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    This was my take on the Grizzlies court without the college lanes, but i guess a little creativity is not allowed in the NBA nowadays.
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    The year is 2020. The world's first trillionaire is a mad scientist who accidentally stumbled upon the cure for cancer and has exploited his secret concoction to extort money from all over the world. By basically holding the globe hostage he's able to gross more money than the sum total of all the money that had previously ever existed. He's also a huge basketball fan and made commissioner Adam Silver an offer he couldn't refuse and purchased every single NBA franchise as well as granting an expansion team to Seattle. The mad scientist also has very particular opinions on basketball uniforms and hired me, his favorite designer, to outfit each team in his ideal look. This is the Mad Scientist's NBA. Every team will have a home, road, and two alternate uniforms Up first, the Phoenix Suns Combined the shooting sun of the 90's uniforms, toned down the busy gradients, and lost the drop shadows, with the sunburst shorts from the old west uniforms. The font is custom, but designed to match the lettering from the KJ/Barkley years.
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    Going to be posting NHL jersey concepts I've done so far throughout the year. Completely random if it's a Home & Away or an alternate. Would love to hear feedback on all of these. Some a bit wild, some conservative! Might not go back to some of these but still would love to discuss! Just going to be dumping these here.
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    Seattle Supersonics The return of the Sonics comes with a new family of logos that emphasize aviation from which their namesake is derived, uniforms that play off the old arced stripe look from the 80's and 00's, a custom font, and a throwback to the uniforms of the mid to late 90's.
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    That uniform could be the brown pinstripes.
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    Portland Trail Blazers The Blazers have one of those rare things in sport where they have a thing that they truly own. The sash, the asymmetrical shorts, the abstract logo - it's all so striking and perfect and theirs and so for that reason I didn't do a lot that their most recent update didn't do. The only differences are the old font has been straightened and given outlines, the unnecessary and cluttering silver has been removed, and I created a white home alternate utilizing their logo as inspiration.
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    Carolina Raiders Unveil Identity The newly relocated Carolina Raiders finally ended weeks of speculation when they unveiled their logo and uniforms for their inaugural season in Charlotte. The logo features a skull wearing a pirate hat in the team colors of black, red, and white, a scheme carried over from when the team played in Ottawa. The road jersey is black with silver and red trim and a pirate flag design featuring the team name on the bottom, while the home whites mirror the same style. "Given the faced-paced situation we're in, we didn't have a great deal of time to come up with a design. All things considered, I think it looks good and I think the fans will like it" said Raiders owner John Millbrook.
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    I think they went too far on these. The helmet and cleats are definitely the right concept, but the jersey itself should be more of a true homage, with solid white numbers and little else. The shoulder piping and sleeve print are the least vintage thing they could have done. They could have gotten away with ND on the sleeve, but they cluttered up the front with a triangle of big logos instead. Grey facemasks and no names are their thing, so why are they abandoned on a uniform that's supposed to represent ND heritage?
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    S***! Fixing the Bucks the now. Pacers Did a crazy thing with the Pacers - actually used a racing element in their uniforms. Also, the alternate utilizes the speeding ball from the logo. We'll call that the "heritage" uniform or whatever.
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    The University of Cincinnati built and raised the $85M for their 2015 renivation/expansion which included a new press box, new concession areas, 35 suites, and 1,100 club seats. Why should they really want to bend over? The West Pavilion, thenew suite tower, has rentable spaces through Conference Services, including the suites. http://www.uc.edu/eventservices/venues/wpavilion.html Remaining at Nippert, FC Cincinnati has the following revenue restrictions: *Zero on-campus parking revenue, which basically means zero total parking revenue *50% of the concession revenues, which is 50% of UC's cut from whatever was made by them. *No naming rights *Little advertising revenues *Cannot book outside events *Limited suite revenue outside of the ticket price.
