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    Yeah, this is all pretty familiar. Back when the move was being discussed in a thread in general sports, Ferdinand Cesarano tossed around the same nonsense there. Saying the move from San Diego to LA was basically like the move of New York teams to Jersey. He was shot down over and over there by numerous former fans of the Chargers from San Diego, but still refused to admit he was misreading the situation. Fans run on emotion, not logic, and talking about the short distance, the TV coverage... it's completely missing the point. I have a better analogy for Ferdinand. Let's say your girlfriend dumps you, and then starts dating your brother. Hey, what's the problem? You still get to see her all the time, right? She's probably still hanging around the house, maybe she's there for breakfast a few days a week. If you think about it, it might be better, now that your brother has to pay for her on dates. Yeah, no. San Diego fans will forever feel slighted, feel dumped, and they should. It was an idiot move by an idiot owner. No self respecting San Diegoian will ever say, "still me team"... period.
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    I didn't read beyond this as you clearly don't understand the dynamics of the relationships between San Francisco/Santa Clara and San Diego/Los Angeles. Santa Clara is a constituent city of the San Francisco Bay Area and suburb of both San Francisco historically, and San Jose more recently, and is only 40 miles from the former. Santa Clara looks to San Francisco as "The City", hence the Niners didn't rebrand when they moved just like the Jets and Giants didn't when they moved to the Meadowlands. They didn't leave their existing market and actually moved closer to the bulk of where their ticket buyers were in the South Bay and on the Peninsula. San Diego and Los Angeles on the other hand are two completely different major cities in two completely different metro areas separated by far more than just the 120 miles between them, socially, politically, etc... Since you admit you've never been to San Diego and are a New Yorker let me enlighten you. The move of the Chargers to LA would be as if the Giants or Jets moved to Philly, Baltimore or Boston (not across the river from Manhattan to suburban New Jersey, that would have been if the Chargers had gone through with their proposed moves to suburban Chula Vista or Oceanside as they discussed 15 years ago). Would you as a New Yorker continue to root for the Philadelphia Jets or Giants? The Boston Jets or Giants? If the answer is no, which I suspect it is... then you have your answer as to why almost everyone in San Diego has dumped the Chargers like a bad habit.
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    Apparently the climate in Atlanta causes all structures to age twice as fast as in the rest of the country.
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    We need to stop equating sports fandom to romantic relationships.
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    This is exactly the case. I think the rest of his post clearly shows the misconception that east coasters have about the west coast. Especially about California.
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    None taken. I would have a different opinion if another team introduced a similar logo. However, as noted before, the Browns' calling card has generally been a basic, no nonsense image, right down to the helmet. I think the logo could be tweaked to make it better (starting by changing the letter to a C), but I also believe it works for the Browns. Consideration should also be given to the fact that the team name doesn't lend itself to a logo representing the nickname other than the elf.* The bulldog refers to the fans, not the team, so I believe it would be a mistake to build around that image. * -- My personal first choice, for the record.
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    I describe it as a creative and identifiable mark for a team that doesn't have a concrete physical identity (in the way most teams have an animal or human mascot). It's not fancy, but it does the job tastefully.
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    The palpable emotion fueling your opinion is the literal definition of subjective.
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    I can't imagine San Diego wants anything to do with the Chargers. Spanos didn't burn the bridge, he blew it up.
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    The NBA Raptorized. https://www.johnmong.com/design
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    That's not going to happen. Just because you have a logo doesn't mean it goes on the helmet. You can have a logo for merchandise that's not just a stock image of a helmet. The problem is people like you that keep insisting that if the team adopt a logo that it will eventually appear on the helmet that results in the pushback by other fans to simply oppose any and all logos because they don't want something on the helmet. That's a reality of the situation. Having the only blank-sided helmet in the NFL is our trademark. It's instantly recognizable. Just as the Bengals' stripes are. But they're not selling all their merchandise with a tiger-striped helmet. They have something else for signage and merchandise.
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    Oh, please. It's this type of thinking that took us from this; ...to this; I'll take fun and interesting over serious and boring eight days a week. ELF!!
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    No, you don't. Objectively, 99% of the content discussed on this site is subjective. Density, too, is subjective.
