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    Found Steve Ballmer's alias.
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    Can the Clippers just admit they screwed up and switch back to these?
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    Big fan of these, I understand why some may dislike, but to me it's a really big improvement with more purple and no black.
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    Here's my Browns upgrade:
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    When the Wolves play the Mavericks
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    These need green in the same way the Dolphins new set needs orange. Also they have no waistband logo
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    I remember actually being excited about Nike's takeover once upon a time.
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    At first I was a little disappointed they didn't make it Bucks colors. But the more I look at it, I actually really like how the orange fits with the green and cream colors. It's refreshing to see teams go with local brands that have some history. Cleveland (Goodyear), Milwaukee (HD), Orlando (Disney), Boston (GE), etc.
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    It's pretty obvious that the entire point of the jersey striping is to draw attention to the swoosh and the sponsor logo. It's the Ree-box from NHL Edge 1.0 taken to the next level.
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    A real quick, haphazard attempt....but some revisionist history, and somehow it just...fits.
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    WOW! What just happened? That's like three reveals within 10 minutes!
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    Sooooo much better with the larger font!
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    Looks like no changes for the Hawks
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    Taken in a vacuum and if you took the "Minnesota" and "Wolves" off the respective jerseys and I told you this was the new template for say the Clippers, a team that's on a coast with an actual nautical theme to them, it's a solid yet unspectacular look. But to throw this on a team from the Upper Midwest named after a large, canine animal and it's a huge WTF??? This is akin to having flames on the side of a jersey for a team called the Pilgrims or something. It's like Nike built this uni template for some other team who was like "Nah, we're good." And the Wolves went and dove in the dumpster to recover it and slap their wordmarks on it to save the time and effort.
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    Indeed it shall. Here are the Tampa Bay Rays! Logos -This identity is probably the one that went through the longest process to make. I've always loved the Daytona Tortugas identity though, so everything always centered around making something based off of that. Eventually I was able to make a "TB" monogram based off the Tortugas' logo, and I went from there. -The rays go full on back to the "stingray" aspect of their identity, as I was never really keen on the ray of light. -I used the Tortugas' shades of dark green and powder blue; as highly used as it is it's really a perfect scheme for the Rays. I love double blue, but I just think this fits better. -The ray travels underneath the wordmark much like the early 2000's logos. Uniforms -The home uniform is primarily powder as inspired by UNC, I love that look and feel like it could work great for Tampa Bay. -The new sleeve stripe pattern was made as a match to the Rays' common sock pattern. It might be hard to see the match at first, but trust me it's there. -The away is an entirely powder look. The number font was created as a match to the sort of "islander" wordmarks. -I showed the light blue as a home option just because I love that look, and could see them wearing it often. -The green alternate uses the TB monogram seen on the caps and as the primary. I'd love to hear what you all think about the Rays!
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    I was thinking the same thing. He was a jackass, but from a uniform perspective, I wish MLB had 30 Steinbrenners. I really don't think he'd have said "we've never used names on the back but yeah, what the hell...let's put nicknames on the back of a gray fashion jersey for three games at the Stadium."
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    Their shorts look like swim trunks man
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    So the Wolves are now the Mavs colors but with the Wizards template
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    They promote green for 4 months and then proceed to brick it on the main uniforms. What a waste.
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    All that talk about green and theres NOTHING. Booo Minnesota, booooo.
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    NBA teams taking a lot of L's with Nike so far.
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    The Rockets had a great starting point with the black uniforms used last year. They should have added a white one, red one and yellow one.
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    I have an idea - ignore the kid looking for attention. Not sure why some try to nag him on. He'll get bored if you let him comment away (as long as it doesn't get overboard like previously)
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    What disappointing trash. No green (a seam on the shorts hardly counts,) a jersey ripped from another team's style, and shorts currently available for 40% off at Kohl's.
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    Los Angeles part 1: So.... I could go on and on about the Clippers current duds. But I'm not gonna do that. We've all ranted about those clip art inspired uniforms. But there's no need to continue that line of thinking. Anyways, I really liked the powder blue sleeved alts the Clippers actually did wear before the ill-fated switch with the nautical flags. Then I came across this gem: Which I think is a warm up shirt from the San Diego days (if anyone knows more, I would love to hear). So I took the bottom striping and used the stripe and made boardshorts in a sense, with the flags spelling out LAC. The tops aren't as exciting, with the same striping carried over to the sleeves. C&C welcome!
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    My Kansas City Royals "50 Seasons" Anniversary Patch for 2018.
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    New Orleans looks a thousand times better. Finally an upgrade 👌
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    While they might not be objectively the worst uniforms in the League, I'm willing to say that the Houston Rockets are now my least favorite uniforms in the League. It's a look that's been around since 2003, complete with a dated wordmark, a mismatched and unoriginal numeral font, inconsistent drop shadowing, an unexciting color palette, such minor tweaks that their Nike updates look like cheap knockoffs of their Adidas predecessors, virtually nothing pertaining exclusively to Houston nor rockets, and all this despite clear paths towards upgrades design ('90s color palette despite my hatred for yellow, recent black alternates, etc.). These are just so bad.
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    Also the rockets officially released their jerseys.
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    Having sponsors like Harley Davidson makes me feel like some of these jerseys are going to be massively successful. I think the NBA is hurting itself by only selling these in the arena (or is that not the case anymore?). Harley Davidson is very much a lifestyle brand and I think there will be new eyeballs on the team as the result of this sponsorship. And while motorcycles don't go with buck hunting, there's most likely some overlap between fans of each. Sorry to be Rovell-esque, but this really seems like a home run sponsorship.
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    Upgrade. Also, looks like the leak from few weeks ago was correct if I am not mistaken
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    Objectively, I like the originality of the uniform design. The color palette is great too. Subjectively, the Wolves left a disappointing amount of creativity on the table (more emphasis on green, incorporation of tree pattern, use of belt logo, etc.).
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    Can't believe a team that couldn't finish 8th of 15 for 13 years in a row and counting would botch anything.
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    I can imagine the brandspeak that will come out about these: "Our shorts have the striping pattern of swim trunks from the 1950's as a nod to the land of 10,000 lakes and also the last time this City had a relevant basketball team..."
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    Minnesota should drop the "Timber" from their names. If you're not gonna take advantage of that look or name on the uniform, just drop it already. They may be the best dressed intramural team but this is a joke for an NBA team.
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    That seems to be Nike's move. They look like the Mavericks in a Wizards template. It also sort of looks like they were designed to house the Fitbit ad and if that's the case GO F*** YOURSELVES, NBA.
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    Didn't think I'd ever say this, but I miss George Steinbrenner. He used to tell MLB to take a leap when these events came up.
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    When you think the Clippers uni can't get any worse, they add the two colored butt stripe. Yikes.
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    Hopefully only placeholders for a season before the much-needed, overdue rebrand. I don't think any other NBA team inspires more creative concepts compared to what they actually wear than the Rockets.
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    Via Chris Paul from his snapchat. Another look at the Rockets uniforms confirming all the leaks we've seen.
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    Suns Association mock-up:
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    noleseveryday is a poster to watch in 2017.
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