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    Thank you so much! I could try a navy bill (or maybe even a copper) but something appeals to me about the all-white. Thank you! I appreciate it. Haha yea, hopefully this wouldn't come out quite as gold-looking. Thank you though! Ah yea, those make sense. I still tend to prefer "Senators" though. Thanks, I appreciate it! Thank you! I was thinking about adding outlines to the stripes, since it looks so good in your set. I'll add that in the final update, as it does look kind of plain as-is. Now, it's outtakes time! I'm gonna start with some of the expansion teams that hit the cutting room floor at one point or another: Expansion Teams -The Oklahoma City Bison -The Louisville Bats -The Charlotte Knights -and the San Antonio Missions As you probably are able to tell, some identities made it further into the process than others, but all were at least considered at one point. Most of these were made to occupy either the AL Central or East. Now, just some other bits and pieces from around the league, going in alphabetical order: Logos, Uniforms, and Color Schemes -A Friday Alt set for the Rockies that incorporates more light blue, as well as a purple and green scheme. Be on the lookout for something like that come the final updates. -A Tigers road set that uses orange accents, much like the Durham Bulls, and Old English numbers. This is also a peek at the new template that will be used. -A bunch of different options for Las Vegas, including a "Las Vegas" script for the away and an "LV" monogram. Here are the different uniforms that included those options. Also, some wordmark colorings. -A lot of different color scheme options for the Angels, one of which will be somewhat close to what you'll see in the final update. And a set (inspired by @SFGiants58's alternate Rays take but transformed to resemble rays of a halo) that admittedly leans too much into the yellow. -Some color options for Nashville as alternatives to orange & light blue. Top right was eventually chosen. -A maroon & mint Portland set. -And lastly, the original royal & copper @Lights Out set and a red & navy set I was deciding between for the Senators. The other outtakes you all have mainly seen already, namely the Cardinals, Mariners, Rays, and Pioneers. This is kind of fun to show you some of my scrapped ideas, I should be starting the final updates sometime this weekend, going by division. I'm gonna give myself a bit more time between each post, I'll post when I'm free. Thanks for following!
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    Why? The Yankees, as may be suspected, control Yankee Stadium. Once they were brought in to the NYCFC ownership group, that satified the stadium requirement. The Yankee Stadium situation is directly analogous to Seattle and Atlanta. I'm trying to figure out why you think this is at all the same FCC being a mere tenant, renting their stadium from a totally unrelated college.
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    Mariners makes the most sense, as it fits with Portland's maritime history and harkens back to the AHL team of the same name. After that, I'd go with Puffins. It's a unique name that ties into Portland's coastal location and would lend itself to an attractive logo. Lumberjacks, while fitting for Maine overall, doesn't really speak to the Portland market's maritime culture. Wild Blueberies is just plain asinine. As for Watchmen, if the team wants to adopt a name that will serve as a tribute to the 65 historical lighthouses in Maine, it should opt for Beacons. That said, if the team does end up selecting Watchmen, I want the franchise's first player to be sent to the penalty box to turn to the off-ice official serving as the attendant and say, "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with ME!"
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    I want Puffins to win. It's a cute bird and we need more cute bird mascots out there.
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    This is excellent. It's a smart, classy update of the Expos old look, and while I do have a soft spot for their classic logo, I recognize it's a little dated. This new logo you've designed is much more timeless. Can't wait for the alternate take, as it has the potential to be just about anything!
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    More likely that SD fans will either... - Become Ram fans just to spite the Spanoses. - Hop on 30 other bandwagons. or... - Give up on the NFL altogether.
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    I think this is an incredible series so far and I just reactivated my account here because I wanted to let you know. There is so much creativity and realism here with the league histories and especially the team identities. Each one is colorful, classy and well executed. My favorites are New Orleans and San Francisco. The Jester fleur-de-lis looks amazing and the home and away are quirky but not over the top. The Jailbirds are so unique. I have never seen a San Francisco team concept based on Alcatraz before and it works so well. Omaha and Illinois are also very strong identities. I love the Abe Lincoln logo and the orange and blue color scheme. Keep up the great work. I will be following along closely.
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    I feel that SD fans will still follow due to the fact that they believe the team will return, sooner rather than later.
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    They should have put a thin gold outline on the horns and pant stripe.
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    They really should have gone with navy masks. The horns get lost in all that white. I thought it when the decision was made and feel more strongly about it now that I've seen them in action.
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    I think the gold for the Mariners looks much better, along with the powder road. The Rangers also look really nice! I really like your form of drop shadow, especially on the home & away. My only suggestion would be to straight exchange white for blue on the alternates, as the added white that is there currently makes it seem kind of muddled. Great job though!
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    Fenerbah├že S.K. Home: Away: Third: GK:
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