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    I agree, but it would look even better if the Giants wore this verson of the road jerseys still.
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    Alright so here is a Portland update, complete with an actual Portland wordmark for the logo sheet (which wouldn't have been possible without the help of @SFGiants58.) I had to remove the light brown from the set except for the primary, since it didn't really fit in well with the set when it wasn't on the wordmark outline. Let me know what you think!
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    Tim Raines' induction to the Hall of Fame inspired me to take a crack at updating the Montreal Expos' look in an alternate and just universe where they never moved. I tried to consider how they'd be viewed in today's baseball landscape. While their 1992 redesign was attractive it always felt a little too close to the Cubs. I added a silver to differentiate them from the other blue and red teams and went with a double striping as an homage to their racing stripe uniforms of the 80's, but thinned the stripe out a bit to match today's modern aesthetic. The classic abstract M logo has been updated a bit so the e and b match (always bothered me how the e had a hole in it, but the b didn't) and the entire thing has been outline in silver so the whole thing is one cohesive piece. I gave them a red-billed home cap to incorporate more color and a pinwheel hat as an occasional alternate. Hope you enjoy.
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    Sooooooo ... pretty much FedEx?
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    Seen it? I designed it. :-) You’re close, but your 4 is too dense (and you’re missing the angle at the elbow like the 7). The waist should also be slightly above center, and Google the image of the nameplate. The B shows you how the middle of the 3 and 8 are formed. Yours are too tight.
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    Those Wolves' unis are most probably just fan-made mockups, as is the court. They don't have the same numer font that those team tees posted recently had on them. Change the number font, and that's a very successfully designed look.
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    That Rockets jersey is a complete disaster for a couple reasons: 1) the outdated wordmark is the only element containing black (in the form of its drop shadow), while the numerals, collar and armhole trim, etc. are all solid red; 2) with the arm rings removed - as terrible as they were - and the solid color collar and armhole trim, these simply look like cheap knockoffs of their previously mediocre jerseys. It just feels like there was little to no thought nor effort put into the design of this.
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    Actually, 1/7th of the male population walking around with brain damage would explain quite a bit.
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    I decided to modernize the current Texas Rangers identity. I always thought they have a good set of logos, but, since they've rebranded in 2003, they also aged over time. Current Texas Rangers primary mark 1 – Primary logo: No more drop shadow on the "T" initial. Bolder lines and a slightly broader typeface. New baseball seams. The two stars are now separately placed on a white background. 2 – Secondary logo: A modernized version of the 1994-2002 alternate logo. The two shades of silver are no longer part of the Rangers color scheme. 3 – Alternate logo: A revised version of the current alternate Texas flag logo being used on the Rangers uniforms. The bevel on the lone star has been removed, as well as the color silver.
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    TEXAS RANGERS, PT. I - Slate and Brick ship up to Arlington The Rangers are a team where I've gone through all the motions. I've had them be royal-dominant, red-dominant, and royal/red co-dominant. For this series, I wanted to push them in a different direction. I first wanted to have them be dark royal (the same shade as the 1960's/70's Cowboys) and bronze/gold, but then I came upon a different idea (with some influence from @Lights Out's faded blue/red look). Why not replace red with the brick of the 2000-2012 Houston Astros (a look that didn't work for that team) and turn that royal blue into a slate blue (a color I experimented on for the Mariners)? It would be a unique take on the blue/red pairing, while also fitting with a "Texas" aesthetic. I threw sand/tan into the mix as a strong accent color. The ranger shield is the new primary logo, and the "T" (which is now double-outlined) is the secondary. I replaced the jingoistic flag patch (flags really shouldn't be on sports uniforms) with a state outline logo with the "TR" insignia and a star marking Arlington's location (inspired by @davidmiller5's alternate logo). The home and road set has asymmetrical striping on the sleeves, pants, and socks. The home uniform has the "Rangers" wordmark, as I've never liked the "Texas Texas" nature of the current set. I decided to pull the co-dominant trick again, with a contrast-colored bill at home (which has precedent for the Rangers) and a brick-dominant cap logo on the road (like the hat I wish they wore right now). The NOB's are one-color, to avoid legibility issues. The alternates are pretty self-explanatory. The first one is a brick jersey for wearing at home (like the current red alt), while the slate blue top works on both the home and road set (and with both caps). This jersey also bears the "Texas" wordmark and the state patch, as a bit of a compromise with the "Texas Texas" look. These alternates are my little spins on classic looks for the team. The first set is a brick-ified version of the 1994-2000 home uniform, while the second uniform updates the "Nolan Ryan-era" home uniform with the new striping, fonts, and state logo. Think of it as a look that balances the history of the team (well, 1989 to the present) with an updated color scheme. C+C is appreciated, as always! For the alternate take, we get a little alternate history in the naming department.
