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    Can I get a retro BIll Ripken O's?
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    99% of these nicknames probably weren't actually selected by the players right? I'm strongly assuming MLB is assigning them to big name players. I can't imagine Judge going in and saying "make mine say All Rise on the back" If players were actually able to choose the nickname, Bryce's would say: Under Armour
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    Disagree. Green/Green/White is better than all green. All green isn't awful, should be worn a couple times year. Awesome: Pretty good:
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    Sooooo only minor alterations to the Knicks unis (extended sleeve piping and the Knicks logo on the waistband). Wish the Knicks just ditched the silver already...
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    I want my rainbow dammit!!
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    That's not bad, but I won't lie -- I miss the cursive set. Curses be damned! Bring 'em back!
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    This thread differs from my former one as i am implementing Nikes 4 uniforms per team concept and i am remaking all my former concept uniforms not just copy and pasting them. there may be expansion teams or revamped identities but that will be less common than my former project. As always C&C is greatly appreciated as it helps me know what i did good and what i can improve. Indiana Pacers I loved the word mark of the new uniforms, but just the execution/balance of the jersey just felt so off. I created more simple and classic sides/trim to complement the wordmark. also featured is a unique trim on the shorts Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community Inspired Brooklyn Nets Took my previous concept and made tweaks to the (what was then called) home and away jerseys and created two completely new uniforms Association Icon Athletes Mindset Community - Took the Brooklyn Dodgers old word mark to show respect to the history of Brooklyn sports. also featured is a "42" on the waistband out of respect for Jackie Robinson Detroit Pistons. In retrospect, my old pistons concept looked very amateur. However, i kept some elements of them (two tone) i liked to create a unique set that also maintains that Detroit Pistons feel Association Icon Athletes Community Thank you very much for viewing. let me know what you think and would like next.
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    I really hope Bartolo Colon pitches that weekend so we can see "Buffet Barbarian" on the back.
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    Vertically arched wordmarks on the white and navy jerseys are a huge and obvious upgrade for the Pels. Drove me nuts the past couple years that those jerseys had tiny radially arched letters while the red jersey had the vertically arched 'Pelicans'.
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    Spurs unveiling coming this week
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    Disposable is a good word. "This stripe represents the wheat fields of BLAH BLAH BLAH" okay that's why you put it on the uniform, but does it look good, does it have staying power, is it something that can become synonymous with that team? Who cares, it'll be gone next month and you'll have some new element, shoehorned into making sense, taking its place. (See: UW's "Jaws of Husky stadium" becoming Razorback tusks when worn by Arkansas). This Cavs uniform is the opposite problem. What about it is special or meaningful to the Cavs? Absolutely nothing. It's a variation of one of their college fonts on a pretty generic looking template. Color me unmoved. For as much griping as the NFL gets about its 5 year rule I think it does a lot of good by holding teams accountable and establishing looks, even if bad, as recognizable of the teams who wear them.
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    I can't help but feel like a team named after fish shouldn't call it a throwback day.
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    Good grief... You can't be serious. MSU in green over white is classic. All green is bush league.
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    Just over here waiting for the Jazz to say anything else...
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    Black should never be used on a Clippers uniform again. This blue is so, so much better. The Black doesn't fit WHATSOEVER.
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    Instead of using the Bulls' actual logo on the shorts, I modified the Burlington Herd's logo as a stand-in for what I think a modernized version of their logo should look like.
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    After being leaked months ago, the Palmeiras third has finally been released:
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