darken that royal to navy/dark royal (darker than the Warriors' royal), and you'd have a good starting point for a redesign.
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    True Alphas drink straight high fructose corn syrup.
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    Alright so here is an update for Philly, where maroon becomes the primary road but the powder blue stays as an alternate, both changing to just the "P" logo.
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    You only get one first impression.
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    Thst new A League badge is a downgrade.
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    This would be a huge upgrade for the Browns but it still doesn't come close to the uniforms that were just replaced in my opinion.
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