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    I agree. Thanks! I thought about doing that too. It looks pretty cool, but it might suffer from the same problem as Vegas of maybe being too slanted.
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    Thank you! I really like how the color scheme and uniform design has turned out.
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    The Beavers look great in that color scheme. How about putting the "P" logo on the green alternate?
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    The Hornets uniforms are very boring. I've never liked their new identity, hard to put my finger on what I don't like -- might be the numbers. I hate to become a full-time "the past is always better!" guy but I strongly prefer the look from the Baron Davis era. I know this isn't exactly a new thought or idea, but an update of those uniforms would be the way I would go. Or hell, just make em exactly the same. Long live the era from when I was a kid!!!!
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    I have to say, this recent wave of changes has brought out a lot of odd moves across the league. The Pacers' circular wordmark, the Blazers keeping silver and mismatching text/number outlines, the Pistons switching colors on the dual stripe, and now the Hornets with the collar and replacing "Charlotte" with "Hornets" on the teal set....its all just random and I don't see much reason or rhyme behind a lot of choices being made by these teams. And then you hear of extremes like the Jazz potentially getting a gradient alt and it just about tips the weird boat over altogether. I don't know what to categorize the full Nike switch as so far. It's neither great nor bad, and there isn't really even anything save shoulder trim cutoffs that templates are drastically effecting on these uniforms, so there's no disaster to chalk up to simply a bad template yet. It's not like Reebok Edge, NHL-to-Adidas, or NFL-to-Nike in that vein. It's just weird, odd, random quirks that teams for some reason are pursuing, and it's amounted to the great Confused-Mark-Wahlberg-face-.gif of league-wide change offseasons.
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    would throwback jerseys have ads?
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    An underrated but genius move was making sure there were no armhole stripes. I'm sorry, but I still can't get over how Nike's template cuts off every team's stripes--it just makes those jerseys with stripes look amateur and incomplete.
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    I would of liked to have seen an outline around the numbers to make them not as bold 1 colour/flat
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    Hoping that's the case. The blue cuff on the pants was a nice detail and tied everything together on the white away uniforms where red is minimal throughout the rest of the set. I'd prefer they just went to blue pants and quit fussing with it. It's so bad I think I love it? I prefer it to the old socks striping that matched nothing else in the uniform system. It looks closer to the alternate uniform the current look grew out of. It's the change I've wanted them to make for 10 years *shrug* Normally I agree, like Butler's basketball uniforms having black touching navy blue was never a good look, but those Blue Jackets alternates are kind of the exception that proves the rule. Black and navy never touch, are separated by white and red stripes, and it adds a certain punch and dimension that the current look lacks. It's got some "dirtiness" to it whereas the current look is clean and flat, if that makes sense. I find it more befitting of their namesake.
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    Actually, its not that surprising. Its kind of like if a Kardashian insisted on wearing a new outlandish outfit every day, and then became insulted if you didn't take proper note that she already wore a particular one at some minor event last year. At this point, its all a dull blur.
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    Nine times out of ten? I would agree with you. I've always liked that Columbus alternate however. I think it's because the black never touches the navy. The two colours don't blend into each other. Regardless, I've always liked it.
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    Honestly, if they weren't the God damn Dodgers, I'd probably love them. They have great uniforms, the most iconic park on the west coast, a truly robust, romantic history (which puts the Giants own very solid history to shame in some aspects), and one helluva team. That's really hard to not at least appreciate. And my own team's very existence is tied perpetually to the Dodgers decision to move west. if not for them moving west with the Giants, my favorite team would probably be, like, the Oakland Sea Lions or whoever ended up out here and we'd have the boring ass NL Minneapolis Millers. The rivalry isn't just lengthy, it's absolutely codependent. But them because they're the God damn Dodgers.
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    I wouldn't hate that idea if it was confined to a side stripe, and it was on a Suns uniform. On the Jazz, it will be a spectacular catastrophe.
