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    The last one is a real thing & just passed: http://www.slcjazzfestival.com/
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    I decided to modernize the current Texas Rangers identity. I always thought they have a good set of logos, but, since they've rebranded in 2003, they also aged over time. Current Texas Rangers primary mark 1 – Primary logo: No more drop shadow on the "T" initial. Bolder lines and a slightly broader typeface. New baseball seams. The two stars are now separately placed on a white background. 2 – Secondary logo: A modernized version of the 1994-2002 alternate logo. The two shades of silver are no longer part of the Rangers color scheme. 3 – Alternate logo: A revised version of the current alternate Texas flag logo being used on the Rangers uniforms. The bevel on the lone star has been removed, as well as the color silver.
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    I believe Nike gave the teams two waistband options; a more conventional version, like the one on those Kings uniforms, and the ventilated waistband like the ones on Nike's latest basketball uniforms for college and international teams. The more conventional waistband can accommodate the side panel designs, while the ventilated version causes the side panel designs to stop just below it. The Kings, Thunder, and Pistons all went with the more conventional waistband: While the Pacers and Blazers are the only teams to go with the ventilated waistband so far:
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    Yes. The people concerned about player health are selling snake oil. The NFL are the good guys always. I appreciate the different view, but, man.
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    I still hate the hell out of the Magic wordmark/font of choice. The Magic have always been sort of a gag franchise ever since Dwight Howard took a dump on their hearts, but they deserve better from a design perspective. The 90s are what they should strive for, and the more Disney-fied they get, the better off they, and in turn the world, will be. Yet here we are.
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    I don't really view this as a change, which is both good and bad. Good because the Trailblazers have one of the more timeless uniforms and logos in basketball, and that shouldn't be sacrificed on the behest of Phil Knight wanting to make his homestate team look like a kaleidoscope of garbage for the sake of challenging the design status quo by putting the Blazers in some overly ambitious trash-wrap. Lateral move, as someone said, with a TON of room for improvement, but emerging safely from a Nike rebrand, especially as an Oregon franchise, is a victory unto itself.
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    Interesting Tweet from the Magic's newest player...
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    As a lifelong fan of the team, I wouldn't be surprised if this is nothing more than just nothing. Josh Kroenke and Stan Kroenke are always behind when it comes to identity. The mountain logo should have been dropped 8 years ago, and the beautiful secondary should have smoothly replaced it. The newer unis were poorly marketed. Most fans didn't even notice the change, in fact, you go to a game and 90% of people still wear the jerseys from a few years ago. What this team needs is a concise branding plan and to get away from their lazy approaches in marketing. A color change is much needed. I pray for a better plan going forward.
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    Adidas patch, is one thicc stitch it's a good day to have a good day let me it's a good day to have a good day see that plastic
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    I assume you mean that you've never personally seen them wearing red? Because if not, I can assure you that red uniforms are nothing new for them:
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    Well, the ghastly pride jersey will be gone for sure. And it's been reported by a few local reporters here that they're potentially getting a gold alternate to replace it. As far as everything else, I think it's highly likely that the other three uniforms stay and just make the switch to the Nike template. I hope not, as I've just never come around to this set at all, but I'm not expecting a big change. Here's what the team has released (Starks is team President): I will say that, despite personally not expecting any changes, Starks' choice of words was a little interesting. I don't know that he really had to say anything like that at all if it were just a simple template switch. But then again, he could simply be talking about how we'll love the new tech and such. Or love the new alternate(s). Who knows.
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    Wtf is everyone's infatuation with Agency? It's such a god awful font that should have died off like Serpentine and somehow professional organizations insist on keeping it around.
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    I'm starting to believe that the Binghamton Devils logo is based off of a failed emoji.
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    Surprised we haven't discussed it but how cool have NBC's track logos for their ads been?
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    Honestly, I'd transition into Inkscape (it's totally free and widely used). Forget this paint.net crap and be better for it. As far as your design goes, you've got to crawl before you can walk, and right now it looks like you're trying to slap NASCAR stickers on yourself while slithering at inches-per-second across Daytona. Here's 3 .pdf files that should hopefully give you at least a modest overview of understanding what good design is, how famous designs are successful, and what to strive for thematically to accomplish something you can be at least somewhat proud of: 1 - principles of graphic design 2 - logo design project (ignore the aspects of the project, but the advice is sound) 3 - 10 principles of logo design Again, none of these are necessarily design/logo canon or "According to Hoyle." Pump the brakes on vomiting concepts for a bit, and focus instead on honing a good, strong starting point. Start off in pencil and paper (or a tablet, etc - any simple as pie program or medium that you're comfortable in), and I encourage you - and this goes for any designer or artist - work on an idea for awhile, and then start completely over. Do this 4-10 times until you've got a nice splattering of designs, then put them all next to each other and not only will you see your progression as a designer from one to the next, but you'll likely find that old ideas you once coveted actually made some designs weaker. Anyway, that's just some general advice. Don't bother trying to put too much more lipstick on the pig that is your current design (no offense - we all start somewhere!). If design is something you really have a passion for, keep designing by all means; I simply feel you should arm yourself with knowledge before investing more time incrementally educating yourself in a bad piece of software. Learn to vector. Learn to love it. Don't be like me - I'm a photoshop slave. Good luck to you.
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    Perfect example of "Keep it simple, stupid."
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    Ignore my Canadian ignorance, but does Tennessee have a lot of oil?
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    That's not new; they wore that back in 2015 during the Civil War against Oregon State.
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    Why not use the version of the NBA logo without the wordmark?
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    I think they've been outstanding in the logo department, but I'm growing tired of the overused adjective-noun names.
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