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    Man, I really wish Michigan would wear this combo again, even if only for a couple of games a season: I personally really like the all-white look they've had since Harbaugh took over, but the classic white over yellow is just too good not to use at least once or twice a season, especially with the beautiful white jerseys they have now.
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    I do not like the Braves navy blue jersey.
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    Jacksonville has only worn the teal jerseys once since the rebrand - 2013 vs Chargers. It's such a nicer look to the black and I miss it so much
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    Its been some years now and i still miss the old set Even with black. They pulled it off well. And this goes for the orange court too. Miss it
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    How about We The North Uprising Over Everything?
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    LeBron wore the black throwback as well with the Heat.
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    I think they risk losing Carolina blue with the white if they do that.
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    It's funny looking back how everyone was hyped when they were removing the black and now years later realizing, it was actually better.
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    Not navy-the color... Navy-the-school. The wore that blocked off split-color helmet first.
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    ^Man, I'd love to see those baby blue MPLS throwbacks again. I'm not a Lakers fan by any stretch of the imagination, but they've had some beautiful uniforms throughout their history, and those baby blue and yellows are no exception. I was actually hoping they'd go with either of these for their Classic edition: But I won't complain at all with the choice to go with the '47-52 uniforms, just as long as they choose the baby blue version and not the home whites. I mean, just look at how beautiful they looked the last time they were worn as throwbacks in 2002:
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    Thanks for the C+C guys, I appreciate it. Thank you. That Black Jays set was a total case of "I never want to see it in real life, but it's worth a shot to explore the possibility and make the best out of a bad idea." I think you'll enjoy my take on the Brewers. Thanks, and you're welcome. "Argentine Asswipe" would make both an interesting band name and empanada bar name. It was hard trying to find a way to depict the bird in a way that conveyed motion and didn't look goofy. I made versions of the logo that were just the bird's head/neck in a roundel and in a baseball diamond. It reminded me too much of crummy "craft beer" to use it. I think you'll like what I'll do with the Astros, which thankfully won't be revisiting that color scheme (it never worked for them). Thank you! I've got a tan script edition as an experiment. Because it's inconsistent with the cap, I paired it with a white-crowned cap (because I love those). I thought about the "Railmen" as an alternate take, but I didn't like the name all that much. I think you'll still like what I'll do with them. Anywho, here are the updates and a few experiments! Anaheim in Navy/Red - I tried out @MJD7's contrasting sleeve idea. Chicago - I removed the sleeve patch on the home uniform and tried out a white-crowned cap on the home alt. Kansas City - The front numbers and NOB's contrast on the purple alternate. Minnesota - I adjusted the navy alternates for the new patch, and flipped the "Twin Cities Twins" color balance. Oakland Oaks - I tried out the Oakland flag's tree in the logo. I also added two fauxbacks, one to the 1968 A's and one to the 1929/30 squads. Rangers - I simplified the retro alternate, and presented a "Sedona Red" version of the logo sheet. Chaparrals - The aforementioned white-crowned cap appears here. http://imgur.com/a/FBPfn Here's a link if the gallery doesn't load. ...and now, the NL East preview! Up next, the Atlanta Braves!
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    Retail pics confirm navy back in rotation in Chapel Hill
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    Looks like one fan is REALLY early for the home opener.
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    Off Topic, but I'm mad the NBA fined him for wearing this mask. I honestly feel that if a NBA player wants to wear a mask or needs to wear one due to injury in order to keep playing, allow them to be customizable like goalie masks are. Look how badass this masks looks to the one Rip wore: Also, if those are the 4 jerseys we do see @Conrad., I'm all for them.
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    (Wish the Mets played better) BUT yes, this has always been a nice uniform matchup. It's made better since the Dodgers have been wearing the LA uniforms.
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    I agree with the Ducks looking good with writing on the pants, I really like that they put fighting on one side and ducks on the other
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    Whoa thanks Conrad for the "wake-up" call.. Sadly though I'm disappointed at over 1/2 of the teams choices. Atlanta =Ok but wish they went with these (guilty pleasure uniform SUPER underrated) Charlotte = Winner Golden State = Winner but rather had Lakers = @upperV03 read my mind 100%. Baby blue version of these along with this version would make their set COMPLETE Miami = Ok but didn't have much of a catalog to choose from Phoenix = Very good classic but rather had the purple Barkley era one Bucks = Meh. rather they do these
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    The Mets-Dodgers game ithis Saturday afternoon is simply gorgeous. ?⚾️??⚾️?