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    First, for those on here clamoring for a helmet logo.... the team studied this before the last uniform change and the fans were adamant. No logo on the helmet. The PROBLEM was that the team heard "No logo on the helmet" to mean "No logo". As in for merchandise. That's the problem I and many others had with the Browns attempted changes. At least with the '00s Dawg head or the <=B=> logo, was that it looked decent on merchandise. And I loved the few attempts to bring back the Brownie though it was never used thoroughly. The team has been stuck trying to market the Dawg Pound (now the whole stadium is the 'Dawg Pound', but removed the 'good' Dawg Head logo and instead gave us this borderless 'cute' dawg logo that looks like it's the letterhead for the Kids Club newsletter. MANY teams have logos that aren't on the helmets. VIkings have an entire logo yet only horns on the helmet. Bengals have a leaping tiger or head logo, and yet just has stripes on the helmet. Rams and Eagles as well. And colleges all over have plain-sided helmets with identifiable and recognizable logos for merchandise that doesn't need slapped on the helmet. Ohio State's Block O is nowhere to be found on the side of the helmets. And no, the buckeye leaves aren't a logo, either. As for the uniforms, they so badly wanted to update something that when they decided the logo was untouchable, they put all their unbridled effort into the uniforms and did every little sin known to sports. Words everywhere (Cleveland on the chest, Browns on the legs), colored stiching, drop shadow, texture finish on the stripe, extending stripes across different sections of fabric, etc. It might have helped had they PUBLICLY shown the steps they were taking to redesign the uniform and fans could have weighed in long before we reached a finished product we can't change for five years. But, if the Rams can change the pants, we can certainly eliminate the Browns from the pant leg or AT LEAST overlay the stripe colors atop the BROWNS to at least let it blend in a bit more than the singe-color BROWNS we have now. Also, the lack of the orange jersey in use considering it's the one DESIGNED for this set is strange.
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    I know this is essentially just a template set, but damn I love NT's new uniforms, it's quite a step up and honestly it's better than some of the Power 5 Nike uniforms, and I can honestly say that for once I enjoy a BFBS set, so props to NT for doing it right in a sea of bad generic and bad custom uniforms.
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    Is it a distress signal like an upside down flag? "HELP ME! I'M ON THE CHARGERS"
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    Bunch of amateurs. The organization shoots itself in the foot time and time again.
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    I'm sure for most people it was devastating that the team left San Diego to go represent another city. They may still look like the same Chargers but they sure aren't San Diego's Chargers anymore. If one of my favorite teams moved away, I guarantee my interest would plummet given they're no longer the "home squad." The players and coaches come and go. The logos may evolve over time. It's that emotional connection knowing that team represents your city that creates that bond. If one of my teams decided 20 years from now that they'd like to move a state away, sure, it wouldn't be a terrible drive to go see a game...but they wouldn't be my city's team and that's all the difference in the world. I'm sure most San Diegans feel the same way.
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    I did a rebrand concept for my alma mater... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8X6KnTDSnTtbVJmWmxET2ZHWlU/view
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    Let's also be honest here, with a franchise like the Browns which has been around for however long, doesn't have a concrete identity(IE an animal or object) keeps things basic and represents a working class city, minimalism for a logo fits the image of the team.
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    Hate to go off-topic, but no. No it wasn't. Not even in the "Drop dead!" era.
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    What he said. I would describe it as simple and effective for its intended use. I wouldn't call it bright, but that's because it's hard to make something too bright using brown and orange unless you really want to downplay the brown.
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    I'm pretty sure "boring" is an opinion. Just sayin.'
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    Nope. The people in Metro Atlanta are just suckers and let their governments replace two perfectly fine stadiums that were at worst average for their respective leagues with shiny slightly nicer toys, on a large chunk of the public's dime.
