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    Something fun for all the girls in B-Town! ...and my t-shirt site... any feedback is appreciated!!
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    I'm hoping this is a last minute change and every team with trim and sidepanels looks like this. Looks so much better.
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    Thanks, guys! I'm planning on using a slab-serif wordmark similar to yours for the update, Admiral. I also plan to use the custom block font on the home and road, as I find myself liking the way it looks with the slab-serif marks (block standard doesn't mix all that well with slab-serif fonts, and neither did the Reds' old custom block font). Anyway, alternate take time! CINCINNATI REDS, PT. II - A fancy, black-outlined wrinkle in time As I mentioned in my Yankees concept, the 1930's were a time of codification for many classic looks. A bunch of teams debuted looks that would be the precedent for their uniforms for the next eighty years (with few exceptions). In our timeline, the Reds codified the Wishbone C while also experimenting with a variety of looks. Both royal and navy were accent colors, pinstripes came and went, and the team briefly brought in a mini-script. This period also saw the final departure of the Fancy Block (is that its name?) C that had appeared on the caps from 1909-31. While we may think of the Wishbone C as an iconic logo, it might not have had the same "brand equity" in the 1930's (especially since the Reds hadn't won a pennant since 1919). What if there was an alternate timeline, where the team eschewed the Wishbone C in favor of the Fancy Block C? What if the Reds kept with the trend towards cursive script wordmarks (the Tigers' road uniforms, this Phillies script, the Cubs' brief flirtation in the early-1930's, and the Dodgers' introduction of the classic wordmark in 1938)? Also, what if the team introduced black into their color scheme (echoing the Giants in the 1930's)? How could they have overhauled their identity in a way that'd inspire praise today (akin to the uniforms of the Cardinals, Dodgers, and Giants)? Well, let's find out! The most notable change is that Mr. Red now bears the Fancy Block C on his chest. The new C is a secondary logo as well, and Mr. Red's head joins with the script wordmark for the tertiary logo. I brightened the shade of red to better contrast with the black accents. The uniforms are classically-styled, and also treat black as an accent color (like how the Cardinals and Red Sox handle navy). I modified Fenway Park JF to create cleaner updates of the Reds' 1936-37/2007-present script and the 1960's warmup jacket wordmark. The "R" and "C" bear traits of the Fancy Block C. I also added a simple sock stripe pattern, which would have been a 1940's creation that stuck around with minimal modifications (like the Cardinals' striped socks). The alternates are visions of how the alternate timeline shaped their uniform history. The "Redlegs" look of the late-1950's now bears the new cap logo and black outlines, while the 1940's throwbacks (which used plain block) now retain the Fancy Block wordmark from the 1930's on a faux-flannel pattern. Black also takes the place of navy as the outline/cap color. Through the twisting of timelines, the Reds can look classy even without the Wishbone C and with black in their color scheme. The concept also goes to show how versatile black/red is as a color scheme. C+C is greatly appreciated! Up next, the Miami Marlins!
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    They're not so difficult to make changes to. Like for a video game or something. Here's my rendition of this Players Weekend uniform if the Expos were still around!
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    What's Up! So I am fairly new to creating basketball concepts, but I've made some for several teams. Hit me up with some feedback and let me know what teams to do next!
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    This just shows that Nike could easily do three thinner stripes to match what the Niners have traditionally worn but instead they go with two thick ones. Not a fan.
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    New 49ers stripes in action.
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    I'll go ahead and say it: while I like some of the transitions over to the new Nike template, they're not a marked improvement over Adidas. The template is flawed and impedes a lot of design elements that leave a lot of teams, particularly carryovers from Adidas, noticeably compromised. Overall, it's been a pretty frustrating marathon of reveals with only a few decent showings. Nothing looks great unless you're a fan of the few teams whose core designs were able to translate pretty well to the template (Kings, Wizards, Hornets, etc.). Honestly, it makes it all seem as if Adidas wasn't all that bad. Yeah, the sleeves were arguably the worst part of their run with the apparel license. But other than a few concessions, teams were able to incorporate more of what they wanted and look less cookie-cutter as a result. I'd say most of the league looked pretty good overall last season, with some obvious exceptions like the Clippers and Hawks. In sum, the grass isn't always greener and so on...