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    The Tar Heel's official unveiling: https://twitter.com/_andrewcarter/status/893924823281414145
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    I still have yet to see words on pants look good.
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    Fingers crossed hoping this means the end of the black jersey, pants, AND black helmet. much better option and eliminates any need for a helmet other than white or light blue.
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    Knicks confirmed to stay virtually the same
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    I love how she assures us that they're "not going to be orange or anything". Idk wtf we're supposed to do with that kind of obvious information. As for me, just the fact that they're killing the current look is good news. It is one of the more teambuilder looks in the NFL.
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    Considering you're from Minnesota, were you thinking of the Twins' 1997 red jersey when you made this topic?
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    Hey new member here I'm a full time designer that puts together Portland Trail Blazers edits, concepts, and more in my spare time. I recently put together a uniform concept for the Blazers right before they were officially unveiled and thought I'd share the template I made with you all. Details: - 1920 x 1080 - Fully customizable - PSD (CS6+) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byc9BKc1_l2bVXA5cDFCVzZ4MDQ/view?usp=sharing
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    Throwback to Minneapolis Lakers
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    Los Angeles Chargers of Orange County at Costa Mesa also Carson Could've just fought for San Diego, but whatever.
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    I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I still LOVE the Titans flaming thumbtack logo. It's wonky and kinda weird, but that's the best part! It's probably going to get replaced with some dumb boring Eurocentric looking shield split into four parts with a mini T and, like, the three stars from Tennessee's flag or something on the opposite corner.
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    Not a fan of the stripe down the middle of the helmet. Looks out of place.
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    Looks pretty good! I shifted the "A" a little up and number a little down to help with the contrast (putting each color in a slightly different space like the Dodgers front numbers).
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    I mean the Leafs and Preds' roads will probably just be colour swapped versions of the homes. White with blue stripes for the Leafs and white with gold stripes bordering the navy for the Preds. I seriously doubt we're in for anything groundbreaking in either case.
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    Can't wait to see those Hawks throwbacks in action.
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    MTSU with the new template, grey, and team on pants leg. Catalog as ever.
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    Probably wishful thinking but I think it'd be neat for the Marlins to break out their own spring training caps for tonight's game. I thought it was a nice change of pace when the league wore BP caps for a few games back in '13.
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    I agree with this.. But I would also say that in a similar fashion, when they're playing on the tube, the beautiful blue/gray color scheme was still very apparent, even with the black elements they had previously.. My issues are with those finer details, because if you're going to include them, include them in the right ways, otherwise, leave them out to avoid muddying up the uniform.. The new look would be improved with a few tweaks (in no particular order).. 1. Either remove white completely (apart from away jersey obviously), or include it in the striping pattern in the current "negative space" 2. Remove the dark gray or use it more.. Removing it in favor of white numbers/gray outline (as many of us initially thought we were seeing when the uniforms were unveiled) would be a decent step 3. Move LIONS wordmark back to chest (very small) or remove completely, and move WCF logo back to chest patch or to a helmet decal to de-clutter the sleeve stripes 4. The above would likely fix the helmet issues, but a blue facemask is always an option, and could be an improvement as well.. I actually really like the direction of the new set, it just wasn't executed as well as it should've been.. I also think the previous set gets a lot of undue hate.. Sure, it needed a couple tweaks as well, but it was still serviceable - and with the proper tweaks (helmet/pants stripe for starters), could've actually been pretty darn good, despite having black..
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    It can be both a tremendous upgrade and unforgivably masturbatory at the same time.
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    Every time I see them, I hate William Ford and the Ford family more and more..
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    The same can be said for the team itself...
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    Every time I see the new Lions uniforms I like them more and more. Great update.
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    I'll take that thick pants stripe over the "WCF" sleeve patch/stripe any day.
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    I'm all for anything that might help to put an end to the amateur mod jumping down someone's throat for opening a new thread with the obligatory "already being discussed HERE!" post.
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