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    The Dome wasn't bad but ATL had to keep up in the Stadiums arms race if they wanted to continue hosting Super Bowls/Final Fours/etc. I'll be the sucker that says this new stadium looks awesome
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    No offense, but you really don't understand the situation. As long as the Spanos family owns the Chargers, the majority of San Diegans will no longer have anything to do with them. It doesn't matter if they're playing two hours up the road or on Mars. Bottom line: the Spanii spent the last 33 years fielding a dysfunctional losing franchise (256-272 overall record under Spanos ownership, including the playoffs; 0 rings and only 12 winning seasons) while treating their paying customers like dog :censored: under their shoe. They spent the last 23 years or so slowly packing the moving vans for LA, lying about their desire to stay in town while refusing to ever compromise or put in effort. On top of all that, they spent many years bilking the taxpayers with an unfair ticket guarantee deal that the city only agreed to under the premise that it would keep the Chargers in town forever. Why would you expect San Diegans to keep supporting a family that treated them like crap, screwed over their city and moved their team to a city that didn't want them? Especially when the franchise is such a joke that it's not even worth it anymore?
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    I think the simplicity of the B-Football (or a hypothetical C-Football) is part of what makes it work for the Browns. The team's image, for the most part, is all about being simple and going back to the basics . . . right down to the iconic, untouchable blank helmet. Let's go back to 1961 when the Packers logo was introduced, in which case the bolded and deleted text doesn't apply. You just described the Packers G-Oval. Would you feel the same way about that logo if it was stripped of its historical context? I'm genuinely curious . . . not trying to attack you.
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    You haven't spent much time in San Diego, have you? There's NO WAY San Diego based fans are sticking with them after all of this.
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    Well. We've arrived at the team that inspired this whole thread. The Habs themselves: If you read the spoiler, I hope you enjoyed it . If you didn't here's another one: C&C welcome!
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    Whatever they do, they need to figure out which direction their helmet bolts should point. From last night's game:
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    Totally agree. Their home uniforms are garbage. I actually really liked their last black jersey. It was unique where now it is basically a Stampeders third jersey. I don't mind their away uniform but still, it has the same generic Adidas CFL template, which is disappointing.
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    PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES, PT. I - The Burgundian Restoration of the Whiz Kids (guest starring powder blue)! I've done my fair share of Phillies concepts in the past. The first phase centered on my attempts to use the 1970-91 wordmarks and maroon (with powder) on the current template, to mixed results. My next period saw me try to reincorporate the Whiz Kids' wordmark and cap logo (based on Matt Malinoski's cleanup work - the versions on the Mothership are really rough-looking) alongside a dark red shade (and powder blue accents) with the big cuffs and sleeve numbers of the 1992-present uniforms. However, that just didn't do it for me. Reading some posts on the Phillies this year has gotten me to steer my concept in a different direction (thanks, @kroywen and @Gothamite): Of course, you'll get the whole "light blue was never a team color" argument. My response would be: "Make it a team color. Claret/Light Blue looks beautiful on many association football teams, and a close relative of that color scheme worked for the Avs (who should have had slate blue pants, not black)." Besides, the Phillies have come to realize that the two colors work well together, hence why they use both of them in their retro merchandise. I know that incorporating powder blue isn't to everybody's tastes (like @the admiral), but I've always liked minimal amounts of it. The colors are perhaps the largest departure from my previous sets. Instead of using the original maroon (which was too dark for my tastes) or a cardinal red (which was too desaturated), I opted for PMS 1955 C. This shade of Claret would be both distinctive and "lively." The Light Blue is PMS 299 C, as I needed the blue to show up on white/gray backgrounds. The result is a distinctive color scheme that packs just the right amount of saturated punch. The primary logo is a modified version of the Citizen's Bank Park logo, with the 1992-present Liberty Bell inside. The Liberty Bell is also the secondary, while the cursive script cap logo is the tertiary. I like the cursive more than the cursive-esque letter in the wordmark. It's a bit of retro charm. I've overhauled the Whiz Kids' typeface a little, for more consistent line weights. It's an effective modernization, without the rounded edges, big outlines, or poor kerning of the 1992 "uncanny valley" modernization. Here is a comparison. I did keep the blue stars, as they added a nice little "punch" to the mark. I also used a modified version of the Lobster font to create a matching "Philadelphia" wordmark. The uniforms are my idea of how to modernize the Whiz Kids' look. I dumped the sleeve numbers and engorged road stripes in favor of the Liberty Bell logo and thin trim on the gray jersey/pants. The number font is my attempt to clean up the 1950's-1960's block numeral variant, as I like its distinctiveness (the sans-serif "1" in particular). The Liberty Bell logo remains on the socks, and claret/red shoes return (the Reds are the only "red" team that can wear black cleats). The throwbacks are my take on the Phillies' current cream alternates. They now bear more resemblance to the 1946-49 uniforms, with the accessories matching the cap crown color and sock stripes. Claret is still the primary color, with Light Blue taking more of a secondary role in the outlines and on the caps. The primary is on the sleeves. This modernization of the Whiz Kids strikes a balance between cleanliness and vintage charm, avoiding the bulbous traps of the 1992 redesign. While Light Blue's integration may prove controversial, I think it adds a bit of extra "pop" to the identity. C+C is greatly appreciated! Because @the admiral requested it earlier in the thread (and I'm sure many of you want to see it), here is a road gray with the "Philadelphia" wordmark! I'm not too keen on it, but it's worth a shot. For the alternate take, the Phils get a civic twist!