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    I'm not sure how exactly it started, but months back I was wondering how certain logos might look if that city had all their teams with similar colours, so I decided to do a mashup of all the teams in the major 4 pro sports leagues. Meaning how might the Boston Celtics look with Bruins colours and vice-versa. For the most part the early criteria is that they need to have the same city name(EX-Toronto Blue Jays/Raptors/Leafs). So even if some might be in same city(like Oakland A's and Golden State Warriors) I didn't do those ones just to save some time. If people want me to do more, then let me know and I'll do more. Ones like NY,LA,Chicago who have many teams, I might do later. Some I skipped because their primary logo is just too plain for this to really work(such as Indians and Pirates logo where the logo is basically just a letter). A fair amount I also didn't do if I felt the colour swap wasn't so noticeable and was nothing more than a slight difference in colour tone(EX-Washington teams red/blue). Some swaps I find look nice(like ones attached here) while others not so much(O's under Ravens colours, Bengals under Reds colours ect.), but I still did them just to see how they all look. If there are other requests you would like for me to do or see some that are missing, feel free to post it here and I'll do my best to complete it. My next project might just be colour swapping current/past logos of a teams history for those who have had notable changes, such as Brewers,Stars among others.
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    Unpopular opinion (apparently), but I *hated* that jersey. The logo itself was silly enough, but those Flinstone pinstripes were clownish -- and a slavish copy of the Hornets' and Magic's design element. I was quite glad to see them graduate to the adult-looking Nike wishbone jerseys -- even if they were two-tone.
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    The red and green looks great for Portland, I've always thought that a Portland team should wear red and green.
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    1995-96 Regular Season The Washington Generals entered 1995-96 with high hopes. The team had just squeezed into the post-season throughout the early 90s and with loads of young talent like Igor Zharkov and Tomas Axelsson, the Generals hoped to finally prove themselves as an elite team in the Eastern Conference. Zharkov and Axelsson certainly played well, but it was goaltenter Jake Borman who blew everyone away with a breakout performance. Borman’s play proved to be record-setting, as the 26-year-old earned 14 shutouts, a PHL record, and 40 of the team’s 41 wins. After his eighth shutout, Borman earned the nickname “Mr. Donut” and the Generals began a promotion where if he earned a shutout, 100 fans would receive a dozen donuts. “This year has been incredible, I feel like we’ve really clicked as a team” said Borman. “As for my play, I have to give credit to my teammates, they’ve played very well and made my job easier.” The Generals finished fourth in the Eastern Conference, their highest finish in over a decade. Another team that enjoyed a breakout in ’95-’96 was the Pittsburgh Stingers, who finally returned to the playoffs for the first time since 1990. Veteran goaltender Jeff Brackley, acquired from Minnesota in the summer, played very well in goal, eventually convincing GM Sam Greer to trade longtime starter Jacob Martensson to Denver in February. Forward Brendan Bittner truly became an elite PHL player in 1995-96. The 6’3”, 228-pound power forward finished third in league scoring with 48 goals and 67 assists while adding 179 penalty minutes. Bittner’s right wing, Chris Cassidy, also enjoyed a strong sophomore year with 32 goals. It was not all good news in the state of Pennsylvania, however. The aging Philadelphia Redshirts, just a year after a thrilling run to the Eastern Conference Finals, missed the post-season for the first time since 1983. The Redshirts’ plummet caused many fans to question the team’s decision over the summer to fire Kurt Hopkins. New coach Clint Allen could hardly be blamed for the disappointing season, however. The Redshirts suffered a slew of injuries in March while in a battle with Miami for the final playoff spot, the worst coming when Jonathan Stafford went down with a sprained ankle and missed two weeks. The Stingrays ultimately finished six points ahead and claimed the final playoff spot. Once again, the East was dominated by Toronto, New York, and Montreal. The Racers once again finished first in the conference, thanks to a big year from Alexei Yolkin, who scored 47 goals. The New York Civics also enjoyed another strong year, winning the Atlantic Division with Aaron Duplacy and Jeremy Kitchen leading the way offensively while Lamar Jackson’s steady play on the blueline earned him defenseman of the year honours. The defending champion Montreal Royale fell to third place, failing to win the Northeast Division in a year when Vincent Ducharme was sidelined for twelve games with a concussion. Just six months after their emotional departure from Halifax, the Claymores began their new life in New Orleans. The Sound won their first game against Miami, but ultimately won only 26 games. Dave Mack, who had long served as the captain in Nova Scotia, had departed for Kansas City in the off-season and the Sound struggled to find offense. The lone bright spot was young goaltender Victor Holmqvist, who won the first seven starts of his career. The Western Conference again belonged to the Chicago Shamrocks, who won 54 games. Vladimir Gaganov led the team in scoring, while Kyle Boone proved to be a valuable addition, adding 44 goals of his own. Once again it was the Los Angeles Wizards chasing the Shamrocks. Viktor Skogg won the league scoring title for the first time in his