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    That Expos one looks amazing. So now that I've thought about this thing for a couple of days I realize MLB could have done this and not make it as garish by just going to more of an 80s little league look, or even dare I say the softball top look. Some of the uniforms are close but aren't there yet. I think the look they should have aimed for, which would look and feel like the little leagues but could still produce some nicer looking jerseys is this one... Solid bright colored cap, solid color top with appropriately colored collar and cuff piping. The pants belt isn't necessary but the obvious biggest difference here is the sleeves. The awkward faux vest look of the sleeves of the players weekend jerseys is just plain bad, I have no clue why the sleeves are there or why they cut off right at the shoulder. For an MLB comparison from the 80s, I think most of us would be better able to accept if the teams on that weekend looked like this... I think it's pretty obvious that the above little league uniforms were inspired by this type of uniform from the 70s and 80s so why not go full circle and have MLB wear these for the players weekend? With that said, if MLB really wanted contrasting colors on the sleeves, there was a better way to do that too... raglan sleeves. I don't know how raglan sleeves came into existence but whenever I see them I think of old style kids baseball uniforms like these, in the pic on the left that's actually Gary Sheffield... I prefer the first pic above but either of these options would have improved the players weekend uniforms. Anyways let's all rejoice that they aren't (yet) taking inspiration from the more recent Little League World Series uniforms such as this...
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    Which in no way minimizes our new understating of the dangers, excuses us from doing the research or justifies the NFL's coverup.
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    It's a nice look, but I actually thought their previous logo was very solid. The old logo probably needed an update, but it does still have more character than the new one. Lateral move; hopefully some of the bottom-tier looks in the league change up their logos too and Nike lets them have unique uniforms.
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    Just start of pre-season and i thought it was time to make a new one. Who do you think could get the next redesign. And maybe it was just me but didnt i hear something about the Titans possibly getting new uniforms.
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    Throwbacks or bust for the Dolphins.
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    They will undoubtedly still wear yellow at home (except on Sundays when they wear the whites). The uniform(s) they wear on the road just depends on what the home teams wear. Say the Lakers are playing in Philadelphia and the Sixers wear blue at home, then obviously the Lakers won't be able to wear their traditional purple uniform on the road. Their purple uniform will still most likely be their first choice road option, but they very well might have to wear the yellows and/or whites on a number of occasions in-order to provide sufficient contrast from the home team's uniform of choice.
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    The Lakers just went ahead and unveiled 3 uniforms, the first team to do so.
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    The Spurs' jerseys took a turn for the worst. Now the numbers don't match the wordmark since the wordmark doesn't have a silver double outline anymore. Also, replacing the Spur U on the shorts for that pathetic excuse for a logo is just downright awful.
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    Chiba Lotte Marines
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    This looks like the designer was fresh off of doing the Cavaliers' uniforms and had a few minutes to kill before quitting time. The colors are wonderful. The overall uniform is uninspiring,
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    The Suns uniforms are a big improvement.
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    Taken in a vacuum and if you took the "Minnesota" and "Wolves" off the respective jerseys and I told you this was the new template for say the Clippers, a team that's on a coast with an actual nautical theme to them, it's a solid yet unspectacular look. But to throw this on a team from the Upper Midwest named after a large, canine animal and it's a huge WTF??? This is akin to having flames on the side of a jersey for a team called the Pilgrims or something. It's like Nike built this uni template for some other team who was like "Nah, we're good." And the Wolves went and dove in the dumpster to recover it and slap their wordmarks on it to save the time and effort.
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    Suns Association mock-up:
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