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    Well from the San Diego of rivalry... you're wrong. Plus Pendleton acts as a natural barrier between the two regions in addition to Orange County both in reality and socially. San Diego fans as a general rule hate LA. There's a reason pretty much every LA region team other than the Ducks ignores San Diego. And yes they're both in the same state. But then so are San Francisco and LA so what's your point? If you're from California you know it's really 4/5 different states all smashed together. Not some huge harmonious amalgam that loves everything about every other part of itself.
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    Yeah. Exactly. The =B= logo's strength is that it looks like something the team would have used in the 60s.
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    Well never mind that this string of words doesn't make much sense... Your "dense" comment wasn't even in the post of yours I quoted. So obviously I read the whole convo. I'm just cutting out the middle man and getting to the meat of the issue. You insulted a dude because he questioned your use of the word "objective" in reference to a logo you don't like.
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    The Browns should have an actual logo and I'd love for it to be a variation of the =B= or even the elf. The Browns should not have a logo on the helmet or uniforms. Both of these things can be true at the same time.
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    I don't believe it would be possible to disagree more strongly to any post than I disagree with this one. Well done... I guess?
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    I would recommend not calling people "dense" for liking a logo you dislike if you want to avoid "petty arguments" around here. Neither. I would describe it as classy and tasteful, and fitting for a team with an old-school mentality and look. The only change I would make would be to swap the B out for a C.
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    Just saw the stadium in person on Saturday for the season ticket holders open house event and it is incredible. That retractable roof opening might look small from the outside but that's because the building is so massive. The opening shares the same space as the halo board and that's a real sight to behold. While it isn't truly open air, it does a good job of being the best of both worlds. The concourses and corners have a lot of glass letting in natural light, and of course the "window to the city" is absolutely gigantic. I think it'll be great to open it up on a nice fall day but also keep it closed on a hot day with some of that natural light coming in. My understanding of the roof delay is that it moves but is currently manually operated. They are working on the automation process given that the roof petals are different sizes and they have to travel at different speeds to open and close simultaneously. I'm confident they'll get that figured out eventually given they've already manually operated it multiple times now. While Atlanta and the surrounding area isn't super hilly, there are tons of smaller rolling hills. Not big, but they're there. Here are some pics from the open house I attended:
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    *subjectively The elf is too campy for a pro team and the entire dawg pound motif is antiquated. Some manifestation of the B-logo on, say, the color rush shells only would be an absolute home run. I personally prefer the B, but a C in its place isn't bad, either: Maybe even meet in the middle with some type of B/C hybrid:
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    I know it was gold, as was the center helmet stripe. 5-14 year old me didn't really make the black and gold connection because Maryland was so predominantly red and white at the time. As a result, I never looked closely enough to realize that it wasn't a faded red. In my defense, TVs were a lot smaller then and newspapers were in black and white. Also, as Exhibit A, I offer the Randy White picture that I posted above, which makes it look much more like a faded red. Also 1969, when the mascot was apparently the red M&M.
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    Russell is getting out of the college uniform business.
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    It is so damn funny that their TV initials are LAC. It's too perfect.
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    I was dead set on not being a Kings fan during the almost moves to Anaheim, Va Beach, Seattle. Had they moved I probably wouldn't have even watched basketball any longer. There's an inherent connection one has with their local team kind of goes away when that team leaves.
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    That's me, but not until the regular season, 'mate.
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    "Once a Knick, always a Knick" except if your Charles Oakley, according to James Dolan
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