career, while Jim Cochran was spectacular in goal. Minnesota also enjoyed another strong season thanks to a 51-goal season from Jason Crowley. Crowley also further endeared himself to the Minnesota fans in a tough game in Edmonton January 5th. Northern Lights’ defenseman Dwayne Ingram laid out Pavel Vana with a devastating hit, forcing Vana out of the game. Late in the third period, Crowley fought Ingram to a draw, to the delight of the Lumberjacks fans back home. When the ‘Jacks returned to the Minneapolis Arena, Crowley received a standing ovation. Dallas and Cleveland, the league’s most recent expansion teams, didn’t fare much better in their second season than in their first. Cleveland won just won more game, though Alexei Stepanov showed huge promise. In Dallas, the Desperadoes finished with a nearly identical record to their first year, but continued to win over the fans in Texas. AJ Vernon proved to be a fan favorite, thrilling fans with his hard-nosed play, while rookie Jean-Pierre Balanger dazzled everyone with his rushing style. “We’re getting there, slowly but surely. We just need to continue to be patient” said GM Ross Becker. In Ottawa, the Beavers struggles finally caught up to them. The team was faced with bankruptcy by January and by early February, Terry Goren was forced to sell the team to the PHL. The league wasted no time finding a buyer. On March 31, Darryl Byrd announced he had sold the team to a group of investors from Charlotte, NC. The lead investor, John Millbrook, immediately announced the group’s intention to move the team to Charlotte in time for the 1996-97 season. The owners of the 27 other clubs would need to ratify the move but it appeared that the Beavers were one their last legs. April 6 was their final home game against Toronto, and like the Claymores a year earlier, the team was given an emotional send off from the home crowd. “We want to thank all of you for your support over the years” said team captain Kevin Drake. “Ottawa has the best fans in the PHL and I know there will be a team here again someday.”
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    Here's a little help:
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    God, those old uni's shoulders are just awful. They're bigger than the Grand Canyon.
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    I always wondered why they never made purple alternates based on this template. They would've looked nice.
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    The white jumpman doesn't bother me. It's consistent with the "Association" version, where the wordmark is teal and the jumpman logo is teal. That said, I never liked these Charlotte unis. I don't like the blocky # font. And, I *really* don't like that the right side of the uniform has no armhole trim, no side panel, no waistband, no short panel, and no leg trim.
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    Right now it's a big bowl of MEH for me regarding the Hornets. It just doesn't pop, and I was expecting that with their color combo.
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    ^^^^ The white jumpman on the teal when every one color element is purple is bothering me way more The hornets look like a slight downgrade, preferred the stripe in the collar and Charlotte on the away
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    Their player transfer bill had to match the GDP of Germany. Yeah, I think they jumped a shark into a volcano, only to be attacked by a lava shark.
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    Sorry, with people posting old Oregon kits as new, I figured some folks were overlooking the obvious.
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    to be fair, granny claims to be from Tennessee..
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    And....weirdly....I'm all of a sudden interested in the MLB season FWIW, I put the Dodgers on the same level as the Giants, except LA has better uniforms.
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    Had the Astros changed their name to "Diesels," "Railmen," or "Colts" with their move to Minute Maid Park, I would have loved to see their identity form around these two uniforms: The brick-centric look could have been fantastic. Still, I'm glad they came to their senses and brought back navy/orange. Tangentially, this color scheme (if the Diamondbacks weren't using it) would be good for the Rangers.
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    Maybe Chris Sale was on to something...
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    COLORADO STATE The overall design for the Rams' concept uniforms was partially inspired by my past concept for the LA Rams. I simply wonder why they went with grey, when they can go with gold instead? Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
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    Hey look, another completely forgettable Oregon uniform that someone forgot about.
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    I assume you mean that you've never personally seen them wearing red? Because if not, I can assure you that red uniforms are nothing new for them:
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    And yet every "modernizing modification" is in its own way a significant downgrade. The wordmark is close, but worse. The silly bubble numbers are worse. The cap logo is definitely worse. Bringing back the originals, the true originals, might not be a radical change. But the result would be radically better.
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    I'm happy with the direction so far. I think adjusting the colours along with addition of white did give it more of a "Houston" vibe. The font I chose is definitely in faux-back territory, playing off that classic Rockets motif.
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