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    Everyone is jumping aboard the whole "basketball thing in football thing XDDD" train, but does anyone else think it's really bizarre that a public university's football team is wearing a giant brand logo on their practice helmets? Like is that not just a tad off for anyone else? I get that major universities make a big deal of their branding and apparel deals, but on the uniforms themselves generally the actual brand logo is not front and center. I mean there is arguable no more important spot in a uniform than the centerpiece of the helmet, and those helmets have a jumpman logo. I know it's only a practice uniform, but that just makes it worse i think. Even their practices are brought to you by Jumpman. I know saying that college football is a giant corporate entity isn't exactly a unique position, but I can't recall ever seeing quite this level of pure corporatism in amateur athletics, where the primary focal point of a practice uniform is a giant apparel brand. This is bothering me maybe more than it should.
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    If the Warriors were gonna do a white throwback, it should've been the Run TMC set:
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    I apologize in advance for the incredibly long post ahead. If you are actually going to read through it, you’re probably in the minority. If you want to skip to the really exciting stuff for now, go to the last paragraph; there’s plenty of bold text, so you shouldn’t be able to miss it. Either way, I’ll see you at the finish line. I have always liked the threads on these boards, such as the AFA and the PHL, that documented and simulated the history of a fictional sports league. Even before I joined the forums, I had thought of doing this myself, and had, for a very brief time, simulated a baseball league with my brother (we ended up stopping because we kept making it way too detailed to the point where it took forever to simulate even one game). Reading those threads further inspired me to make my own league, and gave me a better idea of how to do it. However, every major sport has been done at this point to some extent, so I decided to make my own sport. I present: dashball. Dashball is a sport I based heavily on a game I played in gym class called speedball. I would have kept that name, but after some research, there’s already a sport with that name with similar, but slightly different, rules. I decided I should name it something different, and the game I came up with was different enough from the version of speedball I played and the ones I found online, so I felt a different name was justified. Rules (and a basic court) are spoilered below: The name of the league will be the National Dashball League, which isn’t very creative, but I was going for realism on this one. The league logo and division logos are shown below: There’s a lot of weird, abstract, fluffy meaning to this one, but you probably don’t care very much about that. If you do, here’s a spoiler. The league logo will be recolored on each team’s uniforms. I’ll be using raysox’s soccer template for the uniforms because they look the same. The uniforms will be made by SandStorm Sports, a fictional company, which is mostly because I wanted to have my own ideas without having them be constricted by a real life designer. Here are some all-star uniforms so you can see what they look like: Initially, the league will be composed of eight teams, split into East and West Divisions. As there so often is with start up leagues, there will be a bit of drama concerning the first batch of teams to enter the league, so stay tuned for that. I will also, of course, be simulating seasons, keeping track of players, relocating/renaming/rebranding teams as necessary, expanding, etc. I will probably do expansion counsels because those are fun, but I sort of have a direction I want the league to go, so they might not start from the beginning. The league will run a 40-game schedule in which each team plays 8 games against each team in its division and 4 games against each team in the other division (split equally home and away). The season will run from mid-March to late June, immediately followed by the postseason. The winner of each division will make the playoffs along with two wildcard teams, which will be seeded from 1 to 4 based solely on record. Now here are the things that should make you excited about this thread. First, since it’s a fictional sport, it takes place in our timeline (technically, the point of divergence would probably be a few years ago, so that the sport and the manufacturer can gain enough footing to create a professional sports league, but who’s counting). There is no dashball league in this universe (at least as far as I know of), so there’s no need to replace anything. Second, the league’s first season will be in 2017. Yes, this league and its storyline will take place almost entirely in the future (assuming I can keep things moving faster than time itself), and if you’re smart enough to put two and two together and get five, you’ve figured out that that means I am attempting to predict real life future logo and uniform trends. In no way do I expect to be right about this, but I figured it would be a fun path to take, and I like to be unique. I won’t announce these either; you’ll just have to come along for the ride. It should be a fun one. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, critiques, or general excitement. The first team should be up ... soon.
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    The yellow version has been released a number of times over the past decade or so. Most fans already own that version, thus they went with the white. Its all about the $$$ people
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    That's pretty disappointing. Headscratching why they would use the inferior, blander version of this set
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    Well I'll be damned. They actually changed it up. Shows what I know. I actually like those. Promoting the gold on the road look is smart, seeing as the Preds own that as far as it being a primary colour goes. It looks sharp. Much nicer than their home sweaters. Which are fine, if a bit lacking.
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    Wow that's awful. Totally unbalanced, awkward angle, and trying to use something non-iconic as an icon. That doesn't look like anything that should be within 500 miles of a MLB field.
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    The Ideal MLB ballpark post over in sports logos got me working on a sketchup project. Here's what I've got so far. I started with Camden yards, specifically for the right field warehouse. I haven't done too much to the outer facade or anything other than the outfield. That'll be the next step. I then added Petco's Western Metal Supply Co + the Green Monster + Minute Maid's train in left field. Center field is a mix of PNC's simple hedges and Citizen's Bank stacked bullpens. The outfield wall has a nice layer of Wrigley Ivy all the way around. As of now I haven't found a good way to include the Wrigley scoreboard in center like I would like. There will be some terrible sightlines at this park, and the only way the outfield would be any less fun to play in would be the addition of Tal's Hill, but that's the joy of baseball compared to any other sport.
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    But we can't pay players because it would destroy the spirit of amateurism or something something.
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    As a Preds fan, I actually like them better than the homes. I wish the homes would've done the inverse and added blue shoulders. They are just too plain right now.
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    Maybe I'm too much a child of the 90s, but I still can't believe that people think the Chargers powder blue and yellow has anywhere near the brand equity of the Rams in royal blue and yellow. That the latter is considering anything else is stunning to me.
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    Here is the team of the Emerald City, the Seattle Mariners! Logos -I decided to hop on the double-teal train for this series, an idea which has gained popularity since @SFGiants58 proposed it in @Victormrey's terrific series. I made the lighter teal less of a minty color, and moreso just a lighter shade of my previous version of teal. I feel like the two colors give a very oceanic feel. -From the beginning, my goal was to modernize and refresh the Mariners current look, since it is one I believe can stand the test of time. I originally had made use of drop shadows, but I felt that was an admittedly lazy attempt at modernizing the team without any basis for such use. Instead, I tried using a double outline, an element that has been used in the team's past which hopefully helps to bring out the brighter shade of teal. I also removed the baseball from behind the compass rose to make it less busy and more prominent. -I also reversed the color orientation on the dark backgrounds, in order to make the lighter teal a larger part of the set. Uniforms -The uniforms follow a similar style to my tweaks series, as I like a Seattle Pilots-inspired look for them. The sock pattern is once again inspired by Jesse Alkire's site, which I think does a good job fitting into my set. -The darker teal is the base of the away set, with the lighter teal being brought out in accent areas to give the uniform a real pop. -I also kept the teal cap as an option for a home alt, since I really love that look for the M's. I'd love to be able to get some comments/criticisms on this set for the Mariners!
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    I like this a lot better than the new home by FAR. For those that fear it's too much yellow, no it isn't. Yellow is the Preds colour now. Why shouldn't they embrace it?
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    Because that makes them look like a blue team that uses gold trim. They are the opposite now.
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    It's so much better than I expected. The yellow yoke adds so much to what would otherwise be a relatively plain white sweater. The music lines appear to be in the sleeve numbers now besides just the back - where they there before?
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    Yes their primary road cap is all navy with the red block C logo.
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    http://www.nba.com/playoffs2005/floyd_050503.html One of the most epic playoff performances was in those uniforms! Sleepy Floyd one man show!! I actually applaud Nike for choosing these!
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    You could put a damn Walmart brand And1 logo on the helmet and it look bad. The helmet isn't a billboard, and that's what UNC is using it at such
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    I'd like button-downs for all three, but other than that, spot on.
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    Completely disagree. I honestly don't care if it's a basketball player. I can recognize that the Jordan brand has grown and expanded beyond basketball. What I have a problem with is slapping the logo so massively on the helmet in place of the team logo. That's what's wrong. Lol, I knew someone would say it. But you knew what I meant.
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    UNC is perfect. Never change again please
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    Has anyone mentioned this yet? The round about fanatics shirts seem to be very accurate so far in terms of jersey numbers and colors (76ers drop shadows, the cavs jerseys) and this seems to contradict the earlier Phoenix leak... unless they have another purple jersey, for some reason.
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    I’m not saying it’s a bad look, but they’ve very clearly set out to be “the gold team” over the past few years. Minimizing it on the road uniform wouldn’t make any sense when the goal is to build that equity. There’s plenty of balance when you consider the blue numerals and pants.
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    Thanks! And I actually noticed the same exact thing when I added the Mariners logo. It is completely by chance, though most of the AL West primaries are already like that. I might try to change a couple just to switch it up, since I'm sort of indifferent to the use of roundels. Here's a white wordmark version of the teal alt: Anyone else on the Mariners, or any of the other sets so far?
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    I think you are under-appreciating the appeal of the Chargers' powder blue. But I agree with you that it is disturbing to think that the Rams might not be going back to royal blue and yellow. The Rams absolutely should not be accommodating the Chargers; the Rams should do what's best for themselves (which is to say: royal and yellow), and let the Chargers deal with the consequences. The Chargers would have little choice but to adopt powder blue, as a means of distinguishing themselves from the Rams. Then everybody wins!
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    I seriously doubt that's the case. They had to decide long ago, so that adidas could ramp up production. I don't get the bitching at all. I don't see how a plain white jersey with blue/yellow trim would have worked better. Maybe it's just because I dislike totally plain jerseys (they resemble practice jerseys to me) but this one works in their main team color in a very tasteful way, and it provides a sorta "top anchor" (if that's even a thing) to it. It just works well. I think there was an old Bruins jersey that looked very similar.
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    Well, give them thinner stripes and go back to the much superior block font, Block Standard Bold (what the Royals use on their home uniforms). That custom Reds block font (mid-1980's to 1998) looked really cheap and tacky.
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    Wow, low-qualtiy throwaway joke really got things outta hand. sorry bout that
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    Well the $10 million probably speaks to the severity of Tannehill's injury and how much it took to convince Cutler to leave the booth. Also shows that they believe they're a team that has aspirations of doing more than just reaching the playoffs. Pretty sure you can't use $10 million of salary cap money donating to the local Food Bank.
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    The Reds should use this exact set, home and away both pullover jerseys Home Away Alternate
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    Very odd. It has the patch from last year (and essentially is a t-shirt version of their alternate), yet it has the StubHub sponsorship. My best guess is something that they gave out/sold during those throwback nights last season?
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    Instead of using the Bulls' actual logo on the shorts, I modified the Burlington Herd's logo as a stand-in for what I think a modernized version of their logo should look like.
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    Wow, that was probably the worst option for that era they could've gone with.
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    Ah, that's the classic dfwabel response I was expecting. Touché I guess.
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    Pretty sure you'll find you're fighting an uphill battle on this one. I think the general consensus is that this is about as good as Carolina has ever looked. Good mix of classic UNC football paired with the iconic argyle. They'd be dumb to not use it. It's on the level of Yankees pinstripes, the winged Michigan helmet, and the Lakers in yellow at home. I'm honestly shocked it took them this long to implement it. When you see that argyle, you instantly know it's UNC. I still really like these UNC sets. No real changes from the prior uniforms. What would push it over the edge from very good to great, would be cohesion between the helmet and pants stripe. Right now, you've got argyle down the middle of the helmet amidst nice contrasting striping. On the pants, the argyle is simply down the sides, sans stripe. It would have been nice to see a matching stripe on the pants to contain the argyle.
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    (Wish the Mets played better) BUT yes, this has always been a nice uniform matchup. It's made better since the Dodgers have been wearing the LA uniforms.
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    I posted them a couple of days ago, but another look certainly doesn't hurt!
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    Whoa thanks Conrad for the "wake-up" call.. Sadly though I'm disappointed at over 1/2 of the teams choices. Atlanta =Ok but wish they went with these (guilty pleasure uniform SUPER underrated) Charlotte = Winner Golden State = Winner but rather had Lakers = @upperV03 read my mind 100%. Baby blue version of these along with this version would make their set COMPLETE Miami = Ok but didn't have much of a catalog to choose from Phoenix = Very good classic but rather had the purple Barkley era one Bucks = Meh. rather they do these
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    This is a team with some history behind it, and a more classic look. This is Empire State HC. I know the name seems lazy, but the team was formed in the very early stages of floor hockey itself, and has stuck around for almost 100 years. The team's name originally came from the nickname for New York, but embraced the Empire State Building after it was built. Empire State HC found a lot of luck early on, but in the mid 60s, their play began a trend downwards. They had a revival in the 90s where they won a Northeast League championship, but have since been consistently in the middle of the pack. The team originally wore long-sleeved jerseys, and did so for the vast majority of its existence. However, when it joined the NFHL in 2007, their template was changed to the short-sleeved ones, but they stuck with their hockey striping. They also introduced one of the more 'out there' jersey designs in 2007 with their orange alternate, which has since become a fan favorite due to its wackiness. Their court is one of the more simple ones, just being a very subtle checkerboard pattern. There ya go! What do you think?
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    I do not like the Braves navy blue jersey.
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    Jacksonville has only worn the teal jerseys once since the rebrand - 2013 vs Chargers. It's such a nicer look to the black and I miss it so much
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    How about We The North Uprising Over Everything?
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    Los Angeles Chargers of Orange County at Costa Mesa also Carson Could've just fought for San Diego, but whatever.
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    Illinois Railsplitters The Illinois Railsplitters are one of the oldest franchises in Premier Rugby, and one of the most successful, with 8 titles in 111 years. The team began in Springfield, where they were named after 16th president Abraham Lincoln. 5 years later, the team moved to Champaign, where they shared a stadium with the University of Illinois and adopted the Illini's blue and orange colors. Finally in 1923, the 'Splitters moved to Chicago, where they play in Ewing Park on the South Side. The ground has remained largely unchanged ever since, maintaining the old time charm the fans love. Throughout the club's history, the Railsplitters have played a bruising style of rugby that places the team above any individual. Even so, Illinois has had its fair share of stars, most notably Miles Brett, a powerful scrum-half who wore the blue and orange in the club's most successful stretch in the 1950s, winning back to back Schroeder Cups in 1955 and '56. Today, the Railsplitters are beginning to decline as the core from the 2011 championship side continues to age, but it would be unwise to count Illinois out, even in the loaded USRU West Division. The primary logo is a stylized version of Abraham Lincoln, and the secondary an IR monogram that I though turned out pretty well. The uniforms are pretty much the same as they started wearing 111 years ago, with the hooped socks being a staple of any 'Splitters set. The Clash kit carries that hooped theme in a more subtle fashion, featuring thin orange horizontal stripes.
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